Cockatoo Part 23


Cockatoo Part 23Cockatoo Part 23“Jamie, you alright, babe?” Shane squatted down, pulling up his balaclava so I could see his face. “Stay there for a moment while we clear the boat. We think we’ve got them all but we need to be sure.”I wanted to hug him, but he stood up, waved his arm, and the men started to move on in the crouching walk all special forces use, their automatic weapons at the ready. We were allowed to get up from the floor but all I could hear was the whining voice of the ambassador.“This is an outrage and I will be making a formal complaint to the Foreign Ministry. I have been in mortal danger and have had to deal with it myself. Where are my bodyguards? They should have protected me. I will personally dismiss them first thing in the morning.”Shane stopped, turned on his heel and walked up to the ambassador who shrank back as he looked up at Shane. From the look on Shane’s face I knew something bad had happened.“Firstly Mister Ambassador, you seem to have pissed your trousers, and secondly, you can’t dismiss them.”“Oh, can’t I? Wait and see, I can and I will.”“No, you can’t because they’re dead. They died trying to protect you. They were friends of mine and you will show them respect.” I saw Shane’s trigger finger twitch and for one mad moment I thought he was going to shoot him. “Ambassador, these men here will protect you now, although God only knows why they should want to take a bullet for you.”The ambassador went red and a few of the armed guys nodded to Shane. I knew he had either resigned in the most spectacular way, or would be fired anyway in the morning. I wanted to run over to him, but he turned away from the ambassador, caught my eye and shook his head. ***Our phones were taken away,, and we were held in the saloon for a while. A medic looked after Kritsada while Praew checked the others out. There didn’t seem to be any other serious injuries, but everyone was clearly shocked by what had happened. Food and drink were offered but no-one took anything except the ambassador who was beginning to complain again. We were all glad when someone from the Foreign Ministry arrived and ushered him out with much bowing and scr****g. We were called forward one by one to be interrogated and it was a while before my turn. A policeman ushered me into a room and I wasn’t entirely surprised to see Thaksin sitting there. “I could have guessed you would show up.” I said.“You have much skill at getting into trouble.”“Me? This was nothing to do with me. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”“Then you are very skilful at being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems. Anyway, down to brass knuckles as I think you say.”“Brass…oh, you mean brass tacks. What do you want to know?”“Tell me your version of what happened tonight.”“Simple. Kritsada slapped down Yut, he got mad, went away and came back with his men and tried to kill Kritsada…and me by the way.”“Why do you think Yut did this?”“No idea. Yut was a psychopath who hated Kritsada and wanted to take over his business.” I paused before saying, “But if you ask me, this has got Jandaeng’s hoofprints all over it.”Thaksin looked confused. “Hoofprints? What are they?”“I think Jandaeng is the devil, complete with horns and hoofs.”Thaksin sighed. “I do not think I will ever understand Westerners. In Thailand we would never joke about the devil.”“I’m not joking. Where is he, by the way? Jandaeng I mean, not the devil.”Thaksin looked down at his papers and shuffled them. I had a bad feeling. “You don’t know, do you? Don’t tell me you’ve lost him.”“He has disappeared. We were tailing him but he gave my men the slip. We are searching for him. We will find him.”“Did you lose him before or after Yut’s attack?”Thaksin shifted uneasily in his chair, he was losing face here and didn’t like it. “It was just after. He received a call and then lost my men.”Jandaeng on the run was worrying, and I wondered who had called him. He was capable of anything and I hoped Thaksin would find him fast. As if reading my thoughts, Thaksin said, “When we find him, I will let you know. He will be arrested immediately. His parrot is cooked.”I coughed to cover up my laugh. “Goose…oh, never mind. Find him quickly, please. Do you need me anymore?”“No, you may go, but call me if Jandaeng gets in touch.”One thing was puzzling me. “Thaksin, you don’t seem surprised to see me like this?”Without missing a beat he said, “We are well aware of your, how should I say, preferences. You might wish to stay like this for a while.”“Oh, why?”“We don’t think Jandaeng is aware of Jamie, or what is it? Scarlett?”***After Thaksin had handed back my phone, I returned to the saloon to find Kritsada and Praew waiting for me. I looked for Nancy but she had already left with the others. Kritsada was in a terrible state. His face was bruised and his nose looked to be broken. I sank to my knees in front of him and took his hands. He looked down in surprise.“Thank you.”“Jamie, what for? You have nothing to thank me for.”