Confused & Helpless


Confused & HelplessdeleteddeletedI am Amulya from a very rich Business family.My husband was out for a month for business purposes.I was alone in my palatial house only with my driver,Rajesh at our garage.One day,my driver came and told me openly that madam the thing that I will say you now,by that you may throw me away from my job,but still only for your sake I will have to tell this to you.I asked what? He told me openly that madam you are too sexy and whenever I see you I have an erection.I can give you the tremendous pleasure of sex that you cannot even imagine.I also have a friend to whom women die to have sex. He is a Truck driver. Just think your husband is not here and you remain u*********s of what is the real meaning of sex.I and my friend can give you the limitless pleasure that you can ever imagine.I will come today in evening with my friend,if you think you can just kick me out,and I will never ever come and join your job again.Its your option,either you can have the unimagined pleasure or you can still stay like this till your husband returns and ever in life stay unknown from the fact that what was real sex.By saying this he went away.I stood their still and shocked.In the evening the door bell rang.I found my driver with his huge build up friend.Rajesh asked what’s your decision?I closed my eyes took a deep breathe told come in.His friend was almost 6-2 in height and have 42 inches chest,very ugly,a fat man,black dirty skin with big pimples and wore a dirty shirt and a lungi, will be of 42 years age and have lust in his eyes.I made all the arrangements for them and was preparing dinner. They came in and sat in drawing room at that time I was in blue sari and a matching sleeveless blouse. He had brought a adult picture and we all were enjoying that movie.But we dint talk and I was too much nervous as I was totally confused. On 9 o’clock Rajesh told me to arrange dinner before that they had taken scotch.Rajesh introduced him that, this is Mr. Rahaman and this is my madam Amisa. We said hello each other, then Rahaman said you are very much lucky Rajesh; you got such a beautiful madam.I became shy in but we all smiled on his comment. I was in utter confusion too, as by hearing the name Rahaman,’ I realized that he was a Muslim..and I was a Hindu. Yet I was getting easy with the situation too. Mr. Rahaman said you are really a beautiful lady and have a marvelous figure I just smiled but I felt his thirst eyes on my body, he was watching my mountains and depths. I felt a lot shy. I was in such a position infront of my own driver. I was wondering what was the next. After completing the dinner we went to guest room and I went to bedroom.My driver said madam,do you want us together or one by one? I was nervous and kept silent and put my eyes down in shame.Rajesh laughed and told Rahaman you enjoy first and then I will.Rahaman came up close to me with Rajesh.Rajesh told him Rahaman now Amisa is only for your enjoy and he went to the guest. Now Rahaman closed the door and came near to me and said actually I was praying to god, how can I get you and god gave me a chance. Then he said you are really a beautiful lady and he took me in his arms I was silently presenting my self to him he lifted me like a doll and threw me on the bed I got little fear but what could I do? After that Rahaman dropped all his clothes except his underwear.Then he came to me and opened my hairs, then he put his lips on my lips and started kissing passionately his kisses were very hard and rough during all that time he was slipping his palm on my butt and squeezing them passionately, he did my whole face wet by his. Then he pull my sari. And his hands were moving on my whole body and I really say, in starting I was feeling hate but now I was also feeling wet and was eager to lie under him. At that time I was in petticoat and blouse and perhaps 1/2 hour had spent oh god this time was too much for my husband and in this time we did complete sex so many times. But Rahaman just undid my sari now I was fully aroused and started slowly moaning but he was quite.He lied beside me and asked to arouse him now it was my chance although I was feeling shame in starting but now I had gotten fully aroused. And I started to move my hands on Rahaman’s body up and down he closed his eyes I started kissing him. His chest was hairy and color was very fair, his thighs were very tight moreover he was a complete man. I kissed his nipples and naval now he started moaning ohhhh….aaahhaaahhhhh yeeesssssss youuu blooooooooody biiiitchhh. Now I wanted to see his big cock, which was trying to come out of his underwear. I fixed my fingers in the strip of his underwear and he lifted his hips and helped me to do him necked.Now what a glorious seen was there a 10 inch cock is fully erected and two balls were hanging I sat on his chest and started to licking his cock I was very much eager to eat this lollypop because first time I was seeing a huge cock I was just playing with it like a little girl plays with dolls during this time my butt were on Rahaman’s face and he was just squeezing them but I was fully concentrated on his huge cock. Now I was licking his precum