Crossing the Line with Sam Ch. 04

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Story so far: Samson and his step brother George are in an intimate sexual relationship. One day Sam caught having sex with Geo’s old friend Jonny. Sam confessed that they had sex at Jonny’s apartment.

Final Chapter: The win-win situation

After hearing me, Geo literally gushed loud with anger. He was furious and his sound deepened with rage and disgust. I tried to remain calm, claiming innocence.

“Does this mean, you don’t need me anymore?” Geo seemed harsh.

“It’s, it’s not liked that Geo, please understand me,” I quietly replied.

“I don’t want to hear anymore stupid justifications. Stop acting senseless in front of me,” his voice rumbled.

I kept silent keeping my head down, nervous, afraid and feeling embarrassed. We both kept quiet for some time, letting the atmosphere cool a bit.

“Don’t see him anymore,” he asked me like a favor.

I nodded my head without really thinking.

“Was he, better?” he asked curiously, his voice trembled.

“Please Geo, don’t ask me anything more!” I begged his mercy.

“I’m really sorry, hurting you this way,” I took some courage to lift my head and look at him. His head was down swaying in distress.

“He fucked you Sam, fucked you all the way. How can I be calm? You hurt my feelings Sam,” he grieved.

He was hurt, I can see his distress, the agony, the pain I caused.

“Just promise, this won’t again,” he demanded my word.

“Come on Sam, you just met him, and you already…,” he paused in disgust.

It was hard for me to look in to his burning eyes. I nodded my head biting my lips.

“I won’t see him anymore,” I replied without over thinking.

At that moment, the only thing that run through my and was to calm Geo. I promised him with soft and gentle words, knowing it will be hard to keep.

“I just don’t want you to getting hurt, I care for you,” he sounded gentle and relaxed.

“I know that Geo, I’m sorry, he never hurt me,” mumbling gently, I assured.

“Just go, have some sleep.” he murmured looking down.

I slowly stood up and took a few steps forward, crossing him. I turned back slowly, I stopped there for a moment.

“I love you Geo. Please forgive me,” I gently murmured behind him.

“Love you too!” he nodded his head without looking back at me.

I slowly took the walk of shame towards my room.

It took some time to get things back to normal between me and Geo. For almost two weeks we rarely talked, or ever made proper eye contact. I thought he will never talk to me anymore. I was really concerned about him, about us. It was hard for me to accept that all the fun we had so long, ending so abruptly. It was painful to imagine a life without him. He was drifting away from me. Suddenly I had no one to talk to, no one to share my feelings with. I felt lonely after so long. Jonny called in between to assess the situations. I was glad, I find some comfort through him. I missed my time Jonny, but I was weeping for Geo.

After two weeks, sixteen days more precisely, Geo was getting ready to go out. I waited for him at the dining table. There was no one home.

“Are you going for the interview?” I asked him nervously.

“Yes, I’m,” he replied instantly, nervously staring at me.

I gently pushed the breakfast plate close to him.

“Are you okay?” he asked me, showing some concern.

“Hmm? Yeas,” I nodded looking at him.

It’s been long since we even had some good face to face talk.

“It was hard for me to see you with someone else,” he paused.

“Hmm,” I hummed looking at him.

“I’m sorry, I was harsh on you,” he apologized to me which I never expected.

“I want you to be safe,” he said.

I was so happy to hear him. His empathetic words made me relaxed.

“Sure Geo,” I replied enthusiastically.

I smiled whole heartedly after so many depressing days.

“The days where hard and disappointing. I want everything to be back to normal, you know?” he said smiling.

“I thought, you hate me,” I said softly, scratching my finger gently over the table.

“Hate you? I was angry. I will never hate you.” he replied calmly with genuine smile.

Geo walked closer to me. After so any depressing days, he hugged me. I felt his warmth once again through my pounding chest. I felt strangely nervous when he brought his face close to me. Did I hesitate? Has he noticed that? I just tilted my face towards him. His lips buzzed hard on to my lips. His hand pushed me close to him from my back. I kissed him back, putting my hand around his back.

The tension was finally over. He kept on kissing passionately. I groped my hand around his robust chest. He kept on sucking my tender lips harder. We smacked our lips together. He put his tongue inside my mouth and licked mine. It felt so relaxing and refreshing, I realized I missed sex, absolutely. Keeping my eyes closed, I let him suck my lips one after the other, smacking our tenders together. His hand gently squeezed my bum and I quivered in shock. I made his pull back from kilis escort me.

