Curvy Baby – True story of an ametuer couple #1


Curvy Baby – True story of an ametuer couple #1True story of a horny amateur couple.1-17-11So last night I am sitting on the couch watching the news on TV. Curvy Baby comes down the stairs, fully naked, up close to me. With me sitting on the couch, her pussy was at my eye level. She put her foot up on the arm of the couch and then proceeded to spread and lift her pussy up so I was sure to get a great view. Smiling, she sticks her pointing tongue out and licked her upper lips so slowly, all while slowly circling her clit with her finger. Every few circles she darted her finger into her pussy to get it wet and rub it on her swollen clit. My dick throbbed every time she would let out a startled sigh when ever she stuck her fingers in her pussy. it was only about 20 – 30 seconds into it when she started to gyrate a little. Then she stopped. She looked at me and smiled, then stuck her fingers deep in that pussy to get them really wet. She took them out, looked at how wet they were and then she wiped her fingers on my lips and under my nose. She giggled and gave me a quick wet peck on the lips and turned around and went back up stars, shaking her ass the whole way up.I figured she was naked and not going anywhere, plus I wanted to tease her a little and waitied until the news went to commercial and then went up stairs. She was laying on her back, writhing on top of the blankets. I stripped of my clothes and climbed on the bed. I was going to lick her pussy but I guess she just wanted to kütahya escort fuck because as soon as i climbed on the bed, she grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me, She then swung herself under me, put her knees up and angeled her pussy right in front of my dick. I slid right into her. her pussy was making wet sucking noises from the first stroke of my cock. I could feel her wetness around the base of my dick, moving down to our thighs. Both of us were grinding into each other and the wetness felt like we were covered in oil, except that the sweet smell of musky pussy was filling the air and making us hot. We tounged each others mouth furously. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and shoved her tongue into mine. It was all I could do to hang on and fuck her as she bucked against me. It felt so fucking good! I could not hold back anymore and told her I was comming as I blew my load deep inside her. This just made her hotter. She arched her back and grabbed her tits and began to rub them, letting them slip through her hands and pinching her nipples. I could tell she was was getting close, as she grabbed her tits harder and faster. I am always still hard after cumming and can sometimes go again, and the site of her squeezing her tits and fucking her fresh made creampie made me horny! I regained control of my cock, proped her legs on my arms and fucked her as hard as I could. She moaned and tossed her head back and forth. With both hands she reached down to her escort kütahya upper inner thighs and pulled them apart to spread her pussy. This also pushed her tits together allowing me to have a great view of her hard nipples. I watched then bounce and jiggle as I drove deep inside. Her pussy was so noisy as I pulled my dick in and out of her wide open, soaking wet love hole. She only needed a few more strokes to push her to climax. Her legs started twitching, and her pussy grabbed my cock like a vise, she arched her back and pouted her lips in full release. I kept fucking her, telling her how tight her pussy was but she is so wet she cant stop this cock from fucking her all night. She threw her arms above her head and let, stretched and came for a long time. When I was sure she had finished, I pulled my cock out and it was so wet and creamy. I was actually frothy around the base of my dick. I spooned up behind her and we fell asleep.She wakes me up this morning by pushing her ass up hard against my dick. She reached her arm back around my head, grabbed the back of my neck, turned her head and started pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand found her soft smooth thigh and went up her naked bbody and started squeezing her tits. Her nipples were already hard. She raised her leg and drapped it over mine. She grabbed my hand from her tits and put it on her pussy which was still sopping wet! I started to rub her clit, which made her arch her back and spread her legs kütahya escort bayan wide pushing her crotch up. She was thrusting her pussy into my hand and kissing me hard. She was so wet that you could hear my hand rubbing her pussy. I wipped her juice all over her inner thighs and on her belly. I grabbed her tit and nipple. She moaned as we got a wiff of her sweet pussy scent. I began to alternate between circling her hard clit and sliding her large pussy lips between my fingers, squeezing and pulling on them. She reached down and found my disk and began jacking me off furiously. I whispered in her ear what a great fuck she is, she sighed loudly and came again. She grabbed my hand and attempted to catch her breath. I wanted to see how wet her pussy was, so I repositioned my self in front of her as I was going to fuck her missonary, but she looked so sexy, I began to just stroke my cock. Her pussy was so swollen, her lips butterflied open with her clit jetting straight out, hard and still juicy. She lay there on her back whith her legs spread open. Watching me drool over her pussy and think of fucking her while jacking off. I put my cock in her pussy a couple of times to get it wet and used her juice to jack off with. I had a great view of her pussy and could smell her so strongly. I just stared at that pussy and jacked off until I shot my load again. We both layed there for a while and them took a shower togther making out and felling each other up. I had my hand in her pussy most of the time.Ever since we started posting pics here, Curvy Baby has gotten hornier and nastier! its fucking great!Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Curvy BabyI am sure there are more pics movies to come…Cheers!

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