Cruise holiday preparation with Matt, Sue, Rob and


Cruise holiday preparation with Matt, Sue, Rob andSorry it’s a bit long I thought it important to paint the picture for you in recounting what happened to us this summer.We are both in our late fifties and keep ourselves in reasonable shape. Sue is about 5ft 8ins and has the most gorgeous breasts a man could wish for; it was those beauties that first drew me to her some 38 years ago when we first met. She is a size 12 and 36D, always wanting to lose a few pounds, but certainly not unpleasing to the eyes. I’m Matt and I was a military man when we met so we were often apart, and had some wonderful welcome home sex sessions. Neither of us have ever strayed, I did get the opportunity earlier in my corporate career but never took up the offer. We used to be a little more adventurous than today and have experimented together but never with another couple….until recently. We have had quite a bit of sex outdoors, nothing too out there, anal, oral, A2M, doggy and lots of dressing up for photos and videos at home.We have reached a certain age where we the hassle free nature of taking a cruise holiday leaving from the UK with no major travelling involved. We don’t live far from Southampton so we can be on holiday within an hour of leaving the house. If you have cruised before you will know there is a bit of dressing up to do so it inevitably means some shopping trips and it is one of those trips that led to our first sexual adventure with another couple.It was a typical Saturday in June this year and we were on a mission to find Sue some long dresses for the formal nights. We visited Southampton being our nearest big town and started to trawl the various shops, she tried them on whilst I watched the sport on my phone and nodded approvingly as and when asked. In the third shop we visited I got chatting to a chap called Rob, he was of similar age and by coincidence they were in Southampton for the same reason as us, not on the same cruise. His wife is called Deb and she was also trying on dresses. Rob was a couple of inches taller than me at six foot, an engineer and 2 years younger than me at 57. Deb is in her mid fifties, also a size 12, slightly shorter than Sue but also gifted with 36D boobs.Rob and I were enjoying a chat about the rugby when both Sue and Deb appeared from the changing rooms wearing long dresses. Sue had discarded her bra for the particular dress she had on with her nipples clearly on view. I approved the dress choice and Rob chipped in to say he liked it as well. Deb had on a slightly less revealing number but none the less looked pretty hot as the bra she had on underneath was pushing up a good amount of cleavage. Rob approved and I also nodded and smiled. The girls ok ladies disappeared back to the changing rooms for another change and Rob and carried on the conversation. Rob mentioned about Sue showing her nipples and said you are a lucky man. I replied being polite saying that Deb was also pleasing on the eye.It was a while before they reappeared, once again at the same time, this time having a bit of a giggle as they came out. It was obvious that they had been in conversation about the holiday and it later transpired they had talked about giving us a bit if a show. This was most unlike Sue, who is normally quite a prude and rarely discusses anything slightly sexual with anyone me included nowadays. Deb was bringing out a bit of a devilish side in Sue and I wasn’t going to complain, it was almost as if we were already on the cruise when Sue does tend to relax a little more.This time it was fairly obvious that they had both removed their bras as both were wearing slinky numbers that showed off both their curves and nipples. In fact they were not showing any panty lines so they had also removed bahis şirketleri their knickers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was my wife of 37 years with just a film of material covering up her nakedness with a couple we had just met. We ended up in the shop for a further four dresses, and left with a couple of purchases each. Rob suggested we grab a coffee so we made our way to the John Lewis coffee shop, Deb and Sue leading the way, now dressed in the clothes they had arrived in except they told us later they had both left their bras off. Both Rob and I had noticed but didn’t say anything at the time.We hit it off straight away and within half an hour we knew a good deal about each other. k**s, hobbies, exercise, sex life not as great as it used to be etc. Following the dressing room incident it was clear that the two girls had been quite comfortable with each other and had helped each other with the dresses and had seen each other naked. They told us they had compared boob size and noticed that they both kept their bush tidy although not shaved.Rob was as surprised as me with what was being discussed but we both loved it. We had more shopping to do so I suggested that as we were all getting on so well why don’t we meet up later for something to eat, it was already 4pm so we agreed