Cuckold Club Pt2


Cuckold Club Pt2** I don’t claim authorship of this story. It was originally posted on Dark wanderer by Cuck Hubby. Thought it was good.Linda, meanwhile, was not thinking about her husband. At the moment she was standing in the center of the room while her soon-to-be lover, James, sat in an easy chair gazing at the sexy wife who was about to become his. His cock was uncomfortably hard and he couldn’t wait to free it. Or rather, for her to free it. He always enjoyed it when he was a white wife’s first black man. He wondered if she would freak out when she saw his huge manhood; would she be a screamer or a crier? Either way, he was certain, she would become a convert in the next thirty minutes. He could hardly wait.Linda, feeling somewhat light-headed from two glasses of champagne and more kissing in the privacy of the room was about to disrobe in front of this magnificent man. She reached behind herself and lowered the zipper of her dress. She wanted desperately to make an impression. She was so excited she could barely conceal it. With a shrug of her shoulders, the top of the dress dropped own to waist level, revealing the lavender bra that barely contained her breasts. That her nipples were erect with excitement was very obvious.“Oh, baby, you’re making me very happy,” said James. “I just know that you and I are going to get along just fine.”“Thanks. My husband helped me pick it out.”“Really,” laughed James. “I like that. He shows promise. Sounds like he really wants this for you.”“Well,” answered Linda, caressing her breasts with both hands, “I wouldn’t go that far. I think he might come around in time.”“I’m sure you can make that happen. Let’s see the rest of it!”“You’re so impatient, James. But I guess I am, too.”With that, she let her dress fall to her feet. She kicked it aside and stood there with her feet apart and hands on her hips. James took in the matching garter belt and small panties. His hand moved to his lap and he shamelessly massaged the straining cock underneath his pants. Linda blinked in amazement as she made out the outline of his manhood. She felt herself getting moist again.“Baby, that husband of yours has good taste. In women and in picking out just the right thing for you to wear for me. You tell him I said so, hear?”“Okay. It’ll probably embarrass him, but I’ll pass on your message. Meanwhile I have something else to offer you.”Again Linda reached behind herself, this time to unhook her bra. She let it drop to the floor and held her breasts in her hand as if offering them her man for approval. The nipples were completely erect.“Come on over here and give me a closer look.”Linda stepped over in front of James and stood between his outstretched legs. He leaned forward, put his hands on Linda’s hip, and took a nipple in his lips.“Ohmygod!” – she moaned. The sensation was almost more than she could bear. This was just the beginning. She put her hands on his head and pulled him closer. She was beginning to feel wobbly on her feet.“What about you?”- she asked hoarsely.“What about me?”“Don’t you have something for play-and-tell to show me?”“Oh, you know I do, baby. Especially the play part! Why don’t you get down on your knees so I can give you your present.”Linda didn’t have to be asked twice. She gladly lowered herself before him, her eyes glued to his crotch. She was no long able to even fake the casual attitude she had assumed earlier in the evening.“So tell me,” asked James, “how did it feel to put that collar on your hubby for the first time?”Even that stirred something deep inside her.“It was sort of hard at first,” she said. “I knew he was hoping that it wouldn’t happen at our first party. He hoped it was just to take a look around and talk about it later.”“No way that was going to happen,” interjected James.“I realized that as soon as we sat down together. But still, I wasn’t looking forward to doing that to him. I kind of felt sorry for him.”James smiled and lowered the zipper of his pants.“I think you’ll find it was worth it,” he said with a suggestive smile.Linda was getting tired of talking. She wanted – NEEDED – for this man to touch her, to take her, to make her his, to take her to a new level of pleasure.“But you know,” she said, “when I was locking it around his neck, it gave me a feeling of power that I really liked. We’ve never been into power games, but I really liked the control I had at that moment.”“That’s only the beginning, baby. After tonight, he will be very much under your spell. You will be on the inside, and he will be on the outside looking in. He will depend on you as his link to this special world you’re about to enter. This will be your power.”Linda was breathing deeply and almost licking her lips in anticipation. Would this guy never stop talking? Still, his words evoked images and situations that made her even hotter.“Take it out,” he said softly. “Take out my gift to you.”Linda reached slowing through the zipper opening. When her hand touched him, she let out a gasp.“Ohmygod,” she said. Knowing she would never get it out as hard and large as it was that way, Linda unhooked James’ belt and opened the top of his pants. She hurriedly pulled down the top of his boxers. Before her eyes popped up the largest and hardest black cock she could have ever imagined.Reverently she took him in both hands, neither of which could reach around his massive pole. The veins of his cock stood out in relief, signaling the degree of his arousal. She leaned closer and looked at the huge mushroom hear while stroking slowly. A drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip.“Go ahead, baby. Don’t make me wait!”This was all the encouragement she needed. She leaned forward, licked at the bulbous and almost scary head and, finally, opened her mouth wide to take him between her lips. The contact made his steel-sprung cock jump so powerfully that Linda gave a muffled yelp. She began to wonder if she would even be able to take him in her mouth. After bobbing up and down a few times she pressed downward and forced the large head of his weapon into her mouth. Her lips were stretched tightly and her jaws open to the limit. She caressed the head with her tongue and felt giddy from his power.“Lick it,” he said.Linda reluctantly removed her mouth from the black love muscle and lowered her head to its base. She nuzzled her nose briefly in his wiry pubic hair and inhaled his sexual aroma. Then, with the flat of her tongue, she licked the underside of his cock from bottom to top and down again. She repeated this several times until his cock was glistening from her saliva. She briefly paused to admire the object in her hands and to revel in its power. At that moment she realized her life would never be the same again. This was what she waited for all her life. She knew this with certainty. She tried briefly to imagine what this would mean for her and for her marriage, but the immediacy of the situation was too powerful for her to worry about those details.