Daddy Challenge Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was out walking my dog, Buster, late at night when I happened to be coming back in the gate to our yard when I overheard my daughter and her friends talking. My daughter, Chrissy is 18 and was having a sleepover. The girls, 5, counting my daughter were all sitting in our hot tub and talking. Their voices though low were carrying out into the alley behind our house so that I could hear them. The pool and hot tub water were relaying the sound so that the girls had no idea someone might be able to hear them. I stopped in my tracks when I heard them talking about me.

“Chrissy’s dad is F-I-N-E,” I heard one of the girls say and I had to chuckle. Although I could hear them clearly, I couldn’t readily make out who was talking. I knelt by the gate and listened for more.

“You guys,” my daughter protested and I heard splashing.

“Well he is,” a girl giggled and more splashing.

I moved to the gate and tried to peer through it but couldn’t see much. I cursed myself for putting a thick metal mesh on both sides to keep prying eyes out, as I wanted to match voices to faces.

“How about Carl?” a girl offered and everyone grew silent. A few seconds laughter came from almost all the girls.

“You guys,” I heard one girl protest and I knew it had to be Rochelle. “He’s just a grumpy old bear,” she pointed out.

In reality, her dad Carl was a first class prick. He never had anything nice to say to anyone and thought everything he did was better than everyone else. It was a wonder how his daughter turned out to be so nice.

“You know he has been bitter since my mom left him,” she defended him and all the girls took sympathy.

“He is cute in a trailer-trash kind of way,” I heard my Chrissy joke and everyone laughed.

“He’s got big muscles,” I heard a girl say and if I had to swear on it, I thought it was Jennilee, my daughter’s Asian friend. Jennilee was a gymnast and had an incredible body. She was all of about 5’0 feet and 90 pounds.

“Well I’ve been with young guys and older guys and even though young guys are usually hotter, I’ll take an older guy every time,” I heard a girl brag and I knew it had to be, Danielle. Danielle was Chrissy’s friend from way back and she was a piece of work. She was hot for guys at age 8 and was always wearing makeup and suggestive clothing. Her dad, a lawyer and the bevy of beautiful models he dated raised Danielle. I think she was always competing with the models for dad’s affection so she tried her darnedest to look hot all the time.

“Oh come on,” Jennilee stated and added, “You are always with younger guys.”

“Well I’m not going to turn them down, but if it’s an older guy versus a younger guy, I’d probably pick the older guy,” Danielle defended herself. “Plus, I can’t exactly run around with older guys or my dad might catch me,” she added and stated, “We have to be more discreet.”

“How many older guys have you been with?” Jennilee challenged her.

“Lots,” Danielle answered vaguely but loudly.

“How many?” Rochelle asked. She was the youngest of Chrissy’s friends. She was due to turn 18 any day now. There was a birthday party planned for the next weekend.

“There’s Mr. Sampson, there’s Mr. Beegins,” Danielle started to answer and was cut off.

“Mr. Beegins, the owner of the liquor store at the corner of F& Cherry?” Mary asked incredulously. Mary was a skinny 5’9 blonde. She weighed maybe 110 pounds if that and she loved to wear tight shirts. She was almost flat but had the biggest nipples. My wife and I used to kid each other when she came over about the temperature. She had an older sister, Mo or Maureen, who could easily pass for a twin. She might be an inch taller but was just as slender and almost as chest less. Both wore braces and had a nervous giggle.

“Yeah, that Mr. Beegins,” Danielle answered and smiled sheepishly. Harvey Beegins owned Harvey’s Liquor on F Street and Cherry.

“Girl, what happened?” Chrissy asked as Jennilee said, “Woooo.” All the girl’s eyes were on Danielle, easily the most promiscuous of them.
“Well, you remember the night when my dad & I had that big fight?” she asked, her eyes scanning each one of their faces. The girls all nodded and listened to her for more of the story. “Well I went down to the liquor store and used the pay phone in front. I was wearing that plaid skirt and white top thing I like to wear when we go to the mall. I had my heels on and called my mom back in Nebraska,” she stated as the girls listened intently.

“Cut to the good part,” Chrissy said and I cursed her impatience. I was getting a hard-on just from knowing what she was wearing. Danielle often wore that over the house and my wife liked to call it her “Naughty schoolgirl” outfit.

