Confessions of a Sexaholic – How my Widowed Aunt S


Confessions of a Sexaholic – How my Widowed Aunt SHi, it’s Ali here! This is another true event that occurred when I was in junior college. As my father was the second oldest amongst 7 brothers I lived in a huge joint family. There were around 30 of us living comfortably in 3 huge houses which were joined together. I was the third c***d and had a twin sister and an older sister. Although I had 15 cousins I was still the favorite k** in the house.Let me first describe my Aunt. My eldest Aunt, Sheen, was quite dusky and short, around 5 ft 6 inches. She had big round boobs and a firm butt that stood out whenever she wore high heels. Sheen Aunty was around 45 years old. Her eldest son was 7 years older than me while her daughter, Dee, was around 2 years older. You should know at this point that my older cousin Dee had lost her virginity only last year after she seduced me. She, along with my youngest Aunt Fida, my twin sister Amina and older sister Jasmin were the four members of my family that I had already slept with. Sheen lived on the two floors of the right wing of my huge house. She had a duplex-designed house where the second floor was accessed through a short flight of stairs that led up from the kitchen and then continued on to the terrace. Now that you know a little background, let’s begin the story. This was in February of 2006 and I was busy studying for my 12th practical exams. It was during this that my eldest uncle took ill and was admitted to the hospital. After an unsuccessful surgery his condition deteriorated. When the doctor said that he needed blood I volunteered and donated as much as possible. Despite the best efforts my eldest uncle passed away. It was a huge blow to everyone in the family as he was the patriarchal leader of our huge family and after the final rites were performed there was a gloomy atmosphere is the whole house. Although Dee seemed to have taken the loss too deeply her mother, Sheen seemed to have come to terms with the loss. Within a week my exams were over and I began spending more time at home. As Dee was feeling too depressed, her mother suggested that she spend some time with her brother in Mumbai. Since Dee was leaving for at least a fortnight Sheen Aunty was going to be all alone at her home. When my mother suggested that maybe I should sleep over at her house she would feel more comfortable. I was surprised when Sheen Aunty readily agreed and told my mom that she was about to suggest the same thing. I had no problems sleeping over at her place as there was a PC in Dee’s room with an internet connection. As Dee was gone, I was going to sleep in her room, which was on the second floor while Sheen Aunty’s bedroom was on the first floor. It was the first night so Aunty Sheen invited me for dinner as well. Even though it was quite chilly I changed into my shorts and sleeveless Tee at half past 9, went up to her door and rang the doorbell at the iron-grille door. “Just a minute, Sweety”, I heard Aunt Sheen say from within, and after a couple of minutes saw my aunt bustling towards me from inside. I was pleased to see that she was dressed in a tight, white-colored nightgown. She was not wearing her usual scarf for hijab on her head and her hair was let loose. Seeing me she smiled wide and apologized, telling me that she was just about to finish cooking dinner. “Don’t forget to lock that door, please.”, she said to me.I stepped in the door and she turned to leave. I was locking the door behind me and happened to look at her. I could not believe my eyes when I looked at her swinging butt. She had firm and large butt cheeks that seemed to jiggle with every step she took. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and quickly turned around to make sure the door was locked.I went in and sat on the couch in her living room. I switched on the TV and began surfing channels till I reached HBO and began watching a movie. Aunt Sheen was making small talk from the kitchen which was right next to the living room. After a few moments she called to ask if I was hungry now and I said yes. I asked if we could eat dinner while watching the movie and she agreed readily. “Do you need any help, Aunty?”, I asked.“No its fine, sweetheart. I’ll get it.”, said Aunt Sheen.I sat on the couch facing the TV as Aunt Sheen began setting the dinner on the coffee table. I couldn’t but help notice that her nightgown had a huge collar and as she bent down to put the plates on the low coffee table her big round boobs almost popped out of the black lacy bra she wore. