Cockdaddy and Fucktoy


Cockdaddy and FucktoyHe was on his way to come see me, he had certain commands that I knew I needed to follow. I had to be on my knees on the floor, my mouth open and tongue out ready and waiting for him. My tits were to be exposed and I was to be naked or dressed in a sexy outfit for him. I was ready, waiting, getting more excited and wet as each second passed. My body was aching for his touch. My heart was pounding hard in my chest as his car pulled into the driveway. I stirred in my spot on the floor, trying to be careful not to mess up my pose or my outfit. His footsteps growing closer and closer, making my heart race, and my head spin. I wanted him so badly. No. I needed him. I needed everything he was about to give to me. The door opened and he looked at me with a lustful awe. He wanted me just as badly. He was just as ready for me. He told me not to speak until he asked me a direct question. I wanted to move towards him, I wanted to tell him that I’ve been a good little whore, waiting patiently for her cockdaddy, but I knew what his rules pinbahis were and I would do anything he asked me. He was right in front of me now, his hands moving to my hair, he told me what a good slut I was sitting there mouth open, tits and tongue out for him. He finally asked if I was ready to suck his big hard cock. Like flipping on switch I started moving as fast as I could. I couldn’t get his pants off fast enough couldn’t wait to have my prize for being such a good fucktoy. His cock was so hard in his boxers that I started to try sucking and licking it through the fabric. I couldn’t believe it but it grew harder and bigger. I wanted it now more then ever. My body was burning, my head spinning, the only thought I had left was to get his cock in my mouth and down my throat as fast as I could. He held my hair and finally his full hard cock was bare in front of me. He asked me If deserved to have it, if id been a good girl. “I’ve been a good girl cockdaddy. Please let me suck on your cock, let me choke on it.?”At this he pinbahis giriş forced his cock down my throat, pulling my hair to move with his thrusts. I was in a state of pure ecstasy. My cockdaddy was face fucking me, my pussy growing wetter and wetter with each thrust. Hed stop just long enough to let me breathe, but if my mouth wasn’t around his cock then my hands needed to be jerking him off. I thanked him for letting me suck him, thanked him for fucking my mouth. He grabbed my neck and squeezed. He grabbed my tits and played with my hard nipples. He pulled me up off the floor and said he was ready to fuck me. Ready to pound my pussy. He sat on the couch and I straddled him. The tip of his cock at my pussy entrance. He asked if I was ready and before I could say anything he slammed his cock hard inside of me. My body was in bliss. My pussy was being stretched and filled full of my cockdaddys hard cock. He was going so far inside of me, reaching parts that no one else has ever touched. I was going without needing to think. pinbahis güvenilir mi My body reacting to his every touch. I bounced up and down on top of him. He choked me and told me that he loved fucking my tight little pussy. My tits bounced in front of him. I felt like such a fucking slut but I loved it. He was the only one to make me feel like this. My pussy stared to pulse, I could feel my orgasm building with each thrust. “Cockdaddy, you’re going to make me cum” I said.He grabbed my hips and slammed me even harder onto him, telling me to cum all over his big cock like the whore I am. He said the magic words. His cock hit all the right places. I could feel my pussy squeezing his cock tighter as I came. All I could say was fuck. Fuck. Fuck yes, cockdaddy. Then he said my favorite words. “I’m cumming” my cockdaddy was ready to fill my pussy full of cum. I kept riding him, my orgasm still lingering. He started fucking me so hard I thought I’d break in half, then he let out a deep moan and I could feel his cock grow so thick inside of me. I could feel his cock pulse as it shot his cum inside my pussy. I never wanted the feeling to end. I never wanted his cock to leave my pussy. I loved being his whore and being his slut. Most of all I love that he is my cockdaddy and that I am his little fucktoy.

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