and moving my mouth up and down I wanted to eat more and more and at last he burst in my mouth and filled me with his cum. He held my head tightly,so I drank it whole.Then his wildness aroused suddenly and he told some abusing words and got me lie down and came in between my legs I was eager to show my lovely boobs to him because it was my costly property but Rahaman did not take interest to see them. Now he was concentrate on my naval and his tongue has entered in my naval he was licking it I closed my eyes but suddenly I opened my eyes because he toured my petticoat alas!!!! My costly petticoat. Now it was in two pieces, now he bent me and pull down my panty, blouse was still there on my body and I was in little wonder that why he is ignoring my lovely mountains. I was first time bottom less before being topless. Now his palms were moving on my butt also he was squeezing them and kissing them passionatelyNow he told me to sit on knees and lift butt upward means like a bitch. I made this condition then he started to kiss my butts sometimes his tongue entered in my shit hole. Actually I was assuming that after sometime he will enter his big Lun in my vagina from back side but when he put his Lun on my shit hole I understood his notion and then I felt very much fear because sometimes my husband tried to do this but I strictly refused due to maltepe escort fear I thought how the 5 ” cock will entered in this tiny hole but now this is 10 ” cock so I just bent and told to Rahaman I think you are trying to take my ass but please don’t do that it is very much tiny and it will injure but he laughed and told dear Amisa what your driver told previously that for the whole night you are only our.Then I begged him to entered in pussy I told him to squeeze my boobs suck my nipples why don’t you do that? Then he replied “madam, I first saw you in a shopping mall’s parking lot.That time your driver Rajesh pointed towards you and said that you are his madam.I never saw such a hottest and sexy woman like you. Actually madam when I first saw you then I became fan of your butt then I told it to Rajesh for having you, firstly he refused but when I convinced him the pleasure, he agreed and planned all this. So don’t show any drama and present me your ass then I felt very much shame but now what can be happened but any how I wanted to protect my ass but he was now started to **** me.Suddenly I gave him jerk by my ass so he fell backside and I ran away after opening the door and by wrapping myself with the bed cover.I thought to run to the bathroom and lock myself from this a****l.But as I opened the door Rajesh who was in guest room ran and caught me.I screamed that let me go,I wont do this!!!!! but My driver pulled and snatched the bed cover and flew it away.He watched me with lust and said you really have a hot sexy figure,how can we let you go hotty??????????At the same time Rahaman came there,my driver smiled and asked what happened? Rahaman shouted on Rajesh she is not supporting me. Then Rajesh told him no problem I will help you and then my driver and Rahaman lift me in their hands.I was shocked due to my driver and an stranger was taking or rather r****g me like this. But what could I do? Now we all came to bed room. Rahaman said to Rajesh, her pussy is used by her husband and I wanted something new and her ass is virgin because she was saying she refused to for ass fucking so now please help me. Then Rajesh saw me and told, madam don’t worry it will be little painful but afterwards you will enjoy. But I was not ready then he undress himself and sat on bed and just tore my blouse what a shameful seen my driver toured my blouse in front of another person. Then Rahaman came near and just unhooked my bra. Now I was fully naked and I was not aware what they are going to do?Then Rajesh told to Rahaman: Woh! Did you see her boobs???? What a fantastic guns she has!!!!!!!! I am a great fan of them but Rahaman replied Ok I will taste them later. Then Rajesh held my both boobs and started to squeeze them and took nipples in his mouth then from back side Rahaman came and entered his finger in my pussy now I knew they were trying to make arouse me. Rahaman made me sat on knees like a bitch I was begging but they did not show any sympathy my hands were caught by Rajesh and boobs were in his mouth Rahaman hold my waist and put his cock head on my butt hole I just cried by pain but as soon as I opened my mouth for crying my driver entered his cock in my mouth and I could not cry.In the mean time Rahaman put his cockhead on my butt hole and pull my waist towards him but could not enter his cock into me then he asked to Rajesh have you some butter in kitchen because her hole is very much tight Rajesh told Ok. then Rahaman told him no no I will go and he left the room then I begged to Rajesh Please save me I can’t do that.My husband will find out & will surely get to know! Then my driver Rajesh said to me madam just relax and enjoy.Why are you not understanding madam that it was my dream to have you? I am your driver and Rahaman is a truck driver.In both of our life we cannot have a more sexy beautiful woman than you! So how can we leave you,once we have got you?Then