to meet at six and find somewhere to eat. This gave me the time to check in with Sue about what had happened and more important what might happen.Sue and I went off to finish the shopping, Sue telling me about everything that happened in the changing room. She said that she found herself attracted to Deb, which was a surprise, as she has never shown any tendencies that way before. She said that Deb had touched her when helping her into a dress and she quite liked it. I asked her if she wanted to do something about it and we agreed to wait and see how the evening went. I certainly got the impression that she was up for a bit of fun and was happy to hear it, so we also made a beeline to Ann Summers just in case. We bought a black quarter cup bra and knicker outfit to ample show off those beautiful breasts and nipples.We met Rob and Deb as arranged at six. They clocked that we had been to Ann Summers by the bag in Sue’s hand and wanted to know what we had bought, Sue said it was something for later on, giving the impression she and I would be playing games later. Deb admitted they had been to Victoria’s secret and picked something up for the same reason.We had a nice meal and a few glasses of wine and the conversation eventually led to sharing of sexual adventures. We told them about having sex in the new forest a few years ago, when we hid behind some bushes stripped off had oral followed by anal and then I came in Sue’s mouth with her swallowing the lot. Rob and Deb told us about the time they were on their last cruise when they had become friendly with a couple on their table and ended up having a soft swing in their cabin with them. Apparently the guy in the couple was quite well endowed and Deb was keen but the other wife didn’t want to swap. So it was clear they were not averse to a little experimentation so I asked if they had any commitments later, hoping they would say no. They didn’t so I suggested we find a bar and continue the conversation. Rob and I took the bags back to the car minus the Ann Summers and Victoria’s secret bags, which the girls kept. I think we all knew what was about to happen. We found a bar in the new area at West Quay and ordered a bottle of wine, the girls were in cahoots sharing stories about sexual adventures, Rob and I sat back and listened, this situation was certainly being led by the girls, would have been rude for us to go against their wishes. It was about 8 o’clock when we illegal bahis finished the bottle of wine and we decided to move things along. I suggested we check into the DeVere Grand Harbour that was a short walk away. As it turned out we had to move the cars out of West Quay so we drove over anyway. We got a room each not sure if we would need them both, but it attracted less attention from reception when we booked in. We all got into the lift, I gave Sue a nice squeeze on the arse and she placed her hand on my now erect cock and held it all the way to the fifth floor. I could see that Rob and Deb were also having a bit of a grope.On arriving at our room we all went inside, Deb said that Rob and I were to make ourselves comfortable whist she and Sue went to freshen up and prepare themselves in the bathroom. We raided the mini bar for some wine and settled down in the two armchairs provided. Rob asked me how far I wanted to take things and what was on or off the table. I responded that I was pretty cool about things and happy to let things take a natural course, if a full swap was on the cards then ok but I did say that I didn’t see he and I being an item.After about ten minutes the girls appeared, both wearing dressing gowns, which they quickly discarded to reveal the outfits, they had bought earlier. Sue in her black knickers and quarter cup bra, I say quarter cup it was more of a lacy affair which didn’t leave a great deal to the imagination. The knickers a g string with a lacy front which is slightly see through and a string at the rear. Deb was wearing a bodysuit with a plunging neckline with a high cut knicker line, this was the first view I had of Deb’s arse and I liked what I saw.Rob and I were ordered to get out of our clothes and prepare for a night of passion. You could tell we had all had a bit to drink, which was probably a good thing as it would help me last a bit longer. Rob and I did as commanded and the girls then walked over to their respective partners knelt down and started to give us both a blowjob. Now I’m fairly average in the cock department, Rob was clearly gifted; he matched my 8 inches but was clearly a lot bigger in girth. Sue looked at me with a big smile and a glint in her eyes, she was loving it. I looked over to see Rob watching Sue slowly go up and down on my cock, Deb was licking his balls but also casting an eye over to me and Sue. It only took a few minutes before one of suggested we swap and it was Sue, my sweet innocent wife, she asked Deb if she could have a taste of Rob’s thick cock. Deb duly obliged and moved over to me, this was the first time I had received a blowjob from another women. Deb was an expert, she