Colorado Vacation


Colorado Vacation
Colorado Vacation

I grew up in a small town in Texas on the gulf coast and worked hard for everything I had to my name. Mom was widowed when I was s*******n and I stayed at home with her to help pay bills and take care of the forty acre property we lived on. I dated girls my age, but they were never what I wanted as I would go out to the over forty Country Western club and dance there. I was now twenty two years only, six foot tall and well muscled from hard work.

I had saved up for several years for a basic van and fixed it up to stay weekends in the country in. The entire drive train was rebuilt and it ran and handled like new. I set it up with a large bed with blackout curtains, cabinets with a sink and a removable camping stove. Under the bed when you opened the back doors was storage for tables and chairs. Solar and wind power was also stored so I had power of the grid and could even charge the battery in the van if needed. I had fifty gallons of water on board for drinking and washing dishes if needed. Nice carpet all around with a small home theater with TV, stereo and really good sound system. I was all loaded up for my first camping trip and when I went out the next morning I found it stolen. I was crushed as I had all my fun money for years tied up in it and it would take me several years to rebuild another like it.

I called the police and they took a report and I figured it was lost and I would never see it again. To say I was mad as hell was an understatement and went on with my life. Several months later I got a call from the police and my van was found in Steamboat Colorado and they gave me the number to call. I called and was prepared to hear it was trashed and stripped, but they told me they had pulled a person over and it was in good shape as far as driving it went. I asked about the electronics and they had been stripped, but the rest of the interior was in good shape and it drove well as one of the Officers drove it to the holding lot. I told him I would fly up there and drive it home sometime in the next week or so as I still had to get time off from work.

I called work and let them know what had happened and I had over two hundred hours of vacation at this point. The Manager understood and since I was never in trouble and worked hard he told me to take a couple weeks off and let him when I got back in town. I told mom I would like her to come with me and would pay all expenses.

She smiled a smile I had not seen on her face in a very long time and she said “I would love a vacation as it has been a hard couple of ears for us both. Let me make a few calls and have Linda from next door watch the place and then I will book the flight one way.”

I knew that she had it under control and would need just a carry on for myself with a couple changes of clothing and anything else I would buy. The less to carry the better I thought as Mom had always said. The next morning Linda took us to the airport and since mom had setup the flight and everything it was a simple as dressing simple and off we went on the vacation. It was warm at home, but cool in Steamboat Springs so I wore a pair of slip on cowboy boots, jeans with a nylon clip tactical belt and a dark purple polo and a Houston Astros hoodie. Mom was dressed similar and we each carried a wallet and our keys.

When we arrived at the airport security was easy as everything was in our carry on bags and we pulled off boots and put pocket items in a bowl and in under fifteen minutes we were passed security and found a restaurant to grab a bit as we were very early for our flight. We talked about how much work I had put into the van and mom was proud I was doing well with my life. I was feeling bad that dad was not able to be with us, but I kept this thought to myself as not to upset her. They called us for the plane and not much longer we were in the air and the plane was not crowded si I leaned back and pulled the hood of my hoodie over my face and took a nap as I had not slept well with all the coming events running through my mind. We did not have to get off the plane at the connection and more people filled the plane, but mom and I stayed in place and we both went back to sleep as Denver was the next stop for us during the trip. The Flight Attendant woke us both up as it was near time to land.

We landed and there was a short walk to a small twin engine plane for the hop to Steamboat Springs. We grabbed our carry on and since we did not need baggage claim we were ready and up in the air within twenty minutes. The plane now was flying between the mountains rather than over them and soon on the ground. I went to the ride sharing app on my phone and was picked up and enjoyed a short ride to the hotel. Steamboat Springs in the off season was quiet and people walked the wooden sidewalks. Storefronts had displays out front and there were marijuana dispensaries on several corners.

“I forgot weed was legal here. Let’s step in and get us some for later tonight.” mom said and I was shocked.

I turned to her and said “I never would have thought of you getting high.”

With a laugh she slapped my right shoulder and told me. “Before you were born we used to party pretty hard and I always enjoyed the mild buzz, but since it was against the law I stopped as I did not want to get busted.”

