Cursed: Spirit of the Idol Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen! I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

Cursed: Spirit of the Idol The Idol of Lesbos III — Sacrifices

Chapter 3




Tilly’s practice on Friday ran late, with it being the last session before their last game of the school year. She loved field hockey. It often came with the unfair stigma that every girl involved was a lesbian, but that clearly didn’t upset her any longer. In fact, she hoped to satisfy the idol spirit sufficiently so that she could do just that. Tilly dreamt of the locker rooms of both teams being filled with twisted lesbian orgies after their final game next week. Of course, the prom was coming up too. There were so many opportunities to ravage so many girls, to steal them away from their boy dates, and to teach them the pleasures of female lust.

She caught a ride home with one of the boys from school and laughed inside at his pathetic attempts to come onto her. The joke ended when he dropped her off in front of her house and watched him drive away. Tilly was about to go across the street when Ashley ran out of her house across the street and called out to her.

“Tilly!” the redhead yelled, “Can I talk to you real quick?”

“Sure!” she called back, walking across the way to meet her. The last time Tilly had seen her was when she used her magical powers to force Ashley’s mom to ravage her. “What’s on your mind?”

Ashley looked worried, “It’s my mom. She’s not acting right.”

“How is that?”

“She’s depressed. She’s drinking a lot when I’m at school. I can tell. Today when I got home she wouldn’t even look at me. Her and my dad are fighting a lot. The whole thing sucks.”

Tilly played innocent, “What does this have to do with me?”

The redhead huffed, “Come on, Tilly. I know you had something to do with my mom attacking me the other day. I saw you while she was on top of me. I saw you standing in the doorway. She did this before, when the idol was around, before your brother cut it in two. Then she happened to do it again when you were in our house… Watching us. My mom is losing it and I think it is because of you. She hates herself for what she did to me and you made her do it all over again.”

“So what do you want, Ashley? I can’t make her forget what she did. She needs to deal with it.”

Ashley shook her head with an embarrassed grin appearing on her face. “No, you don’t understand. I need your help, Tilly. Whatever you did to my mom that day that made her attack me? Can you make her do it again? All the time?”

Tilly smiled back, realizing that Ashley was completely corrupted. The repeated lesbian raping she took at her mother’s hands had broken her and made her into a lesbian addict, and a demented one at that. “Fine, I can do that. I can tweak your mom, but it will cost you.”

“Anything! What do you want?”

“You need to give me the cheerleading squad. Every Senior. Arrange a party with your mom for after my last field hockey game.”

“Why after?”

“Because I’ve got plans for them too. Oh, and make sure everybody brings their uniforms.”

“Deal. So how do you do it? You know, make women do everything the idol did?”

“I don’t know. Whatever spirit was in there jumped into me, along with all its powers. I just think it and they do it. Watch, and I’ll show you.” The two walked into Ashley’s house as Tilly called out to Ashley’s mother, “Mrs. Townsend, I’ve got something for you!”

Fifteen minutes later, Tilly was looking at a familiar sight. Ashley’s ass was up in the air, red on both cheeks from Karen Townsend spanking her. The black strap-on Karen wore pumped mercilessly into Ashley’s pussy as the crazed mother penetrated her daughter for the third time. Her eyes were alight with a passionate fire stoked by Tilly’s magical manipulations. This time Tilly reached deep into Karen’s mind and bent her permanently. After this she was pretty sure it would cause a divorce, but Tilly couldn’t really care. She was so excited watching the display in front of her.

“You dirty fucking lezzie whore, Ashley! Take it! Take it hard!” Karen grunted as she thrust her hips forward.

“I’m a queer girl, mommy! Fuck me more! MORE, MOMMY! RAPE ME, MOMMY!!” Ashley begged aloud, enjoying the thorough submission she was showing her mother. Could anything ever make her feel more aroused than this? She doubted it. Clearly there would be other women in her life, but Ashley knew it was her own mother who was the one to bring her the ultimate casino şirketleri in wicked pleasure.

Tilly stepped out of the room and left the taboo duo to their own devices. Watching them made her want her own mother again and she hurried back to her own house. When she got home, Tilly found that her brother had gone out with friends and her dad was golfing and wouldn’t be home till much later. The timing could not have been better.

