College Days and Nights Ch. 01

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Amelia buttoned her shirt up over her chest. She was still naked from the waist down, her panties lying on the pillow at the head of her bed. The cool air tickled her thighs and she squirmed a little, rubbing her bare thighs together.

She was hot and damp, and dragged her palms along the underside of her breasts. She usually had to buy larger shirts to close over her breasts, and she liked to wear jackets to hide the way her nipples would poke little peaks through the fabric of her bras and shirts. Otherwise people tended to stare, more than they already did, eyes fixed on any hint of the crease between her breasts that her shirts revealed.

Tonight, she was going to the library to study, so she buttoned it all the way up. The library was cold, anyway, and when she was alone in the stacks on the lonely fifth floor she didn’t like to feel very exposed if a wayward freshman with an exam in the morning happened to wander by.

Sighing, she wriggled into her panties, and then her skirt, and then buttoned a jacket across her breasts, feeling the snug way the buttons fit across the widest point. This was an important paper she had to write, and even if she just wanted to lie back in her bed and drag her fingers over herself, she had to go and find some books so she could back up her arguments.

Later, she would sit in the shower and rub her thumb over her clit, keep rubbing until she was hot and wet and couldn’t take it anymore, cumming all over her own hand so she had to wash the juice off with her sponge, or lick it off, swallowing it along with the bathwater.

But, as she slipped her shoes on, she made herself forget about it. Walking across campus in her heels, the muggy evening made her feel warm and sticky all over, not just between her legs. She forgot about it a little — enough — by the time she had climbed the stairs up to the top floor. The librarian gave her a long look from behind her glasses, but Amelia ignored it. Probably she was one of the few people who had come in here at that time of night,

At least no one was really ever up here. She could spread all her books and things out on a table, kick her shoes off, wander between the stacks in her bare feet with her toes digging into the carpet.

She was bent over the table, her skirt riding up along her thighs, when she heard the door open near the elevators. She didn’t turn around, though, just stretched a little farther to drag her highlighter across an important point in one of her own textbooks. It was only when she realized she wasn’t hearing footsteps that she thought maybe there was a lost freshman standing near the doors, wondering where the science books were and too afraid to walk out and find them.

Sometimes Amelia thought she should get paid for all the directions she gave while she was here. She shook her head and turned around, her knee grinding into the chair she was bracing herself on. One of her feet fell off and she let it drop to the floor to make herself a bit steadier.

The only person standing in the doorway was a young girl, bending over to take her shoes off. They were high sneakers, almost boots, and undoing the laces was taking her a while.

“You don’t have to take your shoes off,” Amelia told her, twisting around all the way to rest the curve of her ass against the table. She could feel a pen poking into her, but just rested her hands on the table, her highlighter still gripped in one. “I just do that. What books are you looking for? I could probably help.”

The girl just smiled and wriggled one foot free of her shoe. She had white-blond hair that was falling into her face, some of it sticking against frosted pink lips. She had on a button-up shirt, like Amelia’s, but it was unbuttoned all the way to her stomach. As far as Amelia could tell, she had a pale-flesh-colored camisole underneath, but there wasn’t nearly as much to cover up as there was on Amelia.

“My name is Candice,” she said, tugging off her sock. She carefully stuffed it into one of her white sneakers and started working on the other one. “Are you here to study?”

“Yes,” Amelia said. She shifted her weight a little bit, her skirt twisting around her thighs. She should probably tug it down and smooth it out, but she was too self-conscious, Candice’s dark eyes dragging all over her. “My name is Amelia,” she added.

Candice smiled and popped her other foot free. When she peeled off her second sock, Amelia saw she had a black tattoo curling around her ankle, free-drawn wisps of lines. Candice noticed her looking and smirked, bending over to trace the design with her fingertip. Amelia gulped. She wasn’t that far from the door and she could see straight down Candice’s shirt. It didn’t look like she was wearing a bra and her creamy breasts, the same eggshell color as her camisole, were rubbing together as she moved.

“I was really drunk,” Candice said, touching her tattoo. She put her shoes down next to the door and walked forward, standing straight up now. casino şirketleri She walked so that her thighs rubbed against each other, and Amelia felt the need to press her knees together.

It wasn’t until Candice was standing in front of her that Amelia realized she wasn’t carrying a bag or any books at all.

“What are you doing in the library at this time of night?” she asked, starting to edge down the table.

