Coed Cheerleader Climaxes from Anal

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Kyle loved fucking my ass. He was obsessed with my butthole. It felt like Kyle was determined to work himself inside my rear end with every opportunity he got. Letting him fuck my ass that first time burst a dam of restraint; every time we were alone my butthole got stuffed by something; toy, finger, dick.

He drove his fingers into my tiny tightness on the bus coming back from an away football game while Jenny watched from the corner of her eye across the aisle. I begged him to not do it, and my discomfort, my moans, and how I had to twist to let his wrist get low enough embarrassed me to no end.

“God, I’m so jealous,” Jenny said in a fierce whisper as we got our bags from under the bus. “Kyle is so naughty; he can’t keep his hands off of you.”

“Uhhh, thanks,” I responded. Hopefully, she thought he had only been groping my butt cheeks and not worming his finger through my clenched sphincter.

“Ready to drive me home?” Kyle said, smiling at Jenny as she turned away with a wink in my direction. She could read the lust in his eyes as much as I could. He was my boyfriend. I should have been more excited about how he was going to take me to his room and strip me naked. He did have a spectacular dick; smooth, thick, and knew how to use it.

Until he started fucking my ass every time we had sex I had cum every time with loud stomach churning orgasms. Not anymore. Kyle had been neglecting my needs and focusing on reaming my asshole. It hurt, and I still hadn’t cum from it.

I’d been gritting my teeth so much against the discomfort of his girth in my ass I thought they were going to lose all their edges. Chewing meat was going to be hard with molars ground flat.

It had been two weeks and five times up my butt that I hadn’t had an orgasm. I was determined to demand one before I let him cum inside my ass again. If he wanted my butt, then I was going to require his cock in my pussy until I came, or at least his tongue between my legs.

“Let’s go,” I sighed, hefting my heavy luggage while Kyle strode with ease next to me as we walked to my car. The fuck didn’t even offer to help me with my heavier items.

Kyle prattled about the game, how he scored a touchdown, how indispensable he was on the team, how everyone said he was magnificent, and how lucky I was to go home with him. I didn’t mention how he didn’t have a car and that I needed to drive him everywhere, or that he was not even passing three of his classes. He’d have to get tutoring just to get a C so he wasn’t booted from the team.

“I’m going to head home,” I said when we pulled up to his apartment. “I’m tired.”

“No! No, no, babe. Come up first. I have some needs after my big win.”

Kyle traced my jaw to my chest, cupping my breast and pushing between my legs.

“I really need to be inside you to celebrate. Aren’t you happy for me?”

“Yeah, I am, I’m just, not feeling it.”

“Awww, come on. I know you like sex. Make me happy. I earned it.”

“Fine, I guess,” I said. sometimes it was easier to get it over with than deal with his whining. I left my purse, my phone, and my bags in the car. This way I was going to have to leave. I didn’t want to stay over. He was annoying me and the way he embarrassed me on the bus still lingered.

Kyle didn’t wait long once we got upstairs. He threw his bag in his closet, slammed his bedroom door shut from his roommates, and pulled his shirt off.

“Shower with me,” he said, stripping.

I sighed but undressed then followed him into his attached bathroom shower. It was small but warmed enough with the hot water.

Kyle’s body was wonderful; all muscles and fine lines with eyes that burned amber. He was attractive in a greasy black hair kinda way with enough body hair to appear older than he was.

Jenny might be attracted to him, but she didn’t know him as I did. He was a spoiled fuck that thought way too much of himself. Maybe it was because he had a big dick and was a college football player. Maybe all guys were like him.

“Let me soap your back,” Kyle said pushing me under the hot showerhead. I’d been standing shivering in the back of the tub waiting for my turn. “You’re so fucking sexy. I love touching your fine tight body. Do all cheerleaders cum like you do?”

“Huh?” I said.

“You know, screaming and moaning,” he did an impression of me climaxing. “Or are they more restrained?”

His smug smile was infuriating.

“Fuck you!” I said and slapped him on the arm. “Do all football players cum like this?” I did an impression of him cringing and spasming like he had palsy.

He laughed it away and twisted my shoulder with the loofa.

“Let me wash your ass. It was kinda smelly on the bus.”

“I can’t believe you wanted to do that. I sweat a lot.”

“Better for me to slide in.” He said. He was insufferable. “Yeah, let’s clean you out so you’re ready for me.”


