Corporate Assets (Chapter 4)


Corporate Assets (Chapter 4)Chapter 4Suddenly, Skinny grabbed her nipples roughly and pulled her up to her feet. He led her to the middle of the room. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. He quickly undid his pants and pulled them off. Sandra couldn’t help but look at his cock. It was a long thin cock, perhaps 10 inches long. He had almost no hair anywhere on his body, including around his cock. He suddenly reached down between her legs and shoved his finger into her pussy. “Good, still nice and wet. I think you must like this.” It was true, in spite of the abuse Sandra pussy was hot and dripping. Skinny roughly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy. “Got to inspect the real estate first, ” he said. He then lay down on his back. His long obscene cock sticking straight up. Maria grabbed Sandra’s shoulders and walked her toward the grinning r****t. “Climb on for the ride. Next stop Cocksville,” he grinned. Sandra stepped over his body and stood above him, looking down he stroked his flaming cock. He too was uncircumcised. She felt Maria push her down. “Take the executive elevator down, ” said Maria. Sandra had to move her feet outward to balance herself. This caused her to spread her legs as she was forced down. The man reached up and guided her pussy down to his waiting cock. Sandra felt the head of the cock touch her pussy lips. She tried to stand up but Maria continued to force her lower. Then the head was in her pussy. The lower she was shoved, the deeper the cock went in her. It seemed to reach to her stomach. Finally lara escort her ass was resting on the hips of the smiling man.She felt like a pole had been shoved up her pussy. Never had such a long cock been inside her. Maria let her go and Sandra fell back slightly. Her hands, still tied behind her, felt the bony knees of the man. “I told you, you was gonna do the work. So get to fucking, bitch.” He reached out and grabbed her nipples. He pinched her now erect nipples between thumb and forefinger. Pain shot through her. “Slide that high priced cunt up and down my cock”, he growled threateningly. Sandra raised herself slightly. The pain in her belly eased as she lifted herself off the rigid cock. She continued to raise up and she felt the cock sliding out of her. Then only the head was in her. She then began to slowly lower herself. When the cock was in as deep as she wanted it to be she started to raise up again. “Not quite. We want to be sure you’ve reached your full potential,” said the man as he reached out and grabbed her by the hips. He pulled her down until the full length of his cock with buried deep in her pussy. The pain shot through her again. “Maybe she needs some professional training,” he said to Maria. Maria grabbed Sandra’s arms and began to lift her. Then Maria shoved her down, impaling her on the hard cock. Sandra gasped as her ass came down on the man. Again Maria lifted her, and again slammed her upon that shaft of meat. Over and over, she rose and fell. “Just think of exercise class,” said Maria. escort lara “Up and down. Only problem is this exercise gives up a belly, instead of helping you lose it.” The sharp pain became a dull ache in her pussy. Then Maria moved to get the camera. “Smile for the annual report, senora” she said as she began shooting pictures of Sandra being fucked in this brutal manner.”Okay, time for a change,” said Skinny. Sandra was lifted off of him and laid on her back. “Please, my hands,” she began as her full weight has pressed against her bound hands. “Oh did we hurt you?” said Maria. “The way you hurt other people we thought you liked it”. Maria and the third man grabbed Sandra’s ankles and lifted them as they spread her legs. Skinny was stroking his cock, now slick with her pussy juice. He knelt between her legs and put his cock against her pussy. “You never can depend on other people to do it right,” he said. “Always got to do it yourself. Right?” With that he slammed the entire length of his cock into her exposed pussy. Sandra gasped. He pulled it out, except for the head and slammed it home again. In and out he went. In spite of the pain Sandra had begun to respond on the most basic level. Her clit was being rubbed and no matter that it was ****, her body responded. She looked down between her legs and watched with fascination as that long cock slid in and out of her pussy. It was almost, she thought, like watching someone else being fucked. Maria and the man pulled Sandra’s legs toward her head so that her feet were almost lara escort bayan directly above her face. She heard someone moan, then realized it was her. “So you like this fucking exercise, chiquita?” asked Maria. “It don`t take no fancy equipment neither.”Sandra then saw Stocky standing above her. He was still naked and his cock had come back to life. He knelt beside her head. “Mind if I give her something to do with her mouth?” he asked the man who was pounding her pussy. Skinny merely grunted and continued his rapid fucking. Sandra felt her head being turned to the side. She was now staring directly at Stocky’s hard on. The man pushed his cock head against her lips, she opened her mouth. He shoved the length into her. “Now you got the hang of it,” he said. Now she was being fucked in the mouth and the pussy. Her body was writhing. Heat was building up between her legs. The long thin cock whipped in and out of her pussy, while the short thick cock filled her mouth. Her mewing barely escaped around the cock as it was pulled from her mouth. She was losing consciousness, overcome by the twin sensations. Then the slamming of her pussy picked up speed. As if giving a signal, so did thecock between her lips. Maria had released her leg and now had the camera. “This will be really nice, shows all your talents,” she said. Together the two cocks filled Sandra. Then the grunting grew louder, she felt Skinny’s hot cum filling her pussy. It was followed almost immediately by Stocky’s cum splashing into her mouth. She must have fainted because the next thing she knew someone was poring water on her face. “Now that’s what I call really getting into it,” said Maria. “But you ain’t through yet, mi bonita.”To Be Continued…

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