“Don’t stop now,” said James.She had no intention of stopping, but simply wanted to savor this life-changing moment, to draw it out as long as she could. With a sigh she moved her lips to the base of his cock and onward to his balls. She moaned as she licked each ball, giving herself totally over to the moment. There was no shyness, no embarrassment, no holding back. Taking one of James’ huge balls in her mouth, she lathered it lovingly with her tongue, thinking that the cum it contained would soon be deep inside her.Linda became almost frantic in her need to experience this man, to give herself to him, to please him. She took him in her mouth again, but this time she forced herself to take more of the rigid pole inside. Her tongue caressed the tip of his cock and she was literally intoxicated by the taste of his cum, now leaking generously and, she thought, addicting her.Briefly Linda contemplated how it was going to be when James began to enter her pussy, which had never experienced anything even close to what it would tonight. The knowledge that it would certainly hurt at first didn’t faze her. She found herself looking forward to the pain, because it would mean that she would become a complete woman and would have the ultimate experience for any woman. She pushed downward until the head of his cock pressed against her throat, causing her to gag. Even that she welcomed.James gently touched her head, signaling that the time for foreplay was over. She looked up at him and began to touch herself through her panties.“Please,” she said.James nodded. He was very familiar with the kind of need this attractive married woman was experiencing. He would savor her introduction to fucking by a real man for the first time in her life.The two stood up and removed the remainder of each other’s clothes. They kissed standing next the bed, Linda grasping James’ hardness with one hand and pulling him close by the buttock with the other. Her mouth opened wide to welcome his probing tongue, telling him in no uncertain terms that she was open to him in every way.They moved to the bed. James positioned himself between her legs and licked each nipple, which only drove Linda more crazy that she already was. He ran his tongue down over her belly and, after the slightest of pauses, lapped at Linda’s sopping slit. Her hands were on his head. When he took her engorged clit between his lips and flicked it with the tip of his tongue, it was more than she could stand.“Oh god! I’m cumming. I…don’t…believe it… Oh god!” She bucked up against his face uncontrollably as her first orgasm overtook her. When it subsided she was breathless.James moved up until the head of his cock was just touching Linda’s now very wet slit. He pushed forward gently. Linda moaned and opened her legs wider. Her arms encircled his waist and she pulled toward her. She needed him NOW! James pressed firmly against her. The swollen head of his cock began to penetrate.Linda was so overwhelmed by the new sensations assaulting her body that she was afraid she might pass out. He was stretching her so much and hadn’t even gotten started.“Please…do it….hurry! Just do it. Fuck me!” she cried.James was well past the point of no return. Together they had reached the combustion point. He took a nipple between his lips and licked it. While she was distracted by this, James pushed forcefully forward and in one movement buried the first four or five inches of his cock inside the whimpering Linda’s pussy.“Oh go! It’s so big!! I’m going to cum again…oh…oh…I’m cum-m-m-m-ing!” James remained still as Linda bucked and spasmed around his penetrating cock.“More…don’t stop, damn it! Fuck me!”Needing no further encouragement, James withdrew several inches and pounded the full length of his rigid shaft into the tightly stretched pussy of the pretty white married woman squirming beneath him.“So good…so good…more….harder” – she moaned, punctuating each word with an upward thrust of her hips. James obliged and began pumping his cock slowly and deeply inside the now delirious Linda. It didn’t take long before James knew he would have to get relief. He always loved the moment when he emptied his voluminous load of inside a new partner. Deeper than anyone or anything had ever been. This was virgin territory. This was James’ property.Linda was now completely taken over by her desire and the feelings she was experiencing for the first time in her life. Even under these circumstances she was aware that she briefly felt a moment of deep resentment against her husband for what she had missed out on for so many years. This made her pull James more firmly against her. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled against his buttocks as her orgasm approached.“Now…fuck me! Hard! Cum in me…please! Do it!!”James obliged. He penetrated Linda to the maximum depth and stopped moving just as his cock began to gushed inside her. Linda was overtaken with such a powerful orgasm that she briefly felt she lost consciousness. She continued to hold James in a vice-like grip with her arms and legs. Finally they both relaxed in each other’s arms. He remained inside her. Linda had found relief and pleasure and sensations that she had never dreamed of. And she owed it to this man, James, who had brought her into a new world – a world she knew she would never abandon.* * * * * *An hour later, when Linda and James came out of the bedroom, Linda noticed a man seated in a dimly lit niche. He looked familiar. As they walked by him Linda recognized him. It was Sarah’s wife, Bill. He didn’t look up, but kept his gaze downward, toward the floor.“Bill?” – said Linda, pausing.“Yes, ma’am,” he responded, not looking up. Linda couldn’t understand his strange behavior. Addressing her that way and not even looking up at her. It was like he was some docile servant rather than an old friend.“You okay?” – she asked.“You’re okay, aren’t you, Bill?” – interrupted James.“Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. I’m fine,” he responded.“Well, carry on,” said James, urging Linda toward the staircase.Once downstairs, Linda and James enjoyed a tall glass of mineral water together on the same sofa they had occupied earlier. They sat close, Linda’s hand resting on her lover’s leg and his are d****d possessively over her shoulder.“I really hate for this night to end,” she said.“Don’t worry. There’ll be many others, I promise.”“I can’t wait that long,” she laughed. “Can’t I manisa escort take you home with me?”