Cowgirl and Belle in Vegas

Cum In

I saw her in the valet parking area of one of the big new Vegas hotels. It was like a scene out of a movie–this whole crowd of Southern gals, dressed to the nines with billowy dresses and high heels and big floppy hats, saying goodbye to a toothy blonde bride in white lace. I wasn’t looking at the bride, though, but at one of the bridesmaids. She was a giant, six feet tall and what was politely called big-boned. Well, being the rangy cowgirl type myself, I always liked a good-sized woman.

Anyway, it was a fair description, she wasn’t fat and sloppy, she was large and majestic, long, sturdy trunk-legs propped up in high heels to show there was muscle as well as fat there, a broad bustle of beautifully firm rounded ass, statuesque breasts squeezed up and out to show off a modest, but still flirtingly girlish, amount of cleavage. And her face… like sunshine breaking through a dark day under the shadow of that ridiculous enormous hat, a jolly smile and gleaming teeth set off by long dark hair, gathered up and waiting to be released.

I got wet just watching her deal with the business of wishing the bride and other bridesmaids off–smothering them with massive hugs from that big beautiful body. I wondered what it would be like to have my skinny, boyish self caught up in all those curves and folds. But my fantasy was unlikely to go anywhere, because surely in a moment her car would come and she would just be a memory to pleasure myself with.

But she didn’t leave, alone of the ones waiting there. As she wished the last of them off, she went back into the casino, and I followed her.

I watched as she sat down at one of the bars to play video poker, and took the space beside her and struck up a conversation. Her name was Beth, she was mostly from a small town in Georgia although being Air Force the family was from all over (that’s why her cousin’s wedding was held here). And she was alone in town for another day and a half. I said I was too, suggested that we should hang out together, and then started dropping more and more hints about my interest in her–that she was more beautiful than the bride, that some people liked girls as big as her, that we should go to the disco in the hotel tonight, that’s where the action was.

“I’m not interested in pickin’ up sum gah on the dance floor,” she said, looking a little worried.

“I’m not interested in picking up some guy, either,” I said, stressing the word guy. “I’m interested in dancing with you.”

“Oh,” she said. If she’d been denying what she had to know about my interest in her, she couldn’t deny it any more. “Um, sweetie, I’m not–“

“Don’t say what you are or what you aren’t,” I said. “That’s how people try to define you. They’ve defined you in lots of ways, haven’t they, Beth? By your size. ‘She has a good personality.’ ‘Makes a great bridesmaid.’ Always in terms of how men look at you. Well, maybe I look at you a whole different way. Beautiful. Strong. Alluring. Independent. Maybe in a place like Vegas, you can be those things, and anything else you want to be, free of their definitions. You can experiment as much as you’d like, and when you go home no one has to know but you.” I stood up. “And if all you want to do is dance, all you have to do is dance and we’ll have a lot better time together than if we both spent the rest of the night feeding quarters into video poker. So, Beth, wanna go dancing?”

She thought for a moment. “Okay,” she said. “Ah’d love to.”

The disco was tacky but it fit the bill; it was dark, crowded, noisy, and it made us feel like we were alone with each other even with a hundred people around us. A couple of times some jerk came up and tried to dance with me, and each time I loudly said “I’m with her.” The first time Beth seemed embarassed, the second time a little proud.

It görükle escort bayan was great watching her on the dance floor; after a while she really got into it, jiggling all she had back and forth, getting into flashing me a view deep down her ample cleavage, shaking her big round booty up and down. I loved watching the jiggles start with her big round arms and ballooning breasts, then go all the way down her back and into her ass and thighs. On one number we started doing the bump, then rubbing our bellies together, and I took the opportunity to say “I know how this could be even more fun without our clothes on.” She blushed but she didn’t say anything against the idea.

When that song ended she said “I have to sit down” and started to lead me to a table. Now or never, I thought. “We could lie down instead,” I said.

“Y’all are wiiiicked,” she said.

“You have no idea,” I said.

She mopped sweat from her brow and leaned against me. I put my hand on her thigh, and it didn’t get pushed off. “So… what’s it lahk?”

“You want me to try to DESCRIBE sex? Well, it’s kind of like those big hugs you were giving out in the valet area, combined with cumming so hard you’ll about blast your toenails off.”

“Y’all were in the valet area?” she asked, looking a little worried suddenly. I kicked myself for giving that away.

