Commuter Nightmare – Bitch Slap


Commuter Nightmare – Bitch SlapIt had been a long week and getting stuck on the train for about 2hrs was the last straw. It was hot and my maintenance uniform was soaked with sweat. I borrowed a co workers shirt before I left. I am about 6ft 4 and 195lbs and I just got a buzz cut and had my roommate shaved my head bald the day before. My head was sweating bullets and my glasses were beginning to drop on my nose. I got of the train when the doors open and walked around the construction cones to the elevated level to catch the next train to my apartment in the city.The doors closed and a sat down facing the entrance for the next stop. The train car I was on was empty. Only a few pieces of trash and a crumpled up newspaper on the floor. It smelled ok but my body was beginning to smell from the sweat. I felt the a/c kick on over head and the train brakes were squeaking at the next stop. I had about 1 more stop before I could get off and walk to my apartment near the ball park. There were lots of bars and restaurants but with the chaos of the day I was sure they would be closed or shutting down early tonight.The train stopped and the doors open. I looked up and two very busty girls came in and sat to the left of me. The first girl was about 5ft 4 with big blonde hair that was teased up and big gold hoop earrings. She had on a dark blue mini dress that ran up mid thigh to her small straps that were keeping two huge breast from spilling out. She had bright red lipstick and matching finger and toenails. She had on blue 4 inch heels that matched her dress. She had two black stocking that were kept up by black garter belts. Her ass was big and tight and she filled it out when she sat down. The other women was 5ft 8 with brunette hair that was teased and hair sprayed up. She had on silver medium hoop earrings and 4 silver bracelets that clang when she moved her arms. She had on a black mini dress that matched her friend. She had on black 4inch heels with open toes. She had pink lipstick that matched her finger and toenails. Her boobs were bigger and her ass was to die for. Her ass had two dark seams that ran up the side of the dress. She had a small roll that she tried to hide with a big black belt tied around her waist. She had one small tattoo on her ankle of a yellow rose.Both girls were in the early forties. The blonde measurements were 36FF – 34 waist – 40 ass and her friends was 44 GG – 36 waist – 46 ass. Both girls tits almost rested on there thighs and there big boobs swayed with the movement of the train. I was watching them trying not to stare. They both looked around and finally the blonde smiled at me but they said nothing in my direction. The next stop the doors opened and no one got on. The doors closed and the air circulated and I finally caught a whiff of there perfume. Both girls smelled great and I could here them talking about going home from a long work day. They worked at a phone service selling diets pills and had a rough week güvenilir bahis with not making enough sales.I was starting to get an erection watching there boobs and the smell of there perfume was driving me crazy. It had been awhile since I was with a women since my girlfriend left me about 2 months ago. I had no prospects when I got home and when the doors closed at the next stop I realized I was going to follow the two busty chicks when they got off. It was about 2 more stops and 20 minutes before I saw them pick up there handbags on the seat next to them and try to stand with the train still moving. Both girls breast rubbed against each other and the blonde huge tits slapped against the metal pole in front of her. The doors open and I quietly followed them from behind.They both jiggled as they walked and the brunette ass shook extra as she tried to walk in her 4inch high heels. There heels sc****d against the side walk and they kept talking not paying any attention to me following them. I got behind them and they climbed the first set of stairs and I stayed at the bottom hoping to catch a peek at what they had under there dresses. I was not disappointed. The blonde had a blue thong and her cunt lips were folding out of the side. The brunette had hose that was ripped allowing her access to her hairy pussy if she needed to play with herself during the day. I got a instant boner when I saw this. I followed from behind and watched them go up the next set of the stairs and open the doors out of the subway station. I walked behind them on the side walk and they continued with out watching me from behind.After about 10 minutes of walking on the sidewalk and not seeing any one around they went around a corner and I quickly hurried up. I just turned the corner and noticed they had ducked into a dark alley. They were standing at the end of the alley looking at me. There were two lights that were flickering a few puddles and two big green dumpster that blocked the entrance from the street. They were standing near some garbage cans and I walked toward them. I got with in 2ft of them before the blonde said “what are you doing? Are you following us?” I just smiled and the brunette uncrossed her hands from her chest and said “yeah what the fuck are you doing? You think because you are some tough guy you can scare us? I’m going to call for help.” The brunette reached for her phone and I grabbed her cell and turned it off and stuck it in my pants.”You girls are not going to call for help. You both were hoping a big strong guy would follow you and fuck both of you!!” The blonde face turned red and the brunette jaw dropped and they looked at me. I grabbed there purses and through them to the ground. The blonde looked at her friend and the brunette said “sir, I” Just as see was saying “I” I bitch slapped her face and she fell to the ground. The blonde shrieked and I slapped her next. They were both on the ground next to each other. I quickly took off internet casino my clothes and put them in a pile on the nearest garbage can next to me. I reached