“Let’s eat, it’s getting late,” I looked on to the dining table and notified him.

I could not keep him hooked for long. But I was happy that we are back together. We ate together and talked pleasantly. In the night Geo took me between my legs. I saw it coming and I was eagerly waiting. I expected it to be more exciting.

I was disappointed, again. Sex was bland and passionless. I was fucked so well by Jonny, I was fucked well by Geo in the past. But now, naked in the bed, Geo barely tickled my feathers. I wished him to be more energetic and virile. He fucked me like it was my first time. I tried my best to arouse him, but he lacked any enthusiasm, so do I. There was something terribly wrong with us.

After the horrible blank shooting night, we both realized that the incident with Jonny had been influencing us deeper than we thought, both mentally and physically. Geo find it hard to please me well. It’s been an issue taunting since a couple of months back and now, things got worse after he saw me and Jonny performing wild sex. We lost our chemistry, the vibe.

Eventually, I broke my promise to Geo. I really gave it a hard thought. Finally, one month after I got caught having sex, I called Jonny once again. I tried to restrain myself. But I couldn’t. I told him to come home that evening. With some guilt grieving inside me, I waited for hm.

That ecstatic evening, I and Jonny left our unfinished wine glasses on the table itself. We were so hungry for sex. We went in to the bedroom I share with Geo. On my bed, I sat over his lap, gently pecking his lips. He brought special clothes for me to wear. It’s been a while since I did cross-dress. It was his desire which I gladly accepted. It was a black silky-smooth top with a wide v cut in front. A grey cross stripped skirt with length just above by knees. He brought me inners too. But, since it is always difficult to find a suitable one, I put one sexy pair of lingerie, one that I already had with me, Geo’s gift. I was already prepared even before he came home. I bathed, cleaned and even lubed my privates so well so that we don’t have to waste any precious time. I was committed this time. I tried to free my mind before getting intimate.

For the day, I changed the bed sheets to brighter tones. I let the curtains be slide open and let some sunlight get inside. I removed a few unnecessary stuffs from the room and rearranged a few things to fit the mood. I kept he fan and lights on. I kept all the essentials closer. I put a pack of condom under the pillow.

I crushed my hips on to Jonny’s thighs, tightly. I caressed my hands around his shoulder and neck. His right hand feels around my back and the other hand slowly felt my chest mound. I gently rocked my bums on his thighs while we kept on smooching passionately.

“I missed you a lot,” he whispered, moving back.

“I too,” I smiled gently patting his face.

“I thought I will never see you again,” he expressed his worries.

“Well, that concern been solved, right?” I giggled and he followed.

“You look ravishing.” he praised, groping his hands behind my cushy buns.

“I’m all yours now, take me,” I whispered gently caressing his chin.

I put my arms around his shoulders as he giggled softly.

“Really?” he murmured.

“Hmm,” I hummed moving my face closer to him.

“Geo?” he began to ask the only concern, but I shushed him.

I buzzed my lips right on his lips. Gently parting them I sucked him lips. He already proved to me that he is a really good kisser. He took my tenders between his lips and sucked them softly. I rubbed around his thick sweatshirt, as we kept on sucking our lips, smacking together.

“I never asked you what you like in me,” he asked quietly.

“Why? Suddenly,” I felt bashful trembling in his gasp.

I hugged him tighter and kissed on his cheek a couple of times.

“I don’t know,” I hummed smiling.

“Maybe it’s your face,” I giggled.

Jonny giggled and kissed me. I hugged him again and kissed a couple of times on his wet lips.

“Anything else?” he asked me again.

“Else?” he jolted my body gently, kissed him again.

We stick out our tongues and licked each other’s. Jonny took mine between his lips and sucked. Our kisses started to heat up. My whole body began thriving in excitement. His smell excites me. He slurped my cherry lips made them all wet and juicy.

“I love your voice, your smell, your body, your….,” I went on teasing him.

“I love the way you kiss,” I mumbled looking on to his lips.

“Do I?” he sniggered and kissed me back again.

I never done dirty talking before. But, he fancies them. He compelled me to talk dirty which I felt really embarrassing and shy.