“I saw you out there and followed you back in,” I said, realizing this was the now or never moment. “Because you were the sexiest thing I’d seen in years,” I said, and leaned over to kiss her on the lips.

She jumped back. “Oh God. You really do want me, don’t you,” she said, as if she couldn’t believe it.

“I thought I’d made it obvious, but yes, I really want you. I think you are gorgeous, I want to devour you and make you cum so hard it straightens your hair and curls it back up again, I want to wake up looking into those big brown eyes and knowing that I put that smile there with my own tongue. I want to give you the most amazing night of your life.”

“I think y’already have,” she said. “I don’t know–God, yes, I want to,” she said. “I cain’t believe it, but I really really want to. Let’s go, now, quick.”

We got up and hurried to the elevator. As soon as we were inside I grabbed her again and we started mashing lips. I slid my tongue past her teeth and she let it in, then sucked it vigorously. She watched herself in the mirrors all around and her eyes were about big enough to serve dinner on. It felt so good to be wrapped up in her big arms, folded in her massive body. We ran down the hallway of her floor, hand in hand, and as she fiddled with the keycard I felt her up from behind, squeezed those massive heavy melons and wrapped my arms around the roundness of her waist. We hurried inside and she slammed the door, then wrapped her arms around me and picked me up off the floor as we tongue-kissed again.

We did that for a few minutes and then I led her to the bed. “I don’t know if ah can–you know, do it for you…” she said as I unbuttoned her dress and pulled it down to her waist, exposing the huge, heaving breasts trapped in their white cotton prison.

“Why don’t you see how much you like having me lick you inside out before you decide,” I said as I released her enormous boobs and they plopped to either side, giving off the sweet scent of polyester-trapped sweat. I held one up and started sucking the thumb-sized nipple as I felt between her trunk-like thighs. I pushed the skirt up until I reached cotton undies and felt the heat radiating from their center. Still sucking her tit, I slipped a finger into the scratchy thicket inside, then felt slick, warm lips open up to receive me. She fell back onto the bed and I took advantage of the moment to pull her underwear off, then the dress after bursa otele gelen escort it.

I stood back for a second to look at her, and she looked back at me, naked, waiting for what I would do next. She was a vision of chubby splendor, with her massive melons lolling to either side, her vast white tummy jiggling in anticipation, and the sturdy thighs tapering down to thick ankles and little pink piggies. As I pulled off my own top, revealing nothing much but a pair of B cups at best, I decided to start there, and picked up one of her round little feet, sucking the toes into my mouth. She wriggled impatiently, sending a wave through her belly, and so I pushed her legs apart to show her beautiful feminine flowers. I kissed my way up those fat jiggly thighs, cupped her broad round ass under my arms and rubbed my own tiny tits across her belly, scratching my nipples in her grassy fur. She moaned as I squeezed her fat ass cheeks, kneading them so that her pussy and asshole each smooshed together with each squeeze.

Then, at last, I put my tongue out and ran it along her sweet orchid, her slippery purple labia, getting that first tongue-on-metal taste as my tongue skated across the top of it. She shivered and moaned “Oh Gawd, yaaaayes,” in that beautiful southern accent of hers. I dove in again, lifting the petals apart with my tongue, past the thicker skin of the outer lips and finding my way into the smoother, wetter velvet inside. My nose burrowed into her pubic hair as my tongue went deep into that hot slippery hole and my hands kneaded that enormous ass like it was dough. How could any woman not be a dyke, I often wonder, when there are steamy purple flower-pussies like these out there, waiting for the right moment in a strange city to be seduced and devoured.

She started writhing, her massive tits bounding up and down on either side of her, that alabaster whale tummy shifting up and down, and I picked up the pace on her rubbery clit. I pushed her legs up, revealing the wrinkly brown hole below her love tunnel, and as I rubbed her clit with my finger I let my tongue dive into that peppery pucker below. She practically screamed, biting the pillow she clutched in one hand as the other massaged one of those giant tits. I switched back to chewing on her clit but rubbed her asshole with my index finger, and her ass practically sucked it inside. I kept up the rhythm, licking her clit as I pile-drove her asshole with my finger, and it was only a few more moments before she came, her ass pulsing around my finger and her cunt throbbing in my face.

She lay there, devastated, ravished, the spot on her chest hot and red enough to fry an egg on. She didn’t look like she was going anywhere, so I moved up to her and snuggled next to her. She didn’t look at me, though, just gazing at the ceiling. “How are you doing, Beth?” I asked. “Do y’all believe in sin?”