“Maybe we’d better wait a bit for that, as much as I’d like to enjoy your body for a few more hours. Your hubby has been out there in the circle for two hours. I’m sure he’s going crazy.”Her husband! Linda had almost forgotten. How, she wondered, was he going to take all this. Not just tonight, but other nights like this in the future.“Yes, my hubby. Guess I’d better rescue him and take him home. I hope he’s cool about this.”“Oh, I think he will be. Eventually he will even be enthusiastic.”“You think so?”“I can almost guarantee it,” said James. “If there’s anything I understand, it’s the Black-cuckolded hubby.”“Wow. What an expression. Black-cuckolded hubby. It doesn’t sound like something he would be thrilled to hear.”“He will be very curious – and excited – to hear about tonight. You should tell him everything. It will be frustrating to him not to have been able to see it, but have to only hear about it.”“You think he will?”“Oh yeah. Tell him all about it, slowly. Tease him. I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t get turned on by it. His imagination will fill in the blanks. But don’t let him have sex with you. Not tonight, anyway.”“Don’t worry about that,” laughed Linda. “I think I’ll be too sore for a while. But it’s a wonderful soreness. I’ve never experienced it before. I’ve never had orgasms like that. I think I passed out once. And you know what?”“What?”“I found myself resenting Bruce for depriving me all these years. Even though I know it’s not really his fault. Now I’m spoiled. When’s the next party?”“Two weeks from now. You have that long to persuade Bruce to come back. I don’t think it will be a problem.”“I hope you’re right.”“I am. You know, there’s another side benefit for you from Black-cuckolding your hubby.”“What’s that?” – asked Linda.“The longer this goes on and the more he accepts it and his diminished role, the more, well, eager he will be to please you in other ways. The balance of power between you will shift in your favor.”“I kind of like the sound of that,” said Linda with a conspiratorial smile. “It would make things much easier.”“You’d be amazed. You’ll probably get an earful from Bruce about things he learned in the circle tonight. The hubbies out there gossip like you wouldn’t believe.”“Interesting.”“They address us as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ because they have to here at the club. But it doesn’t take long before it becomes natural to them and they mean it sincerely.”“This is incredible,” said Linda.“You’re already on the inside, and Bruce is on the outside looking in. He envies you. He will accept that he is no longer your match sexually. He will become very obliging in other ways. And you can take advantage of that to the degree you want to.”“Well,” responded Linda, “it will be interesting to see if what you say is true in Bruce’s case.”“You should talk to your friend Sarah. Her hubby Bill is already doing the dishes, laundry and housecleaning.”“You’re k**ding!”“Nope. I could tell you more, but you will find out for yourself what possibilities exist in your marriage when Bruce comes to terms with being Black-cuckolded.”“Darling, I’d better rescue my hubby – I’m getting to like that term. See you in two weeks?”“You can bet on it.”* * * * * * * *On the drive home, Bruce, as predicted, peppered Linda with questions. She begged off, saying she was exhausted and needed to sleep on the way and they could talk once they got home.Later, home and in their bedroom, Bruce lay in bed waiting for Linda to join him. His mind was in overdrive. What had happened at the party? How did Linda react? Was she okay? What would this mean for him? Was she upset? He even tried to imagine how she felt after supposedly being fucked by a super-hung Black stud. The image made him excited, and this he found annoying.Finally Linda came out of the bathroom and crawled into bed. The turned toward Bruce and lay an arm on his chest. She looked at him with a dreamy smile on her face.“You okay?” she asked.“Yeah, I’m fine. But tell me what happened while I was outside,” answered Bruce.“I don’t know where to start.”“Well, you went upstairs with that guy, didn’t you?”“Yes. And his name is James. Be polite.”“Sorry, sweetie. So tell me.”“Well, first of all, he really loved the undies you helped me pick out. They definitely had the desired effect.”Bruce felt himself getting hard at the image of his wife posing in the lavender garter belt, bra and panties she had bought for the occasion. He hadn’t even seen them on her himself, but was trying to imagine himself in James’ place.“Good. So did he…uh…undress you or…”“No. I did a little striptease for him.”“Really?” Bruce was getting excited.“Yeah. James had his shirt and shoes off and was sitting in an easy chair with his drink. We’d been doing a little hot foreplay – you know, kissing, getting close. His tongue was almost down my throat and we were both getting very hot.”Bruce was now fully erect. He was glad he was under the covers and could conceal it from Linda.“You sure you want to hear all this?” – she asked.“Sure. Go ahead,” he said, his voice cracking noticeably. Linda smiled and continued.“So anyway, I figured we better get down to business. I mean, I was curious about what the fuss was all about. The way Sarah talked about these guys, well, I wanted to experience it for myself so you and I could decide if we wanted to continue with this group.”“Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.”“So I pushed him into the chair and stood in the center of the room and unzipped my dress. I danced around a little just to tease him, you know. Finally I just let the dress fall to the floor, kicked it away, and stood there with my hands on my hips giving him a good look.”“Jeez, that must have been something for him.”“Oh, it was. And I told him you picked everything out yourself.”“Why’d you say that?” protested Bruce, feeling embarrassed.“Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Besides, he was very pleased, to say the least. I did a few turns and unhooked my bra, took it off and tossed it to him.”“Wow.”“Wow is right. I was sort of holding my breasts, teasing my nipples and showing him what he had in store.”Bruce began to squirm at this picture. He realized that he had never had an experience quite like that. He had done the wife-swapping thing with friends, of course, but James wasn’t swapping anything. He was just getting what he wanted for the taking.“While I was posing for him, I guess it got to be too much, because I could see that huge thing straining against his pants. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”“What do you mean. Was he really…big?” squeaked Bruce.