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her boobs right then.Suddenly she looked up at me and caught me staring at her boobs. Before I could react she simply smiled and said, “I hope you like them?”.“Huh?..” I managed to stutter confusedly before she pointed down to my plate at the coleslaw sandwiches she had made. “Wow! These are my favorite Aunty!”, I managed to say with real sincerity, relieved that Aunt Sheen seemed to be cool about catching me staring at her boobs.It was then that it dawned on me that Aunt Sheen was very liberal and modern I had always seen her wearing a hijab or at least covering her head with a scarf when she was out or at home. This was the first time that I saw her dressed like this. We began to watch the movie but I was now realizing the small changes I saw in her. Apart from the quite tight nightgown she was wearing, Aunt Sheen had also applied a light beige lip-gloss, which went quite well with her dark complexion. Her nightgown had no sleeves and I noticed that her arms seemed to have been recently waxed. Her hands were so smooth that they almost reflected the light coming from the TV screen. After finishing Aunt Sheen asked me how the dinner was.“Aah.. I’m so full, Aunty.. I think I ate five güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sandwiches!” “I’m so glad to hear you liked them, Sweetheart. I hope you still have some space in your tummy, coz I’ve made dessert too.” She said and smiled sweetly at me.Aunt Sheen picked up the plates and went to the kitchen. She returned with a huge slice of chocolate cake.I grinned wide when I saw the chocolate cake. Aunt Sheen’s chocolate cakes had been my favorite ever since I was little. I remember she had made the same cake for my 5th birthday and I still loved it whenever she baked chocolate cakes and cookies. After finishing the slice of cake Aunt Sheen and I began talking about the family. “I want to thank you for donating your blood, sweetheart. You need to know that it meant a lot to me and to Dee. She was so grateful that she was crying when she told me how you were the first to volunteer to donate the blood at the hospital.”“Come on, Aunty.. You don’t need to thank me. That’s what family is for, right?” I said simply and smiled.“Aaw.. Look how you’ve grown, sweety! Talking like a man now. He he!” she giggled and managed to say through misty eyes.It was around 11 now and Aunt Sheen told me that I could sleep in Dee’s room on the second floor. She told me there’s water in the refrigerator and the rest of the chocolate cake also, knowing my cravings for midnight snacks. “Thank you, Aunty. Good night.” I said.“Good night, sweetheart!” said Aunt Sheen smiling, watching me climb the stairs to the second floor.I unlocked the door and stepped in Dee’s room. Suddenly my mind began remembering all the times that Dee and I had fucked in this room. I looked around and saw the single bed near the low window, the huge beanbag, the bookshelf and her posters and finally her PC table which was right at the side of the door. I was feeling quite contented after the dinner and the chocolate cake combined with Dee’s smell still lingering in her room began to arouse me.I made sure to latch the door from within before I switched on Dee’s PC and put on some music first. I let the music play on a low volume and switched off the lights. I soon began to surf porn sites and looked for videos to download. I knew Dee had a whole folder of porn but it was quite old and I had seen them all many times with Dee when we fucked. I began downloading a couple of videos with ebony girls with white guys as Dee was a bit dusky, much like an African-American girl with a bubble-butt. I took some lotion from Dee’s small dressing table and picked up the box of tissues. I sat on the comfortable chair in front of the PC and put on the first video. The video began with a curvy ebony girl seducing a younger white boy. I finished watching the first video and felt my cock was semi-erect. I began to feel thirsty and cursed myself for not bringing a bottle of water from the refrigerator. I minimized the window and opened the latch of the door before silently stepping out on the landing. I began to slowly walk down the stairs into the kitchen, hoping not to wake my aunt how I knew would be asleep by now. Aunt Sheen’s bedroom was right between the kitchen and the bathroom. I opened the refrigerator, took out a bottle of water and climbed the stairs up swiftly but silently to Dee’s room.I went inside in a hurry and sat down on the chair again. After having a drink of water I opened the website window and saw that all the videos were downloaded now. I was ready for jerking off and watch the 8 videos I had downloaded.I quickly slid