Jonny was adamant to prove my statement. He leaned further towards me and kissed me furiously. Out lips smacked loud and I gasped for air. His left hand gently squeezed my right chest hill. kilis escort bayan I trembled in his lap, my hands rubbed around his back, my lips got sucked harder. He quickly kissed my neck and licked there with his juicy tongue. His left hand kept on groping my melon as he kissed my lower neck. I tilted my head back. He hugged me tight and kissed me once again. My lips got disappeared inside his mouth. He made them redder. I kissed him back and quickly caught hold on to his sweatshirt.

From bottom, I lifted Jonny’s sweatshirt up, as he let his hands up above my shoulders. Pulling it out from his hands I threw it away behind me. I was about to kiss him, he got excited to remove my top. He started pulling mine up. I got so aroused, I lifted it myself thru my hands He started kissing me even before I remove them completely from my arms. We hugged tight and kissed.

Jonny was getting restless having me sitting on top of his lap. He put his hands through my skirt and rolled it up to my hips. I was getting so horny in his arms, I started licking his shoulder, hugging him. In a swift move he made me lay back on to the bed. I watched him crawling between my thighs in his blue jeans. Placing his hands on the bed he bent down close to my face. I raised my legs up folding my knees close to his body. He sucked my lips and started smooching them again.

I put my hands around his hips and rubbed under Jonny’s crotch, over his jeans. We kept on smooching as I tried to unhooked his jeans. Jonny assisted me unbuttoning. I spread opened his jeans and put my hand inside his jeans. As I touched his enormous erection getting tormented inside his brief, he looked at me, pausing a moment. Jonny then crouched over me and kissed my neck behind my ear. I giggled as I felt his erection touching my fingertips.

Jonny like a mad dog kissed all over my neck. Then he quickly moved down and locked his eyed for the first time on my bra. I was a soft white padded push up bra with black embroidery. I put some effort to make my boobs to feel full inside the bra cup. The pad made it look larger and the tight fitting made my mounds bulge out of the cups creating a mild but reasonable cleavage. My sweats were rewarded. He gently squeezed my melons and licked all over my left melon rise. He licked thru my cleavage and moved down quickly.

Gently pecking my bare belly Jonny quickly sneaked down. I snarled gently as I witnessed him pulling down my skirt in a hurry. From my tight hips he pulled down my skirt and removed it through my legs. I gently giggled watching his excitement. I was in my undies, bra and panty. The only other thing I wore was my precious silver waist chain.

I enjoyed the way Jonny gawked on my body. It was all for him. He crept between my thighs and kissed all over by belly. He sucked my soft belly skin and kissed my navel button. He kissed and licked my thighs. Folding them forward, he kissed back of my thighs and liked delicately. I was trembling in front of him, swaying my legs in the air. Holding on to my leg, he rolled me on to a side and he crawled behind my back.

Bending down on me, Jonny kissed me on my wet lips. His left hand gently squeezed my right melon. He began gentle, but as our kissing got peppier, his hand squeezed harder on my chest. His crotch pressed against my body. His erection rubbed behind my waist. We kept on sucking our moist lips harder and harder. My hips ached for pleasure.

Jonny rolled me again, making me lie flat on my belly. I supported my upper body on my elbows. He gently pecked my back, just above the bra hook. It was tickling. I giggled, lifted my head up and turned my head back. He pushed his hand beneath my belly and gently pressed my soft belly skin. Kissing and licking my shoulder, he slowly slides down my bra thru my left arm. He kissed me once again slurping my wet juicy tongue. He took his left hand underneath my belly and hold on to the bra from my arm. I lifted my left arm helping him to remove the bra from one side. My left melon freed from my bra cup. It gently spilled down from the hold. His robust fingers started tickling my nipple. I just kept on smooching him, taking his lips, suck between mine.

Jonny’s fingers jabbed my tiny melon, escaping out from my bra. His hand was folded and his elbow was getting rubbed right on my crotch. I flipped and fumbled in his arms. My cock begged to get out from my tightly clasped panties. He put his right hand beneath me and seized me from behind. I slowly pushed down his arm so that this elbow press against my erection harder. He slowly moved down from my face and kissed right on my creamy chest skin. He dragged my bra further down exposing my left boob completely. He started licking over my brown circle and gently nipped my nipple. I moaned loud as his teeth nipped my tit.

“Gently,” I begged as his tongue began flicking my left nipple.

“You like it?” he asked in between his sucking

“Hmmm…” I wailed as my reply.