“Back there when Yut was asking for the farang, you could have given me up, but you didn’t. Thank you.”I swear his eyes were glistening. “Jamie, after all you have done for me and my family, I would never have betrayed you.”Praew rubbed his arm. “Kritsada, I am proud of you. We were all so frightened, but you stood up to him.”The way she looked at Kritsada told me everything I needed to know. She was in love with him. “Come, stand up Jamie. We all need to go home. We will stay at my house tonight and have a meeting tomorrow.”We walked arm in arm to the boat taking us back, Kritsada sandwiched between Praew and myself. A long-tail boat sped us along to the river past Wat Arun and the Grand Palace to Kritsada’s house. The sun was rising and Bangkok looked serene in the misty early morning light. As we pulled alongside the jetty a helicopter clattered in to land in the garden. I looked at Kritsada who managed a lopsided grin. “My gift for you.”The helicopter landed and before the rotors had stopped moving, two figures leapt out and ran yelling over to us. Alex got to me first and jumped into my arms, to be followed a few seconds later by Areeya. Alex started to cry which set us all off, and we were hugging and crying together. Areeya broke off to go to her father, and they too embraced and I swear Kritsada was crying too.Areeya dragged her father over to us. He was still holding Praew’s hand and Areeya looked sideways at Praew, and I thought Kritsada would have some explaining to do to his daughter. Everyone was trying to talk at once until Kritsada held up his hand for silence. “I am so glad we are all here together. Tonight has been a terrible experience, but it has taught me I have some remarkable friends. I suggest we all get some rest and meet together in the morning when we can see what to do next.” He was still holding Praew’s hand, and it did not go unnoticed. I hugged Praew and whispered, “Good luck, he needs you.” She nodded, “I’m taking him to my clinic to get him checked out. Yut hit him hard. He’s not as young as he thinks he is any more. Take care of yourself, by the way. Alex and Areeya need you.”There was a commotion from the house as Nin and Dao burst through the doors and ran over to us. Nin was crying as she came up to Alex and me. “I so glad you OK, Jamie. I was so worried.”We pulled her into our hug whilst Dao went across to Kritsada who embraced her. I noticed Areeya eyeing Dao as a tigress might do whose territory was being encroached. türkçe bahis I grabbed her hand to distract her, “How did you get here so quickly?”“When it was all over Dao called us and sent the company plane to Samui, then the helicopter from Don Mueang to here.” I grabbed all three of them, and they squealed as I hugged them a bit too tight. Alex broke away and kissed me. “Well, I’m never going to let you out of my sight again.” Nin grabbed my arm, “Miss Alex, what you think of Jamie?”Alex took a step back and giggled as if seeing me for the first time.“Nin, I think she looks good enough to eat. Is that a corset you’re wearing you little minx? And your dress and the hair, come here baby, I want to gobble you all up.” She made a grab for me and I danced out of the way.“Get off, and yes, it is a corset, and it’s killing me. I need to take it off.”“Well, we’re not stopping you.” said Alex making Nin double up with laughter.“Not out here, you fool, inside.”“Come on then.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house. “See you in morning.” said Nin.“Oh no,” said Alex, “you’re coming too.” She grabbed Nin and dragged us both with her.“What about Areeya?” I said looking around. “She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”I caught sight of Areeya talking intently with Dao. I could imagine there would be fur flying between those two when they got their claws out.Alex pulled us into a bedroom and we tumbled onto the bed. “Ouch, I can’t breathe in this bloody corset.”Alex pulled me back to my feet. “OK, but first let me have a proper look at you.”She looked me up and down before a big grin spread across her face..“What’s so funny?” “Nothing baby, I was just thinking back to the first time you wore my panties. You nearly had a seizure. Now look at you.”“Yeah, well, that makes it all your fault, so help me get this thing off.”“Admit it, you like this, don’t you?”I would have admitted to being the Easter Bunny if it helped to get the corset off. “Yes, yes, I like it, now help me get this off or I swear I will kill you.”She kissed me and stroked my face. “OK. Nin, unzip the dress.”Nin eased the zip down and the dress slipped off my shoulders onto the floor. I stepped out of it and stood there in the corset and stockings.Alex purred like a cat. “Oh my, you look ravishing. The corset is so hot. Does it make you feel sexy?”“No, it makes me feel like I’m going to faint.” Actually, standing there in front of Alex and Nin like this must have made me feel good because my traitorous cock betrayed me and swelled inside my panties.Alex, of course, noticed and stroked it through the silk. “Mmm, I’ve missed this you naughty girl.”