Curiosity Ch. 03


Hey guys sorry this took so long I know a few of you have been waiting intently on this next part and I really appreciate all the feedback! I like when stories have a sort of history to them so that can really get into the characters better so that’s why not much has happened yet and there’s really not much in this one either, sorry, but the next one I promise there will be more. Writing this has been an emotional outlet for me so I had to get this all out before I could get to the good stuff. The next part should be done in a few days so look out for that and until then enjoy!

Oh and also if you haven’t yet I would recommend reading the first two parts before this one, it makes it better =)


Bethany awoke with a start.

In the years that had passed since Jamie transferred to another school, Bethany had come to understand two things about her life; one was that she was definitely a lesbian. The other was that the only girl she ever really loved was Jamie.

Sure she had been with other girls since then, even ones who were really REALLY good in bed, but the way she felt about them just never came close to how she had once felt about Jamie. There was not a single person she had met before or since her that seemed to be sexy no matter what she did. Whenever Bethany came back from class and saw her sitting on the couch or with her head buried in a book or sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking positions, she still would look like the most desirable object in the world. The way her eyes would brighten or darken depending on her mood never ceased to amaze her. The way she walked with her hips giving a cute little swing anytime she felt like she looked hot always made her knees weak. And the way she always smelled like a garden of citrus and spices seemed to linger even in her absence which eventually drove Bethany to have to scrub down her entire dorm room just to make living there bearable. Bethany flat out adored her. She would have done anything to be with her yet she had played a role in making sure that the one kiss they shared would be their only.

But here she was, 8 years later with more than just a confused teenager’s knowledge, still thinking about the one that started it all. She looked over at her current girlfriend sleeping peacefully, her long brown hair strewn all across her pillow and obscuring part of her pretty face.

She should be happy with Rachel; after all she actually loves her and likes to remind her of how much she wants her. In fact just last week Rachel had jumped Bethany during one of her frequent trips to the copy room at work and took her right there. Bethany had been worried about someone coming in on them but Rachel had brought her to orgasm so fast with her skilled tongue that afterwards she wondered if she had just imagined it. When she got home though and Rachel asked if she had spent the day “working hard or hardly working” with a wink she knew it was real.

So why couldn’t she get over Jamie? The one who had rejected her and was, as she last heard, still straight as a ruler? Why couldn’t she let her go and get on with her life loving someone who actually loved her back?

She carefully rolled out of bed and tiptoed across the floor, checking to make sure Rachel was still asleep before she snuck out of the room. She went down to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. Slowly sipping, she once again found herself at the point in her relationship with a woman where she compared all aspects of her to Jamie. Usually it happened earlier on, especially since they occasionally saw each other when they hung out with Emma or Adam. But with Rachel she had felt something there that wasn’t with the others. She felt like she could one day say “I love you” to her and not just be saying it to make her happy.

Bethany mumbled to herself about how frustrating the whole situation was as she downed the rest of her drink.

She got up to pour herself some more wine but jumped when she heard Rachel’s voice.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing,” she lied, “I’m just stressed about all that’s going on work with the new clients and all the paperwork it means I have to do.”

Rachel looked at her love’s face and studied it for a long while before declaring, “I’m not buying it.”

“What?” Bethany responded, slightly confused but also relieved that her girlfriend could tell something was actually wrong here.

“That’s not what’s bothering you. Well I mean it might be part of it but you’ve had harder clients than this and you almost never drink, especially not at 2am. So I’ll ask again. Hey baby, what’s wrong?”

In that moment Bethany decided she had to get over Jamie. She had promised herself many times before that she would, but this time she had so much to lose. Rachel was perfect and she deserved all of Bethany’s heart not just part of it. It took a moment for her to respond to her lover’s question but when she did told her everything.

She explained how she fell in love with Jamie and how it had all ended and how she had never been able to love another because of this. bursa eve gelen escort She also went on to say that she didn’t feel like it was fair to Rachel that she couldn’t give her everything she deserved. The entire time she told her story she looked down into her wine glass, never once looking up until she was finished.