“It was kind of dark, but I could tell he was huge. I was about to find out how huge. But first I wanted to drive him a little more crazy. I slowly took off my panties and tossed them to him. I stood there with my leg apart and covered my pussy with one hand while I held my breast with the other.”“Damn!”“Then I walked over to him, stood between his outstretched legs and lowered my tits to his face. I swear, when he started on my nipples with his lips and tongue, I almost had an orgasm!”Bruce was licking his lips as he listened, which didn’t go unnoticed by Linda.“I knew the ‘big moment’ was about to happen. I was way past the point of no return. I pulled away from him and lowered myself on my knees in front of him. Finally I reached in an pulled out his incredible cock and held it up close, right in front of my face. I took it in one hand. It was almost scary.”“What do you mean?” croaked Bruce, now almost in pain from his erection.“I mean, it was so big and so hard and hot. Like a baseball bat. I couldn’t get my hand around it! I used both hands and stroked it up and down. I began to worry about whether I could take it inside me.”“Jeez!’“Are you sure you don’t mind hearing all this. Maybe I should stop.”“No! Go ahead. Please.”“Well, you can guess what was next. I had to have it in my mouth. But first I just licked it. First the big head, all shiny and swollen. Then up and down the monster until it was shiny and moist. James was loving it, I can tell you. He pushed my head down so I figured he wanted me to lick his balls, which I did. I could barely get one in my mouth, but I did. I was very big.”Bruce desperately wanted to touch himself, but didn’t dare. He was embarrassed to be so turned on by his wife’s description of her experience with her first Black lover.“God, just talking about it has me all wet again,” she said. Then, with no warning, she moved her hand to Bruce’s crotch and found his cock, rigid and straining against his pajamas.“Oh my,” she laughed, “it looks like I’m not the only one turned on by this story!”Bruce felt himself blushing, caught as he was in full sexual arousal from Linda’s story.“I almost wish you could have seen me,” she added. “Anyway, I had to taste that cock that was going to be in me as soon as I could make it happen. So I took him in my mouth. Bruce, you wouldn’t believe it. I could hardly get the head of it in my mouth. My lips were stretched to the breaking point. I was running my tongue around that thing while I fingered myself.”“Man…”“Man is right! I pushed down to get more of it, but it was pushing against my throat. It hurt a little, but I didn’t care. It’s weird. I almost wanted it to hurt some, so I pushed harder until I gagged. Then I did it again. Both of us were ready, I can tell you!”“I’ll bet,” said Bruce.I finally just stood up, got on the bed, opened my legs and asked him to PLEASE fuck me.”“You actually said ‘please’?”“I know it’s hard to believe. I was beyond caring. I’d never been so hot in my life. I knew it would hurt, but I wanted him so bad I could cry.”“So…”“So James got rid of the rest of his clothes and crawled up on the bed between my legs. I felt him probing my pussy. We definitely didn’t need any more foreplay. I just needed him in me and he needed to be inside of me at that moment.“It was harder than I thought. Even though I was really moist, it took a while before the head of his cock finally penetrated me. And as soon as it did, I had an orgasm. I mean mind-blowing. He just stayed still while I exploded, impaled by the head of his cock.”“It was pretty big, huh? That must have been uncomfortable for you.”“Very. At first. But believe me, I didn’t care. The pleasure was much more than the pain. And he hadn’t even started fucking me for real. But he did. Slowly at first. It took a while, but after a while he had the whole thing inside me. I felt like I was about to split in half! I’ve never felt so full. Or fulfilled. And I loved it. We were both just enjoying the feeling of him inside me. I came again. Then he started fucking me for real. And I mean FUCKING me.”Bruce began slowly moving his hand toward his cock under the covers. Linda noticed and smiled to herself, but said nothing.“Anyway, it’s probably good that we were alone. I don’t know how I would have felt if you had been watching all this. I mean, I was really out of control! I was crying and begging him to fuck me harder. I mean I was begging for it.“In the end, we came together. He was all the way inside me and stopped moving. I started spasming all over. It was like nothing I’d ever felt. I think I was crying. My arms and legs were wrapped around him and holding on for dear life when he finally let go himself. It was like a damn burst. He started spurting deep in my pussy and kept going until I couldn’t believe there was anything left. I could feel myself being flooded. I came again. I think I even told him I loved him, but I’m not sure. It’s kind of a blur.”“Damn!”“Oh, sweetie. Did I get you all hot?”“You bet you did. How about we …” began Bruce, putting an arm around Linda and pulling her close.“Oh, sweetheart, I’m sorry I couldn’t. I’m really exhausted, not to mention very sore there. I don’t think my pussy could take it. However…”“Yes?” asked Bruce hopefully.“I’m also kind of hot from remembering this experience. I could really use some tender attention from your tongue. Do you mind?”“Well…uh…”“Come on, honey. James was happy to please me. You’re my husband. Do your duty! Maybe I’ll even tell you some more while you’re at it?”That was all the encouragement Bruce needed. He crawled under the sheet and made his way between his wife’s legs. Her aroma was potent, which only increased his desire. It was almost as if he was now being included, in a limited way, in the evening’s fun. He began lapping her moist pussy with the flat of his tongue.For her part, Linda was amazed that he had acquiesced so readily. Still, the idea of her husband servicing her orally after a night of fucking with her Black lover was a definite turn-on. She almost regretted having cleaned herself so thoroughly before getting dressed at the party. Maybe, she thought, James was right after all about cuckolded hubbies being more docile.“After we rested a while,” she said, “I really wanted more, which was hard to believe since I had already cum half a dozen times. And I mean mind-shattering climaxes like I’ve never felt before.”Bruce moaned softly, since he couldn’t really participate in the conversation with his tongue busy lapping Linda’s now wet pussy.“I sort of hinted that I wanted him to take me again,” she continued. “He said I was like a bitch in heat.” Linda laughed at the memory. “You know what he said?”“Mnnnff,” responded Bruce, escort manisa now more excited than ever despite himself.