Criminal minds


Criminal mindsI was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne … I loved the guy. As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be fine with that. But I heard noises. Bad noises. Sounded like someone was killing him?!? I was reluctant, but went to his living room slash bedroom. As I entered the room, I was shocked!? A big muscular man in his forties was all over him. About 2 meters tall!? Mike was down on all fours, spreading his legs wide, begging and crying for him to stop. The big man was pounding his asshole. Hard!?! My buddy was dressed up like a hooker. Gartherbelt, stockings, shiny red hooker boots, a short off shoulder top, a lot of bling and hard makeup? But it looked like the big guy had forced him to wear it. I’d seen a lot of hardcore porn but this was brutal. I froze. The size of the mans’ cock him was gigantic and hard as a rock!?! Damn it 😮 I recognized the big man. He was a big time d**g dealer. I actually heard rumors he beat a man to death. And here he was, r****g my best friend?! He slapped his ass, pulled his long hair, fucking him furiously! My god? I shook like a leaf, turned around to get out of the room. I didn’t know what to do. But I wanted to call the cops … Then I heard him roaring!? “Hey, cunt!!! Where do you thing you’re going?” I turned around and looked in his dark eyes. “Please, I haven’t seen anything. I just wanna leave!” He pointed at the big gun on the table … “You are going to the bathroom and make yourself pretty for me! If not, I’ll hunt you down and shoot both you and your useless friend here!” I gasped. Then Mike begged, screaming. “Please! He’s innocent, haven’t done anything wrong! Aaaooow! Please, man?!? Please! Aaaoow!!!” I went to the bathroom, samsun escort a bit ashamed, cause the crazy situation kind of turned med on 😮 Hearing Mike begging for mercy in the background … Holy fuck! On the floor there was a big suitcase full of dresses, slutty underwear and shit … I went for a offshoulder, shiny dress, a gartherbelt and fishnets. Everything in pink … Lots of jewelery … I used the ladyshave!? Put on the hot stuff. I was turned on and scared like shit!? Then I applied the makeup. Lots of foundation, pink lipgloss and smokey eyes. False eylashes. A bit of rouge … The thing was, I’ve been a crossdresser for years, so I knew how to do this 😮 I looked super hot … Then I discovered a couple of pink thigh high boots like hookers use 😛 I looked like a freaking pornstar!?! OMG?!?The boots was almost impossible to move around in. As I stumbled my ass back to the room, I just stopped and watched them. Being in the same room with a alpha male brute like this, really made me feel hopelessly girly and helpless. He was very ripped. Looked like a body builder, a boxer or something … Only wearing a tight t-shirt with the words “I kick ass!”. A lot of tattoos and scars all over. Mike looked so tiny, fragile and afraid. Getting his manhood and anal virginity removed like this, couldn’t have been easy for him … Poor k**!The dress barely covered my skinny ass and my hair was so long it brushed against it. I had a lump in my stomack and felt a bit noxious and dizzy. It felt unreal. Soon I’ll be in the hands of that monster?! I’ve never had sex like that before!?”Wow! Look at you!” He slowed down a little and looked stunned. “Get your stupid ass over here, cunt!” I shivered like a leaf as I climbed into the bed with them. My buddy looked stunned too. “On all fours, bitch!” He grabbed my anckels and pulled my feet apart. I turned my head as he lifted his arm. “WHACK!” He hit me so hard, I fell forward. “Where do you think you’re going, bitch? Get your ass back here!” He whacked me hard several times. I squealed out loud. Mike was all read in his eyes face, his makeup running down his tormented face as he was pulled back and forward escort samsun by the heavy pounding.He yanked my thong up hard. Like getting a wedging, my balls got squeezed hard!? I screamed as he kept on yanking it. After a while the thong snappped, and I fell forward again holding my sore nuts. Then he got hold on my waist long hair, yanking me back up on all fours. “Stop touching yourself and ache your back, cunt! He hit my again before he shoved his thumb inside of me, squeezing my nuts hard. I started sobbing and begging him to stop. So off course he didn’t!? His rugged thumb went hard in and out. I moaned. Then he pulled out and stepped up the pace with Mike. He’d forced his arms on his back and the banging sounds sounded painful. When he roared, the whole apartment shook. His voice was so dark I could feel the vibrations every time he opened his cruel mouth?! Bang, bang, bang! Then it all stopped. I almost couldn’t see my buddy burried beneath the monster. As he pulled, it looked a bit weird seeing splatters of cum gushing out of Mike´s ass like a small fountain, over and over again. I crawled into bed with them. The thug, turned Mike around and fucked him from behind again. I laid down beside and watched the fear in his tormented eyes … Then I gave him a soft kiss. That wasn’t easy, cause his head was thrown back and forth as he got brutalised. And I’ve never made out with a dude before!? But here we were. He looked amazing, but the makeup was messy. Probably cause he’d been crying for a long while. As we started to make out, my dick went hard. And he started to enjoy it as well. Then I felt his thumb entering my ass again, squeezing my balls!?Mike looked shocked, I guess, both about my perfect makeup and when I started to moan like a girl … The thug shoved tree of his big, rugged fingers in me as he fucked my bud faster and faster. I squeeled. Then came the big roar. He filled Jake up to the rim!?! Cum squirting out of the gaping asshole. Then he pulled him by his hair and tied him to the headpost with his belt… He grabbed my hair again and threw me down on my back. He was still hard as a rock. And I’d just discovered the box of blue pills samsun escort bayan and a big pile of snow, so no wonder … And perhaps the look of me being all hot had something to do with it as well? He slapped my face, ripped my girly legs apart and went in with brute force. It was terrible and amazing. What a forceful, big strong man!? And his dick! Oh, my shit! He started shredding my ass furiously. It felt like my ass got tore into shreds. I really wasn’t prepared for this. But i started sounding like a girl as I knew there was no other way out then to obey him. My bud was shocked seeing I was enjoying it 🙂 My, god, this man is strong! And as he wrapped his big hands around my neck, I had trouble breathing!? Fuck, is he going to kill me? But he let go and started slapping my face! Bitchslapped and fucked like a porn star. I loved it and hated it. Cause my buddy didn’t know I fantasised about this kind of weird shit!?!He jumped over my chest, pinned me down and started to fuck my mouth. I took it like a champ. As he grabbed my head and facefucked me …. He went down my throat and I started to struggle, then he pulled out and I started gagging. Gag running down my body … Mike stuttered … “Fuck, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?” I had a hard time answering, but shook my head … “Shut the fuck up, you stupid cunts!” he roared … He threw me up in the air and I landed face down. “Down on all fours, bitch!” he yelled?! His big, working mans hands wrapped around my waist. Above my hips. Then came a new wave of ass shredding. His thighs hammering my asscheeks. Hitting me hard. Pulling my hair. My asshole felt like hell … He fucked me even harder than he did my buddy. I cried like a little girl. But I was moaning, squealing, screaming for mercy! Mike went into shock as the big man grabbed my hair and slammed my face into the madrass furiously. Over and over. Then he grabbed my neck hard as he was about to come. I gasped for air as it all went black. When I woke up. It was in the shower. My whole body was aching. And everything smelled and tasted like urine. My buddy had felt asleep in my arms. There we were. Two girly guys, ****d and humiliated.As it turned out. After the attack, he became a prostitute for a living. And he already had a pimp. Guess he didn’t have a choice anyways … So don´t get messed up with d**g selling criminals unless you want to become someones worthless bitch!

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