When she did she wasn’t sure the reaction she was expecting but it wasn’t the one that she got. Rachel wasn’t looking at her with anger or hurt or even sadness in her eyes. She was looking at her with understanding and acceptance.

“I know how you feel.” She told her lover, “I’ve been there; it’s not easy to get over a first love, especially if you never really get closure. Mine was Stephanie. We had so much fun together, we were perfect for each other, but I wasn’t out yet. I wasn’t sure I could handle the lifestyle change it required to be with her. After a few months she…she left me for another girl. I was a wreck. It was then that I realized I couldn’t go through that again, if I loved someone I would hold onto them no matter what it takes. And that’s how I feel about you. So do you wanna know what I think?”


“I think you should get your closure. Find her, ask what you need to, and once you have that then come back to me.”

“Wait are you saying we should — ” she cut Bethany off with a “yes”.

“I think that it would be best for us to spend a little time apart.” She paused for a second but quickly continued as Bethany started to reject the idea. “I’m not saying we’re taking a break. I would never want that. But I am saying that I love you. I want you to be happy, and right now…drinking wine so late at night…I know you aren’t. I want you to fix that because I’m never truly happy unless you are. So for my own selfish reasons, we are not going to sleep together, or talk, until you have what you need.” She added with a slightly sad smile.

“No, I’ll figure this out but we don’t have to be apart while I do.” She protested.

“Baby there’s nothing you can do about it, it takes two to tango and I’m sitting this dance out.” She stuck her tongue out at her, clearly trying to lighten the mood but she could tell by the look on her girlfriend’s face it wasn’t working.

She grabbed Bethany’s hand and looked her in the eyes, “Look, I still love you, more than ever now actually if you’ll believe it…but you have to do this on your own. I’ll still be here for you when you get back okay?” she squeezed her grip and Bethany returned it before leaning over and kissing her softly before pulling away and agreeing that tomorrow she would start looking for answers.

Rachel started back upstairs but Bethany said she would be up in a minute since she wanted to finish her drink. Rachel just stated back at her that “no sleeping together didn’t just mean ‘no sex’ it also literally meant ‘no sleeping together'” so she would have to make do with the couch for the night.

Bethany sighed at that and suddenly felt like she didn’t really want to be up much longer. She dumped the remaining wine down the sink and then took her spot on the couch. Noticing how much lonelier it seemed without Rachel by her side. She fell asleep thinking about when Emma had said Jamie would be back from her honeymoon so she could get her closure.


That same night, Jamie found herself up and wandering around her apartment looking for something to do. Ty was sleeping in their bed after having been worn out by the flight home but she couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t unusual for her to be up so late, it was almost a nightly occurrence and Ty had learned to not really worry about it a long time ago. Usually she was up thinking about Bethany and reprimanding herself for continuing her immoral fantasies, but tonight she was mostly sad her honeymoon was over. Who wouldn’t be? She wished she could go back to Bermuda and live there forever and never have to worry about seeing Bethany again.

She took out a bag of chips and started munching on them as she flipped through the pictures they had taken last week. After about 100 of them she figured she should stop since it was really only making her more upset. She ex-ed out of the album and started to check the news on her laptop. She didn’t actually care about the celebrity drama or the stock market but every once and a while a story would catch her eye. Tonight though nothing was really catching her eye so she decided to call Emma.

The phone rang for a minute before rolling over to her answering machine. She didn’t bother to leave a message, Emma would know she just couldn’t sleep and it wasn’t anything important but she’d probably call back tomorrow. She called Adam with the same result. Now even more bored than before, she flipped through all 351 channels on her TV and went through her movie collection but found nothing she wanted to watch. She looked through cupboards for anything she could bake but they had no brownie or cake mix. Sighing she looked over at the clock again.

“Ugh it’s almost threeeee…” she complained loudly to herself as bursa escort she flopped down on the couch. To her surprise Ty came downstairs.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be loud.” She apologized to him as she walked over to hug him and bury her face in his chest.

“No, it’s ok, I was already up to go to the bathroom when I heard you. I figured maybe I could help you find something to do?”

“Like what?” she questioned and looked up at him.

“How bout a movie?”

