Cybersex done wonderfully!


Cybersex done wonderfully!I couldn’t really face a night of strenuous fucking, so I decided a bout of cybersex would hit the spot. After all, with all my escapades, I had enough material to recall and keep the conversation quite hot. I booted my PC, as it ran the start up procedure I walked into the kitchen, selecting a bottle of chardonnay, a wine glass, my cigarettes and ashtray. When I returned to the PC my home page was already up. Selecting MSN I scoured through my contacts to see who was on line that would mentally stimulate me. Some of the losers were online, the ones who always sent pictures of their cocks. Something I learned over the years was that the cocks in the pics never belonged to the senders. Almost at the bottom of the live contacts was the one I needed to chat to. He was a guy in his mid forties who had a marvellous way of leading everyday conversation into delightfully naughty sex chat. I sent a nudge to see if he wanted to chat.Hello foxy. How are you this evening?You know me. Horny as fuck…as per usual.You still are the queen of teasing. Why aren’t you out on a hot date?Need to be careful if I’m teasing could get into a lot of trouble. I had a hot date with a Doctor I met online last night. He was very kinky. He kept slapping my ass cheeks. Went up to his place and fucked him. Once on the floor and once on his bed. He wasn’t a bad fuck but he was awesome at oral. I came like fuck riding his tongue.Naughty as ever I see. Did he come inside you or was it the usual.No I asked him to come on my face. Which he kindly did twice. He wants to see me again and form some sort of relationship, but there’s too much cock out there for that to ever happen.So have you any more hot dates lined up this week?I’m supposed to be having the Doctor over to my flat and cooking him something then probably fuck the spunk out of him, though I don’t really fancy fucking him again. I think I’ll just cocktease him and torture him a little.Then if you’re not going to fuck him why not get all dressed up and cock tease the living daylights out of him, you could send him wild the when he’s gone you can MSN me and tell me all the details then when you’re finished teasing him (Let him have a little feel at least, a couple of fingers in your pussy and maybe give his cock a rub or even a wank, possibly a little bit of cocksucking). Then go and get a total stranger who turns you on and fuck the living daylights out of them. It would turn me on too much. I do like to get prepared and dressed all sexy when I go for a fuck.Here’s the plan.If you’re going to fuck one of those guys you select on MSN. I’ll come down to your flat and get you ready for the action ahead. Make sure that your pussy is all trimmed and waiting for the new cock that your about to receive. Ensure you have Black shiny stockings for the occasion, and your tightest sexiest thong, as this will rub against your pussy lips every time you move slightly adding to the sensations ahead.I’ll tie your Pink Basque as tight as it will go to show off and enhance your delectable curves, accentuating your full luscious breasts. I’ll then roll the stockings over your smooth legs and fasten the suspenders to the tops. I’ll then take your güvenilir bahis most outrageously sexy high heels and place on your stockinged feet. At this point I’ll slip my cock into your pussy and feel the heat from your wet cunt. Slowly fucking you and watching my cock slide in and out of your pussy where later another cock will be savouring the delights of your delicious pussy and sexy body. I’ll then place the tip of my cock in your ass watching as your ass stretches around the bulbous end of my cock and imagine the fingers of your later fuck feeling the inner heat of your tight ass. After a few gentle thrusts I’ll remove my cock from your ass and slide it into your dripping cunt. I’ll leave the final decision up to you as to where you want me to leave my come. Either inside your pussy, or on your face and lips.Wherever you decide I still want to see you lick the fuck juices from my spent cock.All throughout this I want to take a few photos and maybe even a few minutes of video.Then I’ll leave you to prepare for the fuck ahead.When you’ve finished fucking the other guy I want you to email all the details.How you sucked his cock.How you licked his balls and tongued his ass.How you held open your pussy for him to see it in all its glory.How he fucked you. What positions he fucked you in. How he fingered your ass. How big his cock was. If he fucked your ass. When you orgasmed.Where he came (in your mouth, in your face, on your tits, in your ass)If you repeated the experience.If you photographed any of it.If you videod any of it.God I’m almost coming at the thought. I’m sliding my fingers inside my hot wet pussy reading what you write. I think I will fuck the doctor one more time this week then dispose of him. I think I’ll keep it simple by going for black and pink French knickers with matching half cupped bra. A pair of Wickedly High heels should finish off the look I want. I am looking forward to having him inside me. I do love the anticipation of a new cock about to enter me. Wondering how it will feel. Hard and hot. I will be gentle with him and let him take control. I take control all the time and I don’t think that is the best way to start with. I will let him kiss me and hold my breasts and gently undress me, I’ll leave my high heels on though. I think he will shake with fear a bit. I already know that he likes to lick pussy… so might have bit of that, holding my cunt open as he licks me. Once he’s tasted my pussy I’m going to do the following so he knows what it’s like to fuck me. I’ll straddle his chest so that my pussy is open and rubbing on his skin. I’ll then slide my pussy back and forth across his chest and he’ll be able to see my lips open and close, and see how my clit pops out. He’ll see how wet my cunt is as the aching builds up. I’ll cup my breasts and look into his eyes to unnerve him even more. I’ll slide down his chest and stomach making sure my hot pussy is in contact with his skin, all the way down till I feel the tip of his hard cock nudging at my opening. At this point I’ll open my legs a little wider and slide my pussy slowly over his hard cock until he is inside me up to the hilt. I’ll then rotate my hips and feel the heat of his türkçe bahis cock deep inside me as I lean forward to accept his snake like tongue into my mouth. I’ll