“Stop it, let me out of this before I turn blue.”“Oh, don’t fuss so, the more you wear it the better it will feel.”“Trust me. I’m never wearing this again.”“Never say never, my sweet.” Alex nodded to Nin, and I felt her fingers untying the laces at the back as Alex unclipped the stockings from the corset and rolled them down my legs. Nin finished undoing the laces, relief sweeping through me as the corset opened and my lungs gratefully sucked in air. “Oh my Lord, that feels good.”Alex was on her knees in front of me and slipped her fingers underneath my panties before sliding them down my legs. “Does this feel good too?” Said Alex, taking me deep into her mouth. At the same time Nin’s hands slid round from behind to play with my nipples and she kissed the back of my neck as Alex licked and sucked my cock, making my knees turn to jelly. Alex let me slip from her mouth, stood up and in one motion pulled her dress over her head and dropped it on the floor. Nin must have already done the same because I felt her breasts sliding over my back. Alex kissed me hard, her tongue forcing its way past my lips, while Nin’s fingers stroked me from behind as her cock was bumping against my bum.Alex stopped kissing me and slipped a finger into my mouth before taking a nipple into her mouth and nipped it hard. I gasped allowing Alex to slide a second finger through my lips and I sucked hard on them. I felt Nin’s finger slipping into my crack and I eased my legs apart to allow her to caress my rosebud. Alex pushed her fingers in and out of my mouth while she continued her assault on my tender nipples with her lips and tongue and teeth.My knees sagged as the two of them kept up a relentless assault from back and front until Alex broke off and pushed me onto the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. She knelt between my legs, pushed them apart and motioned Nin to join her. I looked down to see both of them licking my cock, one on each side, taking turns to slide their lips over the head, their tongues meeting as they licked and sucked. I arched my back as I felt one of them slip a tongue into the slit as the other sucked my balls, rolling them around in their mouth. Someone pushed a finger into my hole making me thrust upward into a waiting mouth as fingers tweaked my nipples, sending me into sensory overload. I was getting very close to the edge when they stopped and I opened my eyes to see Alex pushing Nin onto the bed. She whispered something to Nin who lay on her front and spread her cheeks wide with her hands. Alex lay between her legs and tongued Nin’s hole, making her squirm and moan with pleasure. Transfixed, my hand went to my cock which was as hard as I could ever remember, and I stroked myself as I watched them. Alex turned her head to see me with my hand on my cock and she hissed, “Don’t you dare cum yet. Fuck her now.”I didn’t need a second invitation and as Alex moved away, I knelt behind Nin and slowly pushed my cock into her hole lubricated by Alex’s tongue. She pushed back onto me as I thrust deeper and deeper into her, making her moan and bunch the bedsheets in her fists as I pummelled away. Alex must have moved behind me because I was pushed forward onto Nin’s back and had to support myself with my arms. A finger slipped into me to open me up before it was replaced by her cock tapping at my hole. Alex slapped my bum and slid her cock inside me, pushing me deeper into Nin who grunted as I drove into her. Alex’s cock rammed into me as Nin tightened her hole around me and I was overwhelmed by what was happening to me; as if every nerve end in my body had fired at the same time. I felt Alex’s cock filling my hole as I savagely penetrated Nin; every jagged thrust, every rasping grunt, every searing sc**** of skin against skin set off a new wave of sensations raging through my nervous system as if I existed only as a group of neurones to be stimulated by Alex and Nin. My climax grew from deep within me, building and growing in intensity until it ripped through me and I came into Nin a few seconds before Alex stiffened, grunted and came deep inside me. She thrust once or twice more before pulling out and rolling to one side. I slid my cock out of Nin and slumped onto the bed exhausted from what we had done. Nin rolled onto her back, her cock standing straight up. Alex grinned, then licked the head of Nin’s cock and pointed at me to join in. Alex moved to one side of Nin’s cock and I began to lick the other side. This was a first for me, but I remembered what Nin and Alex had done for me so I curled my tongue around her cock, meeting Alex’s tongue and fencing with that before returning to lick Nin. I looked up to see Nin watching us wide eyed as we toyed with her cock, and I kept my eyes on her as I slid my tongue around the head before taking as much as I could casino siteleri into my mouth. She was making little mewing sounds as I reached up to tweak a nipple and she almost levitated from the bed. Alex pushed me aside to take over and as she bounced up and down and Nin I licked and sucked her little ball sack into my mouth.