“So I have you all to myself then, mommy,” Tilly grinned, plopping herself down on the sofa and spreading her legs. Her school uniform hiked up her thighs and exposed her complete lack of panties.

Megan was making dinner, but compliantly shut off the stovetop and assumed the position she had learned so well, kneeling between her daughter’s knees. She began flicking the end of her tongue across her daughter’s already hardened clit as Tilly settled comfortably into the couch.

“Wow, mommy, I didn’t even have to use my powers on you. I guess you are finally realizing what your purpose in life is,” Tilly observed. “What is your purpose, mom?”

“To lick pussy,” she replied ashamedly. Her mom was finally broken as well, eagerly devouring her daughter. Who knew how long it had been since her mom and dad had sex, and Tilly wondered how long dad would wait before he finally gave up on her and divorced her. Oh, the perverted delights they would have without having to worry about her father being around.

Tilly dispatched her mother to get the toys and the two of them slid over the length of a long double dildo. They paused every once in a while to kiss and rub their breasts against each other, then went back to bumping against each other. They were simultaneously moving toward their orgasms as Tilly drove home the nature of their perversion.

“What do you call this, mommy? What do you call it when you dildo-fuck your own daughter?” Tilly goaded.

“Incest! Oh, God help me, it’s incest!” Megan climaxed, the shameful act shaking her to the core.

Tilly loved making her mother feel depraved. It was important for her to admit out loud what they were doing as it seemed to make the orgasm that much more powerful. Who cared if her mom felt terrible afterwards?

As Megan walked away with her head hung low, Tilly’s eye was caught by a red blinking light hidden in her mother’s knitting material. The blonde teen girl dug into the basket and found the family camcorder. Billy was trying to get blackmail material on her and he almost succeeded. Tilly’s blood began pumping faster as she delved into the depths of her perversion to come up with a way to get him back.

Tilly followed her mother up to the bedroom where she was touching up her make-up. The last thing Megan needed was her husband finding Tilly’s lipstick mixed with hers on her face. Tilly handed her mother a piece of paper, “I need you to pick up some things at the store for me before dad and Billy get home. Here’s a list.”

Megan gave an exasperated sigh, “Tilly, please! I don’t want to go to the adult store again! We have so many toys here already!”

“Buy them for me. Now. I need them before the prom.”

Megan reluctantly nodded, realizing there was no point in resisting. “Who are you bringing anyway?” she asked her daughter. “You’re obviously not bringing Jake like you told your dad.”

“I’ve got plans, mommy,” she snickered, “And you really don’t want to know them.”



“Sir, we’re going to have to make a quick pit stop after we pick up your date. My office called and said we need to switch drivers,” the limo driver informed the teenage boy.

Billy shook his head, “Why? What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know sir, I was just told that I’ve been pulled for a different assignment tonight. They’ve got another driver lined up for you though. Don’t worry. You will still be on time for your dinner reservations tonight.” The older man nodded at him and the two shared an understanding of how important the evening was to him. “You look sharp, kid. She’ll have a great time tonight.”

“Thanks,” Billy smiled widely as they drove to his girlfriend’s house.

Kelly looked incredibly sexy in her prom dress. Slinky, sequined, and yet elegant, it barely met the school requirements for how high it cut up on her leg and how low it cut down to show her cleavage. When she climbed into the limo with him, Billy’s heart skipped a beat. They had sex only once before and it was an awkward, interrupted, uncomfortable exercise in the back of Billy’s car. Tonight was prom though. He had romantic dinner reservations, the dance itself, a party where there was alcohol, and then the hotel reservations he made. There was no way either his or her parents would let her stay the whole night, but he and Kelly agreed that they didn’t need all night.

Billy explained that the limousine service requested that they switch out the drivers for the night, but Kelly seemed unfazed by the slight delay. They sat together, looking out casino firmaları the window, waving to other limousines as they drove by. It wasn’t more than ten minutes before they arrived at the depot and the older man lowered the privacy shield to say goodbye. “I’ll go get the other driver. You two have a good time!” He rubbed his bushy mustache and winked at Billy before disappearing.

“So, I got you a surprise tonight,” Billy beamed.

“Ooohh,” Kelly raised her eyebrows, “What is it?”

Billy reached into small bag and pulled out the warming lubricant and condoms he picked up at the drug store. “It’s ‘His-and-Hers’ gel. When they come together, they make things warmer.”