“I can’t get enough. Plus,” he said with his chin on my shoulder, his lips near my cheek, “I’m canlı bahis şirketleri going to make you cum with my cock balls deep in your ass.”

I shivered under the hot water. Goosebumps rippled across my back and legs. I’d wanted to cum for weeks. Was this my only choice?

“I want you to eat me out first, then, maybe.”

Kyle shrugged. He was good at finding my clit too, the fucking bastard. He reached for the soap, then wedged his palm between my ass cheeks, swiping like his fingers were credit cards. He washed my outside and worked a couple of fingers inside my butt. I stretched easier for him after weeks of use, and I moaned holding tight to the chrome faucet. When he was finished I expected him to try and ram me in the shower, but he exited, leaving me to finish bathing alone.

When I came out of the shower he was listening to music and playing with his phone while sprawled naked on his bed. I bundled my hair in a towel and dried off the rest of my skin.

“Brrrrr, I’m cold.”

“Come here, I’ll warm you up.”

“I’m freezing!” I said, naked except for the towel twisted atop my head.

Kyle met me with kisses, with warm soothing hands across my shoulders and breasts. He waited three minutes of making out before diving between my legs. His tongue found my clit near immediately, and I palmed his head, pushing him roughly against my sweetness.

“Your pussy always tastes so fragrant, I like it.” He said.

I hated when he talked about my flavor. It embarrassed me thinking that I had a bad taste or an off smell. I suspected he said things like that just to see if they’d trigger my anger. My rage faded with his attention, and soon I was rocking into his face with my pelvis to eek out every ounce of climax I could muster.

“Oh yes! Right there!” I moaned, twitching. He was like a gifted savant finding what turned me on. Maybe he was right about the butt. Maybe he was right about how it was going to make me cum like nothing else ever had. I should trust him. He knew my body as his own toy and was expert in giving me pleasure. I let him work my clit and pussy like an instrument and he was the master musician.

He had my back arched, my tits flopping around my ribs and my hands clumping blankets with my head tossed in a wordless shout of joy in minutes. Kyle’s strong football hands wrapped around my thighs where my legs met my waist- the widest part of my body and I felt like a doll under his big grasp. Physically he could pick me up in a heartbeat and plop me on his cock whether I wanted it or not. It was something that initially had turned me on; getting manhandled by his sheer strength.

“Unnnngggghhh!! I’m Cumming!” I shouted, at last, trembling while he latched onto my snatch and pressed with his hot muscle. Kyle was the best at eating me out.

He just didn’t have to be such a dick about everything all the time.

My hair wrapped towel had fallen off in my throes, and my body was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. I’d just showered, but I didn’t mind being a little dirty from my pussy getting wet.

“Uhhh, mmmm, oooh!” Kyle mocked me, wiping his chin with his hand and drying it on the bed covers. “See, cheerleader cumming always sounds so good. Put the skirt on.”

“Why do you like that?” I said, “I don’t want to.”

“Come on.” He got off the bed, comfortable in his nakedness and shaped muscles. He was good to look at and feel, but his attitude and brutish behavior made him such a jerk. He snagged my cheerleading skirt off the floor and unzipped the built-in bottoms so it was just the frilling. “Put it on. I like seeing my cock inside you while the skirt flips over your ass.”

I sighed, but wiggled my feet through and clasped the hooks to keep it tight above my hips. It felt naughty not having the panties built in, and being otherwise naked.

“There we go. That is what I’m talking about. My fine little butt slut cheerleader who loves to cum first.”

“Stop!” I protested and covered my boobs.

“Don’t deny it. You’re mine, and you just came. Let me see those titties.”

Kyle used his face to push aside my arms and started sucking on my nipples, letting his rough chin scratch my sensitive breasts. I moaned, and he took it like I enjoyed his attention and wasn’t reacting to the way his stubble scraped my tender skin.

In minutes he pinned my arms above my head, kissed my forehead and spread my legs with his waist while prodding my moist slit with his big dick.

“Ready for me?”

I nodded, still primed from my earlier orgasm and hoping I could get another one before he ruined the evening with his dick in my ass. It was the price I paid for good sex, I told myself.

Every time he entered my pussy I couldn’t help wincing, crushing my eyebrows together above my nose and moaning this helpless timid squeal like I was a tiny woodland creature frightened of the dark and cold. It felt like my insides were being shoved out of the way, displaced, removed, and that there was canlı kaçak iddaa no way the sizable thickness was natural or normal. I was convinced he would destroy my pussy with his smooth shaft. It was a marvel that I’d been able to work his dick in my rear end without tearing apart. Perhaps that is why it had been so uncomfortable.