“I cumming.”Alex pulled away and pushed me towards Nin’s cock and we licked the head until Nin moaned and her cum erupted over our tongues. We didn’t let a drop escape and Alex kissed me and pushed whatever she had into my mouth. I swallowed everything before falling back onto the bed, Alex on one side and Nin on the other, legs and arms intertwined. We stayed like that until Nin and Alex fell asleep. I lay between them, exhausted but unable to sleep as the events of the day churned in my mind. The elation of being alive after coming so close to being shot by Yut had worn off, to be replaced with a sense of foreboding that left me sick to my stomach. ***My phone rang, dragging me from a deep and dreamless sleep that I had eventually fallen into. I could see it was Shane’s number, but he rang off before I could answer. Alex had her arm over me and I slid out of bed trying not to wake her or Nin. Pulling on a robe I moved into the corridor and, bleary eyed, saw it was already 11 o’clock as I called him back.He answered straight away. “G’day babe. Did I wake you?”“Yes, but don’t worry. How are you?”He laughed, “Unemployed.”“So, did they fire you?”“Hell, no. I resigned before the bastards could do that. I told the pompous little prick exactly what I thought of him. He got so mad I thought he would explode. He threatened to have me locked up and sent back to Oz in chains.”“Oh my God, so what happened?”Somehow I could sense Shane grinning at the other end. “I told him I had a high quality video of him screwing a girl on the boat, and if he tries to cause any of us any trouble, it goes to the press. He almost pissed himself again.”I burst out laughing. “Oh, I wish I could have been there. But, how did you get the video?”“You probably need to ask Kritsada. Someone delivered a thumb drive for me before I met the little turd with a message to watch it immediately. It was interesting viewing. He’s a little prick in every sense.”“Are you able to come over?”“Sure, I’m discharged with immediate effect.”“Get over here, we’re having a meeting later to sort out what happens next.”“You’re on. Give me a couple of hours.” From down the corridor came a soft ripple of female laughter, stilled almost instantly as if someone had placed fingers over smiling lips. It was followed a few seconds later by a burst of giggles ending in what sounded like a moan. I was still not fully awake, but I realised with a start it sounded like Areeya. I tiptoed down the corridor to find one of the doors slightly ajar. As I put my ear to the gap and heard more giggling and another moan of pleasure. I had heard that sound so many times. It was unmistakably Areeya inside the room, but who was there with her?I tried to sneak a look into the room but the gap in the door was too small. Areeya moaned again and this time I heard another voice murmuring something followed by a silence broken by Areeya panting heavily. The second person laughed, and I almost fell backwards as I recognised Dao’s voice.When I saw them earlier, I thought sparks would fly between the two of them, but I never thought it would be like this. Alex and Nin had both told me Dao liked girls but God knows I hadn’t expected this. I eased away from the door, stunned by what I had discovered. I went back to my room and just as I was about to close the door I saw Dao appear, look up and down the corridor before closing the door behind her and walking away.What should I do? Tell Alex? No, that was definitely not down to me. It might just be a one-night stand and if so, then nothing would be gained by me blabbing to Alex. If it was something more, it would be up to Areeya to tell Alex. One more time, I was having to keep something from Alex, but this time I was convinced it was the right decision.Alex stirred as I slid back into bed and as she rolled over to face me I saw she had been crying. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. I tasted the salt from the tears on her lips.“It’s alright Alex. Please don’t cry.”She sniffled, “I can’t help it, that’s the third time I’ve come close to losing you, and I’m not sure I can cope with any more.”I held her tight until she stopped sobbing and I kissed her gently. “Alex, Yut is dead and I’m still here. We’re together again and everything is going to be alright.” I hoped she believed me, because I wasn’t sure I did.“But Jandaeng is still after us.”“True, but I’m sure we will be rid of him soon.”“I love you.” She whispered.“I love you too, more than I can ever tell you.”Nin began to stir as Alex wiped her eyes and managed a smile. “I must look awful.”