“He told me if I was a bitch in heat, I should get on all fours and he would fuck me like one. I didn’t even care. I just wanted it. Wanted him.“So I got on my hands and knees with my back to him, spread my knees wide and offered myself to him.”Bruce couldn’t believe his ears. He tried to imagine his wife in that position in front of an almost total stranger. He increased him licking as Linda began to undulate beneath his mouth.“He teased me for a while and then finally penetrated me in one powerful stroke. Just like that and he was all the way in me. I had another orgasm before he even started fucking me. It felt so-o-o-o good! I was in heaven. Then he made me beg for more, and you should have heard me. Thank goodness you weren’t there. Shall I go on?”“Mmmnggff.”“You know, sweetie, you’re a very good pussy-lapper. Just what I need to send me off to dreamland tonight. Anyway, he was playing with my nipples and fucking me deep and hard. Right where your tongue is now. Come on, fuck me with your tongue!”Bruce moaned and pushed his tongue deep into his wife’s pussy, fully aware that James’ huge cock had been there less than an hour earlier. It made him feel somehow insignificant in the scheme of things, but he was determined to do some pleasing himself tonight.“That’s a good boy! Not quite like the real thing, but good enough for now. Come on, fuck me with that tongue. Deeper, damn it!”Now she was bucking fiercely against Bruce’s face so that it was difficult for him to maintain penetration with his tongue. His jaw was getting tired and his face was taking a pounding. He was now almost afraid of his own wife’s pussy, almost dominated by it. For the first time in his married life, he felt her power and it scared him.“Don’t stop! I’m cumming! Ahhhh!”Bruce felt her hands grabbing him by the hair and pulling his tender and sopping face against her. He felt almost like she was just using his face to masturbate with. It was all about her pleasure.Finally she relaxed and released him.“You can come out from under there now,” she said.Bruce crawled out from between the sheets and was able to breath freely again. The cool air was refreshing on his wet and punished face.“Thanks for that,” said Linda.Bruce started to wipe his face with the sheet, but she stopped him.“Don’t you dare! Leave it.”“What about me?”“I’m sorry, honey. I’m exhausted. But you know what I’d like more than anything?”“What?” – asked Bruce>“I want to see you jerk off!”“Here?” – he asked, flabbergasted.“Where else? Come on. I know you’re hot. Don’t you want to cum?”“Well, I thought maybe you—““Uh-uh. I want to lie here and watch you make yourself cum. I’ll even tell you what to think about while you’re doing it.”“Okay, you win,” said Bruce, sitting up on his haunches on the bed. He took his painfully hard but modestly sized cock between his thumb and two fingers and began stroking it.“Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself upstairs in that bedroom watching me with my first Black lover, James. Can you see it?”“Yeah. I see it,” said Bruce, eyes shut as he pulled on his love stick.“Your sitting there watching me stretch my lips around the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. You can here me slurping over it, licking and sucking. My head is bobbing up and down.”“Oh shit!” said Bruce.“You’re about to see yourself cuckolded. Can you see it? Isn’t exciting?”“Mmmmm,” moaned Bruce.“You’ve got my panties in your hand. You’re holding them close to your face, inhaling the aroma of your wife. It’s intoxicating!”“Oh yeah,” said Bruce, getting close.“Here they are, Bruce. Open your eyes, but don’t stop.”Bruce opened his eyes and saw Linda holding her panties in her hand out to him. He took them with his free hand. They were wet.“Come on, Bruce. Close your eyes and hold my panties against your face. It will make it more real.”Bruce did as he was told. He pressed the wet material against his face and inhaled.Linda was now even more amazed that she could talk her husband into performing this way. Never in her wildest imagination could she have believed that he could be talked into jerking off in front of her to images of her lover in his mind and pussy-soaked panties against his face.“I’m going to cum!”“Do it into my panties, darling. Cum in my panties. Now!”Just in time he wrapped his cock in the panties and shot his load into the silky wet material. When he finally caught his breath and recovered, he looked up to see Linda smiling at him.“Quite a show, lover!”To say that Bruce was embarrassed and humiliated at this moment would have been an understatement. How had he been reduced to this? – he asked himself, looking down to avoid his wife’s amused gaze.“Honey,” she said. “Do me a favor. Go wash them out in the sink, will you?”“Okay,” responded Bruce, happy to have an excuse to disappear. He walked slowly to the bathroom and turned the water in the sink.”“Oh, and honey?” – he heard her say to him from the bedroom.“Yes?”“Also wash out my new stockings while you’re at it. They’re hanging on the shower door. Thanks. Good night.”Bruce took the delicate nylons from the door and added them to the sink. As he washed them he realized that he had never seen her wearing her new outfit. Only James had. He looked up at himself in the mirror. His face was still wet and his hair matted down from his exertions. He thought of James. And Linda.Several days later Linda and Sarah were having drinks after work in a cocktail lounge. After rebuffing the advances of several young men, the two women were finally being left alone.“Linda,” said Sarah, “I’m so glad you came to the party last week. I take it you had a good time?”“A good time? Only the best night of my life. At least of my married life, if you know what I mean. I can’t thank you enough.”“And how is Bruce doing?”“Well, he’s sulking a little, so I’m paying some attention to him.”“Don’t worry. He’ll get over it.”“I think you’re right. God, I wish I were seeing James tonight. I think I’m hooked!”“You and me both,” laughed Sarah. “Once you’re officially a member, you won’t have to wait so long to get laid. Leroy is coming over to my house tonight. Bill is cooking dinner for us.”“You’re k**ding!”“Nope. That’s why I’m here. Hubby is doing all the work.”“Is it true what James told me – that Bill is doing all the housework for you?”“You bet. I added laundry to his list last week. Now he’s cooking one dinner a week.”“Wow. I guess James was right about us getting more power over our husbands…uh…hubbies…once we have Black lovers.”“Oh, you don’t know the half of it. Just wait. Brucie hasn’t even seen you with one of the men yet. That’s when you really get the upper hand.”