down and pulled off each girls dress. I took off both of there bras freeing there massive boobs.They were both lying with the blondes boobs resting on the brunette stomach. They were both wearing black garters and there 4 inch heels and there hairy pussy were all that could be seen. I started t rub my cock and watch there boobs move as there breathing get heavier. I go down on my knees and started to rub my cock on there breast alternating each tit. I spit on my cock and then on the blondes cleavage and started to fuck her big juggs. I placed my right hand in the brunette snatch and played with her wet pussy. The brunette came in about 2 minutes and washed my hand of her love juices. I moved over and stuck my big 9 3/4 inch in her tight cunt and began to fuck her hard. Her legs were up on my sides and I was kissing and biting her left nipple when she woke up. “Oh my god. Sir! Sir! Sir. Yes! Yes! Yes ! I think I like you sir. Your dick is huge in my pussy. Faster! Faster !” was all she kept saying.I rolled the brunette over and her ass was huge. She had her head stuck in the blonde girls stomach and I yelled at her “eat that pussy cunt. Show her how a old busty whore eats pussy. Wake her up before a slap you 2 bitches again.” Her face dropped to her friends pussy and she started to lick and eat the blondes snatch. I began slapping the brunette big ass making big red imprints from my hand on her butt cheeks. She would wince in pain but not stop fucking my cock. I stopped after a few minutes and she turned around and her face was wet and she rocked her ass back on my cock. I dug my finger nails into her ass and scratched her big ass making it very bright red. The blonde woke up and reached down and grabbed the brunette hair and screamed after her orgasm. I tensed up and shot a huge load into the brunette pussy. I then ordered the blonde to lick her friend pussy clean or she would get another slap and feel more pain.I got up and stood in front of them. I reached down with my right hand and pulled both to there knees and had them face my cock. The blonde stuck out her tongue and she licked my cock head and the brunette tugged on my balls. They both tried to deep throat my cock and between my sweat and there saliva, there tits were wet. I had each girl place my dick in the cleavage while the other one tried to catch my dick parting her friends boobs. They were both gagging and choking on my cock and I would choke each girl with my hands and watch there eyes and lips. The blonde was playing with her pussy and the brunette was tugging on the blondes jugss as I fucked the brunette big boobs.I finally got on the ground and put my back against the garbage can with my clothes on top. The blonde crawled over and got on my dick and I held her hands behind her back as she rode my big canlı poker oyna cock. The brunette crawled over and held her tits out into my face as her friend screamed and moaned on my cock. The brunette moved around behind me and her breast came down my head passed my ears and rested on my chest. She tugged on my nipples and then hers and finally tugged on her friends nipples who was still fucking me. The blonde pussy was soaked and she was squirting all over my cock and thighs. I held her hands still behind her back and the big purple vein on my dick was getting full when I erupted a hug geyser of sperm. The blonde fell off and the last spurt out of my cock shot in the air and hit the brunette left nipple on my chest. Both girls oh and awed about my load and the blondes pussy was still leaking on the ground.I got off the ground and the brunette looked into my eyes as I walked her over to the chain link fence against the brick wall. Water was leaking from a pipe onto her back as I placed each of her hands on the chain link fence. I reached down and parted her legs and she arched her big ass and stood on her tippy toes. The blonde had crawled over and she spit on my dick then I spit on my middle finger and touched the brunette anus for the first time. The brunette eyes began to tear and she shook her head but it was to late. My purple head had passed her sprincter and was slowly going into her tight brown hole. I screamed and slapped her ass causing her tow big cheeks two slap against each other. The blonde was behind me on her knees licking my balls and eating my ass with her tongue. I started to pick up rhythm fucking her ass and she started to relax and grip the chain link fence and shake her hair. I reached up and fondled her huge boobs against the fence. I pulled out and the blonde deep throat me and brought my dick back up and into her friends tight ass again. I was fucking the brunette with all my weight when after 20 minutes I finally shot my goo into her ass. I felt her pussy contract and noticed the blonde had been eating her friends pussy and licking my balls.I heard the water from the shower stop and I noticed my towel laying on the floor next to the bed. I hated all the pillows on the bed but when the door open and she walked out and dropped her towel I smiled. “Damn you were real good today. Brandy needs to thank you for fucking her and her boss from work. You can see why I wanted to get at Gloria huge 44GG. All she does at work it tease me. I am going to get us a drink and I will be right back.” I smiled as the blonde walked out of the room down the hall. I looked down and saw my pants vibrating and I reached in and pulled out Gloria phone. I remember that I took her phone before she could call for help. “Hello,” I said. “Is this the big stud that fucked me and my friend today?” I said “Yes bitch, give me your address and when I drop your phone off tomorrow you will be naked with a blind fold and waiting for me on your bed.” “Sir yes, ohh I am cumming again on my hand. I clicked off the phone as I heard Brandy coming back down the hall and slid the phone in my pants.I adore Women – And very respectfulA little fun and Games never hurt -remember no means “NO”Buckxoox

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