She knew that the librarian wouldn’t be able to hear them all the way up here. She didn’t really like the fifth floor, since it was so secluded, but this was where the books were that she needed the most often. They were too heavy to carry to another floor, but at least that meant she could swing them around at someone if she really needed to.

“I’m pledging,” Candice said, reaching forward to put her hands down on top of both of Amelia’s. Her palms were hot, and her slim fingers rubbed at Amelia’s hands before sliding up to take hold of her wrists. “Alpha Beta Tau? Do you know it?”

Amelia shook her head. Candice smelled like flowers, the scent heavy and cloying and sticking inside her nose. It made her feel a little bit dizzy, and she wriggled against the table slightly, her feet digging against the carpet. Candice only moved forward to press her legs up against Amelia’s, her hips hitting Amelia’s thighs. She must have been a freshman, if she was rushing, and she couldn’t have been much taller than five two. Amelia felt like she towered over her, and she was only five six.

“We’re supposed to do something wild tonight,” Candice said, starting to sway. She had on short jean shorts that were rough through the cotton of Amelia’s skirt. She half-closed her eyes so her eyelashes, almost translucent, swept against her cheeks. “My pledge master told me that if I didn’t pass this test, I wouldn’t get in.”

“I don’t know how I can help you,” Amelia said, looking away from Candice’s eyes.

That didn’t help very much, though, since it just meant she was staring down Candice’s shirt. She was definitely not wearing a bra, and when she noticed Amelia looking, she grinned, bringing one of Amelia’s hands up to rub Amelia’s palm against her breast. Her nipple was small and hard against the crease of Amelia’s hand, and Amelia bit her lip, trying to tug away, but not hard enough that Candice let her go.

“My pledge master said I wasn’t doing very well,” she said, starting to move Amelia’s hand in little circles. “She said I couldn’t wear a bra until I managed to get one from someone else.”

“O-oh,” Amelia said. “I’m sorry about that.”

She was blushing, she knew, but her pussy was even hotter than her face, and she knew she was sticky and wet between her legs. She was thinking about licking herself off her fingers in the shower, and how she’d been willing to wait until late that night to do it. With Candice right there, though, that seemed a million years away, and she wasn’t sure why she had thought about putting it off so far.

“Will you help me?” Candice asked, putting Amelia’s hand back against the table. She squeezed Amelia’s wrists, her slim fingers surprisingly strong. This close to her, all Amelia could smell was flower perfume, and she wondered if the smell would rub off on her if she rubbed her face between Candice’s breasts. “Please?”

“What would I have to do?” Amelia asked, wetting her lips.

Candice grinned. She leaned forward so her mouth was next to Amelia’s ear, and Amelia could see over her shoulder that the stairs past the doors were dark. The fifth-floor landing was dark, like someone had forgotten to replace the light bulb — or, more likely, just didn’t care. No one really ever came up to this floor, so they didn’t bother to upkeep it as much as the others.

“Give me yours?” she murmured. She reached up and rubbed at the straps of Amelia’s bra through her shirt. “If I bring it back to my pledge master, she’ll give me extra points.”


“I’ll make it up to you,” Candice whispered. She dragged her frosted lips along the shell of Amelia’s ear. “I know it can’t be comfortable to walk around without a bra on.”

Her hands found Amelia’s breasts, her fingers stretching across them. Amelia was breathing hard now, flushed all over, her breasts especially hot under Candice’s hands. Candice rubbed and stroked Amelia through her jacket before moving to unbutton it, and dart her fingers underneath to pinch Amelia’s nipples, making her gasp.

“I bet everyone will stare at these if you walk back without a bra on,” Candice said, pressing the pads of her thumbs into Amelia’s nipples. “They’ll know you got something good.”

Amelia shook her head just enough to make her red hair dust over her shoulders. “I don’t think so,” she said. But she didn’t tell Candice to stop when her hands moved to start undoing her shirt from the collar down. “What — what would you do?”

“Suck on your breasts,” Candice murmured, popping one button open after another. “Lick and bite your nipples, casino firmaları a little.” She grinned and stopped to run her fingertip along the V-cut of Amelia’s bra. “Get down on my knees and push your skirt up. Suck on your clit and push my fingers in and out of you until you cum all over my hand.”

Amelia made a soft sound and bit down on her lip when Candice finished unbuttoning her shirt.