“You know, it’s weird, but it’s kind of a turn-on for me to have Bruce in this position. After the party when we got home I made him jerk off after he went down on me. He was like putty in my hands.”“I love it!” – laughed Sarah.“You should have seen him. I had him holding my panties to his face while he was doing it. It was quite a sight. But the big thing was when I asked him to hand-wash my panties and stockings before he went to sleep.”Both women shared a good laugh at this image.“I recognize the pattern. It’s the early signs of Black-cuckold-itis! The first big test will be when he has to personally ask James or one of the other men to sponsor you guys for membership.”“He has to do that?” asked Linda incredulously.“Uh-huh. And he has to be sincere and convincing. I had Bill practice his little speech in front of me. I could hardly keep a straight face he was so serious!”“That will be something, I have to admit.”“It’s an important ritual they all have to go through. You can attend three parties without being a member. After that, if you want to continue having that delicious black cock in that hungry pussy of yours, hubby will have to testify and commit.”“Wow. That I’d like to see.”“This is a major turning point. It’s where Bruce has to look James or whoever in the eye and say that his wife needs the men of the club because they can give her what he can’t and would they please consider the two of you for membership. The men don’t make it all that easy on the hubbies. They like to make them squirm and sweat a little. By that point Bruce will be so worried that he might fail you that he will do and say anything to win their approval. It’s an amazing thing to behold.”“God I’m getting wet just thinking about it! By the way, I saw your hubby when James and I came out of the bedroom at the party. He didn’t even look up at me. Just kept his eyes down.”“Of course, silly. It’s a question of ‘cuckold courtesy.’ You were with James. He knew he didn’t dare act familiar with you.”“He even called me ‘ma’am’!”“Honey, he calls ME ma’am at that house. And I love it! He so much wants to please and is so desperate for my approval now that he’s yielded the pleasure of fucking me to Black men. So he tries in other ways to feel needed.”“Well, we’ll see. Listen, I have to go. You have fun with your Leroy tonight. I’m so jealous!”“Hey, you too can have home delivery. Just get hubby in gear. Later…”Two weekends later Bruce and Linda found themselves driving, once again, to the Saturday night party of The Circle group. Bruce glanced furtively over at Linda’s crossed legs. There was a lot to see since her dress was of the short variety – all the better to show off her perfect legs. This time she was wearing black stockings and her most outrageous black fuck-me stiletto heels. He would have given anything to be the one who was going to enjoy the pleasures of his wife’s body tonight. She had him totally aroused.This time, however, he didn’t know what she was wearing under that dress. Linda had gone out shopping that afternoon and come back with a filled Victoria’s Secret shopping bag which she refused to let him peek at. The mystery and her teasing only made her more desirable. Sometime that evening, he knew, that dress would slip to the floor and someone else would see his wife’s body revealed in the most inviting way possible.“Are you staring at my legs?” – she asked him, intruding on his erotic thoughts.“Huh? Oh…well…you look so beautiful tonight, darling,” he responded.“Thank you, dear, but I wish you would keep your eyes on the road. Will you do that for me?”“Of course. Sorry. I just—““Besides, as you well know, these legs and everything that goes with them are not for you tonight. You understand, right?”“Of course. I…”“So why frustrate yourself that way. If you behave yourself this evening, I think I can promise you’ll see the whole package up close and personal, if you get my drift.”That hint of promised pleasure made Bruce’s cock get even harder. He shifted in his seat, but took care not to stare at Linda, as hard as that was.“Are you as excited as I am tonight?” – she asked.“Well, probably not, and for good reason. Maybe you could not put the collar on me so quickly this evening so I could socialize a little.”“No promises,” said Linda. “It depends on how things go. Who knows what will happen. Maybe no one will want to spend any time with me.”“Ha! Like that’s gonna happen.”“Anyway, you get to hang out with the other hubbies on the patio. That must be interesting.”“I guess. They’re all so enthusiastic about the club. You’d think they were the one’s getting laid instead of their wives.”“You might take a lesson from them. Don’t you think it’s admirable for a hubby to be so concerned about his wife’s happiness and pleasure?”“Of course I do. You know that.”“Then act like it. Don’t embarrass me.”“I won’t,” said Bruce, properly chastised.”“We’re not members yet, so be on your good behavior. One more party and we’re out unless someone wants to sponsor us.”“I promise,” said Bruce. “Do you think we’ll get back to having some of the old parties with Sarah, Bill and the others?”“Honey, they’ve gone Black! Don’t you understand? Why would Sarah trade that for…well, you know.”Before Bruce could respond they were pulling into a parking place in front of the house. He hopped out of the car and opened the door for Linda. He couldn’t resist catching a glimpse of exposed thigh as she got out of the car.“Bruce, what did I tell you?!”“I’m sorry, honey.”Linda didn’t respond but strode briskly toward the porch with Bruce following behind.Inside the gathering was larger than before, the hub-bub of conversation and clinking glasses much more lively. Glancing out the patio door he observed that so far there was no one sitting in the circle. Before he could catch up to Linda he was grabbed by their host and told that he had bartender duty. Within a minute he was mixing and serving drinks to a never-ending line of couples and men. As it was just the beginning of the evening, the line was non-stop.Then he saw Linda in line with a Black man he hadn’t seen at the previous party – tall, mid-30s, attractive and athletic looking. He had his arm around Linda’s waist at they waited their turn. In a few moments that were standing in front of him.“What may I serve you,” he asked, looking at the man.“I think I’ll have a glass of champagne,” said Linda.“Yes, ma’am,” he said with difficulty and without looking her in the face. He imagined that she was smiling at his words but didn’t want to find out.“I’ll take a scotch on the rocks,” said Linda’s companion.