there was no other way and there was no one to save me so I just left myself free after coming Rahaman I made myself in bitch position Rahaman told yes Rajesh do work on her breast Rajesh started to squeezing my boobs then Rahaman applied some butter on my butt hole and some on his cock then he put his cock on my hole and applied some pressure I was feeling a lot of pain but I was not reacting at the same time they counted one, two, three and Rahaman pushed his cock forward and Rajesh push me backward and I gave out a large gaseous bomb out of my anal and now something was inside my butt holeAfter a few seconds Rahaman pull his cock little outside and again they both did the same one, two, three and with another fart now I think his half cock was into my butt hole. My outer rim of my hole was torn & blood oozing out. Oh! that was so tight and bbig! I screamed in a loud voice “ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee hi pleeeeease help, I wiiiill dieeeeeeeeeee. ooeeee my back its torn oo oo hi maa oee ooeeee my back its torn……You punctured my hole, you basted!”Then they both gave some jerks after a while Rahaman told Rajesh now it is moving easily so you leave now and see the show Then my driver once again kissed my boobs and left me and sat on sofa now I was in Rahaman’s hand he told me Amisa darling now It will be more enjoyable for you also now assume you and me like a bitch and dog and move to and fro then I also thought while it is being helpless & no one to help me out then why should not I enjoy with this big cock. And I started to give support to Rahaman he was now increasing his speed and I also. My boobs were hanging to and fro.His cock was feeling my hard shit inside my ass.I again requested “please take it out or I’ll die,please,I beg you” There were tears in my eyes. Then Rahaman pressed my boobs a little hard and while licking on my ears said ” I will not let you die, just enjoy it.” While ramming my ass,he moved his hand under my belly and placed his rough palm on my sweet chubby pussy.As I felt the touch on my pussy I shivered and moaned.Then he pulled his cock out. As his half cock became out he pushed it in me with great force. I started crying “ooeee haeee noooooooooo I’ll die, its tooooooo much painnnnnnnnnn, please be still for a moment,pleaseeeeeeeee!” but he didn’t listen to me and started fucking my ass madly. I collapsed!He continued fucking without listening me and held my hips with his hands and started fucking more fast. During fucking his cock was touching my hard shit inside my ass which after some time felt soft and I discharged a lot of gasses from my ass, escort maltepe with smell, & with great noise. By then I had also controlled my pains and started moving my ass with his motion.By that Rahaman gestured my driver “look the bitch is enjoying! ” He continued fucking, then with his jerks my shit became soft and it started oozing out when his cock was moving out. Both Rahaman and my driver gasped by looking at it.My driver appreciated Rahaman and said you have really done a good job Rahaman! Soon madam will become a sex slave! Rahaman said your madam is a real hotty!I was tired but was happy after 20/25 minutes he loaded my butt with his cum.Rahaman said “oh madam I am cuming” I dint know how I started uttering words like “hoooo now its pleasures, please cum inside me, pleaseeee & please don’t take your cock out, pleaseeee!” By seeing that Rahaman was yelling and laughing like mad!I also reached my orgasm and cummed right on his hand. He laid on my back for few minutes and then he pulled his cock out. It came out with a “pucch“ sound and my shit also came out. Both of them started yelling and laughing like maniacs!I laid gasping and then got relaxed now this was 3 am in night.Then Rahaman told Rajesh I got satisfied now I want to rest. Rajesh replied Ok let me enjoy now but I told loudly I am not satisfied they both look wondered me.I told you want to take my ass I gave it to you but now I am interested to take your 10 inch in my pussy because I never took such a big thing in my lady ness Rajesh cried on me good see I told you that I will give you the best pleasure of the world. Rahaman told quietly Rajesh she is correct you may go I will enjoy with her,she is already becoming a sex addict and I will leave your madam when she will completely become a sex addicted woman.Rajesh laughing went to guest room then Rahaman closed the door.I told him yes come on and fuck me Now I am in love with you then he came near to me and his palms were moving on my whole body I was also kissing him. Then I lift my hands to tie up my hairs and gave him full look of my ripe mangoes and got success to attract him on them. He came near and took one tit in his rough hand and another tit in his mouth he was really sucking my nipples like a baby. I was smiling and was pleased that in last I made him mad on my boobs. After some time he changed his mouth and hand position on tits, after feeling passionate sucking I became a sex-servant of Rahaman.After getting satisfied with my boobs he told me let us do 69. I agreed and climb on him and put my pussy on her thirst lips and took his tool in my mouth I was kissing