“That’s what I like, oh yeah, this is my hot cheerleader pussy.” Kyle breathed in my ear between sucking on my neck and chin. “Like that? Like having my big cock in your tight snatch?”

“I do.” I moaned for him, hoping to keep him inside my sweetness and not in my stink. “I like it so much. Teach me to cum from your cock Kyle. Make me cum big, strong, study, football star.”

I pawed at his neck, around his wide wide shoulders, and arms like thick tree trunks. His frame dominated my body, and I felt enveloped, crushed by his size. It was similar to when I was a child in the wood hiding under a fallen tree thinking no one would ever find my tiny body under its wide size. If only I’d known then what getting impaled by a thick log was really like.

Breath came in gasps, every inhale a struggle against the size captivating my brain pulsing inside my warmth.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Kyle cooed. “So fucking good. I can’t wait to fuck your ass. I can’t wait to see you squirm and cream from getting speared by my dick. You’re going to cum so fucking hard.”

I pawed at his hair, his neck, his shoulders, anything to keep him inside my pussy, anything to get me off before I had to grind my teeth against his sphincter splitting shaft.

“Make me cum now,” I groaned, “ungh, yes, fuck me in the pussy Kyle. I need it. Make me cum.”

I could feel Kyle’s condescending smile on my face when he licked my temple and kissed my nose before rising on his heels and slamming into my crotch. His girth split my narrow hips hard, hammering my clit and pussy with violence and lust.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Unngghhhh!! MMmmmppfffff!” I screamed while his body thrust like a battering ram into my honey pot. I crumbled under his pounding. It was the combined force of his huge dick splitting my pussy wide, his firm abs with six-pack ripples massaging my clit, and how strong and firm his arms laced muscle to hold himself aloft that made me cum again.

I quivered with tightness everywhere, then went slack, relaxing into the post orgasm like a used sock hanging on a line after being worn all day.

Kyle laughed full of mirth and certainty.

“That’s the way a fucking cheerleader should cum; still in her skirt and spit by a big dick!”

He hadn’t even broken a sweat and I was coated.

“Turn around.” He ordered, and pushed my leg across my body to ‘help.’ “Let me get at your pretty little asshole.”

His hands on my rump were rough, aggressive, all thumbs and fingers gouging into my tight cheeks. Cheerleading and years of dieting, working out, and staying firm made my ass tight and thick with muscle. Kyle worked it like kneading dough, finally pulling my crack apart and jamming his face inside. His nose tickled hot breath above my sphincter and his tongue found my twitching O-ring.

It pressed hot, wet, wrong, against my pinched circle, and in response to the pressure I gasped drooling with my tongue out.

Damn, but I was starting to like having my butthole played with. I was starting to enjoy feeling his finger and tongue rimming my rear. The covers tasted salty, which was weird because I’d never seen Kyle eating anything on his bed ever. Maybe it was from sweat, which was disgusting. Did he ever wash them? The thought fled quickly as he probed my rear with his firm tongue, lancing my hole and stretching it. I moaned between my teeth and bit harder on the cotton; salty taste or not I needed something to stem my grimace and teeth grinding.

“Mmmmmy god!” I moaned, feeling the vibration of pleasure rumbling through my throat under my breasts. Kyle’s tongue and finger on my butthole excited nerves I didn’t know existed and sent riding lances of feeling shooting over my skin. It felt like my whole core was awakened in a way I’d never experienced before.

There was no pain this time. Kyle’s promise of orgasm seemed possible, like the whisper of it as a possibility nestled in my chest next to my heart. For a moment I believed it would happen.

Then he stretched me worse.

I bit the blanket hard when he shoved a second finger up my butt. There was discomfort, but no angry pain exploding through. It felt, full.

I tried to breathe normal, to let the plunging fingers be pleasurable, but every inhale sent shivers rippling off my ass down my legs and up the back of my neck like an icy spider crawling up my spine.

There was something in my butt. It would not leave. No amount of pinching, squeezing, wiggling, adjusting, or gasping would dislodge the thing. Something was in my asshole, and it was moving.

It was all I could think about. It dominated my thought, it crushed my awareness into the tiny box canlı kaçak bahis that was my body and immediate sensations. All I could focus on was Kyle’s face between my butt cheeks lathering my ass with his saliva, plunging his fingers into my ass, and how my skin seemed alive with lightning. I was sweating with anticipation and the fevered finish of my previous climax.

