CUCKOLD MARRIAGE CONTRACT AGREEMENTThis contract forms a binding agreement between the the wife, the cuckold, & the black bull named below in respect to their CUCKOLD MARRIAGE: THE WIFE_____________________________ BLACK BULL_____________________________ CUCKOLD HUSBAND ______________________ Without abstention all parties have, by means of preparing the CUCKOLD MARRIAGE CONTRACT agree & solemnly swear to comply with the following set of agreements.SECTION 1RIGHTS OF THE WIFE(1.1) The wife will have the right to have sexual relations with any black man she may choose to do so with.(1.2) The number of black men she has sexual relations with is up to the discretion of the wife.(1.3) The wife has the right to choose which black men she will have sexual relations with.(1.4) The cuckold husband cannot back out of this agreement and change his mind about the wife having sexual relations with black men.(1.5) The period of the wife having sexual relations with black men is indefinite.(1.6) The wife may have sexual relation with black men as much as she may choose.(1.7) The wife may have sexual relations with black men where ever she may choose.(1.8) The wife has the right to have sexual relations with more than one black man at a time or multiple partners at a time.(1.9) The cuckold has the right to be told of any and all sexual relations with black menSECTION 2DUTIES OF THE CUCKOLD(2.1) The cuckold will prepare all items for the wife and her black bull before their meeting.(2.2) The cuckold will follow any and all instruction given by the wife and her black bull during their meeting.(2.3) The cuckold will help the wife‚ and black bull achieve erection (orally), if instructed to do so.(2.4) The cuckold will submit anally to the wife or her black bull, if instructed to do so.(2.5) The cuckold will orally clean the wife’s vagina after her black bull has finished ejaculating inside her vagina, if instructed to do so.(2.6) The cuckold will orally clean the black bull penis after the black bull has finished intercourse with the wife, if instructed to do so.(2.7) The cuckold will clean up after the wife and her black bull meeting.(2.8) In the event of interracial breeding the cuckold will be wholly responsible for c***d care and the rearing of the c***dren so the wife can maintain her active lifestyle.(2.9) Above all else black seed must never be wasted it must remain in the wife or be cleaned up orally & swallowed by the cuckold.SECTION 3RIGHTS OF THE BLACK BULL(3.1) The black bull has the right to refuse to wear a condom. The wife or cuckold cannot override this right. If STD’s are a concern a physician should be consulted instead of the use of a condom.(3.2) The black bull has the right to the wife’s vagina over the cuckold.(3.2) The black bull has the right to the wife’s anus over the cuckold.(3.4) The black bull has the right to the wife’s oral services over the cuckold.(3.5) The black bull has the right to deny the cuckold any intercourse with the wife.(3.6) The black bull has the right to hold the key to the cuckolds chastity device if he so wishes.(3.7) The black bull has the right to instruct the wife to suspend canlı kaçak iddaa all measures of birth control, The cuckold cannot override this right. The wife may but the black bull will then have to right to terminate the relationship at his discretion.(3.8) The black bull has the right to impregnate the wife if the wife allows it to happen.(3.9) The black bull has the right to humiliate the cuckold as he see fit.(3.10) The black bull has the right to give instruction to the cuckold that must be followed.(3.11) The black bull has the right to ejaculate inside the wife’s vagina or anywhere else he see fit.(3.12) The wife and cuckold release the black bull from any financial responsibility for any resulting pregnancies or c***dren that may result for this arrangement. For this release the black bull agrees to give-up any parental rights he may haveSECTION 4INTERCOURSE(4.1) The wife will decide if there is any sexual relations between her and the cuckold.(4.2) The cuckold must obey any sexual request made by the wife.(4.3) The cuckold is responsible for all cleaning of any and all sex toys.(4.4) The cuckold may not ask for sexual relations from the wife, the wife will determine when sexual relations will be given to the cuckold.(4.5) The wife will determine when the cuckold will be allowed to ejaculate.(4.6) The cuckold will not be allowed to have sexual intercourse more than twice a month with the wife (for the cuckold’s health reasons). Prostate milking for health concerns is an acceptable substitute to intercourse if the wife deems it necessary. (4.7) The cuckold must always wear a condom and never ejaculate inside the wife’s vagina whenever he does have intercourse with the wife.(4.8) The cuckold must dispose of at all times any of his ejaculate by flushing it down the toilet or wherever else the wife requests including eating his ejaculate.SECTION 5CHASTITY ENforceMENT(5.1) The cuckold must submit to a vasectomy by a physician of African American Descent to minimize the chances of unwanted pregnancy by the cuckold.(5.2) The cuckold must wear his chastity device at all times unless approved by the wife.(5.3) The wife will hold the key to the chastity device unless permission is given to the black bull by the wife to hold the key.(5.4) The emergency back up keys for the chastity device will be locked in a safe box and the wife will hold the key to the safe box also.(5.5) The wife will unlock the chastity device only when it is time for the two sexual intercourse times and or the other ejaculation times.(5.6) Punishment for not wearing the chastity device will be no sexual intercourse or any ejaculation for one month.(5.7) If demeaned necessary by the wife or black bull the cuckold will submit to monthly injections of Depo Provera to lower testosterone levels, decrease libido & prevent erections this would be considered a worst case scenario to enforce chastity.(5.7) The cuckold will submit to a prince albert piercing for the most secure chastity if it’s ever suspected the cuckold is escaping his chastity device, masturbating without permission or the wife suspects it may be required for properly tipobet control to be achieved.SECTION 6OWNERSHIP RIGHTS (6.1) The cuckold is property of the wife.