I was still stunned and we went inside and mom was very comfortable and bought about 12 grams of very high quality weed and we left. I was waiting for a cop to bust us when we walked out. We saw a liquor store and bought a couple of bottles of Merlot and then went to the hotel and checked in and mom must have made a mistake as the room was a suite with a hot tub in the bedroom and a single king sized bed.

Mom turned to me as it was getting late and tomorrow I would go check out the van. She looked at me and told me this was her fantasy vacation and for the next four days she wanted to do everything she ever wanted. No one knew us here and there was no one she trusted more than me to take care of her.

I took a half step back and said, “But you are my mom and this will be i****t. I will say I think you are an amazing woman and myself even had a passing fantasy, but are you sure of this?”

With this mom stepped towards me and kissed me and then walked to the bathroom. I was stunned and took some of the weed and put a little in the pipe we bought with it and took off my shoes as I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. The sound of the water had me want to use the toilet and noticed the door was open so I stepped in and mom was in the shower washing her hair. “Sorry mom, but I gotta use the bathroom.” I said.

“Go ahead and when your done I could use my back washed if you would be so kind.” she said as she did not look at me.

I urinated and undressed and stepped into the shower with her and I reached over her shoulder for the washcloth and the soap and softly scrubbed her back. It was really strange to be doing this, but yet I did not mind. Mom told me to make sure I got her backside and her legs while she conditioned her hair. I knelt down and my face was at the level of her backside as I washed her legs and as I worked my way up her legs she spread them and I reached up and used my hands covered in soap to wash her bald mound and labia. She did not tell me to stop so I turned her around and continued all the way up her body. She leaned her head back under the shower and rinsed the conditioner out of her hair. I did not know what to do and she must have caught onto my pause and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her.

“You better get used to this body as we will be nude as much as possible.” she said as she kissed me like a lost lover. “Now my turn to wash your body and then we can relax and catch a good buzz.” Mom washed my back and when she got to my backside she even slipped a finger tip against my anus and fondled my testicles with her soapy hands. She did my legs and then on the way back up my front she softly stroked my now erect penis. “I had no idea you were this nice.” she said just above the sound of the shower. Her face was right in front of my erection and it was like she was thinking of doing something and then she moved up and washed my chest. After tuzla escort bayan she was done she took a towel and dried me off and then herself. We stepped out to the living room and mom opened the bottle of wine and poured us a couple of glasses. I lit the pipe and we proceeded to get pretty buzzed as we sat side by side on the sofa. I looked towards mom and she had one leg up on the sofa and I saw her labia were swollen and inflamed. I refilled our glasses and we smoked more weed.

I looked at her and leaned forward and kissed her neck. Mom leaned her head to the other side exposing her neck as I continued to kiss her neck. We were both getting excited and as I moved closer mom slid her fingers up and down my erect cock. I continued to kiss her neck and I let my hands massage her shoulders as I moved my lips down to her left collar bone. I saw mom slip her right hand between her legs and was caressing her mound so I moved my mouth down to her left breast. I started to gently bite her nipple and with her left hand she pulled my face hard against her breast so I continued biting as she was breathing hard. She started to stroked my cock up and down and I threw caution to the wind and stood up and scooped her into my arms and carried her to the bed. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide and knelt by the bed and started to go down on her. I did not care what she wanted at the moment and she only grasped the back of my head and did not let go of me as I wrapped my arms up under her ass and to the top of her thighs holding her wide open as I sucked her clit unhooking it and flicked the tip of my tongue across the un-hooded clit. Mom was panting and her hips were rocking up and down with the rhythm of my tongue and the muscles in her inner thighs were trembling. It did not take her long to orgasm and I was hard as steel from eating her out. I stood up and looked down at her body and she wrapped her heels around my ass pulling me to her.

“Fuck me son. I need your cock in my cunt!” she almost shouted.

I pressed forwards and she reached down and grasped my erection and guided my cock into herself. I can not express in words the feeling of entering my mother for the first time. The look of pure lust on her face said it all as her head was back and her eyes looking at me. I reached down and grasped her hips and held her tight against myself and did not move for some time. Mom was rocking her hips up and down as she used me for her pleasure. I tried to think of anything, but mom having an orgasm on my cock. I was going to cum soon, but wanted to hold back and make sure I we lasted a long time.