“You’re ready,” Kyle announced, pulling out of my butt. My sphincter clenched shut, then spasmed, opening and closing in turns craving something to stretch it wide. What was wrong with me? I felt him moving between my toes and calves. “God I’ve been longing to fuck this ass all night.”

His voice was hoarse and full of grunting need. He’d been restraining himself. I grabbed the blanket in my fist, balling enough to fill my palm so when I squeezed I wouldn’t break skin with my nails. Already my knuckles were sore from clenching against the discomfort.

I felt his heavy dick hit my ass before I heard the slap.

Knowing his heavy cock was nudging my rear end sent shivers through my skin. Like icicles, they lanced up my breasts tickling nipples erect and gripping my throat with fear. He was going to ream my asshole again. He was going to pound me up the ass hard, rough, and intense until he came inside. Kyle was going to fill my rectum with his jizz, and leave me ripped and destroyed like before. I wasn’t going to cum. He was a lier, a fake tricking me into giving up my most precious hole, my tightest wrongness. He was using me to get off on his depraved desires. He didn’t care about me.

“Touch your pussy, babe,” Kyle said. “Let go of the blanket and finger that sweet honey pot. You need to work your clit while I pound your butt.”

“I… I…” I hesitated, still frightened too much of his girthy shaft. “I don’t know.”

“Do it.” He said and slapped my butt hard enough to make the sting linger for long moments after. It still smarted by the time I worked my tired fingers out of the blanket and slid past my belly to wet my fingers in my slit. “That’s good.” He stroked my hips, rocking his cock in my ass crack. “Good girl. Take a breath.”

I inhaled deep, preparing, tensing, scared and worried.

Kyle shoved in an abrupt lance plunging his cock into my asshole and bursting past my shaking sphincter. He’d worked it enough in the last few weeks I opened; he used his fingers and tongue enough to lube me ready.

“FUUCK!” I shouted, explosive and expelling my whole breath. It felt like my body was shoved forward, like all the empty space I didn’t realize existed inside was suddenly filled and I had no more room to do anything, let alone breathe again.

My first trembling inhale rocked my asshole over his shaft and while the pain was there something else eeked forward. Pleasure. Excitement.

Kyle railed my butthole.

“Yes! Fuck yeah! Damn your ass is so fucking tight! I’m pounding your tight little butt after fucking your cheerleader pussy. You love it. I know it. you’re my tight little butt slut cheerleader. Hahaha, I love fucking your tight ass. Take it Take it all, you dirty dirty little whore.”

I could barely hear what he said but knew he was reveling abusing my asshole.

I screamed, shouted, and flurried my fingers around my clit, forcing, willing, demanding the small pleasure I awoke and fostered from my previous orgasms to merge with the morsel of enjoyment that had taken its first small breath of life in my ass.

It grew. Whatever it was, however it happened, the grain of joy began spreading like sickness, like injured infection, wrapping around Kyle’s monster dick then flooding against my pussy.

They merged, like two different oceans of cold and warm water mixing into a turbulent gray. My pleasure exploded, and I was more shocked than the time he first pushed an unwelcome finger against my asshole.

My eyes rolled into my head, my throat went raw from screeching, and Kyle slapped his stomach against my thighs, against my butt cheeks and bottomed his cock in my butt. I paid little attention to how his impacts rocked my whole frame sending me crashing forward each slamming insert he thrust. My hand moved on my pussy, his cock pulsed in my ass, and inside I writhed in pleasure like spiderwebs that shot out of my core where clit and butt merged in unique stuffed ecstasy.

“Oh my gooooodd!” I screamed when I could find the breath, “I’m cuuuuuuummmmming!!”

My whole body thundered with feeling, with emotion, with gushing brilliant lights and darkness. I felt awakened, dominated, held down by a heavy muscled foot and plugged with stuffing dick. I was his, and in submission felt the release of every pent-up frustration and desire. My ass exploded with sensation and I could feel every hugging inch circling his thick cock. I trembled, I cried, I wailed, and I smiled, rocking from joy I never knew existed and my world shattered into a thousand conflicting needs.

I was his. I was his willing butt-slut, and now that I’d cum from my anal plugging, cum from my joined pussy and ass, I knew I’d never go back.

Kyle’s cum blasted into my ass, and I moaned feeling its hotness slosh inside my depths. I milked his shaft with my welcoming sphincter, riding my hips along his softening girth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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