down my shorts, sat on the chair comfortably and put on the second porn video. This one showed a black mature woman who seduces her young white stepson. The porn-star looked very lusty with her petite and curvy body, round and large boobs and a big bubble-butt.I started to gently rub my semi-erect cock with my fingertips, feeling it grow bigger and thicker within 10 seconds. I watched the screen as the woman began to flirt with her stepson. I reached out for the lotion and without taking my eyes off the computer screen I put a dab of it on the head of my dick. I felt the contrast between my warm cock and the cool lotion and moaned, “Ahh.. mmm.”I watched as the woman finally got her stepson alone at home when her husband is at work and she confesses her lustful feeling to the young stepson. I slowly began to spread the lotion with the fingers over my thick cock. I felt my cock becoming harder and almost reach its full length. I slowly began to rub my fingertips from the base of my cock to its head, gently repeating the motion, as the woman on-screen slowly stripped off her clothes to reveal her curvy and sexy body. She bent over and let her stepson feel her huge, soft breasts as she began to strip off his shorts.I suddenly had an image in my mind where instead of Dee, it was her mother, Aunt Sheen, who was bent over me and letting me fondle her lovely, large boobs. At this thought, my cock began to throb and become completely erect. I felt ashamed to have such thoughts about my recently-widowed aunt but then remembered the sudden change in her demeanor during dinner and instantly my lusty mind began to fantasize about her.I sank lower in my chair, prepared to take my time to cum as I wanted to enjoy the over 15 minutes-long video till the end before having an orgasm. I had kept the volume quite low but the high-quality speakers enabled me to clearly hear the moaning sounds of the young guy as his stepmother grunted loudly with the effort to put his huge cock deep in her throat. By the time the woman in the video had gotten the young guy’s cock sloppy and wet with her sucking and mounted him as he lay on his bed. She moaned out very loudly as the huge, slippery cock went half-way in her clean-shaven perabet pussy. I was too engrossed in the video by now and began stroking my large, hard cock, watching the woman struggle to put the young guy’s huge cock completely into her pussy. I saw the woman clench her teeth and flinch as the guy gave a short push and buried his cock a couple of inches deeper into her pussy.By now, I was completely concentrated on watching the video and trying to imagine Aunt Sheen riding my throbbing cock the same way.Suddenly, I thought I heard a rustling sound from the doorway and even before I could reach out to pause the video a hand grabbed my wrist and I looked up to see Aunt Sheen standing in the open door. I froze in shock with my mind already having the worse thoughts. I felt like a moron on being caught jerking off and was about to open my mouth and apologize when Aunt Sheen simply put a finger on my lips to shush me.She pushed my arm down gently till I was sitting back in the chair. I was even more shocked when Aunt Sheen knelt in front of me and slowly ran her fingers over my still erect cock. I sat completely still and very confused about what to do next as my widowed Aunt began to inspect my cock as if it was a piece of fragile pottery. Without saying another word she put her right palm around the base of my huge cock and slid her hand all the way up till she reached the head of my cock. My lust must have overcome my senses by now because I found it harder and harder to apologize as Aunt Sheen tightened her grip on my cock and began to jerk me.I was amazed at the skill with which Aunt Sheen was jerking me off. She was rubbing the shaft of my cock with her right hand and was gently massaging my heavy balls with the fingers of the other hand. I immediately relaxed with only the thought of having an orgasm coursing through my lust-filled mind and was not at all worried right then with what was happening.I spread my legs wider and sank lower in the chair, letting Aunt Sheen come closer between my thighs. As my cock was slippery wet with the lotion Aunt Sheen began to gently kiss and lick my naked thighs. She bit down gently whenever she felt my muscles contract with her sweet kiss. The amazing feeling of having my cock being jerked perfectly and my balls being cradled in her palm made me realize again why I preferred mature woman. Their experience combined with the growing lust with age tends to make mature women do things you can only imagine.As I slowly felt my orgasm build up my cock began to pulsate constantly. Aunt Sheen must have felt it too because I felt her wipe off the lotion from my cock head in a hurry and felt her warml lovely mouth engulf it completely.This was all that I could bear and with a really loud grunt I began to spew out hot, thick streams of cum right in my aunt’s willing mouth.I could feel my body spasm with every spurt of cum and remember feeling Aunt Sheen sucking the head of my cock harder and harder with each throb of my cock.