“So?” Candice asked, her tongue darting out over her lips. “Can I?”

“I don’t know…”

Candice bent her head and pressed her mouth to Amelia’s nipple, starting to suck it through the thin, red fabric of her bra. Amelia cried out and tilted her head back, her hands going up to cup Candice’s head. She could feel Candice smile against her breast, and then she nipped Amelia’s nipple and moved her face up, peeling the cup back with her teeth. Amelia kept one hand in her fine hair and flicked down the straining straps of her bra with the other, her breasts bouncing in their new freedom but not sagging much.

Candice licked all around one of Amelia’s nipples, getting the area wet and glistening, before starting to suck on it. Amelia could see Candice’s lashes against her face, and her frosted pink lips closed around her nipple. She stroked her hand through the other girl’s hair and realized she was breathing hard. She brushed Candice’s straight bangs back from her face so she could see her better, and Candice’s eyelids fluttered open, her dark eyes fixing on Amelia’s blue ones.

“Take off your top,” Amelia said, her pussy tingling. She couldn’t wait, anymore. She needed this, and now, and if it was only because of a sorority information, well. This girl wanted to get in badly enough to do anything Amelia asked her.

Candice opened her mouth and shimmied backward, shucking her button-up shirt and yanking her camisole over the top of her head. She moved forward when Amelia beckoned, and Amelia rubbed her thumbs around her small, pert nipples, which were surprisingly dark against the rest of her skin. Candice’s mouth opened and she let out a tiny moan when Amelia flicked her thumb against her nipple.

“Did your pledge master tell you to go to all this trouble?” Amelia asked. Candice’s nipples were hard, and she rolled her thumbs around both of them, trying not to smirk at the way Candice squirmed.

“She had me practice on her,” Candice admitted, smoothing down the snug, short pink skirt that was hugging her thighs. “So I would be prepared.”

Amelia dropped her hands to the table on either side of her and spread her legs a little, enough for air to get between her thighs.

“Show me,” she said.

Candice wet her lips and stepped forward, her bare stomach rubbing against Amelia’s bra, fallen down from her breasts. Amelia took a few breaths and squeezed her legs shut, a little, as Candice wriggled forward to make Amelia’s skirt hike up along her thighs. Grinning, Candice raised her hands and cupped them alongside Amelia’s face, and shut her dark eyes as she leaned forward to press her mouth to Amelia’s.

Her lips were cool and damp, and Amelia eagerly kissed her back, reaching around to press her hands against Candice’s shapely ass. The freshman’s skirt was made of a thin, filmy fabric, and Amelia rubbed her hands along her ass until Candice’s mouth opened with a soft noise and Amelia could slip her tongue in past Candice’s teeth. The inside of Candice’s mouth was hot, and Amelia rubbed her tongue against hers while Candice reached up to rub the sides of Amelia’s breasts.

When Amelia slid her hands down and found that, underneath Candice’s skirt, her panties were wet, she couldn’t take it anymore. She broke the kiss apart, pausing to lick the girl’s frosted pink lips once, and gave Candice’s ass a tight squeeze.

“Get down on your knees,” Amelia ordered, pushing Candice back a little.

Panting, Candice kneeled. She was a tall girl, and her head was at the perfect height to lean straight forward between Amelia’s parted legs. She reached up her hands while she licked and nibbled at the inside of Amelia’s thighs and fumbled until she could get Amelia’s snug skirt down and off her legs.

“Mmm,” Amelia tilted her chin back and bucked her hips a little when Candice reached forward to kiss her pussy through her wet panties. She was so wet Candice could easily press her tongue forward and rub the fabric of her panties against Amelia’s pussy lips, licking up and down so Amelia got lots of nice friction. She had to grab hold of the edge of the table to keep herself still.

After a minute, though, Amelia wanted more.

“I’m not going to give you my bra if you keep doing just that,” she said, lifting her hips up a little. Candice pulled her panties down until she could tug them off her ankles.

Candice fixed her dark eyes on Amelia’s pussy, and Amelia reached forward to latch onto the girl’s blond hair. She tugged her forward until Candice’s mouth hit her pussy, and wrapped the long locks around her fingers while güvenilir casino Candice started to lick past the curly red hair between Amelia’s legs.

“You like that, don’t you?” Amelia asked.