then take both of his hands and put them on my butt cheeks guiding them to my slippery asshole. I’ll instruct him to put both of his middle fingers slowly inside my ass and gently finger-fuck my ass while I ride his cock slowly. He’ll then force his fingers deep into my ass and pull the hole wide open. My ass will be gaping as I ride his cock to orgasm. Once my orgasm has subsided I’ll bend over so he can fuck me doggy style. As he slides his cock into my pussy I’ll hold my gaping ass open, this will send him over the edge and I’ll insist that he spunk’s into my gaping ass. When the last shoot of cum has filled my ass I’ll straddle his face and insist he tongues my pussy. His cum from my ass will run down my crack straight into his open mouth as he tongue fucks me to orgasm, tasting the mixture of my cum and his ass flavoured cum. I think to finish the session I’ll lay on his floor with my legs wide apart and gently play with my pussy, running my fingers across my swollen slit, teasing my tender clitoris gently and slipping my index finger inside my ass. I’ll continue this rhythm for about 10 minutes, long enough to get him hard again. As his cock increases in hardness I’ll speed up my finger fucking. I’ll raise one leg off the floor as I lie partially on my side, one index finger fucking my cumdrenched ass as two other fingers fuck my pussy in a blur. His cock will almost be bursting as my orgasm surges through me, with my head back and mouth wide open, my breath bursting out as I moan with ecstasy as the orgasm wafts through my body. I’ll then take the cumdrenched finger out of my ass and lick the contents clean. He’ll ram his cock deep into my pussy as the last waves of orgasm diminish and the next surge begins. Frenziedly fucking my pussy he’ll withdraw his cock as his orgasm approaches and plunge his hard cock deep into my gaping ass hole. A few thrusts will be all he can manage as the cum spurts out of his cock and erupts along the walls of my ass…..I like the sound of the underwear. Your boobs in a Half cup bra……mmmmmm.Don’t let him take total control or you won’t be being yourself and he’ll miss out on your extraordinary sexuality (and he’ll miss out on the Fuck of a lifetime).Pull your panties to one side and put your finger in your pussy and then let him taste you from your finger. Straddle across him with your underwear still on, so he can feel the heat of your cunt as you grind it across his stiffening cock. When you suck his cock make sure you maintain eye contact and tell him what you’re doing. Lick the underside of his balls and place one hand on your pussy, opening your fleshy lips and sliding a finger along the moist crack. Remove your panties and bend over for him and place your hands on your ass cheeks opening yourself up for him, look over your shoulder and tell him you want his cock deep and hard inside your pussy. Let one finger run along the crack of your pussy and let the other finger circle the hole of your ass. As he eases the tip of his cock between your pussy lips, slowly güvenilir bahis siteleri press back into his groin as all of his cock buries itself inside your cunt. He can then watch your pussy stretch around his cock as he slides his cock back and forward in time with each light thrust you return. Scoop your Breasts from out of your Bra and rub your nipples between your fingers and thumb. Pinching them with each thrust of his cock. Take his cock from your pussy and lie on your back, with your legs wide apart, holding your pussylips open for him to see the glistening of your wet cunt. Sc**** a fingernail across your clitoris as he pushes his cock inside you. Lift your head towards his and explore his mouth with your tongue in rhythm with thrusting of his cock as he fucks you the way you like to be fucked. Wrap your legs around his waist to control the depth of his cock. Look him in the eye and tell him you want to taste his cum. When he’s ready to come remove his cock, open your legs as wide as possible so he can see the swelling of your pussy lips cup your breasts with both hands and place your lips on his spurting cock.I wish I was fucking you tonight. I wish it was my come sliding down your throat. I wish it was my cock you were licking your come juices off. I wish it was my fingers probing your ass. I’m almost coming here…If he cancels you know where I am…….Yes that sounds like a plan! You can be my personal fluffer!!! Is your Hot Medical Date on for the weekend or not? I’d love to be a fly on the wall if it’s on. More so if you’re wearing the Pink Basque. A Tight Lacy Thong and your High Heels. He’ll be all nervous with anticipation as he’ll have never had a Woman act as Sexual as you. When you’re stripped down to your undies and your thongs removed, and he gets to see and feel your pussy in all its glory. The astonished look of excitement in his eyes, as you grab the base of his erect cock and lick the head all the while maintaining eye contact with him. The unexpected urge of desire that will rush through his body just before he eases his cock into your wet hot pussy with his tongue flicking the edge of your tongue, feeling the heat from his cock as it slowly enters you inch by inch. God I’m so jealous. Lifting your buttocks up to meet his thrusting cock sliding into your tight pussy, grazing your nails across his butt cheeks as you gently circle his asshole before slowly sliding a finger in up to the first knuckle. As his hands reach under the small of your back and work their way between your buttocks, probing their way into your puckered asshole. Sliding one, then two fingers into your ass as it grips his fingers with pure lust. Your hips gyrating now to feel the rhythm of the cock and fingers entering your body. Breathing heavily now you feel the first waves of orgasm rippling along the walls of your pussy, titillating your clitoris as the heat of the fucking overwhelms you and your pussy juices flow all over his cock. As the last wave of orgasm shakes it way through your pussy you continue fucking with a****l lust till he explodes his spunk all over your glossed lips and opened mouth. Lapping up every last drop, sucking and licking his subsiding cock. The smile beams across your face as the passion of raw fucking vibrates through your quivering body.Thanks babe. You’ve done it again. I’m going to sign off now and stuff the rabbit up my cunt and come until I fall asleep. Xxx Goodnight and see you soon.

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