“Aaahh… Oh shit! Aaahh… Aaahh..!” I moaned out carelessly as Aunt Sheen seemed determined to suck out every last drop of cum from my dick.It took more than a couple of minutes before my cock stopped spurting cum but I lay back on the chair, breathing heavily and still moaning frequently.It took me over 5 minutes before I could manage to get out of the throes of the amazing orgasm and was shocked to see that Aunt Sheen was not there anymore. Had I simply imagined all of this? I began to wonder when I saw the door wide open. It was then that I realized that I had forgotten to lock the door again once I returned with the bottle of water. Now that my mind was a bit clear now the implications of what had happened suddenly dawned on me. I began to get worried now and decided to find out what the hell was going on. I pulled up my shorts and walked down the stairs slowly. I heard a noise in the bathroom on the first floor so I stopped half-way down and stood there. I could clearly see the door to the bathroom and Aunt Sheen’s bedroom from where I was standing and within a few moments I saw Aunt Sheen emerge from the bathroom, looking as if she had just washed her face.She was wiping her wet lips with a small towel as she walked slowly to her bedroom. It was then that she looked up and saw me standing on the stairs but she didn’t say anything, except to smile at me and beckoning me with a crooked finger, went inside her bedroom, leaving the door wide open.A dim, red-colored light was glowing within her bedroom as I walked slowly towards the door. I stepped in the door and immediately saw Aunt Sheen lying down on her bed, with her legs spread apart. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that she had lifted her nightgown to her waist and was wearing a white colored panty inside. Seeing me, she smiled and patted the bed at her side. Without a word I walked to the side of her bed and she reached out and began stroking my right thigh, slowly moving her hand underneath. I didn’t dare move as I felt her hand slowly wrap around my balls and only climbed on to her bed when she gently but firmly pulled me by my balls.As I climbed over and sat beside her, she let go of my balls and took my right hand in hers and lay it over her boobs. I felt the warmth of her body from over the sheer white fabric of her nightgown and knew that she was not wearing a bra underneath. I settled myself on my knees beside her and put my hand over her cleavage. I touched her soft, thick thighs with the other hand and began to knead them slowly. Aunt Sheen closed her eyes now and lay carelessly on the bed, with her legs spread even wider now. She only moved her hand to press my hand harder over her boobs so I slid my hand underneath her nightgown and felt her huge, perabet giriş soft boobs. I searched around till I found her nipple and was not surprised to feel it had become hard, like a small stone.“Ooohh…”, moaned Aunt Sheen as soon as she felt me roll her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger. “Aaii.. Ssshhh!”, she whimpered as I started squeezing her nipples gradually harder. I shifted my hand to her other boobs and immediately pinched her other nipple quite hard.“Aaaahh! Yes.. like that.”, said Aunt Sheen with her eyes closed.While I slowly pinched her nipples with my right hand, my left hand had already reached her panty after having caressed and squeezed her dark, thick thighs. Although it must have been only a couple of minutes that I played with Aunt Sheen’s huge boobs when my fingers reached her panties I felt it was very wet with her juices. Aunt Sheen lifted up her large butt and allowed me to strip her panties a little before she reached down and took off her panties fast. She again lay back on the bed and closed her eye, spreading her legs as wide as she could and keeping her knees bent.Although it was quite dark in her bedroom I knew she had recently shaved her pussy, as it was completely bald. I played with her boobs by kneading them hard, seeing that she liked it.With the other hand, I slowly began to tease her by caressing all around her pussy with my fingertips. I could tell that she was desperate for her pussy to be