“Well, now you come to mention it…” That earned me a punch on the arm.Nin sat up, yawned and stretched. “What time is it?”It was midday now and we could hear people moving around outside. There was a soft tap on the door. “Come in,” yelled Alex as I scrambled to cover myself with a sheet. Alex and Nin laughed at my frantic efforts to cover myself as Areeya’s face appeared. “I thought it might be Kritsada.” Which made everyone laugh and I went red.Areeya kissed us all in turn before saying, “There’s food outside and we are planning to meet at two o’clock to discuss what to do next.”“Yummy, I’m famished,” said Alex. “By the way Areeya, where did you get to last night?”“Oh, I just went to sleep, I was tired after yesterday. Come on get ready, you haven’t got much time. I’ll see you outside.”For a moment I thought what I heard last night had been a dream, but as Areeya turned to leave, I caught her eye and raised an eyebrow. She blushed, and I knew I had been right.***The big question for me was, did I stay as Jamie, or revert to James. I sat on the edge of the bed and realised there wasn’t a choice. I could tell myself it was because Thaksin had warned me to stay as Jamie, but I knew deep down it was my choice. My life as James was like an old Polaroid photograph; faded and out of focus. Alex said nothing, only smiled and kissed me as I told her I would stay as Jamie. My immediate problem was what to wear. I couldn’t wear the gown from last night, I wouldn’t be able to fit it without the corset, and no amount of money would get me back into that right now. Alex and Areeya came to the rescue, from somewhere they produced fresh underwear, A long linen skirt and a matching top and some sandals. My hair was a mess but Alex pulled it back and I did my makeup well enough to pass muster.The food was laid out on a balcony running the width of Kritsada’s house facing the Chao Praya river. I was famished and tucked in hungrily. Shane arrived as we were eating and I grabbed him for a kiss. “What’s that for?” he said innocently.“For saving my life, you fool. I didn’t get the chance to say so last night. I understand you’re going to get a reward for what you did.”He looked puzzled. “Er, come again?”I squeezed his hand. “Yes, that will be certainly be a big part of the reward.”It took a few seconds, but the penny dropped and a big grin spread over his face. Nin joined us at that moment and it was obvious to a blind man that they were crazy about each other. I grabbed Nin’s hand and put it into Shane’s massive paw. “You two need to talk to each canlı casino other seriously. I’m getting fed up with you both mooning around. Sort it out.”I left them to it and headed off to talk to Alex. Areeya and Kritsada appeared, a dressing on the side of his head where Yut had hit him. Dao came to greet him, and I watched as she and Areeya completely ignored each other. Areeya clapped her hands and announced we should move to the lounge where we would meet. We sat on big couches, me between Alex and Dao. Shane and Nin sat together and Areeya beside Kritsada on another.“My friends, first of all I want to thank all of you have done over the past few days.” Kritsada’s voice didn’t have its usual confident tone, and I realised how much last night must have affected him. “I offer my eternal gratitude to Shane for his actions last night, even though it has cost him his job.”Shane nodded his acknowledgment, and I saw Nin slip her hand into his. “Shane, if you wouldn’t mind, could you tell us all what happened before you arrived on the boat?”“Sure, if that’s what you want.” He cleared his throat before beginning. ”We had two of our guys on board with the ambassador alongside Kritsada’s two men. They wouldn’t have been too worried about Yut coming back on board, so they were taken completely by surprise. Yut’s men took them all out.” He paused and looked down for a moment before going on. “I don’t get pleasure from killing, but I enjoyed taking Yut down, and I hope he rots in hell.” His voice cracked, and he took a drink of water before carrying on. “Anyway, the Thai police had a call something was going to go down on the boat. They scrambled their tactical response force, and because our ambassador was there, they called us. We knew nothing about it. Our guys would call in regularly, but they were killed before they could get a message off. The ambassador had a panic alarm on him which should have alerted us, but he didn’t use it because when Yut’s men found him he had his dick in a pussy. Sorry, ladies.” He looked embarrassed. “We boarded the boat and one of the Thai guys took out the lookout Yut had posted. We made our way down to main deck where you Kritsada and Jamie were being held, and well you know the rest.” There had been absolute silence as Shane told his story and Kritsada said, “Shane, I will make sure the families of your men as well as mine will be looked after. You and I need to talk about a role for you here.”Shane nodded and then turned to me. “But you know the strangest thing is they told us that whoever called was Japanese. You have any idea who that might be, babe?”“Aki” I blurted out.“That’s what I thought, but why?”