his tool like a banana and he was fucking me with his tongue. He entered his thumb and finger into my pussy and found my clit and took it in his mouth. I was in heaven no doubt he was a complete man I said Rahaman I am coming he replied no problem and I came on his face most of my cum he drank after that he got lied me on bed and came in between my legs I spread my legs and gave a full look of my pussy.Now he begun to rub over my pussy. He was by no means gentle. He knew only one way. Right there I could sense my pussy getting wet.He saw it too. He began rubbing harder & more passionately. Soon I was all aroused & was giving all of myself to him. I was making sounds like Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm. Suddenly he stopped & placed his ragging bull on my entrance.He gave a big big thrust. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo. Plzzzzzzzz slowwwwwlyy. I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.He entered his cock in my pussy with little barrier because I was habitual of only 5 inch so my pussy was tight but this man has just double. But Only ¼ of his cock was inside me. Suddenly with another big push he tore me entirely. I was bleeding and felt like virgin once again. After inserting he started to move to and fro. He knew only one speed. He was fucking me like a bull. I started moaning myself..ahh..ahhh ohhh yess…ohhh..oooooo woooo ooooooooh…. my god.Really he was giving me full pleasure.He fucked & fucked & fucked me.I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed my juices on his cock. I was moaning and producing sexy voices like ” OOhhh Yeahh. Uuuuummmmmm OOHHHHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. .He fucked me at least half an hour,and then he told “Ohh! darling I am about to cum. ”I requested him to take it out and told him that I am not protected! But he gave me a wicked smile & increased his pumping. I scratched his face with my nails & started pushing him back. I begged please take it out, you don’t have a condom, please don’t do this please please take it out, please please.You are a Muslim.I am a Hindu! I tried to push him away, but hearing that he started fucking me more hard & with in next thirty seconds the basted exploded deep inside my pussy. He totally filled my absolutely fertile womb. It seemed like a dam was broken. He filled me entirely & some even spilled out.With his discharge he held me strongly and tightly jammed my pussy,and right then I arched and reached another orgasm.I was gasping with tears rolling down my eyes.Then he planted a passionate kiss and went to the next room.Next, my driver Rajesh came in. He was already nude. My driver was a very ugly man. He was big, bald and had a very thick and big cock.I saw it was half erect. I was lying on the bed.He watched my whole body with a very evil look for few seconds he said that madam you are really very sexy.I was silent and still was dazed to realize that my own driver was having me in this situation.Then like a hungry wolf he jumped on me and started kissing me everywhere. he was too much passionate.As he kissed on my neck I let out a gasp.After about ten minutes kissing on my lips, face and boob sucking he licked my belly and went down and touched my hairy pussy with my tongue. It was coated with Rahaman’s cum and my juices. I shivered & jerked as if I got a massive shock. He widened my legs and started licking more wildly. Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started moaning badly.Now he stretched my fair flabby legs further upto the point that it can be stretched no more, and so it hurt me like hell. Now my pussy protruded out in font of him, totally exposed. My driver said OHHHHHH! MADAM, YOUR PUSSY IS CUTE!!!!!! I closed my eyes in shame. Then he spit on he nasty cock and rubbed its head with it and then placed it on my pussy.As maltepe escort bayan his cock touched my pussy my body shivered. I was moaning. Then he cupped my big boob with right hand. My driver was playing with my boobs wildly. His cock was ready to enter my pussy. He asked me to put my tongue in his mouth. I took his tongue in my mouth by saying “my vagina is torn by Rahaman & its paining, please insert your cock as slowly as possible, please!”Rajesh gave a evil smile at me and suddenly with a powerful jerk he entered his full cock in my pussy. Oh! Rahaman really loosened and enlarged my pussy badly,as my driver’s full cock entered in my vagina easily. Right then I arched screamed and had a good squirt!!!!! My driver looking at that gasped Wow!!!!!! and stayed there for a moment and watched me with an evil look until I calmed down.But Then just as he started pumping a little I couldn’t control and again immediately arched my back & got a real squirting orgasm. They changed my body totally and now I couldn’t control myself. They turned me into a sex hungry bitch. By looking at that my driver told that “Madam are you trying to make any world record in cumming??? See how I made you a sex hungry slut!!!!! Soon you will be my sex slave!!!! ” By saying that he started pumping slowly but in a very hardcore manner.Just then my screams converted into loud passionate moans. He tried to stretch my legs further but it couldn’t go anymore and I moaned real loudly due to my pussy.I moaned in sexy voices “oooeee, ooooo noooooo yesssss ooooooooo uffffff……….. what a hard cock you have, its just like any donkey’s cock.” My driver replied “Oh! honey your pussy is so sweet and hot!!!!”