fingered but I enjoyed seeing her becoming frustrated.After having taken my time, I slowly slid my middle finger over her pussy lips and was surprised to see her pussy was even more wet than I had expected. I wet my middle finger with her pussy juice before I began to push apart her thick pussy lips. I felt her raise her ass again to let me access her pussy even better. “Aaargh!.. Uuufff…!”, cried out Aunt Sheen as I pushed my middle finger instantly all the way in her sloppy, wet pussy.I let go of her boob and quickly settled in between her legs which were spread apart widely. I kept my middle finger inside Aunt Sheen’s hot, juicy pussy as I slowly separated her pussy lips with my left thumb and forefinger. She had very thick pussy lips but her clit was also quite big, just like her daughter Dee had. As I began to rub and push on her swollen clit I bent my finger within her pussy and moved it around till I found her G-spot. “Shhhiitt.. Ooohhh god!”, moaned Aunt Sheen as her eyes flew open when my finger came in contact with her G-spot. I knew from past experience that she would only think about having an orgasm now. I began to rub my middle finger over her G-spot faster as my thumb began to push and rub her thick clit from outside. The sloppy sound of my fingers ramming in and out of her juicy wet pussy seemed to fill the otherwise silent bedroom.“Mmmm… aaahhh… oooohhh…I’m coommm..”, was all Aunt Sheen could manage to say before her whole body began to jerk hard and she clamped her legs together tightly. My finger was still inside, rubbing her G-spot vigorously, while my thumb pressed her clit harder as she thrashed on her bed.I had never imagined any woman could come so much as much as Aunt Sheen did that night. Now, she lay on the bed, breathing very heavily and occasionally grunting as a spasm frequently shot through her body in the after-glow of multiple orgasms. Aunt Sheen was so spent after such an intense string of orgasms that she seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep within a couple of minutes.I suddenly realized that my right hand was completely wet with Aunt Sheen’s pussy juices which had gushed out and even stained her bed sheet in a large circle around her ass. I could see her white juices drip slowly out of her pussy as Aunt Sheen slept soundly with her legs spread apart.I slowly got off the bed, taking care not to wake her up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I returned after a couple of minutes I noticed that although the door to her bedroom was still open, Aunt Sheen had switched off her night lamp and her room was now in complete darkness.I decided against entering again and went back up the stairs to Dee’s room where as soon as I lay down on the comfortable bed I fell into a deep sleep.I got up with a weird feeling around my groin. Having slept pretty late I was still groggy and did not even open my eyes immediately. I simply put out my arm and felt something soft and firm and my eyes flew open.I could see that it was around 7 in the morning and Aunt Sheen was between my legs, sucking on my semi-erect cock. Seeing this scene, the memories from last night came rushing back to me.In the light of the day, the events of last night immediately roused feelings of guilt in me and I gently tried pushing Aunt Sheen away.“Stop Aunty! This isn’t right.. I’m really sorry for what happened last night. I.. I..” I managed to say before I started to stammer, trying to put my conflicting feelings in order.“Shh.. Look Ali, I know this might seem wrong to you but when you think about it I’m now a widowed woman and you are a young, single guy. Besides, we aren’t related by blood, right?”“Yeah.. but..”, I started to say when Aunt Sheen cut me off with,“Look, I’ll be frank with you. My husband was a very dominating man, we all know that, and I’ve become used to being ordered what to do, you know. But being a woman my libido has only increased with time whereas my husband had not touched me for over 12 years now. It was only after I saw you jerking off that beautiful and huge cock last night that all the pent-up sexual frustration within me simply boiled over and I realized I could trust you enough to keep this a secret. I hope you understand, son?”I stopped and thought about it for a couple of moments and realized that she was right. Aunt Sheen had always been nice to me ever since I was little so if she needed me now I was more than happy to repay her.I smiled at her and put my hand on her head.She smiled back at me as I firmly pushed her mouth towards my wet cock and she opened her mouth wide to swallow it all.

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