“Yes, sir, manisa escort bayan coming right up.”An hour later Bruce was relieved by his friend Bill and allowed, finally, to wander into the main room and have a drink. Standing in a corner he surveyed the gathering and recognized some of his friends from the old swinging group. Linda was in conversation with her new friend. Sarah was talking with a couple of the other wives. She looked drop-dead sexy, as usual, thought Bruce. It was almost painful to realize that he used to fuck her on a regular basis. And now he was almost afraid to talk to her. He was an outsider.Before long he saw Linda approaching him. He stood up and forced a smile on his face even though he suspected the reason she was coming up.“He, sweetie,” he said. “Having fun?”“I’m about to,” she said teasingly. “I guess you know why I’m here.”“The collar?” – he guessed with resignation.“Don’t look so sad. The collar on you means I’m having a good time. Don’t you want that?”“Of course I do.”“Then turn around,” she said. Bruce did so and felt the collar being placed around his neck. The touch of her hands was very warm. He realized that she had become, for him, like some unattainable sex goddess.“Let’s see,” she said once the collar was in place.Bruce turned around. He looked at her somewhat sheepishly as he turned the “BC” medallion facing outward.“What does BC stand for,” she asked.“Well, there are several versions.”“Just tell me what it means.”“It means ‘Black-Cuckolded,’” he responded.“Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it?”“I guess.”“All right, you’d better get outside. Behave!”“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “I mean—““No, that’s fine. It shows me you’re getting in the spirit of the Club. Now go!”“Yes, ma’am.”Linda watched her husband walk slowly toward the exit to the patio, where there were already two other men sitting in the circle. Things had changed so dramatically in a single week, she thought as she pondered how she could test Bruce’s commitment in the coming days.On the patio Bruce took his place in the circle facing two men he hadn’t met. One was 50-ish and very overweight. The second was a bookish looking guy in his 30s. The three cuckolds introduced themselves to each other. It was going to be a long evening, but Bruce decided he would at least learn as much as he could about the club from the other hubbies….how he had come to hate that word! He hated it because it was exactly what he felt like these days – not a husband, not a man. Just a hubby.The older of the two men was an outgoing type and immediately engages Bruce in conversation.“So who’s doing your wife tonight?” – he asked cheerfully.“I don’t know his name,” responded Bruce. “Thirties, tall, tan jacket, navy blue slacks. Wandering hands.”“Ha! Sounds like half the men here. But in this case you’re talking about Mike. He isn’t as sociable as the others. Doesn’t care to meet the hubby. He’s good. Very, very good. Your wife will definitely not be disappointed. He’s practically a one-man recruiter for the Circle.”“Has your wife been with him?” – Bruce asked.“Oh yeah. She loves him! He’s charming with the ladies, that’s for sure. And of course he can deliver, if you know what I mean. He just doesn’t care about hubby’s feelings. Why should he, after all? The girls want what he’s got and he’s happy to give it to them. He’s very much in demand. I’ve been trying to get him to come to the house, but he’s hard to get over. I’ve sent him gift, letters, promised him the moon. The wife is on my case about this. She wants an overnight with him.”“Wow. You’ve offered him gifts?”“Sure. And I’m not the only one. Mainly because she wants him. And when she doesn’t get what she wants, she takes it out on me. You know how it is.”“Well,” said Bruce. “I’m learning. This is only our second time at the club.”“Well, if Mike can’t sell the little lady, no one can.”“Oh, I think she’s sold. I’m the one who isn’t sure yet.”This seemed to surprise Bruce’s friend.“What? You’re k**ding, right? I mean, this is the best thing that will happen to you. It’s life with a happy wife. She won’t go back, you know. But I guess you haven’t seen her with a Black Man from the club yet.”“No,” said Bruce.“Get ready to become a believer when it happens. All the hubbies are converted. Of course they’re very clever here. By the time your first three parties are over, your wife is hooked. Remember how you used to move heaven and earth to get a woman? You’ll be doing that again – but to get the right Man for the missus. You’ll be catering to them on the one hand, and to your wife on the other. I’ll be curious to hear what she thinks about Big Mike. I’d do anything for that guy!”At that moment another collared hubby came out to the circle with a message for Bruce. His turn to be on “sheets” had come up.“What do I do?” he asked nervously.“Just go up to the second floor and find the hubby that’s on duty now. He’ll fill you in.”A few minutes later Bruce found himself ascending the stairs to the second floor, where it was quiet and very dimly lit. At the end of the hall, in the shadows, he saw a figure sitting on a small stool. As he got closer he could see the “Black-Cuckolded” pendant hanging around the man’s neck.“You my replacement?” – he asked.“I guess so. Can you fill me in?”“Sure. No problem. Follow me.”The man led Bruce to a door in the center of the hallway.“This is the supply closet,” he said. “Here are the sheets, towels, rags and so on. On the top shelf here are replacement candles, bars of soap and some pillow cases. Down here on the floor is a cooler with bottles of champagne, mineral water and some soft drinks. Glasses are here.”“Thanks. This is my first time. So, when someone leaves a room I…”“You wait until they’ve left the hallway and headed downstairs. Then you grab some sheets and pillowcases and towels. Get in there and remove the sheets and put on the clean ones. Same with the towels. Don’t dawdle. You don’t want a couple coming up here and not having a room ready. Change glasses if necessary. Candles. Then put the laundry in the hamper down near your stool. There’s a container for dirty glasses and empty bottles around the corner. Got it?”“Yeah, I think so.”“Sit on the stool facing the hallway. Keep your eyes down when they come up to the floor or out of a room. You shouldn’t see their faces at all.”“Thanks.”“No problem. You’ll do okay. Right now there is one empty bedroom. The other four are occupied. Two couples came in about half an hour ago. The other two were occupied when I came on duty.”“Uh…I think my wife may be up here.”“Oh yeah? Who’s she with.”“His name is Mike.”“Oh yeah, she’s here. Last room on the left. She’s having a good time. Already came at least twice. I could hear her crying out, “Oh, Mike. Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming!”“Jeez,” muttered Mike.“It’s been quiet in there for about fifteen minutes. Mike’s always good for a couple of rounds, so you’ll be hearing them before long. You’re a lucky guy. You know about how to address the Men and their Ladies, right?”