gave me the full works and it wasn’t long before she tasted some precum, which caused her to lick her lips and also slow down a little to help me control myself.Sue and Rob were now fully engaged and had moved to the bed where Rob had begun licking out Sue. She had pulled her knickers to the side and had her hand on the back of Rob’s head as he tonged her slit. Her nipples were erect and from the look in her eyes she was about to orgasm for the first time.Meanwhile Deb had stopped sucking me and stood up to take her tits out of the top of the body. She offered me her nipples to suck, as a boob man I was in heaven. Her boobs were soft, natural and she had really big nipples, which I eagerly licked and nibbled in my teeth. Deb was now keen for cock so she turned around slipped the gusset of the body to one side and lowered herself onto my cock. I looked over to Rob for the ok but he was focused on Sue and was now positioning himself to enter her. I could see that Sue was already very wet from the tonguing she had received and as a result Rob slipped his illegal bahis siteleri cock into her with ease, she let out a whelp of delight and Rob gentle started to move in and out of her pussy. Deb was now also getting some cock and was moving slowly up and down on my shaft. I reached around and played with those wonderful big tits and nipples causing her to have a mini orgasm as I did so. I didn’t know where to look, should I concentrate on fucking this lovely lady going up and down on my cock or watch my wife take pleasure from the thick meat that was entering her. Deb made my mind up for me when she stood up and led me over to join the other two on the bed. She positioned herself with her pussy just above Sue’s head so that she could lean over and get a taste for Rob’s cock as he withdrew. She told me to fuck her from behind which I gratefully did as ordered, Sue noticing what was going on started to lick my balls which were now just above her face. We stayed in this position for a while with Rob occasionally pulling his cock out of Sue so Deb could get a good taste of Sue’s pussy from his cock, likewise I withdrew from Deb’s now soaking pussy so Sue could suck my cock.The constant fucking and sucking was certainly bringing me close to cumming and I didn’t think Rob was far behind. I withdrew from Deb and went back to the chair to cool off and take in the view. Sue was now eating Deb’s pussy at the same time as Rob was giving her a good fuck, she must have had many orgasms by now and was completely lost in the joy of the attention she was getting and giving. It all became too much for Rob and he said that he was about to cum, Sue grabbed hold of his hip and said to stay right where he is, and she clearly wanted to be filled with spunk. Rob duly obliged and unloaded into her bringing Sue to a big orgasm. As he slowly came down from the high he withdrew and then joy of joy Deb got off the bed and went round and started to lick his spunk as it oozed out of Sue’s pussy.The three of them took a pause and then realised I was still sitting there, cock in hand and a big erection that needed some attention. Deb got on all fours and said come on then your turn I want you to fuck me up the arse, I didn’t need asking twice for sure. I hadn’t been near Sue’s arse for a few years and I love a bit of booty. No lube was required Deb was so wet in that area I slipped into her pussy for some juice and then slowly entered her tight arse. It wasn’t long before I was nice and deep and began to fuck her a bit harder, by then Sue had moved to a position where she could get a good view right beside Deb’s arse. She started to lick my cock on the outstroke and looked up at me with those eyes that said I want your cock. I withdrew fully and Sue eagerly gobbled on my cock, a cock that had just been in Deb’s arse. I went back in and after several rounds of this could hold on no longer and shot my load up Deb’s sweet arse.What happened next was something I had often fantasized over, Sue and Deb embraced on the bed and were locked in a passionate snog, tasting the juices they had both received. Rob and I were sat in the chairs and it wasn’t long before we started to get erect again, I couldn’t remember the last time I had got erect again so quickly.I’ll spare you the detail as this has gone on quite long already but suffice to say we continued for quite some time, both girls had some double penetration, both swallowed a load from each of us and we eventually all fell asleep about 2 in the morning with Deb and I sharing one room and Sue and Rob the other. I awoke in the morning to the sound of Sue and Rob fucking next door and it wasn’t long before Deb and I were shagging in the shower with her taking another load in the mouth.We all went on our respective cruises this summer and have stayed in contact. We have panned to meet up again soon and all being well we will be cruising again next year and this time on the same ship so keep your eyes posted for that adventure.Matt and Sue

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