Uh-oh. Here it was, the post-cunnilingual regret. “I suppose there is such a thing,” I said. “Like prejudice against people being the way God made them. Against them seeking love and pleasure with the kind of person they were made to want. I’d call that a sin. But if you’re asking if I think there’s anything sinful about what we just did, no, I think it’s as natural as anything you’ve ever done with a guy.”

“Darlin’, I’ve never had any guy do half of that to me,” she said. “When you jabbed your finger into my ass, I thought I was seein’ stars. But… maybe you can’t help what you are, and that means it isn’t a sin for you. But I’m not a… you know.”


“Right. So for me to go and do it… when it’s not what Ah have to be, like you do…”

Jesus, the things religion can do to people’s heads. “Beth, how do you really know what you are until you’ve tried it? bursa escort bayan I watched you cum from the best seat in the house, and if you ever felt like that with any guy, shit, introduce me to him and maybe I’ll turn straight too. Until then, you gave the best impersonation of a hot, sexy dyke I’ve seen in a while. So before you give up on the idea and convince yourself that you just committed a big sin, maybe there are some more things you need to try first. Or one thing, right between my legs.”

“Jesus, you are bold,” she said, with that mischievous smile back again. “Okay, but if I don’t like it, Ah’m stopping.” Considering our respective sizes, I thought, there wasn’t much I could do about it anyway. She leaned over me, those massive melons resting on my chest, and we kissed again, sucking each others’ tongues. “Taste something good on me?” I asked.

“Oh stop, you’re so bad,” she said. I felt her hand move down my stomach and to my wet cunt, where it traced the slit and then two fingers went inside me and I bucked with them. She licked my nipple and I massaged the globe of her massive white butt, running my finger along the wetness that had run into her crack. She spread my legs apart and looked at my sex, rubbing my clit with my finger as she tried to make up her mind. “If you don’t do it now, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering,” I said.

“Ah guess mama and daddy did teach me always to return a favor,” she said, and kissed my clit. Then she put her lips to it again, and kept them there, her hot breath warming my pussy lips. Suddenly I felt something emerge, a little tongue resting against my slit, and it started to move up and down the outside of my pussy. Then suddenly a whole fat tongue appeared and lapped me up like an ice cream cone. She grabbed my legs and pressed my whole body against her face as she licked and sucked me. Her tongue went deep inside me and then suddenly I felt a fingernail pressing at my asshole. It was sharp and dry and it burned like hell when she rammed her chubby finger in, but I wasn’t going to argue if she was getting into it.

It wasn’t long before I came, but she didn’t seem to want to stop. So I maneuvered her over me, her massive white ass in my face, vagina and asshole spread open. It was incredible, having her big ass sitting on my face, practically smothering me, her flabby tummy spilling over my skinny little self, her enormous melons draped over my bony hips as she chomped away, slurping everything that flowed from my pussy. We ate each other to two or three orgasms, and later, she asked me what else there was to do and we got out a strap-on and she fucked me and I fucked her, and then I fucked her in that broad beautiful ass with it for good measure. But all good fun has to come to an end, and the time came that she had to think about the future. “Have you decided what you think you are?” I asked her as she lay next to me in a bathrobe, tits and tummy spilling out of it, toes looking delectable as ever at the end of her long thick legs.

“I think I’m a girl’s girl, and horny for the taste of your sweet pussy,” she said. “And if that’s what I am, it cain’t be a sin.”

“Not until morning, please,” I said, as an ache ran through me at the very thought. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Well, I cain’t go back to Georgia like this,” she said. “Lord knows who I might attack, or worse yet, convert. The whole town’ll be licking pussy in no time.” She suddenly turned serious. “I kind of hoped maybe… but maybe you aren’t interested in one person–“

“Beth, will you come with me… and cum with me? It doesn’t have to mean one person–in fact, I have some friends I think you’d really enjoy meeting–but it does mean choosing what you are, at last, and wanting to be that thing–“

“You mean, a lesbian?”

“Yes, a lesbian, with me.”

“Okay,” she said, and we embraced again and sucked each other tongues. “I want to come with you, and cum with you, and be a part of the beautiful world you’ve opened me up to.” We hugged and held each other, imagining the years of pleasure that awaited us. Suddenly she sat up. “Let’s seal it by eating pussy.”

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