“Wow, I’ve been wanting to try this,” Kelly grinned. “But, I’ve got some surprises for you too.”

“Surprises? More than one?” Billy panted.

“Oh yeah. You want to see the first one?”

Billy nodded dumbly, his eyes wide as Kelly pulled her dress up to reveal a garter belt that attached to her sexy stockings.

“You want your second surprise?” his girlfriend teased.

Billy’s cock was rock hard as he nodded quickly.

“Turn around and close your eyes. And don’t open them up no matter what.”

“What if the new driver shows up?”

“Don’t worry about it, you silly boy. Good, now put your hands behind your back.”

Billy did as he was instructed and felt the cold metal wrap around his wrists and heard a ratchet sound. “What is that?” he asked, his eyes still closed. “Are those handcuffs?”

“Wait one more second,” Kelly delayed as she pulled the leg cuffs out and hooked them to Billy’s ankles. Before he could open his eyes, she took the connecting chain and pulled his wrists and ankles tight together, hogtying him in the back of the limo.

Billy almost flopped over, unable to gain his balance. “Whoah! What is this? What did you buy?”

Kelly answered coyly, “Oh, I figured this would make the evening a lot more fun.”

“Wow, do I get to use this on you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hmm, interesting. Kelly’s got a naughty side I didn’t know existed. Okay, can you take it off before the new driver comes back?”

“I don’t know. Then tonight wouldn’t be nearly as fun.”

Up until then, Billy really thought she was playing around. But something in her eyes was frighteningly familiar and the young man’s humor began to fade, “Come on, Kelly, this isn’t funny anymore.”

The limo’s door opened and a new driver poked her head in. Black straight hair, statuesque, large breasts, dark make-up, the suit she wore certainly did nothing to make her look masculine.

“Uhhh, this isn’t what it looks like,” Billy covered embarrassingly, rolling back and forth on the cushion.

“What’s it supposed to look like?” The new driver smiled and turned to Kelly, “Your other guests are here. I’ll go get them now.”

When the driver closed the door, Billy looked at Kelly and shot an accusing question her way, “Guests? What guests? Unlock this damned thing now, Kelly. I want it off!”

“No,” his girlfriend denied.

The door opened again and Stefanie stepped into the back of the limo, followed closely by Billy’s sister. The young man’s fears were confirmed as he screamed at the trio of High School senior girls to uncuff him. Instead they pushed him over and put what looked like a rubber bit in his mouth and synched it tightly.

The driver moved to the front of the vehicle and leaned back to admire the view. “So ladies, what is your destination?”

“Take us to that special secluded park you were suggesting,” Tilly instructed, “And let’s have some music back here.” They exchanged winks as the privacy glass rose and the music began thumping. The girls cut into a bottle of champagne and began dancing and drinking as Billy stared helplessly from the other side of the limo. He was taking up the whole seat but the girl’s didn’t mind sitting together. Not in the least. Tilly began kissing Kelly’s neck on one side while Stefanie took the opposite side. Their hands were all over Billy’s girlfriend, groping her breasts and ass and legs. The tight dresses were hiked up on all three girls as their lips met and legs rubbed against one another.

Stefanie pushed Kelly back and pulled her dress up to expose Kelly’s bare pussy. She had worn no panties at all! Billy squirmed against the cuffs, trying to break the chains that bound him uncomfortably. It was no use, though. Stefanie’s tongue was sliding playfully up his girlfriend’s pussy lips making her jump in delight. Tilly sat next to Billy’s face and slapped him gently on the cheek.

“Aww, my poor brother has a lesbian for a girlfriend,” she ridiculed him. “You poor thing, how terrible! And I heard your old girlfriend Maggie is going to the prom with that girl Cynthia that you dated your Freshman year. Yup, they canceled on their dates just today and are meeting each other there. That is sure to be quite the talk of the school.”

Billy screamed into the gag but couldn’t pronounce güvenilir casino a single word. The rubber was already chafing the sides of his mouth as he tried to head-butt his sister. The attempt was worthless, of course. She simply pushed down on his ear and shoved her brother’s head into the cushion.

“Don’t fucking try to hurt me, dear brother,” she shot daggers at him, “You are the reason all this is happening. You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you? You had to try and use this…” Tilly pulled the video recorder from her purse and wagged her finger back and forth.