“Well Mr. Beegins sees I’m crying and asks me to come in the store and says I can have anything I want to drink, if it’ll put a smile on my face,” Danielle says and adds, ‘I told him I was maltepe escort alright and was just going to walk home.” “He said he insists and won’t take no for an answer,” she continued and the girls ‘wooed’ almost on cue. “No one was in the store but us and he took me in the back and got me a ‘Starbucks Mocha Latte” in a bottle.”

“Girl! No way,” Rochelle uttered.

“Then what?” Mary asked and whistled lewdly.

“He picked me up under my arms and sat me on the workbench he has in the back there to prepare the sandwiches,” Danielle said and demonstrated by putting her own hands under the opposite arm. Rochelle’s jaw dropped and Mary’s eyes went wide.

“I’m never eating a ham and cheese there again,” Chrissy joked and everyone chuckled.

“Mr. Beegins is a big old hunkin pervert,” Jennilee exclaimed, “He’s got to be 50 years old.”

Danielle nodded in the affirmative and added knowingly, “He’s 53.”

“You slut!” Rochelle screamed.

“Ha, We knew that already,” Chrissy added and got a big splash and a laugh from Danielle.

“Then what?” Mary asked trying to keep the conversation on track. I was hard as a rock and wondered what his fat wife Helen would think.

“Well he told me not to cry and began massaging my shoulders and telling me everything would be alright,” Danielle continued with her story.

“Ooh,” Mary exclaimed.

I was staring over the fence now, emboldened by the fact all the girls had there eyes on Danielle. I was only wearing boxers and a pair of basketball shirts on my lower half so my cock stood straight out at attention. Reaching down, I gave it a good squeeze. Danielle’s story was really taking shape and I focused back on the young vixen as she talked.

“Well he did it very nonchalantly but he took my knees and spread them so he could stand in front of me between my legs,” she said with a knowing smile. Taking her fingers she spread them to show how Mr. Beegins maneuvered between her legs. “He then began massaging my thighs and telling me that things like this happen but that my dad and I would make up,” she said.

“Under your skirt or over your skirt?” Mary asked. She leaned back with her elbows on the edge of the spa.

“Over at first,” Danielle laughed and shook her head up and down to answer the next question.

“Ohhhhh,” a couple of girls uttered and laughed.

“He pretended to accidentally slip his hands under my skirt and apologized, but then he did it again and again, and told me everything would be alright,” Danielle giggled as she spoke.

“What did you do?” Chrissy asked, even though she probably knew what Danielle ‘the lil slut’ did.

“I said it was okay, meaning I forgave him for accidentally slipping his hands under my skirt,” Danielle clarified. “But I think he thought I meant it was okay to go farther,” she said with a grin.

“NO,” Rochelle cried out in disbelief. Danielle giggled and shook her head ‘yes’.

“Fuck,” Jennilee squealed and shook her head as she looked at each of her friends.

“So?” Mary said after a brief giggle session.

“Well, I think since he thought I gave him the green light, he went for it,” Danielle explained. “He took his hands and slipped them both under my skirt and tore my pants down off my legs,” she added and laughed, “He nearly knocked me out when my head went back and hit the wall.”

“Oh god,” Mary replied and laughed.

“So what did he do next?” Rochelle asked.

Danielle smiled and frowned. “I think he was amazed he had me there in the back room without my panties on,” she began to explain. “What?” Mary asked and looked to the other girls to see if they were as perplexed as she was.

Danielle shrugged her shoulders and giggled. She was trying to explain what happened next but could only guess at what Mr. Beegins was thinking.

“What do you mean?” Rochelle asked, as she was suddenly lost to.

“Let her talk,” Chrissy suggested.

“Well, I think he hasn’t seen a pussy in a while,” She offered with a giggle and it got all the other girls laughing.

“Oh my god,” Jennilee exclaimed, “What did he do?”

“He was mesmerized by it,” Danielle explained with a grin, “He took my legs and spread them real wide and seemed to just stare and play with my pussy,” she said and shrugged her shoulders.

“He just looked at it?” Rochelle asked.

“No, no way,” Danielle corrected her. “He looked at it for a while and seemed to like to squeeze and spread my lips but then when he licked it, he really licked it,” she told the girls and nodded her head.

“He ate you right in the back of the store?” Mary asked, clueless.

“Duh, have you been listening?” Jennilee scolded Mary.

“Now I know I ain’t having any more sandwiches from his store again,” Chrissy joked and shook her head at a mental picture of Danielle spread eagle on the bench in the back of Harvey’s Liquor.

“What did you maltepe escort bayan do?” Mary asked.