“God damn it cum in me now!” mom cried and I started to fuck her as deep and fast as I could. My left hand was holding her leg and I grasped her breast hard with the other. I lasted seconds and came as deep into my mom as possible. She had her head back and both hands full of the sheets as came at the same time. She went almost limp and as I let go of her legs I almost fell down on her as my legs felt like rubber. I must have fallen asleep laying on the bed as I remember mom waking me up and asked if I wanted to go out dancing with her as it was not too late.

“We really do not have anything to wear, but our normal stuff. I think it would be fun tho with a couple of drinks and cutting loose.” we quickly showered and mom slipped on a thin dress with nothing under it and a pair of sandals. I pulled on a pair of jeans and my boots with a polo and we were out the door. I stopped at the front desk to see if there was any place to go dancing close by and he told us a couple of blocks down was a nice adult dance club. It did not take us long and mom had her credit card and I got a beer and she had a glass of wine as we walked around the club. When we arrived we were carded and shown to a changing area if we wanted to play with others. We opted to stay dressed and just walked around. It really was an adult club as some women were semi nude and we even saw a couple of them giving head. I saw mom’s nipples were erect and she rubbed the front of my pants finding me erect. We went back to the main room with the dance floor and danced till we were both hot and covered in sweat. Mom would hold me around my neck and openly kiss me as my hands grasped her ass. I was so horny again I almost took her to one of the rooms, but we decided to get back to the hotel and get more comfortable there.

We made it back to the room quickly and as soon as we were inside I pulled moms dress up over her head. She knelt at my feet and removed my boots and then jeans as I pulled my shirt off. I lifted her up and almost tossed her onto the bed on her back and dove face first into her crotch. She was so wet and I licked her clit driving her to almost scream. I did not wait and pulled her to the edge of the bed and entered her. Her cunt was like a vice as soon as I was fully into her she reached orgasm. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide giving me a fantastic view and pounded in and out of her from till to base. Mom was rolling her head back and forth and not making sense in her words. I wanted to last a long time, but I shoved into her as far as possible and filled her with my cum.

I laid down on the bed and pulled mom up and I kissed her. “Mom I love you so much and never want this to end.” I said.

Mom was looking at me and I saw her smile and she told me “We have to be careful when we get home as no one can find out about this. I was thinking you keep your room as is and we sleep in the Master Suite. This way when people come over all our clothing and belongings are in the right room.”

I questioned her, “What happens when people see I am not dating girls my age?”

“It would be a good idea to date a nice girl and take her to movies and dancing. I would think keeping with people your age will be good for you as well. That will also keep my female friends away from you. You should hear how many of them would love to be in my position right now.” mom said as we kissed.

Our arms wrapped around each other we just lay with each other. Mom wrapped herself over my chest and her face nuzzling my neck. We let time go by till mom had to get up to go to the bathroom I called the front desk for a wake up call at seven in the morning. We needed to get on the get the van the next morning. I took a Uber to the Police station and signed all the paperwork for the van and they drove it up front for us. Other than the stereo and the TV and entertainment system in the back it was like I had last seen it. The young Officer told me of a small shop that could replace everything and they would pay for all the equipment under a victims act and he gave us the address. Mom and I drove to the place and it was quiet inside and we rang a small bell on the desk and looked around for a few moments.

A young Lady maybe in her mid twenties came down the stairs to the left of the room and smiled before asking. “How may I help you?”

I told her the story about the van and she nodded her head before asking if I had any photos of what I had installed before it was stolen. I sent her what I had on my phone and then gave her the keys to the van. “Any idea how long this will take?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded her head before saying, “I know a place here in town that has everything in stock and I can have you all set up by late tonight or first thing in the morning.” I will call you and let you know as soon as I am done and I will bill the Police department for the work.

I looked at my watch and it was only ten in the morning and I was still pretty tired from last night so Mom and I walked about a mile to the hotel. Once in the room I stripped nude and laid down and mom and I both went to sleep. We slept well into the afternoon and my phone rang just before five in the evening and the shop had finished, but was closing for the night and I could pick the van up in the morning. I did not bother moving and mom just continued to lay next to me sleeping. I awoke with an exquisite feeling of dreaming I was being given a blow job and I came to it was not a dream. I looked down and mom was sucking my cock slowly and lovingly. There was no rush as she was enjoying herself and orhanlı escort who was I to deny her enjoyment. I just lay there and let mom do what she wanted and when re realized I was awake she moved up and kissed me.

