Cuckolded at Sarah’s Stud


Cuckolded at Sarah’s Stud”Hello. Sarah’s Stud service. Sarah speaking.” Sarah answered the phone in her usual brisk businesslike way. “Well madam, we offer a premium and a standard tariff.” she replied to the female caller.”You should make an appointment and then we can go through the options. There is no obligation until you decide to proceed. Is this afternoon at three good for you? Yes, well I’ll see you then Madam.”At three on the dot, a very elegant young woman arrived. She wore a perfectly tailored dark skirt suit with black heels which set off her short-crop dark hair perfectly. She would be a perfect 10, Sarah decided looking her over before her glance drifted to the slim almost insignificant male that accompanied her.”Hi, I’m Janie. This is my husband.”Janie waved at her husband in an offhand dismissive way. Sarah got the picture right away but waiting for Janie to open the interview. “I’m ready for my first baby.” Janie told Sarah, “and I want to choose a real stud to serve me. He’ll raise it as his own.””Well, I have a wide range of males at stud here. We can go through the portfolio together and if you see anything that interests you we can discuss your specific requirements. Our stud fees are standard, all my males are accredited for breeding and pregnancy is guaranteed from the stud of your choice. My standard aydın escort service will ensure your fertilisation, but my premium service allows more contact with the stud male if you understand me.””Perfectly,” Janie smiled, “it will be the premium service that we will require.”Sarah produced a large bound book with glossy photographs and lots of writing and she and Janie moved over to a nice comfortable sofa in her luxuriously appointed studio.”You see all the males have a code, and a first name. All of their details are listed of course and they are photographed from all angles and in close up where its important, and yes, as you can see in both flaccid states of the penis and in full erection.”Sarah watched Janie flick through the book. Janie quickly realised it was in racial sections and rapidly turned to the collection of afro-carribean males.”Look,” she showed her husband one of the first she came to, “look at him! Look how powerfully built he is compared to you.”Her husband looked, blushing with shame. He didn’t speak.”I want a black baby if I can, then everybody will know its not his, and he won’t be able to forget it either. Not that his pathetic dribble of watery semen could ever be able to sire anything.””Well, I have a good selection of powerfully built Afro-Carribean males,” Sarah smiled encouragingly, escort aydın “Ramon here is available right now, would you like to interview him?”Janie studied Ramon’s page again. He certainly filled the physical requirements, over six foot tall and built like an Ox, he would overwhelm Janie’s five foot one and intimidate her weedy little husband. His cock looked good too, the several pictures of it erect from all angles showed a thick powerful veined shaft and a large swollen head with a thickly cut meatus. Janie shivered with excitement.”Look Roger, that is a real man’s cock! “”Yes Janie, its fantastic. Just right for you dear.” Roger spoke unexpectedly.Janie saw that Ramon had sired about 20 offspring already, all healthy and intelligent and made up her mind. She told Sophie so and Sophie sent for Ramon while the two women discussed the contractual arrangements.”. . . as many inseminations as are needed.” Sophie was finishing as Ramon arrived.Janie caught her breath. Ramon was magnificent. Totally naked with an already stiffening penis he strode into the room. Roger fell into silence, mesmerised. Janie traced her finger down the line of the throbbing vein on Ramon’s shaft. His cock reared up attractively.”Look Roger, that is a real man’s cock!” Janie teased her cuckolded husband.”Ramon’s penis usually has that aydın escort bayan effect!” Sophie added, “he’s one of my prize studs. Why don’t you masturbate him and examine his semen?”Janie continued to tease Ramon’s frenum with the tip of her delicately manicured finger. Ramon’s shaft jerked alarmingly. Janie knew enough about firm cocks to know their state and soon she wrapped all five fingers around the thick meat in a good masturbating grip and wanked him firmly. She was not going to allow any refusal.”I’m going to make him come right now Roger. Hold out your hand under his glans.” Janie ordered her husband.Ramon grunted fiercly. His glans swelled to a glossy purple and his slit gaped. Suddenly with a powerful spurt, a great thick wad of white cream splatted into Roger’s palm. It was quickly followed by seven more flobs until Roger’s hand was cupping a massive load. There was no danger of it spilling as it was so thick and gelatinous it just sat there. Ramon recovered, panting with effort.”Now Roger, lick it up. All of it. That is the same sperm that will breed with me next week. You need to have tasted it.” Janie instructed.Roger’s tongue delicately dipped into the creamy mess. It clung and he had little choice but to eat the other man’s offering.”See Roger, its thicker and stickier than your watery offering.””If he eats it up, it will improve his performance,” Sophie commented, “anyway Janie, as we have covered all the formalities perhaps you’d like to come back next Monday and Ramon will serve you with a baby then. Roger can watch and assist.”

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