“What do mean what did I do? I enjoyed it,” Danielle stated and added, ” Mr. Beegins really knows how to.” She didn’t finish her sentence but instead circled her finger around the front of her bikini bottoms that were showing barely above the water of the hot tub.

“You lil slut,” Jennilee kidded her and asked, “What else did the old man do to you?”

Danielle grimaced and smiled, “He liked to lick my asshole too!” “No way!” Jennilee screamed and then squealed.

“What?” Mary asked, always seeming to be a step or two behind the story and the other girls.

“He licked her butt hole,” Rochelle yelled at her and the other girls cracked up laughing.

“Harvey’s a pervert, Harvey’s a pervert,” Jennilee started to chant.

“Shhhh,” Chrissy scolded her. And they al laughed.

“He licked my pussy and clit until I came,” Danielle said and added, “He fingered me as he licked and sucked on my clit.” “I came twice before he turned me over and ate me from behind,” she started to explain.

“Oh my god,” Chrissy exclaimed.

“He licked from my navel back to the top of my crack,” Danielle said, “A lot.”

“Wow,” Rochelle exclaimed and giggled.

“How did it feel?” Mary asked.

Danielle didn’t answer but instead showed the OK sign and grinned from ear to ear and rolled her eyes.

“Anything else?” Jennilee asked and waited.

“Yes,” Danielle answered with a sheepish grin. “He has a big cock,” she said and laughed.

“Did he fuck you?” Jennilee asked incredulously.

Danielle laughed and shook her head no. She was still smiling from ear to ear as if he was doing charades and waiting for the girls to ask more.

“You blew him?” Rochelle asked.

“No,” Danielle answered and looked to the other girls.

“What?” Mary asked again.

Finding no more takers, Danielle finished her story with how she jerked Mr. Beegins off with some vaseline and let him cum on her face and chest. “Mr. Beegins is a strange guy, he has this jar of vaseline in a drawer and he took it out and asked me to smear it on his cock, his balls, and his ass.”

“Oh my god,” Rochelle exclaimed as she let the story sink in.

“He liked to have me massage him as I held his cock close to my face,” Danielle continued and smirked. “When he was ready to cum, he told me to stick a finger up his asshole,” she replied, “When he came he screamed and his cock shot all over me.”

“Is that why Mr. Beegins gave you a free slushee the other day?” Mary asked and the rest of the girls looked at Danielle and laughed. Mary wasn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed.

“Have you gone back for seconds?” Chrissy asked.

“No, Not yet,” Danielle answered and laughed as she meant to only say, ‘no’.

I had been listening for almost half an hour and had a raging hard on. I moved to the gate to go into the yard when what Jennilee asked next shocked me.

“So what is this challenge?” she asked Danielle.

“Yeah what is this challenge?” Chrissy asked. Mary and Rochelle were talking too but were drown out as everyone was carrying on.

Danielle waved her arms up and down to gesture for the rest of the girls to quiet down and she’d tell them. “Shhhh, now you can help with the rules but I call it the Daddy Challenge,” she explained. “We all have dads and I swear to you, you won’t be disappointed but I challenge each and everyone of you to sleep with one of our dads.”

“What?” Mary asked.

“No way,” Chrissy exclaimed and this time meant it.

“Wow,” Jennilee said, and added, “How long have you been thinking about this one?”

“A little while,” Danielle answered and giggled.

“I can’t because I’m only 17,” Rochelle said and drew a laugh.

“Since when has that stopped you?” Jennilee kidded her.

“We don’t have to sleep with our own dad do we?” Mary asked and the others laughed.

“Not unless you want to,” Jennilee kidded her.

“Count me out,” Chrissy said as she shook her head.

“Come on Chrissy, you’ve done all our other challenges,” Jennilee said.

“Yeah,” Rochelle added.

“This is way beyond the other challenges,” Chrissy argued as I listened.

“It’s supposed to be,” Jennilee said. “Each challenge should be more challenging then the one before otherwise it wouldn’t be fun,” she added.

“Come on Chrissy, it’ll be fun,” Mary said and everyone laughed at her simpleton argument.

Chrissy shook her head at her young friend and smiled.

“You’ve done the other challenges,” Mary reminded her. “What about that security guard?” she argued.

“Yeah, yeah,” the other girls added.

Chrissy looked red faced and smiled shyly. “But we didn’t know him and we weren’t related to him,” she shouted back.

“That didn’t stop you from blowing him,” Rochelle exclaimed and giggled. escort maltepe She took her hand and pretended to be poking it at her face and with her tongue stuck it in the opposite cheek to mimic giving a blowjob.