“Can we go back to the club I want to have some fun with another woman tonight while you watch me. I think you will enjoy watching us have fun. I have not done this since before you were born and I really miss licking pussy!” Mom said as she stroked my erect shaft.

“Sure let me get dressed and you just pull on the dress you wore last night with nothing under it. I will carry your credit card and ID for you and hold onto your dress in my small waist pack.” I said as I kissed her. Mom almost jumped out of bed and soon we were out the door. I do not know if it was the cold crisp air or her excitement, but her nipples were hard as rocks under her dress as we walked the few blocks and checked back in. Mom peeled off her dress leaving her nude leaving me to fold it up and put it into my waist pack and she walked to the main playroom. I stood near the wall watching out for her as she walked over to two women kissing and joined them. One was a tiny little woman and had to be under five foot tall with sandy blond hair and no body hair. The other was a woman maybe six too tall with her long hair in a single ponytail. Mom kissed the taller one and then the shorter one and pointed to me. I nodded my head and did not move as the three of them started touching each others breasts and I was painfully erect, and reached down and straightened out my erection. Mom and the other two women went to the mat and I was floored watching mom eat pussy like a pro as she made the little woman orgasm quickly and then she laid on her back and the tall one sat on her face as the smaller one went down on her. I could not count the number of orgasms they shared and I was getting a case of blue balls watching them. Mom seemed like she was in heaven and I did not want to intrude and thought to myself when we got back to the room I would be her toy for the night. Mom would look to me now and again and I would nod my approval and soon she kissed each of the women and the three of them walked to me.

“Ladies this is my love and he has waited for me and now we will go back to our place and I want him to ravish my body.” Mom said and the two women leaned in and kissed me with passion and each rubbed my crotch and each smiled. “Come on and let’s have something to eat before fucking our brains out.” she added as she slipped her dress over her head. Her sandals came next and soon we were out the door and mom asked me “I loved the way you just watched and let me have my fun. Once home we will travel again and you will join me in another woman’s bed. Maybe one of my girlfriends will understand our love for each other. I want us to be with each other, but for now no one can know. You will date girls and just make sure you always use condoms with them no matter if they tell you they are on birth control,”

While we walked I told mom “I understand and hope you do not mind if you hear us as my old room is not too far from our room.”

She laughed and slapped my ass and said “Hell I will be in our room fucking myself silly listening to you and who knows I might just feel like walking in and joining the two of you. You do know several of my girlfriends want to fuck your brains out.”

I smiled and nodded my head yes and told her. “A few have come onto me openly, but so far I have not played with any of them yet as I did not want to get you upset with them or me if you found out.”

“Now that I know I will have to find out how many want you and arrange alone time for you and them. Most my girl friends need a good young cock as their husbands are no longer up to keeping them satisfied. We will keep your van in the garage as a playroom if you want. Like I said tho always use condoms as we do not want you making babies with anyone.” Mom say as we were close to the hotel.

We made our way up to the room and as soon as the door closed behind us mom stripped out of her dress and used the restroom as I took my time undressing and was laying on the bed when she walked back into the room. Mom walked into the room nude and walked over without a word and straddled my face. She bent over and started to suck my cock as hard as possible as I pulled her wet pussy down and I started to lick her clit and labia. I was thinking a slow night of love making, but she had become an a****l as we sixty nined each other. When she reached orgasm she lost control of her leg muscles and screamed as she lifted her head off my cock. I reached down and shoved her mouth back down onto me as I was on the verge of my own orgasm and in a moment later with her gagging I pumped my cum into her throat. She swallowed everything and rolled off me as we were both panting for air and covered in sweat. We did not move for some time and as tired as I was from waking up so early I dozed off. Mom must have gotten up and turned off all the lights.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of my phone ringing. It was the young lady from the repair shop telling me the van was ready and I could pick it up anytime before noon. I looked at the clock and it was seven in the morning so I woke mom up and we both showered and ate breakfast at the hotel.

When we arrived at the repair shop and the young lady smiled and as she handed me the keys and the receipt that had a zero balance. I scanned it and noticed there was an oil change and complete tuneup included.