(6.2) The cuckold will wear his slave bar coded tags at all times.(6.3) The cuckold will wear his cuckold T-shirt including in public whenever instructed to do so by the wife .(6.4) The cuckold will wear women’s panties at all times whenever he is not at work.(6.5) The cuckold will not argue with the wife(6.6) The cuckold will not raise his voice to the wife.(6.7) The cuckold will not criticize the wife.(6.8) The cuckold will not break any promise to the wife.(6.9) The cuckold must always submit to the wife.(6.9a) The cuckold will not hide anything from the wife.(6.9b) The cuckold will not tell any friend or family member of the wife and her sexual relations with black men.SECTION 7PUNISHMENTS(7.1) All punishments will be the right of the wife.(7.2) All punishments will be determined by the wife.(7.3) Punishments can be any or all of the following:(7.3A) Extra household duties.(7.3B) Longer times of wearing chastity device without sexual Intercourse or ejaculation.(7.3C) Not being told that wife is having sexual relations with BLACK Men (CHEATING ).(7.3D) Extreme punishments may included Tattoos of the term Cuckold or Slave above the Penis or Piercings of the penis, scrotum or nipples(7.4D) Wife showing pictures or telling cuckold’s friends or co-workers about his chastity device or about their cuckold marriage and wife’s sexual relations with black men.(7.5E) HumiliationSECTION 8HUMILIATION(8.1) Wife telling cuckold in front of black bull how small cuckold penis is.(8.2) Wife telling the cuckold what a lousy lover he is and how wonderful her black bull is.(8.3) The wife always comparing the superiority of black men to cuckold.(8.4) The wife laughing at the size of the cuckold’s penis.(8.5) The wife reminding the cuckold of how less of a man he is for having a small penis and not having enough seed to impregnate her.(8.6) The cuckold must accept all humiliation without getting angry or disappointed.(8.7) The cuckold will wear women’s panties whenever instructed to do so by the wife.SECTION 9NON-REVOCABLE RIGHTS EXPLICITLY GRANTED TO THE BLACK BULL BY THE WIFE.The wife uses this section to grant explicit non-revocable rights to the black bull. These are rights & descriptions of activities the wife fully understands and is agreeing to as a permanent part of her relationship with the black bull. Rights placed in this section are non-revocable and granted for the life of the agreement. Only the black bull has the option of not complying with the items listed.(9.1) The wife agrees to make every effort to make her mouth, anus & vagina available to the black bull upon his command regardless of where they are or what they are doing.(9.2) The wife grants the black bull the use of her vagina mouth & anus without the use of a condom.(9.2a) The wife agrees that while performing oral services on the black bull she required to deep throat regardless of the black bulls size. Every effort should be made to insure the wife can perform deep throating tipobet giriş to the satisfaction of the black bull. (9.3) The wife grants the black bull the ability to determine when any form of birth control is used & agrees to discontinue all forms of birth control upon request by the black bull. She further agrees at that time to hand over any remaining birth control pills or any other forms of contraception in her possession.(9.4) The wife grants the black bull the ability to determine how many interracial c***dren she carries to full term up to a limit of twelve(9.5) The wife also grants the black bull the right to determine the time between each re-impregnation(9.6) The wife agrees not to seek any financial support for any resulting c***dren nor will the black bulls name be listed on any birth certificates or legal paperwork regarding the resulting c***dren.(9.7) The wife grants the black bull the right to pick other healthy disease free black bulls to use her in the same manner the black bull does. Including the ability to impregnate her with an interracial c***d(9.8) The wife grants the black bull the right to set up and compel my participation in all black bull gang-bangs & breeding parties given all bulls are healthy & disease free(9.9) The wife grants the black bull the right to fist her vagina & anus to insure they are properly stretched to a size that any black man could easy fit into and enjoy.(9.10) The wife grants the black bull the right to use any sized dildo he see fit on her.(9.11) The wife grants the black bull the right to select my attire or style of dress to suit his desires this includes hair color, nail color, toenail color makeup style length of dresses, weather panties are worn.(9.12) The wife agrees to not wear any form of panties if requested but the black bull(9.13) The wife agrees to comply with any request to flash or expose herself to strangers while in public places(9.14) The wife agrees per the black bulls request to maintain 0 body hair below the neck through the use of a laser hair removal process with special attention paid to the vagina, legs & armpits(9.15) The wife agrees to submit to any tattoos or piercings the black bull requests as long as an average bikini can cover it up. Tops of feet & ankles are areas that can also be tattooed (9.16) The wife & cuckold agree that any new bull introduced into this relationship by the below signed original black bull will automatically be given the rights, privileges and protections as the original black bull that signed below.(9.17) The wife & cuckold agree there is no limit to the number of additional black bulls the original black bull may introduce into this relationship. As long as the meet the healthy & disease free requirementThe aforementioned agreements will take effect from the date of the CUCKOLD HUSBAND MARRIAGE CONTRACT signing. All agreements are to start on this day. This contract is legal furthermore the CUCKOLD HUSBAND cannot take any legal action in a court of law against THE WIFE for any of these agreements including having sexual relations outside of this marriage. Nor can the cuckold or wife seek any form or c***d support or financial support for any resulting c***dren. THE WIFE ___________________________DATE CUCKOLD HUSBAND_________________________DATE BLACK BULL __________________________________DATE WITNESS ________________________________DATE

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