“Yeah, I know.”“Good. Don’t embarrass your wife and don’t piss of her Man. That’s the key. So long and good luck.”Alone now, Bruce sat down on the small bench, which was only about six or eight inches high. He felt like an adult on c***dren’s furniture. No sooner had he gotten comfortable than he heard a door opening. Quickly he looked down, making sure he couldn’t see whoever it was who was coming out. Best to be ignored.No such luck.”Bruce, is that you?”Bruce immediately recognized the voice of his wife’s best friend, Sarah. He was nervous around her anyway these days, but especially now.“Yes, ma’am,” he said as two pairs of feet stopped within his peripheral vision.“So, are you having fun? Doing okay?”“Yes, ma’am,” he responded.”Tell Linda hi in case I don’t see her. And you’d better take care of that room. I think we left it in bad shape.”“Yes, ma’am, I will,” he promised.“Good boy,” she said, walking away with her lover.As soon as he was certain that the couple was out of sight, Bruce moved quickly to the cupboard and retrieved fresh bedclothes and towels. He entered the room, which had the unmistakable odor of sex in the air. He decided to leave the door open and turn on the ceiling fan to air it out.The bed was in complete disarray. The top sheet was on the floor. The bottom one, a fitted sheet, was still in place, with numerous wet spots all over. After changing the sheets, he replaced the towels.At that moment, he heard it. His wife’s voice carrying through the walls of the neighboring bedroom.“Uh..uh..God!…Darling, don’t stop. Ohmygod! I’m cumming. Fuck me. Please!”Bruce was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. He felt like an eavesdropper on his wife’s privacy. He left the room with dirty glasses and an empty champagne bottle.In the bedroom next door, Linda was lying on her back while her Man lay next to her. On hand was moving between her legs. He was kissing her breast and suckling a hard nipple. With her own hand Linda was holding onto the largest cock she had ever seen and stroking it as her lover brought her to orgasm with his hand. Her body bucked and convulsed as she reached a mind-numbing orgasm.After a moment of stillness punctured only by Linda’s heavy breathing, he spoke to her.“How about you have a taste of that thing in your hand, baby?”Linda didn’t have to be asked twice. She moved down between his splayed legs on her knees and leaned forward before the very thick, rock-hard 10-inch cock that had empaled her only minutes earlier. Now she was showing her appreciation with enthusiasm.She first licked the black veined staff from bottom to top and repeated this several times.“That’s it, you slut. Now my balls!”Linda moved her hungry mouth down to the base of his pleasure tool and began licking one of his huge balls. He held onto the top of her head with a firm hand. She took the orb into her mouth and loved it with her tongue. She repeated this with the other one.“You want this in you again?” – he asked.“Oh yes! Please. Fuck me again. Deep and hard.”“I’ll just lie here while you climb aboard,” he said.Linda raised herself up on her haunches and straddled Mike’s mid-section. With on hand she grasped the black pole as she lowered herself until the mushroom head made contact with her sopping pussy. Then she pushed down gently until the head disappeared inside her.“Oh shit! Oh damn! I’m cumming already.”Without impaling herself further, Linda had an orgasm. As it ebbed, she began slowly lifting herself up and down, moving Mike’s rigid pole a little deeper each time. Soon her pussy lips were so stretched she couldn’t believe he was only half-way inside her. But that wasn’t enough. Despite the discomfort she was determined to take all of him inside her this time. With a sob she dropped down on her lover with all her weight.“Ohmygod! Fuck me! Fuck me deep. I love you. I love you, darling. Harder. Uh! Uh…uh..uh…ohhh!”It was at this point that Mike returned to the room next door. He heard his wife’s declaration of love and blushed with embarrassment. She had never been like this with him. Even without seeing the two lovers together, he knew that the man in question was in an entirely different class. He felt a mixture of shame and awe. Even envy of Linda, who could experience something that he could only imagine.Not long after returning to his sheet-boy stool in the hallway, Bruce heard his wife’s voice and saw the door to the room she had been in open. Quickly he looked down at the floor, making sure that he couldn’t see even Linda’s feet, much less her face. The last thing he wanted to do was invade the couple’s privacy by looking at them. He may have been new to this club, but he was already nervous about breaking any of its rules.His greatest hope at this moment was that Linda and her partner would not notice him in the shadows. He even stopped breathing and tried to imagine himself as invisible. However, it was not to be.“Bruce? Is that you?” – came Linda’s voice.“Uh…yes, ma’am,” he muttered. He could hear the footsteps approaching him. He lowered his head even more and tested his peripheral vision to make sure there could be no claim that he was staring at the two lovers.“This one belongs to you?” asked a deep male voice.“Yes, he does, believe it or not. Don’t you, Bruce?”“Yes, ma’am,” confirmed Bruce.“Is everything going okay?”“Yes, ma’am. Everything’s fine.”“Good. Good,” she said, smiling.Fortunately for Bruce, he could not see the smile on his wife’s face. Nor could he appreciate just how amazed she was that her hubby had so completely accepted his role. The realization of his rapid conversion, voluntary or not, sent a wave of warmth through her body. She leaned against her Black lover and rubbed her hand on his taught ass. For reasons she could not herself quite comprehend, this situation made her want to taunt him even more.“You’re going to clean up after us, right?”“Oh, yes, ma’am. I will,” he responded with enthusiasm he didn’t feel.“Now do a good job, you hear?”“Yes, ma’am, I promise.”“You’d better. Where are my manners? Say hello to Mike.”“Hello, Sir,” said Bruce.“Is that all,” teased Linda.“No, ma’am. I just wanted to say, Sir, that I’m pleased to take care of the room you used, Sir.”“Good boy,” responded Mike. “I think you’re gonna work out just fine around here.”“Thank you, Sir.”Without a word Linda and Mike walked away from the Linda’s humiliated husband. For his part, Bruce only felt a great sense of relief that he hadn’t embarrassed himself or Linda and had played his assigned role properly. He didn’t even want to think about what could happen if he didn’t.Continued….

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