“I kept up my side of the bargain and didn’t play with Kelly after that dinner night, but you had to try and spy on me. Had to try and ruin all my fun. Now you are going to pay, Billy. And pay big. Now watch as Kelly the heterosexual girlfriend becomes a pussy loving lesbian addict.”

His girlfriend’s pelvis was raised up high as Stefanie seemed to be latched onto her pussy, sucking the swollen clit into her mouth and rubbing her tongue across it. “Oh God! Oh God! FUCK! Cumming! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!”

Kelly’s second orgasm in her entire life came once again at the hands of another girl. She looked so damned sexy that even Billy’s cock was hard, despite the horrific predicament he was placed in. And once his girlfriend –could he even call her that anymore- noticed it, she pointed it out to his sister and Stef. “OMG! He has a hard-on!”

The three of them fought to get his pants and underwear down to reveal his stiff penis as Billy resisted as much as he could. The fabric in his rented tux ripped in the leg and the girls won again. Now he was humiliated even worse as his erection was exposed to three lesbians — one of which was his sister!

The limousine came to a stop but Billy couldn’t see where they were. The lights inside the cab made it impossible to see anything outside and –even if he could see- his angle from the seat would most likely only let him gaze at stars.

“So, Kelly,” Tilly began. “I was thinking, it isn’t fair for you to not get fucked on prom night, especially when you are looking so tasty.”

Kelly blushed, “Thank you!”

“So,” the mousy girl continued, “I have decided that you are going to fuck a dick in the limousine.”

Kelly made an exaggerated pout, “But what if I don’t want a dick anymore?” Kelly frowned as she looked at Billy’s softening penis.

“Sorry, girl, but you have to.”

Stefanie blurted out, “Do I have to take a dick too?”

“Yup, sorry about that. It’s a prom tradition. But before you two get all upset, I have a surprise for you.” Tilly pressed the intercom button and called for the driver. “Isabella, you can come back now.”

The door opened up and the limo driver climbed into the back wearing nothing but a black bra, a pair of boots, and a thick flesh colored strap-on. She had a tight body and it was clear she worked out. Her breasts were large, maybe fake, but it didn’t change the fact that she was incredibly hot. If it wasn’t for the fact his sister and his girlfriend were here, the situation might have been more fun for the young man.

“Mmmm,” Stefanie ogled the driver, “can we have her ‘dick’ instead?”

“Of course!” Tilly smacked her friend on the ass, “You didn’t think this pathetic thing was going in you, did you?” Tilly reached over and swatted her brother’s cock and he winced in both pain and humiliation.

Kelly held up the lubricant Billy purchased for their big night, “Oooh, let’s try this! It says ‘His and Hers’ but I think it can be ‘Hers and Hers’ tonight!” She gooed her fingers up and slid them deeply into Tilly’s channel while Isabella coated the gigantic strap-on with the ‘male’ gel.

The three prom girls lined up on their knees and swayed their asses back and forth, each begging for Isabella the driver to fuck her first. Tilly of course got her way, guiding the woman magically to pleasure her. Billy watched in amazement as his twin sister pumped backward expertly to meet the driver’s dildo packing pumps, her face wrought with excitement. Stefanie captured the whole moment on the camera before turning the lens to the boy’s crotch.

“Ewww! Look! Your brother got hard watching you fuck, Tilly!” Stefanie pointed to his dick which was undeniably stiff.

Tilly climbed back to the seat where her brother sat and took the camera, focusing it on his boy-parts. “Hahaha! Wow, and this is what you were going to use to satisfy Kelly? That is S-A-D.” Stef was next as she lay on her back and took Isabella’s pounding like a porn actress, her moves were smooth and all done for show. It was as if Stefanie’s only goal was to put on a display for Tilly — and perhaps it was. The entire time Kelly eyeballed her companions jealously, waiting for her turn to get the driver’s attention.

Stefanie and Tilly did their best to prop up Billy and give him a good view. Once her friends were satisfied, Kelly rubbed her clit slowly, waiting for the giant toy to penetrate her. Tilly made sure Isabella sat next to Billy and compared the strap-on to his still erect member.

“Look, Kelly. This is what you were going to have tonight. Look how teeny tiny it is compared to Isabella’s fat toy. What do you think? Which one do you want?”

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