Curious Clients 5: Ariel Abused

Angela White

Curious Clients 5: Ariel Abused
Ariel’s anal abuse was a wonderful warm sexy successful satisfaction. She still badly needs to pee. However, she finds herself back under the control of Professor Peter. Shyly, she remains silent and wonders which price she will have to pay to get his permission? … Or in her filthy fantasy, which price she secretly would want to pay so dearly?

Ariel is a sweet shy student with sexual obsessions, which is why she consults a friend found in the net, Professor Peter at his Experimental Erotics International Institute. Where she succesfully comes in several sexy situations, including finally first anal abuse. Unexpectedly even in the company of another client, virgin Vanessa from Florida. Sexually satisfied, she still is a bit uncomfortable with the tension in her belly growing, but she is not yet allowed to relieve herself. He even sticked up two matches inside her pee-hole to prevent her from taking her much wanted leak.

Awesome Ariel is amusing as interesting for Professor Peter, because of the cunning contrast between the erotic experience in real and the sexual fancies and fantasies of the shy canlı bahis yummy young woman with the looks of a tight teen. Peter got is a pretty good picture of her fascinations, just like those of virgin Vanessa, by checking the subjects of her favourite videos. In short: the visual material she prefers for getting off, on some filthy things shown in internet.

First point of interest is most innocent: great girls who look like her, slender, small, tiny tits, big bush. Second one: those teens being abused as cum dumps, and – number three – anally, or – number four – receiving pee. From his intimate interview with her, he knows that Ariel only once wetted her pants, on purpose, when she was at home alone.

Professor Peter proposes attractive Ariel a real role play to erotically earn his permission to pee

Professor Peter postpones any short retreat to his bathroom, as he proposes a toast to the arrival and assistance of virgin Vanessa, and foremost to Ariel’s awesome orgasm. He opens a big bottle of sparkling wine from his fridge. It tastes like champagne. He refills their three glasses after they drank their first ad bahis siteleri fundum. The tasty teenies a bit tipsy. He starts to tell them a true story from his past, how he seduces his favourite sister, who was a bit younger, to undress fully for him, to satisfy his curiousity. “She is very pretty, slender as you two, with tiny tits. Of course, she wants to see me nude as well and is fascinated by my enormous erection. She wants to hold it in her hand and is amazed when it suddenly shoots squirts of semen. In return, her secret wish is to watch me and hold it when I take a leak.”

The girls notice how his hot memory is a turn-on to the Professor. Ariel looks longing to that tasty big brown banana. As if he can read her mind, he proposes Ariel to play the role of sister and hold his manhood, so she can direct the stream of his golden shower to anywhere she would want to have it on her, while virgin Vanessa can do as she feels fit. Finally they three are together in his bathroom. He decides to test there Ariel even further, filling up her abdomen with lukewarm water from his shower into her arse, which he closes with the canlı bahis siteleri cork of the champagne. Belly tension to the maximum, she squats down and grabs his meat to slowly jack him off. Vanessa watches from close with her legs spread as she stands with her bush just above Ariel’s head.

Ariel directs his strong splashing stream at her tiny tits, where his warm water leaks down her sexily swollen belly. She feels how her hairs also get wet from some warm sexy shower. At his command, they start to play with their pussies. Their sexy smells start to mingle and fill that small room. Virgin Vanessa is the first to come from her first ever three-some in masturbation, while washing up in their common yellow shower. Professor Peter squirts his hot streams of semen everywhere in Ariel’s face, which sends in turn her over the hill. She shoots out those two matches from her tightest opening at the front and that cork buttplug from behind, in convulsions, which almost cause her to collaps.


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All rights at Prof. Poet Peter at the Experimental Erotics International Institute in Amsterdam, May 15th, 2019

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