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coastal fuckI hadn’t been to my friends in ages so when i got the phone call inviting me to come to party I was really up for it. It was a few hours drive away but being on the east coast there are plenty of bnb’s and hotels. I picked one near where my friend lived and booked a couple of nights there now really looking forward to the weekend.Now my friend always has loads of people over and being from the north of england really likes to party, so i was beginning to plan my early drive down and a good stomach full of good food before entertaining another of his beer fest the weekend i had it all down, with friday afternoon off I drove down early and booked into my hotel after freshening up i had a nice meal before getting a cab to his house.His wife answered the door with her usual smile and kiss asking why I had gone to theirs not straight to the venue?After explanining to her that he hadn’t said anything about it not being at theirs only the usual im having one of my parties can you make it over the phone, the usual expletives escaped her mouth before telling me where it was and that the women would be joining the men later.Knowing where they were it didn’t take me long to walk the short distance and join my friend and the others who were by the looks of it thoughly enjoying the night already.It wasn’t long before a pint was in hand and all was good in the world again as banter went back and forth between all who were there.As the night wore on we moved venues to one just down the road overlooking the beach with stunning views.A live band was playing and the place was beginning to fill up as the women began to arrive. My friends wife walked in with a few türkçe bahis others introducing them one at a time. This is gina, kevs wife. This is shona, mikes wife. and on she went. I lost track of names and who was whos wife there were so many there.As the night wore on i found myself chatting to a few of them and even getting dragged up to dance with some.Now not remembering who was married to whom probably largely down to the amount of alcohol being comsumed that night I was trying to behave.As time went on i found I was dancing more and more with one woman who although not thin certainly had all the right curves in all the right places and definitely had my heart beat rising amongst other things.The smell of her perfume was intocicating, her smile captivating, the feel of her body getting closer with each dance was almost too much to bear. With each time she came to get me for a dance I was getting more and more aroused. As the night started to wear on she wispered in my ear would I like to go for a walk and talk.I was probably was out the door in seconds but it seemed like ages.As we walked along the shore path winding our way through the dunes she stopped at a bench and sat down looking at me with wide eyes. I had hardly sat down when our lips met. They were so soft, moist and wanting. As our tongues met her hands found there way under my shirt and around my chest and shoulders pulling me tighter in towards hands by now had started to find there way around her body exploring her curves, only finding that with each movement of my hands she purred like a contented kitten.Her hands had found my belt and zipper and were working furiously to unbuckle my trousers. casino siteleri She was down on her knees pulling me free whilst looking me in the eye a wicked smile on her face as I started to free her breasts from her dress. Her nipples were although not huge were big and by the look of them would get a lot bigger as i played with them. My hands were now enjoying her stunning breasts whilst gently pulling on her growing nipples as her mouth decended upon me. Her tongue running all the way up and down the underside of me before plunging down and then teasing my balls with her tongue. She certainly knew how to pleasure a man with her mouth. I was in heaven and wanted this to continue for ever.It wasn’t long however before she rose up and sat next to me parting her legs and whispering in my ear now lets see what you’ve got.As I slid of the bence and parted her legs with my hands my face slowly getting closer to heaven it was a shock to find no knickers in the way of my tongue. After inhaling the wonderful scent I slowly slid from the bottom to the top. Her pussy was already very wet her lips proud and starting to open like the petals of a flower.her juices tasted fantastic as my tongue delved into her. My fingers found her clit just as my tongue delved as deep as I could.Her nectar was delicous, intoxicating diving me on for more. I held her legs over my shoulders as my tongue worked on her feeling her pussy juices flowing over my tongue coating my mouth with delicous nectar.It wasn’t long before she let out a loud moan and grabbed the back of my head as a stream of juices covered my face and ran down my chest.I got off my knees and helped her up by her canlı casino hands, turning her around bending her over the bench, as I stared at her stunning curves, I parted her arse cheeks admiring her glistening pussy before slowly rubbing myself up and down her dripping slit.I asked if this was what she wanted, waiting for her reply before inching my way into her. Her pussy enveloped me, I was buried now up to the hilt. Just holding myself there enjoying the moment.I felt her pussy muscles and heat surrounding me.I slid out of her admiring her as i held just the tip inside of her.I slowly slid into her this time a little deeper my hands finding her breast and nipples feeling then harden between my thusts became more rytmic as my balls slapped against her.With each thrust i could feel her juices running over my balls and down my legs as her moans got louder.I was into my stride pounding her as her moans became expletives calling me her fucker and telling to fuck her harder.the harder i fucked her the louders she got, “Pound my pussy” ” fuck my cunt” ” go on give it to me hard”.I was on the verge, I knew it and wouldn’t last much longer.I also realised i wasn’t wearing a condom.I was about to pull out when i heard her scream ” go on fill my married pussy” “give me your cum deep inside my cunt”That was it, I went into over drive and pounded her for a few more minutes before unloading inside of her.Her juices were running down me as I emptied myself as deep inside of her as I could.I held her tight, feeling rope after rope of cum filling her up.After I was spent it seemed like ages before i slide from her, drips of cum coating her lips.As I stood up she turned around smiling, took me in her mouth to clean me up then brushed her dress down and tidied herself up as i sorted myself out.As we walked back to the party she asked if I would have fucked her if i had known she was married…….

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