“I see you are looking it over Sir.” she say as she leaned over and pointed to the work. “I have a friend a few doors down and we finished so fast I did not think you would mind if I added the rest of the work as it is on the states dime,”. She opened the door and the van was washed and waxed and looked great. “Go ahead and check everything out. I will wait in case you have any questions.”

The van was in great shape and the television and sound system were upgraded and there was no sign of any damage from the old equipment being removed. It looked better than what it had when it was stolen. I sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine and it started easily. Mom climbed into the passenger seat and typed in a entry into the GPS.

“I want to go here today!” mom said as she pointed to the GPS. “I checked online while you were asleep and found a trail head the locals us to go swimming in a secluded area. It has a thirty foot waterfall and a cold spring pool for swimming a lots of grass and flat stones that you can sun and dry out on while relaxing.”

I drove out and mom pointed to a small General Store so we went to the store. I parked and mom told me to stay put and check out everything while she went inside for a couple towels and a large blanket to lay out on while we are at the pool. I checked all the electronics and everything worked great. I turned the TV to a local channel and leaned back on the bed to relax. It took mom less time than I thought and she had changed into a pair of shorts a very small bikini top and I guessed the other half was under the shorts or in her purse. New socks and hiking boots with a couple of big towels, blanket and a small shoulder pack. Mom got in and I started the van and on the way out of town a quick stop to the market for water and snacks for the hike. Mom tossed it all into the shoulder pack and she had the GPS in her hands and gave me directions.

The van felt and ran fantastic as we made our way up the one lane mountain road till she told the stop was just a wide area on the side of the road. I pulled over and when we got out it felt strange locking the van and walking away. We started towards the trail head and a Park Ranger pulled up and rolled down his drivers side window. “I see the out of state tags and just want to let you know to enjoy the area, but please keep it clean. I hope you two have a nice day!” and he waved and rolled up his window and drove off.

We headed up the trail and there was some grass and weeds as it did not seem like a well used trail. The walk took us almost and hour. The line where the trail ended and the glade with the waterfall and pool was a sight that took my breath away, No more perfect aydınlı escort spot for being alone would ever surpass my imagination. The lush green ankle deep grass was a color and texture I had never seen. The waterfall softly poured water into the pool without a loud roar. The flat warm rocks were at least ten foot across and seemed as it placed just for sunning your body. There was no sign anyone had ever been here before. This had to be due to being only known to locals and I was sure the Ranger also made sure everyone was behaved and did not litter. Who would in their right mind want to mess this area up. Mom looked over her shoulder as she strode toward the pool without a pause. I followed her and as she took off her shoes while I setup the blanket for us to lay out on after swimming. I watched her take off her shoes and socks and then peeled the shorts off exposing the tiny string bikini bottom that was under her shorts.

“You going to join me or not?” she said over her shoulder and then untied the top of the bikini leaving her back bare and then pulled the ties on her hips and the tiny bottoms dropped onto the stone she was standing upon.

The view of her standing nude with her back to me made me stare at her body. The way the sun shone on her skin and the tan lines on her were so sexy I quickly stripped out of my clothing and walked to her side and pulled her to me. Our bodies made contact and I tilted moms head back and looked her in the eyes. I can not ask this in a legal way so I will ask you this here in this natural environment. Mom will you be mine for both our lives?” Then I kissed her as we held our bodies against each other living in the moment.

“I will be yours and I will care for you as my mate and as we live our lives for only each other. We will share lovers, but at the end of the day we are with each other and no one else.” she said to me as we just stood in the sunshine looking into each other lives. I stepped back and held her at arms length and looked into the water. The pool was crystal clear and deep with the sides of the pool with ledges about two foot under the water to make climbing out of the cold water and onto the Sun warmed rocks. I gripped her left hand and pulled her with me into the cold water. The shock of how cold the water was took our breath away when we surfaced, yet as we swam we adjusted to the water.

Swimming nude in the moment was so natural and really there was no thoughts of lust, but of being with the woman of my life. As we climbed out of the water mom’s nipples were erect and my penis was shrunk as one would expect and neither of us said anything to each other. The rocks felt wonderful as we sat down on the warm soft blanket. I opened the pack and handed mom a bottle of water for us to share and she had bought several premade sandwiches. We sat and the sunlight dried our bodies as we ate lunch. We sat and talked and there was no feelings of anything, but honest conversations. We talked about the way her friends wanted me and the best way for me to date girls my own age and still give them pleasure. Even as we talked about sex and being nude it was not titillating, but of sharing our thoughts for the future.

