Cinematic Glory Ch. 02

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The experiences in the gay section of the sex shop’s viewing areas left me suspended in aroused possibilities. Entering the hetero section was the start of exploring it in detail, my just sucked cock feeling lazily content pressed against the leg of my jeans while walking around. By this point, much of my hesitation and glancing had disappeared, and I paid much more attention to the dim surroundings, while no longer caring about my own still visibly aroused appearance. None of the porn was as captivating as what had turned me on before, but poking into various spaces and seeing what was happening was interesting – including areas, such as one theater playing fetish/S&M porn, which themselves hold no interest all.

A man was sitting in one of the rooms with wide benches, and with a bit of positioning, it became possible to discreetly watch him stroke his cock, though without being able to see above his waist. A moment or two later, feeling my own cock stiffen through my jeans watching him, it was time to continue to moving around, looking into the different spaces, watching the porn on various monitors and larger screens – including one with a small raised stage in front of it. As nothing that interesting was playing, it was a natural idea to walk past the area where the two rooms were, as it was the connection to several sections, being on the way to the gay section.

The man was still stroking to the porn on the four screens facing him each time I passed, legs out and cock pointing to the ceiling in his slowly stroking hand. The second or third time, I stood watching and rubbing the outside of my jeans, starting to get off on the idea of jacking off openly together with another man for the first time since before college. His cock was solidly sized, and his jeans and gray shirt were practical for any games – a couple of men had actually been in suits or office wear. After another minute or two of lazy speculation and no change from what he was doing, it was possible to turn away and walk around again, to see what other attractions existed.

Maybe the fourth time by, stopping was impossible to resist, with horniness and anticipation dominating everything, and now I stood in the door, looking at his cock, making a gesture about entering. He was a bit older, maybe late 40s/early 50s, with gray hair but not balding, and there was no question about how horny he was. His head seemed to nod a bit after a moment of my waiting in the doorway, as he looked more obviously at my unzipped pants and downwards extended cock, while he kept pleasuring himself. I went directly to the bench against the wall facing the door in a couple of steps, a body length or more away from him. Sitting, I unbuttoned and opened my pants, starting to fondle my still swelling cock. From my position on the wide bench, anyone could look through the door, and see what I was doing. When first going in, the idea of such a public display was not on my mind; by the time it was obvious how exposed the view was, it didn’t matter in the least.

As I kept stroking, eyes generally closed, my head would sometimes roll to the side facing where he was sitting, shoulders against the wall, his ass on the edge of the bench, legs fairly straight in front of him. After a couple of minutes of occasional glancing, it was plain he was intently watching what I was doing, my fist pumping my reddened prick along its length, then stopping to let its throbbing bliss settle into a less unstoppably ecstatic casino şirketleri state. Though even stopping had a certain dangerous attraction, as I was getting into showing my cock off, knowing how hot it would be to cum while he watched.

Shortly after another almost irresistible rush of hot lust watching him jack off his hot cock, he got up, and closed the door to the room – another surprise, since privacy had not really been a concern till now, and the idea of closed rooms hadn’t really entered my mind. Especially as a couple of the rooms seemed designed with viewing in mind, like the mirror room, with two poles in the middle and several square openings to look in within from outside.

Turning back, he pulled his shirt over his head, casually but quickly discarding it into the corner, and laid out on the bench, head almost against the opposite wall, now touching his cock again. His turned head was at the same level of my cock, and his beckoning came after I had already started getting up, cock swinging free and feeling so good and heavy, knowing that it would be playing with a man, pure cock sex. And with his shirt off, an opportunity presented itself immediately.

First standing, pants still open and cock jutting into the air, then approaching him, my mouth went to his nipple. This was something I first remember seeing in gay porn decades ago, and it had made a very deep impression then, one which was finally resulting in the reality of doing it to another man who was hard and willing. For some reason, it just seems to be the most utterly sexy form of gay sex, even though it isn’t really limited to men doing it with other men. Over the years living with my wife, her nipple playing skills have become overwhelming.

She knows how completely aroused I get from what she does with her hands and mouth on my nipples, especially when I’m fucking her wet pussy or my hand is on my stiff cock. A couple of weeks ago, at the neighbor’s across the street, my wife got quite drunk, as she does there several times a year – I came over later, when all three had drank a couple of bottles of wine already, after putting our children into bed at our house. We shared several more glasses of wine. My wife was again in a sloppy horny drunken state, and when she and the other husband left the porch, moving towards an out of view part of the house, he started kissing her (all according to my wife – we do talk about much, if not everything). After the first kissing and squeezing, she put her hands under his t-shirt, giving him a taste of nipple fun.

She started grinding against him, making him hard, then reached down, rubbing his hard cock while he played with her braless breasts, before they started to kiss again, moving against each other as their tongues played, grinding each other in growing mindless drunken fun, his hand going up her shorts to finger her hairy cunt through her soaking wet panties. After a few minutes of fooling around, she decided to leave, instead of ending up on a bed being fucked, knowing she would end up begging to be fucked harder and faster, wanting nothing but a cock pounding her (something she finds an embarrassing trait most of the time). Over the past couple of years, each year or so, she goes a step farther, and some interesting possibilities are at least imaginable in our future. Happening only a couple of weeks ago, such shared tales pushed at the idea of experiencing sex in public, an idea growing more enticing, leading casino firmaları to what was becoming a very intriguing experience.