Jonny showed no sign of retraction this escort kilis any kind. He showed no pity in sucking my nipple and licking it clutching on to my softy. He made me moan and breath high. I was unable to stop him from sucking my boob. It was my sacred space. But today I could not stop him, it was the whole pass day. I slowly lifted my head. He extended his hand to my other melon still heaving inside the cup. He kissed me again and then pulled me back to his crotch.

Jonny made me sit between his legs, facing away from him. I teased my hand extending down over his thigh. From behind, he rolled down my bra string from my right shoulder. He unhooked my bra from behind. I tilted my head towards my right as he pulled down my bra from my tiny melons. They both were freed from the clasp of clothing. I leaned further back as he reached on to my face. He kissed me on my lips, I smooched back. His robust fingers started squeezing my soft melons from behind. I felt it a bit silly, getting boob teasing like a girl. But, his smooching was really engaging and it kept on making me grew hornier.

Getting licked and sucked on my melons gave me different sensations. But, boob handling always made me anxious and concerned. I didn’t make him to stop. I showed no signs of distress. I just played along, kissing him in between. He lifted my right arm and licked my arm pit. It felt really sensitive. I never been licked under my armpit. I barely had anybody body hair. Tiny fluffs were starting to bud under my arms and my private areas. Luckily, I have shaved and cleaned everywhere made me absolutely hairless. I might smell sweaty. I was not so proud of my sweaty smell. Geo had pretty musky sweat which I loved a lot.

Moving head further down, Jonny clasped his lips on to the newly exposed bosom. Sucking on to my right melon he slowly moved to a side. He made me lay flat on to the bed, without taking his mouth from my teat. His left hand was beneath my back and it was reaching on to my left bosom up front. He started to lick my right nipple and slowly fondled my belly. He caressed my left boob as he sucked my right one in his starving mouth.

Jonny bent down on to my face. I parted my lips and invited his lips on to mine. We smooched again as his hand slowly rubbed over my panty. His fingers rubbed against my erection harder as I parted my legs wider. He rubbed my erection over my underwear as his hungry lips sucked my nipple wild. I put my left hand under my folded knee and held on to my thigh, keeping my composure right.

Jonny once again started kissing me wildly. My lips drooled with spit and saliva. My lips started feeling numb. His strong wide chest pressed hand against my soft melon. He put his hand through my panty and touched my erection. My waist trembled on the bed as his finger rubbed my erection faster. He was really good in fore play. He steamed up my spirits and made my whole body prepared to get explode, any moment from now. I could not remain calm anymore. I lifted my head up and looked down to see his fingers ravishing my manhood. He moved down once again started teasing my right melon. He made me moan high. I gripped hard on to my thigh. I was trembling in his hands.

Jonny slowed down a bit. He moved down kissing my belly, then to my bare navel. He flicked his fingers over my waist band. He gave me a naughty look and smiled. He kissed on to my belly chain. He then moved down holding on to my black panty.

The panty was really thin one. I really find it hard to get a properly fitting inner lingerie pair. If the panty fits the bra won’t, and if the bra somehow clips on to your chest, the panty won’t fit. This was the case until Geo brought a perfect pair and the brought another pair of the same brand later. Both suited me pretty well. It had very limited closure for my crotch. Almost all of my ass fell outside its coverage.

Jonny pulled the panty down gradually as I lifted my hips from the mattress, allowing him to remove it through my legs. By erection fluctuated in the air oozing fresh slime. Crawling between my thighs, he bowed down on to my bare belly. He gently pecked over my belly chain once again. My shivering cock pressed against his face and ear.

Jonny sneaked down between my legs. I placed my legs closer to me folding my knees. Jonny grabbed on to my legs and licked my soft thighs. His face roamed around my private, blowing his hot breath all over my crotch. He dragged his wet tongue all thru my loins. Putting his hands beneath my thighs, he pushed them up spreading wider. From one thigh to the other, his tongue switched and licked. I was getting itching and find it really amusing. It was only a matter of time, I felt his wet tongue sweeping over my ball sack.

Jonny bowed further down and quickly peeped at me with surprise. He noticed I already lubricated my back door pretty well. He licked his tongue between my bum cheeks and licked up until his nose hit my balls. That felt really awesome. The lube might have taken away some fun, but still the touch of the tongue tip felt naughty. I don’t have to afraid of pain today. I was ready to go any time from the moment he came home. Spreading my ass cheeks, he licked my crack from top to bottom sweeping his wet tongue all along. It was strawberry flavored lube. I had chocolate too, but I chose the other one.

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