.But just as I was totally getting aroused,may be to tease me,he stopped pumping and started kissing my boobs. I moaned hoooooooo! I begged him please don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop,please!!!!!!!!! I beg you,please don’t stop…..please!!!!!!!! He looked at me and with a very big evil smile on his face he said “look madam,how I have turned you into a nasty bitch!!!!!! You are begging your driver to fuck you?????? ”I said “when you told me that you would have sex with me and you would give me tremendous pleasure of sex that you cannot even imagine,I didn’t know why just by hearing it, I got aroused. I just couldn’t wait any longer & lost control on my body!!!! I didn’t had sex with anyone other than my husband and when you said these words to me I don’t know why you made me realize that deep down in me I really wanted it badly!”I told my driver that “Rajesh, I was feeling like I was having my first sex of my life.You truly gave me an extremely fantastic experience! Now PLEASEEEEE, pump my pussy or I’ll die!!!!!!” My driver smiled and started fucking very slowly and said “Madam,you are a very sexy woman. I always used to dream of fucking you. I used to masturbate in toilets with your thought. Madam, I am really taking extreme pleasures from your pussy!”But I screamed “I cant control any more, please fuck me hard, hard, please hard, I request you.” with this automatically I moved my hips up and down his cock. By looking at that he laughed loudly and kissed my lips and started fucking me like a mad dog. I rolled my head back and started moaning real loudly!My legs were stretched apart by him and he tightly held my legs in this position. But I dint know why my hips were moving up and down with his cock’s rhythm and I screamed continuously with pleasure. suddenly I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed her thick juices out on my driver’s cock. I was moaning loudly in sexy voices like ” OOHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII please fuck me hard, please I cant take it, harder please!” within few moments I was again about to cum….He paused fucking and told me that he was about to cum. I just ignore his words and told him in very seducing sexy voice that yes yes yeeeee hhhhhh ohhhhhh please be fast and fast again and cum inside me!!!!!! He told me but it may be risky if I come into you! But I replied in a low and shy voice that Rahaman has already broken my ordeal and so you can also cum inside me!!!!!!! It will be my fortune to become the mother of your c***d instead of my wimp husband!!!!!!!!!! ” He smiled at me and inserted the full length of his big thick cock in me and loaded his hot sperm in my ovary.Ho! it felt so hot and in pleasure I just seemed to pass out.Right then I arched and shivered my whole body like a malaria patient and got the biggest orgasm of my life….I went on cumming and stop my squirt….I screamed and gasped madly in pleasure “Ooooooooooooooo Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo.I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… IIII Ammmmm cant stopppppp Comingggg. ”After that we both got tired. I told him you are my dream man!! He asked why? I replied because I like brave persons and you are like that! He asked me how? I replied with a shy smile you fuck me on the bed of my husband, me being a gorgeous and millionaire woman you made me fuck a stranger like a cheap ugly truck driver and you changed me completely from a faithful wife to a sex hungry bitch!!!!!!! ” By hearing that he smiled and kept kissing me real passionately on my lips and squeezed my boobs and rubbed my pussy.Then I embraced him and we were lying by hugging each other.Then Rahaman came inside the room.I smiled at him and he also smiled at me. Rahaman said “just few hours ago when I first saw you,you were such a good rich shy and faithful wife,and look now you have become such a cheap slut that two men have violated you.You have become pregnant by your own driver and a truck driver. ”Rahaman said, “Really,Rajesh your madam is a fantastic the hottest lay. ”My driver asked me, “Honey, did you really enjoy? ” I replied “Yeah,. It was really a great experience. both of you had good cocks. I enjoyed very much,” “Now I hate my husband’s cock,I really love both of you after all this. You are really fantastic, Rajesh. From today I’ll call you Rajesh and not Driver. By hearing that both of them started laughing madly.Then my driver gave me a good passionate kiss on my lips.After this I became their sex slaves forever.Whenever Rajesh gets chances he fucks me,whenever my husband remains outside the station Rahaman comes with Rajesh and uses my body in raw sex.Actually I no more have sex with Rajesh and Rahaman,I just make love with them in sex.Now I have four k**s.The elder one is of my husband’s and the rest three are of my driver Rajesh’s and Rahaman’s.

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