In a way, the door being closed had returned the experience from public to private, and the luxury of time grew – there is something about being in public which forces rapidness, even when a more leisured approach would be appreciated. The element of unclothing also added a certain directness – better sex generally equals less clothes, in my personal experience, though certainly not all the time. And being alone meant that there was no way to pass up the opportunity to experience a second man in less than a half hour.

Bending down, my lips on his nipple, he seemed to appreciate what my mouth offered while his hand moved on his rigid rod. After a moment of being tongued, he reached out, and touched my pulsing shaft, a fantastic sensation I returned by placing my right fingers on his other nipple, moving my head to look while the pace of his cock stroking quickened. My tongue was now circling his growing nipple, and I gently began to suck it into my wet mouth while his hand tightened its grip on my own horny length. We were starting to get each other really hot, and his moaning began several moments before mine. His soft ‘ooh, that is so fucking good, fuck yeah, lick me, yesssss, fuck good’ was almost unbearably sexy. Sound is a great turn-on, especially when you know that the babbled words have little to do with the reason why they are happening, but which cause a deep response when heard.

After a while, he gently pushed my head towards his cock, stroking my hair and neck, but I kept licking and then biting his nipple, using my right hand to rub and squeeze his other nipple, which my mouth had briefly tasted, leaving its wetness behind for my fingers to enjoy. He kept moaning, but as the pushing grew a bit more insistent, I pulled back, shifted a bit, and after a brief pause, went back to playing with his hot nipple with tongue and lips, my right hand reaching down, moving slowly against his lightly haired skin before fondling his balls and the base of his cock. He began moaning again as I played with his aroused body, knowing that soon, my hand would be on his cock while his nipples were being enjoyed by a new friend.

His hand slid from my cock to reach behind my left thigh, and began to gently stroke the sensitive skin. After another moment, he began to slowly pull my thigh, his mouth open, an unspoken invitation I was already accepting, offering only token resistance to his desire, moving towards the irresistible temptation of another stranger sucking my cock so deep and good in his willing mouth. Just a bit more, and the feeling of another blow job would be mine to enjoy, a treat being directly offered, from the second of two unknown men clearly wanting to suck my very willing cock in one day.

That thought caused a certain pause, as playing such games with multiple partners does increase certain risks, if even essentially minor ones on my part. It seems as if not only being spoiled by marriage is a problem – while married, condoms have rarely been used – and yes, there have been times I have taken a condom off, because the sensation was simply less than what I knew it would be when directly fucking a wet and waiting cunt.

The other problem was realizing how easy it is to have sex with multiple men, and how good it is – certain things that were clear decades ago in an abstract sense were güvenilir casino becoming clearer in a very intimate and delightful way, a true seduction, one shared by so many. Simply wandering around, finding strangers for quick sex, people sharing sexual tastes and talents, meant that thinking beyond the immediate goal of getting off was a comfortably ignored distraction. The reality was overwhelming, a truth which my cock fully agreed with.

Now, no longer moving towards his mouth, he stopped pulling, and started stroking the inside of my thigh lightly, along the curled hairs, another fantastic feeling of erotic touching, teasing and satisfying entwined. At this point, it was pretty clear to me that if he started sucking my cock, I would go down on him, but going down on a man was still something which seemed a step too far, especially considering how much pleasure the nipple games were to both of us. His continual moaning, his hand pumping in rhythm, were clear signs of how well my skills were coming along on his chest.

His hand moved from my thigh to my ass, and after a bit, the fingers that had been sliding along my ass crack started to cup my butt, again tugged me towards his opened mouth, his eyes fixed on my cock, the fingers moving ever more firmly, tempting me to stick myself into another stranger, to sample another man’s skills. This was rapidly becoming a game of the sort I had played with my first girlfriend, each of us trying to get the other to surrender in total pleasure, unable to do anything but cum.

This is an adult game, with the adult benefit that the loser enjoys losing, and which not only the winner looks forward to playing it again and again. As the way to lose is to give in to the other and let the orgasming overwhelm you, losing feels like winning, and winning seems almost pointless. Of course, the loser then has to reward the winner, which adds it own charm.

At this point, the game could go either way, as my hand moved down to his cock to begin stroking him and my mouth began sucking his nipple harder, teeth beginning to feel the tip of a hardened nipple. As his excitement increased, it was not possible to stop myself from getting closer to his head, and as his breathing grew deeper, the feeling of his breath on my completely aroused cock head was crumbling my own desire to win the contest.

As I started to give in, my teeth began to bite him in turn, no longer merely tentatively squeezing at his hardened nipple, my fist solidly pumping his cock, concentrating on the flared and pulsing cock head, the other hand pinching his other nipple, feeling it harden under my fingers. His moaning grew louder – while attempting to restrain myself, I kept my own mindless moaning under control. Often, the winner of this game is the one who simply remembers it is being played. It seemed as if nipple sex really is as irresistible as it had been for me when first being exposed to it. His hand started to clench my ass as his cock began to flood with cum, the first hard jets landing on his torso, his ass coming off the bench to force his cock into my hand in the unstoppable waves of orgasm starting at the base of his cock and balls.

Till now, the practical aspects of cumming had never entered my thoughts, but looking around, there actually was actually a roll of paper towels and a small trashcan along the monitor wall. After getting him off, and almost cumming myself several times, my cock was now shrinking almost in tandem with his. Such intensity seems to lead to a certain shut down, though the next wave crests even higher based on the peaks of the other crests. And I knew that this evening, cumming with my wife would be a fitting end to an extraordinary day.

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