The morning turned to afternoon and still no one was around us I leaned over and kissed mom and laid her back on the blanket. We made out for sometime and progressed to making love. I would not call it sex as we truly went slow and loved each others bodies. Now we had more of an emotional connection rather than just the beginning lust. I knew we were getting too much sun on our pale skin and did not care as the time with each other here could never be replaced. Neither of us reached orgasm as it was so relaxing and unrushed. I rolled over off mom onto my back and mom got up and pumped into the pool. I followed her into the cold water. The cold water flowing across my skin was exciting as till today never skinny dipped in the daylight. Mom swam to me and kissed me and told me it was getting late and time to get back to town to fill the vans fuel tank and get food and drinks for the three day drive home. We got out of the water and dried off and dressed ourselves and made the long walk back to the van to find it just as it was when we left it parked. Once back at town I stopped at the gas station and filled up the tank and checked fluid levels. Mom went inside and bought everything we would need and then to the hotel. I called and informed we would be checking out in the morning and requested a wake up call for six in the morning so we could get an early start on the road.

“Baby I hate to go to bed and sleep, but peel out of your things and I will treat you to a great blow job to help you sleep” she said as she undressed and went to the bathroom. I stripped and laid down on the bed with my legs spread wide and when mom came out nude she licked her lips as she squatted over my face. I reached up to pulled her down to my face and she said “No baby let me pleasure you.” and then she started doing down on me. Mom swallowed me whole all the way down to the base quicker than I had ever felt and she played with my anus causing me to start humping her mouth. She was sucking up and down and gagging a little making saliva to run down my shaft. My testicles were slippery as she continued to finger me. Her fingers were now slippery from all the spit and she shoved two deep into me and started to rub my prostate and I pushed her head down as had as I could and exploded into her throat before letting go of her head. Mom rolled off me then turned off the lights before laying on the bed next to me as I grew soft and we just held onto each other as we drifted off to sleep till the wake up call.

I woke up before mom and went to the bathroom and started the shower and she joined me. I had hoped for a little fun time, but we both finished and packed quickly. We checked out of the hotel and mom had the map and I drove home. We really did not talk much as mom looked out the window most the trip and a few stops for fuel and later we hit the Texas New Mexico border. We had been on the road almost ten hours and my next and shoulders we hurting. Mom pointed out a hotel on the next exit and we checked in for the night. I grabbed the go bag and laid down as mom called in for pizza to be delivered. I fell asleep quickly and mom woke me up to get the door. We ate quickly and I undressed as mom showered and fell asleep. I didn’t even notice her coming to bed till the wake up call in the morning. Another whirlwind getting dressed and breakfast at the first restaurant we saw and on the road home. With luck we should make it home just before dark. I kept the speed five miles per hour over the limit and mom went to the back and I saw she had curled up on the bed and was taking a nap. I drove well past lunch till we needed fuel and when I pulled off the road she woke up and went into the store and bought us some lunch. A few sandwiches, chips and drinks. I fueled the van to the top and we ate as I drove. We still had not said much and it was around three in the afternoon as we hit San Antonio. Three more hours till we got home and I was starting to question what was on mom’s mind.

I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and mom asked “Anything was wrong”.

I looked at her and said, “You tell me as you have been pretty quiet since we started home and I am worried.”

“I want us to continue with our lifestyle we started, but worry if anyone finds out what could happen as in small towns news travels faster than a bullet.” she said.

I looked at her for a few before saying. “We can always move as I am out of school and you are retired and well off as far as money goes. Sell the place and we can move someplace no one knows about us.”

“That would be nice, but what about your older sister?” mom said.

I laughed “Well she can either join us or not it is her call. I know I caught you and her in less than a parent c***d kiss several times.”

Mom blushed and laughed “You are right your sister and I have had some fun and she even asked if you and I had ever played.”

“So it is settled we will continue to be lovers at home and I will date girls my own age as a cover. I will always use a condom to make sure there can not be a pregnancy. You will have select girlfriends over you trust to stay quiet and everything will be good between us.” I said as I put the van in gear and drove us home.

This is part one of a possible multi chapter story. Let me know how you like it.

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