She groaned when Candice brought her hand up and stuck two fingers into her, pumping them back and forth slowly, while she tilted her head to lick teasingly at Amelia’s clit. Amelia breathed hard, trembling, and let out a soft whine when Candice dug her fingers in a little deeper, scissoring them open and closed. It made a quiet, wet noise, and there was slurping when Candice ducked her head and dipped her tongue into the top of Amelia’s crease.

“You probably loved it when your pledge master told you what you were going to have to do. I bet she didn’t even have to ask you to eat her, she just patted her pussy and you came.”

Candice groaned and Amelia glanced down to realize the freshman was fingering herself underneath her skirt. She tugged on her hair, good and sharp, saying, “You’re going to have to wait,” and making sure to pull Candice’s mouth closer to her pussy.

Candice’s blond hair was tickling Amelia’s thighs as Candice pressed her face in, her nose rubbing up against Amelia’s clit for a moment, rough enough to make Amelia shiver, and her tongue getting in real deep as Amelia spread her legs to make more room between them. She was shaking, hot all over, and her breasts were shaking in the cool air, swinging back and forth a little.

She let go of Candice’s hair and reached up to start playing with her nipples, which were hard and extra-sensitive under her fingertips. Her palms rubbed against the smooth skin of her breasts and she moaned, imagining Candice sucking and biting on them. Candice grabbed Amelia’s knees and lifted them up to get better leverage on drinking up her pussy, and Amelia whimpered, biting her lip. The air conditioning in the library was on full and there was a vent blowing right on them, but she had never felt hotter in her life.

“Yes, yes,” she mumbled, squeezing her breasts. Candice was bobbing her hair up and down, puncturing her licks inside Amelia’s pussy with long strokes up and down her lips, and Amelia could feel herself getting close. “Keep going, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Candice licked her pussy a couple more times and then moved up to kiss Amelia’s clit, and when Amelia squirmed, she opened her frosted lips and sucked at it, her tongue darting in to press against it.

Amelia came, whimpering, and muttered, “You little slut, oh, yes, yes,” under her breath, while she struggled to breathe as Candice stayed between her legs. The freshman didn’t move, staying on her knees to suck at Amelia’s super-sensitive clit a little more before moving down to slowly lap up the juices spilling out of Amelia’s pussy.

When Candice finally stood up, shirtless, and her face all wet and glistening from Amelia’s pussy, Amelia pulled her close. She kissed her, her tongue licking up the juices she’d left on Candice’s skin. While Candice’s lick, hot tongue slipped against hers, she reached under the girl’s skirt and rubbed her thumb against her pussy. Her panties were so wet that Amelia could feel her skin getting damp.

“You want me to finger fuck you?” she asked, between kisses.

Candice whimpered. “Please.”

Panting into the Candice’s mouth, Amelia pulled her panties to the side and slid a couple of fingers inside. She wriggled her fingers and Candice’s breath hitched, her hips jerking up as Amelia started pumping her hand up and down. Her fingers slid around easily and she smiled, leaning down to suck on the side of Candice’s neck as hard as she could.

“Oh, yes, please,” Candice said, her hands coming up to cup her breasts. She leaned forward to rub her chest against Amelia’s and Amelia groaned into her neck. “Don’t stop, please.”

Amelia could feel how tight Candice was around just a couple of fingers and slid a third one in, making her whimper again. “You’re a little slut,” she said, sitting up to kiss her again. Candice rubbed their nipples together and shook her tight little ass. Amelia sighed happily. “I just want to bend you over my lap and spank your tight little pussy,” she said.

“God,” Candice said. “I just want you to fuck me, yeah.”

“I want to plunge a fat dildo in and out of you until you’re screaming,” Amelia said, nipping at Candice’s lower lip. “I want you squirming all over my lap until I have to spank your ass to make you hold still.”

Candice cried out and Amelia felt her tighten around her hand. She reached up to press her thumb tight against the girl’s clit, rubbing little circles into it while Candice finished cumming all over her hand.

Candice stood there trembling, after shocks hitting her, while Amelia reached around behind herself to undo her bra. She draped it over Candice’s shoulder and started getting redressed while the girl was still stunned.

“You’re a good fuck,” she said, slapping the girl’s ass. She gathered up her books and left, lingering in the doorway for just a moment to watch Candice put her boots back on.

The librarian stared at her on the way out, and Amelia knew it was the way that her breasts swayed under her shirt that made her do it.

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