“You,” Chrissy said and splashed Rochelle.

“I’ll blow you if you’ll let us in the club,” Jennilee mocked Chrissy repeating what she had said to the security guard to gain access to an exclusive party. Chrissy splashed at her and aped like she was mad.

Danielle smiled and said, “So everyone is in right?”

Rochelle nodded ‘yes’, Mary raised her hand, Jennilee giggled and said “Ahunh”, and Chrissy hesitated.

Danielle and the others looked at her hard and Chrissy relented, “Sure.”

I was flabbergasted to know the girls were actually going to go through with this. I immediately began to think of who would approach me. My cock lurched as I thought of each girl. I was daydreaming about each girl when they began to talk about each girl drawing straws for who it was for them to sleep with. Then it happened, Buster got off his leash and went careening through the gate. The gate swung open and I was standing there looking in. I thought to bolt but they had already seen me so I played dumb and ran after Buster.

“Come here Buster,” I yelled as I waved at the girls.

“Hi Mr. Fulmer,” Rochelle said, trying to play off what they wee talking about. The rest of the girls followed suit and Chrissy yelled ‘hi dad’.

“Hi girls, you still in the hot tub? You’re going to be all prunie,” I said, relieved they didn’t suspect I was listening in the whole time. They laughed at my comment but went back to what they were talking about. I cursed Buster for blowing our cover and decided I’d just have to go to bed and dream about who was going to be my ‘date.’ I left Buster in the kitchen and went to the bathroom to wash up for bed. My hard on was waning but only if I let it. If I thought about the girls and their ‘Daddy Challenge’ it would come roaring back. I brushed my teeth and went in our bedroom to climb in beside my sleeping wife. She seemed out of it so I slid in and found the remote to check the scores of the night’s baseball games. I turned off the sound and watched as ESPN Sports Center showed the highlights. My wife stirred as she felt my leg brush up against hers.

“Where you been?” she murmured as I looked over at her.

“I took Buster for a walk,” I said and my mind thought of the girls in the hot tub. My cock was still hard and it throbbed as I thought of their conversations.

“Hmmm,” she murmured and surprised me as she slid over next to me. Her hands were under the covers and she fumbled for my shorts. She began tugging them down and I smiled. I lifted my hips and legs to help her. It had been a long time since she had been amorous enough to initiate sex.

When she had my shorts and boxers off, she moved her hands to my cock and squealed, “Wow, what’s gotten into you.” Her right hand encircled my seven and a half inch hard on and began tugging on it.

I laughed at her utterance and thought of the girls. She slipped her head beneath the covers and I felt her mouth encircle the head. I was dripping pre-cum and she hungrily lapped it up. Reaching down with my left hand, I put it around the base of my cock and started jerking off in her mouth.

My wife’s hands moved to my balls and she tickled them as my hand pumped my cock into her mouth.

“That’s it, get it,” I told her and rocked my hips up towards her face as I pumped. My cock slipping deeper into her mouth and throat. “Get my cock all the way in the back of your throat,” I urged her as I felt her trying to push her head down on my cock. The sensation was so incredible and my cock so sensitive, I groaned.

I watched the covers at my waist rise and fall and envisioned Danielle sucking me off in her ‘naughty schoolgirl outfit. Mr. Beegins must have busted a royal nut the night he got her. I thought of her spread out on the food table and almost came in my wife’s lovely mouth. I thought of Mary, with her long legs and rock hard nipples. Or Jennilee with her tight little athletic body. Or Rochelle and her hot little hour glass figure. She had the biggest real breasts of the five. I wondered who was going to get her after her 18th birthday. My mind locked on my daughter’s pretty face and I thought of what they were talking about in regards to the dare with the security guard. The idea of being selected by one of the girls to fuck was too much and I let loose a torrent of cum into my wife’s mouth. Wanting her to swallow it all, I put my hands on her head and held her there.

“Oh god, swallow it all, come on swallow it all,” I begged as my hips lurched forward and back repeatedly. My wife gagging and swallowing as best she could until she came up gagging for air. Her hand came down hard on my stomach as she smacked me playfully.

“I’ve got to be able to breath sometime,” she scolded me. She wiped the corners of her mouth and told me to get myself hard again as she was going to the bathroom and would be back for more. She padded away to our bathroom with only a lil leopard thong and half shirt. Seeing her delectable ass and the thought of the ‘Daddy Challenge’ got me semi-hard, I didn’t think I’d have any trouble carrying out my ‘husbandly duties.’

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