“No, I couldn’t find anything good.”

“Have you tried calling Emma?”

“Yeah and Adam but they didn’t pick up.”

“Did you try Bethany?”

Jamie froze. She didn’t want to talk to her but she could see why Ty would ask. To everyone else it seemed like they were still friends who just had a gap of time where they didn’t talk while Jamie was out of state. Nobody knew what really happened.

Quickly she made up an excuse to not call her ‘friend’.

“She’s never up this late and if you wake her up she’s super cranky.”

“Oh,” Ty responded, “did you wanna bake anything?”

“We’re out of mixes…and eggs… and oil…”

“Oh, want me to go get you stuff?” he yawned.

“No babe I don’t want you driving this late, especially since you’re tired,” she thought for a second before starting to go towards the stairs, pulling him by the hand. “I guess I’ll just come to bed with you and try to sleep.”

“If that’s what you want to do then that’s fine by me. Besides that means I get to cuddle with my hot wife then.” He joked before turning her around and kissing her deeply. The kiss quickly escalated and Ty carried her up the stairs. They made love twice before Ty fell back asleep, now exhausted, and Jamie eventually found her way to dreamland too.


The next day Jamie was sitting at her table eating breakfast when Emma called her.

“Hey girl! Sorry I wasn’t up, I had a long day yesterday I had 3 meetings and my boss was riding me all day about some stupid column I forgot to write or whatever and oh my god! Why am I bitching about my job when my bestie just got back from her honeymoon! You need to tell me all about it!”

“Good morning to you too,” Jamie replied with a smile, “and of course I’ll tell you every little detail! But I haven’t seen you in like forever so we should get lunch and we can talk.”

“That sounds great! Wanna go to Frank’s?”

Jamie was just about to agree when Emma interrupted saying she had a call on the other line so hold on.

“Hello?” Emma asked since her caller id never worked if she was already on the phone.

“Hi Emma, it’s Bethany.”

“Oh hey girl! What’s up?” she sounded much more enthusiastic now that she knew it was her other friend on the line.

“Nothing really but hey I was just wondering if you knew when Jamie got back from her honeymoon?” Bethany questioned trying to sound nonchalant. She had to quickly pull the phone away from her ear as Emma started squealing excitedly into the phone. “Whoa hun, slow down I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

“Sorry,” she apologized, “it’s just that I’m on the other line with Emma right now! She got back last night and I wanted to hear about her trip and she invited me to lunch and it popped into my head that you could come to lunch too and it would be just like old times again it would be so much fun!” she started talking faster and faster as she got to that last part.

“Oh um I don’t know, I’m kind of busy today…” Bethany lied.

“Bullshit you are! You’re a terrible liar. Meet us at Frank’s at 2:30 and we’ll get to hear all the juicy details!”

“But-” Bethany started but Emma was already gone, the girl just didn’t know how to take no for an answer. She groaned as she thought about what she was going to have to go through today.

Jamie too had to pull the phone away from her ear when Emma got back to her. She really needs to work on her phone etiquette Jamie thought to herself as she picked out enough information to gather that they were meeting at Frank’s at 2:30. When she heard that Bethany was coming too she started to protest saying that maybe another time would be better.

Emma’s response was, “Oh shut up, today is perfect. And just because Bethany isn’t straight doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate hot sex stories even if they do involve cock.”

“Emma!” Jamie never ceased to be surprised at her friend’s bluntness.

“What? It’s true! So stop your whining. We haven’t hung out just the three of us in almost a year even though I keep trying so you guys owe it to me.”

“Ugh fine.” Jamie relented.

“Yay! So I’ll see you later! Love you boo!” Emma cheerily replied before hanging up.

“Yay.” Jamie sarcastically said to herself as she set her phone back down on the table and took another bite of her now soggy frosted flakes.


For the rest of the morning Bethany changed her mind back and forth between whether she would go or not.

She took a shower and started to shave her legs before she asked herself what’s the point? Rachel wouldn’t görükle escort be anywhere near her for at least a few days, the thought of which put her in an even worse mood. She shaved anyways out of spite. After her shower she didn’t bother to get dressed, it was only 11 and she didn’t have to leave until 2. Assuming she was going. Which she wasn’t.

