College Days

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In my college days I tried to be open minded. I wanted to experience all that the world had to offer. I remember one particular escapade that forever changed my life.

I shared a number of classes with a girl named Lucy. She had chestnut brown hair that reached her waist and deep brown eyes. Her waist was tiny and her breasts were ample. Soft, pouty lips. She was the epitome of beauty. Lucy wore her jeans tight and lowcut. Her shirts always showed off her flat stomach, complete with belly ring. If there was one thing Lucy wasn’t, it was modest. She was also a lesbian.

We became close friends and spent many nights dancing at clubs or sitting at home, getting drunk. One night at her place, after many shots of rum, Lucy leaned in close. I could smell her perfume, a subtle coconut scent. I tried to ask her what she was doing, but before I could say anything she grabbed the back of my head and pressed her lips to mine. She held me there and I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth. I parted my lips to allow it. She slid one hand up my side, under my shirt, and began to caress my breast.

I was drunk, stunned and suddenly aroused. I knew that what was happening was wrong. I pulled away from her. “Lucy, we can’t do this.” “Why not? Come on, beautiful, give me another kiss.”

I blushed, knowing she was the beautiful one. “But Lucy, I’m straight. I…I like penetration.” I said, blushing again.

She laughed, “Oh honey, you don’t need a man to be penetrated.” She pushed me back on her sofa and climbed on artvin escort top of me. She tore my shirt off my body, exposing my fair skin. Her hair brushed across my bare skin and I broke out in goosebumps. Lucy took off her shirt and bra. Her nipples were erect and she pinched them as she leaned in to kiss my neck.

She quickly bit me and I moaned softly. “Lucy, no.” I pleaded half-heartedly. She smiled and brought my hand up to her perfect breasts. Guiding my hand, she caressed herself. She reached under me to unsnap my bra. I sat up so she could reach and took her nipple into my mouth. She moaned and ran her fingers through my blonde hair. I swirled my tongue around the hard nob and lightly fluttered my tongue across it.

A moan escaped her lips, “That’s it honey.” She threw my bra to the floor and grabbed one of my breasts in each hand. Her soft hands cupped them delicately as her thumbs rubbed against my nipples.

I could feel her grinding against me and I could feel my hips thrusting up despite myself. My panties were wet and I could feel my clit thobbing. Lucy pushed my back again and unbuttoned my jeans. She grabbed the legs and pulled them off of me and removed her own. I laid there, not sure what to do next.

But Lucy knew. She crawled up the couch, kissing up my leg as she went. I could feel her closing in on my cunt.

“You smell delicious. I can’t wait to lick up your juices, honey.”

I bucked my hips into the air as her mouth skirted across my escort artvin pussy. She moved my thong to one side and slid her fingers up my wet slit. I closed my eyes and shuddered. She reached down and began playing with herself as she was rubbing my clit. I began to wiggle on the couch. She plunged one finger into my pussy, then a second.

I looked down and saw her slip them into her mouth.


I grabbed her and pulled her to me, kissing her hard and sliding my own hand down to her wet cunt. My bush was natural, but hers was well trimmed with just a narrow landing strip. My finger circled her clit and I felt her begin to thrust against my hand.

Just as I had committed myself to what I was doing, Lucy stood up. I looked at her with a puzzled expression and she smiled. “I’m not done with you yet honey. We’re just changing location, come on.” I took her hand as she led me down the hallway to her bedroom.

My head was swimming from the booze and the new experiance of a woman lover. She sat me down on the bed and took off my thong. Pushing my body backwards, she slid her face back up to my opening. This time her tongue slid across my clit instead of her finger and I moaned loudly. She swirled her tongue around as she fingerfucked me. Her fingers driving in hard and fast. It was penetration alright, but not enough. She pulled her fingers out and reached down, mixing her juices with my own. I was so aroused at the sight that I nearly came right then. Her tongue darted artvin escort bayan into my cunt and she lapped up my wetness. She went again to my clit as she played with her own and when she sucked hard on it I came. My hips bucked in the air wildly, my cum spilled into her mouth and she greedily sucked it up.

As I lay on the bed shuddering and moaning weakly, Lucy stood up and walked to her closet. “You like penetration, honey? I’ve got you penetration. Get on your knees, mama’s gonna take you from behind.” She turned and I saw the eight inch black strap-on for the first time. I didn’t think I could handle cumming again, but I was willing to try.

The strap-on had ribs and nubs along the sides and Lucy coated it with lube as she approached the bed. I obediantly got onto my hands and knees and prepared myself for a good fucking. Lucy grabbed my hips and I felt the tip pressing against my hole. She thrust hard into me. I screamed in pleasure and she pulled almost completely out of me, leaving just the tip. I pressed my self backwards, trying to shove the cock deeper in. Lucy thrust into me hard again. And a third time. My back arched and she began to thrust faster, working up a rhytm. My breasts bounced fast and hard.

“Do you like my cock? Does it feel good? Am I fucking you good honey?”

“Oh yes, oh YESSS!!!” I yelled as I came again. I collapsed on the bed with the cock still deep inside of me.

I lay there shuddering as Lucy withdrew and licked up my juices once more. “See, I told you, honey, you don’t need a man for penetration. You just need a girl who knows how to use a strap-on.” I just smiled weakly and drifted off to sleep.

Lucy changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the feel of a real cock throbbing inside me, but now I know not to pass up that hot chic at the bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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