“Hold on, who the fuck is Aki?” Alex was looking daggers at Shane and me. “Will someone tell me what is going on?” All eyes switched to me. I knew I had no choice, I had to tell them something. “Akihito is a Japanese Yakuza boss. The Yakuza and the Hong Kong triads are in a turf war here in Bangkok.”Alex narrowed her eyes. “And you know this exactly how?”Nin looked down at her hands and Shane grinned. The bastard was enjoying this.“I ran into him while I was tracking Yut.”“Ran into or onto?” Shane muttered under his breath. I shot him a death stare but his grin just got bigger.“Just when were you going to share this?” Alex looked furious, and I hoped she hadn’t heard Shane. “It didn’t seem important at the time.” Even I knew that sounded pathetic.“And this Aki just happened to mention it to you in passing?” Alex was now as mad as hell.Nin giggled, damn her. She got a glare too. “Well, no. We met him at one of those Japanese bars and had a few drinks when Yut came in and made a scene. Aki slapped him down. He said Yut was a business colleague who was becoming a liability.”“But why would Aki throw Yut in the dunny?” Shane said, provoking puzzled looks from everyone.I jumped in to interpret. “He means why would Aki betray Yut? I don’t know why, but Aki was unhappy with Yut for sure.” Something had been hiding in my subconscious and it floated to the surface. “What if this attack was Yut freelancing? Think about it, Yut looked as if he was high on something, maybe not earlier, but when he came back, I’m sure he was. He walked out because of something Kritsada said to him, and we know he was under pressure from Aki. Perhaps, he was pushed over the edge by what happened at the dinner.”Everyone looked at Kritsada. “If I caused all this, I am truly sorry.”I shook my head. “It was going to happen anyway, who knows what might have happened if he had acted at another time? You once told me we should spare ourselves the concerns of what might have been. Please permit me to return the advice.” Areeya smiled at me and wiped a tear from her eye.Kritsada nodded. “Jamie, thank you. You never fail to impress me. Yut was always headstrong, but I thought he had calmed down. It is true in the early days I had to deal with him harshly to bring him into line but that was business. He obviously had not forgotten or forgiven. I think it is possible he would do something without thinking it through.”Everyone was looking at me. “What?”Nobody spoke until Areeya said, “Could you find out from this Aki?”“No, not going to happen.” I spluttered, but my insides fluttered at the thought of meeting Aki again. “Why not?” Asked Alex.“It’s not that easy to contact him.”“You have his card with his phone number don’t you?” I wished Shane would shut up and disappear through a hole in the floor.“Well, yes, but…”“It’s worth a try isn’t it?” Areeya was the voice of sweet reason.I was squirming now and couldn’t see a way to avoid it. “OK, OK, I’ll try.”“If you do contact him, we will be there to support you.” Alex smiled sweetly. “Do you know what’s happening with Jandaeng?”Without thinking, I said “He’s missing.” Alex looked at me like a falcon eyeing its next meal. “How do you know? What else haven’t you told us?”Every eye in the room focussed on me. I knew I had to come clean sometime and now seemed as good as any. I took a deep breath.“There’s a cop in the Organised Crime Unit called Thaksin who is onto Jandaeng. Long story short, he coerced me into informing on Jandaeng for him. He interrogated me after Yut’s attack and told me Jandaeng has gone to ground. He’s missing and they don’t know where he is.”There was absolute silence in the room. Alex had her hands over her face, and Areeya seemed about to burst into tears. Shane looked at me as if I had grown an extra head. “Coerced you? How?” said Kritsada.“He k**napped me off the street and threatened to have me arrested for being a terrorist if I didn’t help him. He was very, very convincing.”“Why didn’t you tell us about this?” Areeya was the first to speak.“I didn’t want you to worry you all any more than you were already.” Alex stood up and hugged me. “You should have told us, you idiot. We’re all in this together.”“OK, OK, you’re right, I should have told you. But now you know everything.” Well, not quite everything I thought. I prayed Nin and Shane would keep quiet about what really happened with Aki.Areeya spoke next. “As your cover as James has been blown, it might be better for you to stay as Jamie, at least until they catch Jandaeng.”Alex grinned. “Oh, I’m sure we would all like to see Jamie a bit more.”I rolled my eyes. “It’s what Thaksin told me too. He doesn’t think Jandaeng knows about Jamie or Scarlett.”Kritsada looked puzzled. “Who is Scarlett?”Areeya jumped in. “It’s our nickname for Jamie.”Alex spluttered and pretended to cough while Nin and Shane smirked.I sighed, “OK, I guess I don’t have much choice, do I? I’ll stay as Jamie for the time being.”“Will Aki be seeing Jamie or Scarlett?” Shane asked with an innocent look on his face. To be continued

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