She walked out to her bedroom and turned the TV on, scrolling through the channels she landed on some trash talk show she had never heard of before. After a few minutes though she was really into it and even shouting along with the audience when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking it might be Rachel coming back from her morning run she basically ran to the door.

She slowed before the door and took a deep breath before she opened the door and said “I knew you couldn’t stay away…” as sexily as she could before her words caught in her throat.

It wasn’t Rachel coming back from her run. It was a UPS guy and he was obviously trying not to stare at her naked body although it was quite obvious that his efforts were in vain. She felt embarrassed for a split second and considered finding something to throw on but then she thought What’s the point? He’s already seen it all. So she looked at him and casually asked him, “Yes?”

He cleared his throat and stammered out that he had a package for a Ms. Johnson.

“Oh, she moved out of this apartment a couple months ago.” She waited for a response but found that he was staring at her again. She waited a moment before continuing, “so…you should probably get going then?”

He snapped out of whatever fantasy he was in and said, “Right, sorry,” as his face turned even redder than before and he turned his head down.

She shut the door and then pressed her back to it, reprimanding herself for answering the door naked without checking who it was first. A minute passed and then she heard him ask through the door, “Do you happen to know where she moved to?”

“No.” she responded curtly, she didn’t really know why she was copping an attitude but it was probably to do with the fact that he wasn’t leaving and she knew in his mind he was fucking her in her couch or bed or wherever.

She waited at the door to listen for when he left. She heard footsteps and figured he had gone but she only got a few steps away when she heard another knock.

Now very pissed off she turned back, shut her eyes, and whipped the door back open.

“What?!” She practically yelled at the delivery guy but when she opened her eyes it wasn’t him, it was Jamie.

Immediately her face turned from one of anger to one of shock and then embarrassment as she slammed the door back shut. Her heart was racing.

Oh god that didn’t just happen, that didn’t just happen, that didn’t just happen. she repeated to herself in her head until she heard Jamie speak.


Jamie got no response.

“I’m sorry I should’ve told you I was coming over.”

It took a moment for Bethany to reply but eventually she got her brain to form a coherent sentence. “No it’s ok I…um, I thought you were someone else.”

Another moment passed.

“Do you want me to come back another time? I really didn’t mean to surprise you but I wanted to talk to you and if this is a bad time…”

“No, no, just let me…let me get dressed and then I’ll let you in and we can talk.” Bethany said, her heart still beating hard in her chest.

“Okay.” Came Jamie’s response. She wasn’t sure why her friend was naked or why she had been mad but she did know it didn’t help her situation. Of course, even if she hadn’t been naked she would still be thinking about Bethany in a way that she knew she shouldn’t be. She was married now after all. But it really didn’t help to have seen her naked.

Upstairs Bethany was throwing clothes on as fast as she could. She put on a matching pair of bright purple underwear and put a baggy sweatshirt over that before slipping on a pair of shorts. She knew she put on her cute bra and panties just in case anything happened, by now it was habit since Rachel liked to surprise her so often, but she also knew she couldn’t let anything happen. She was trying to get over Jamie, not into her pants.

When she opened the door to let her in she found Jamie in almost the exact same spot as she was when she first opened it. This time though she was greeted with an awkward smile instead of an open mouth and the blush that had been there before was gone. She did notice though that she could just make out her friend’s nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt and whatever bra she was wearing. It took a second to realize she was quite obviously checking Jamie out so she swallowed hard and shook her head slightly trying to kick start her mind again before stepping to the right to invite her in.

As she walked past, Bethany noticed her cute ass hadn’t changed a bit, it was still just as round and firm as the last time she saw her. In fact, everything was the same as it had been last year when they last spent time together. Her friend was still gorgeous and Bethany was pretty much the same too. The only difference now was she wasn’t single and Jamie wasn’t engaged, she was married. She thought about how painful it would have been for her if she had gone to the wedding last month, even with Rachel, and she didn’t notice she was staring off into space until Jamie coughed.

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