Dad Turns Daughter Into A Randi


Dad Turns Daughter Into A RandideleteddeleteddeletedIt was always an immense please in sneaking up and doing sex with the fear of getting caught. When I was with my brother and my family didn’t know about us, I enjoyed the thrill of having sex with him. All that fun faded away soon when mom and dad knew about us. Surprisingly and shockingly, dad didn’t show any anger to neither Vivaan nor me.Dad, rather, supported us and allowed to enjoy as much as we could. We became free inside the house. Kissing, hugging and touching each other became quite normal in front of our parents. Mom and dad also didn’t show any reaction to oppose our romantic actions.In a few days, everything inside me about sex started to cool down and I stopped enjoying sex with my brother as much as I used to. There were a few times when I just stayed there in the bed and he fucked me as hard as he could and came inside me. Whenever I was too lazy to even clean myself up, Vivaan used to clean me up and hug me to sleep.When things were cooling down, my dad showed sexual interest in me and that again brought a thrill and enjoyment inside me. I was again enjoying sex.Almost every day after the first day when dad expressed his love for me, dad and I started enjoying slowly.First time I made him cum by giving him a handjob while he spoke things about me and cum on my face. After that day, he started to call me everytime he wanted a handjob. He said dirty things about me every time when I was giving him a hand job. Apart from that time, we were like normal dad and daughter or that’s what we pretended to be.There were times when he wanted to penetrate me but I said no every time. I had fear of getting caught by mom or brother. I knew dad could get mom to agree on this as he made mom agree on me and Vivaan. What I feared was about Vivaan happened. He was completely in love with me. At times he expressed that he wishes to stay with me for the whole life. I was scared about breaking his trust and love for me. But I loved hiding this part of life.For about a month, I gave dad handjobs and sometimes kissed his dick too. But then he became impatient and wanted to fuck me badly. And after another few days, an opportunity came and I agreed to do with him.My brother had a party so he told me that he would spend the night outside. Dad and mom were supposed to go to a marriage of the daughter of mom’s friend. Dad made excuse and stayed back home. Mom went to marriage for about 3 days.That day, it was about 5 pm when my brother left and mom had a flight to catch at 8 pm. I was left alone with dad. Dad was on the bed and pretended to sleep and got up as soon as he made sure that mom left. He took the car and went straight to the chemist and bought a packet of condom.Dad bahis siteleri canlı asked me to wear saree which I mostly wore in parties or celebrations at the office. He came back while I was dressing up in my room. He checked on me and I said, “Dad, I will come to your room when I am ready.”I dressed up in a red saree with a sleeveless blouse. Inside the dress, I wore beautiful transparent red colored panty and bra. I didn’t use any lipstick as dad always rubbed it off. I had a little makeup and light perfume. Most of the time when dad talked to me about sex, he expressed that he likes me without makeup and natural.In about half an hour, I was mentally and physically ready to do another sin. I went to the room and dad was lying on his bed in underwear. He had a lot of hair on his chest and had fat on his body. He looked right for his age, 47. I was a bit nervous while walking closer to him. When I got close enough, he grabbed my hand and offered me milk.I said, “Why milk, dad?”He said, “I’ve mixed viagra in it, we can enjoy the whole night.”I resisted and said, “No, dad. We can do without it and don’t worry about doing multiple times. I will make you horny every time you want to do.”I took the glass and kept it on the other side.He said, “You know baby, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I wish I had another daughter like you.” He smiled and winked at me. I replied back with a smile.“So, what do we do now?” I asked. He showed me packets of condoms of different flavors. He said, “I want to do everything I can do tonight.”Dad was lying sideways and I was sitting in front of him. He said, “You know beta, you are like cheeku, so sweet that I just want to eat you.”I smiled and held dad’s hand. His hands were heavy by touch. I pulled up his hand and placed it on my left boob over the saree and said, “Don’t you want to check if your cheeku is ripe or not.” He pressed my boob so hard that I moaned a little.He said, “Looks like Vivaan had done his job. My cheeku is really ripe and ready to be served.”I smiled and got into his arms. He pulled me up and took me against him completely. My lips were against dad’s neck and his hands were on my back. I felt him as if he and I were one body. Physically, I looked half his size and little in his arms. As he pressed my body against me tightly, I breathed heavily on his neck.He moved his body and made me lie on the bed and came over me. I could feel his heavy body on mine. His chest over my boobs and his face was an inch away from mine. Our breath mixed and we were in complete harmony.I said, “I didn’t know but you’re heavy, dad.” He laughed a little and I smiled back. Dad pressed his lips on mine and removed instantly.He said, “I am so glad that I told casino siteleri you all my feelings and we’re doing this. You know when you were born and I first saw you, I looked at your lips. It was not like mine or your mom’s. It was better and beautiful than both of us. You were a little angel to me then and I never thought we would engage in such a relation. But I am happy that we are.”“Your beautiful lips are made only to suck dick. And the shape of your body is really amazing. The curve of your boobs wants me to press your boobs so hard that you’ll cry. And I want to make your small hip to a little big although it has grown since I think you started having sex with Vivaan.”I giggled and said, “You’ve thought a lot about me.”He said, “Why wouldn’t I? You are so sexy that even your dad wants to fuck you and going to fuck you really hard.” His body was above me and I could feel dad’s dick growing big inside his underwear. I was still in saree.He asked, “Will you be my Randi?”I said with surprise, “What? No.”He apologized and said, “Please, it will be fun. I want to have sex with you and want to sell you to others for sex. It will be fun.”I was shocked as he said this and closed my eyes and realized that being with dad was a mistake.“I thought you’re calling me randi, just like that. But you want to sell me for sex! Have you lost your mind. I am your daughter!” I said.He held my face into his hands and said, “It will fun. You will get to be with a lot of people and we will have some money too. We will do this only if you agree.”I said, “No. How could you even think something like that? I don’t want to be with you anymore. Let me go.”I tried to move but I couldn’t. He held me and said, “Sorry cheeku, really sorry. I thought you would do everything I say but if you don’t love me, then it’s ok.”I said, “It is not about love. Dad, I can be your randi but I don’t want to sell my body for money.”He said, “Ok, don’t do it. But for once, try it. If you won’t feel like doing it the second time, don’t do it.”I said, “But dad, I don’t feel like doing it the first time.”He smooched my mouth and kept doing it for a few minutes. I started replying by sucking his lips and tongue. He then said, “Did you ever feel like you would be having sex with your brother and dad? But you are doing it, right? So don’t worry, I will protect you.”Before words could come out of my mouth, he kissed me and slowly proceeded to cheeks and neck. He then got up, removed my pallu and pressed both boobs with his hand. He got down off me and removed his underwear. I had already seen dad’s dick many times.He sat next to my face and brought his dick near my mouth and said, “Give your dad a good luck kiss.” He pushed down the skin to expose his canlı casino pink cockhead. I gave a little peck at his dick. He asked, “Why don’t you put it inside your mouth a little?”I opened my mouth and dad pushed in just the pink part. I sucked it like a lollipop and used my tongue to lick the piss hole and tried to insert my tongue inside that. He moaned and said, “Meri pyari beti se aacha koi lund choos hi nahi sakta.” I kept on sucking his dickhead.Suddenly, the doorbell started ringing and I got scared. Dad wore his trouser and I adjusted my clothes and sat there. Dad opened the door and I could hear him talking to some guy. I could not hear the conversation but I heard my name in between the conversation. They both came into the room and dad asked the man to sit next to me. He looked like he was in his 40’s.Dad said to the guy, “Enjoy!”I stood up and asked dad, “What, dad?”Dad smiled and said, “Make sure he enjoys completely.”I tried to object but dad left and I couldn’t speak and just before closing the door, he handed over a packet of condoms to the man and said to him, “I am just outside.”The man said, “I am Ramakant and you?”I said, “Ananya.”“Beautiful name.”“Thanks.”“So, I’ve never been with any whore before. So how much do you charge?”“Talk to him about this.”“Ok.”“What can I do to you?”I stayed silent. He held my hands. His pressed my hand between both of his hands and said, “Let’s go take a bath.” I proceeded to the bathroom and turned on the shower and asked him to come. He came into the bathroom and stopped the shower. He asked me to sit on my knees and pulled out his cock. His cock was thick and big.He asked me to look at his cock as I was looking down at the floor. He came close to my face and started pissing over my face. I closed my mouth and he pointed right on my lips and continued doing it until the last drop of his piss. My saree was completely wet by his piss. He started the shower and pushed me a little into the shower. He said to me, “Wash yourself and come to the room and remove all the clothes.”I bathed for 10 minutes and dropped all my clothes and got back into the room. He was already hard and stroking his cock. He pointed me to his cock. I wiped out the water and went to him. He kissed my mouth so badly for a few minutes and held my mouth and put his dick into my mouth. He stroked my mouth deeply and came inside my mouth.I cleaned up the cum and came back to the bed. He was hard again and asked me to lie down on the bed. He came over me and pushed straight into my pussy. While stroking hard, he slapped my boobs and sucked them too.About half an hour later, he came inside my pussy. We both were sweating badly. Then he wore his clothes and left the room. Dad came back to the room after talking to him for a few minutes.He said, “He was so happy.”I didn’t talk to dad that day and went to my room. Later that day, dad started bringing more people or send me to their home. I stopped feeling dirty and angry at dad after a few times.Do comment

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