Cindy’s panties…part two


Cindy’s panties…part twoThe early light of dawn finally came into my bedroom and, no, it wasn’t all a dream. Little Cindy slept next to me, still clad in her sexy pink nighty and matching almost diaphanous panties. How close I’d come to sexually penetrating my little niece was on my mind but I knew that it was just not meant to be. I turned up the heat and headed into the bathroom for my morning shower. Yeah, I cranked the heat hoping that when I exited the bath, Cindy would’ve kicked off the covers and give me a chance to check out her youthful body!Well, it almost worked out like that. Cindy had kicked off the covers but she was wide awake and smiling at me as I exited the bathroom, clad only in a white towel around my waist.”So, you slept well?” Was all I could think of to say. She didn’t respond verbally but continued to give me that little smile. We were more than friends now and we both knew it. I made my way to bedside and Cindy moved over to meet me. I was toweling off my hair when she hesitantly asked “Can I see it…in kaçak bahis the daylight Uncle Matt?”I knew where I was headed but I was powerless to refuse her request. Still, I took a moment before deciding to drop the towel. Cindy added “I didn’t really get to see it last night but I liked the feel of it!”That said, I dropped my towel exposing my flaccid penis to my niece’s eyes. She seemed transfixed. Looking up to me for permission, she asked “May I…may I touch it?”I nodded my head, yes, and then Cindy’s soft little fingers were again touching my cock.”Will it…get hard Uncle Matt?” She naively asked. I just smiled as the blood began to flow and my cock began to stir.”If you want it to get really hard it would help if you use your panties to stimulate me.” I got an “Uh Oh!” look in response. “I don’t know Uncle Matt…” she began. “If I take my panties off my…you know, will be all bare for you to look at!””Your pussy Cindy!” I shot back. “Go ahead and say it.Now Cindy was beginning to understand the game. She gave tipobet güvenilir mi me that little smile as she looked up at me and quietly said: “But…if I take off my panties, my little pussy will be bare Uncle Matt!” She began to pull the sleazy pink panties off, her eyes locked on mine the whole time. When she had her panties in hand she moved them to my balls and began to softly caress me down there while her other hand squeezed and stroked my shaft.I drank in the sight of Cindy’s tight little pussy…almost devoid of any hair and then closed my eyes to concentrate on the lewd hand job she was performing. Up and down, up and down, her little hand stroked me while her panties excited me wildly just below. I had no plan for our morning encounter and so I just enjoyed the thrilling sensation of my niece’s hands working my now rock hard cock towards it’s inevitable conclusion. She didn’t have long to wait. With little Cindy sitting on the bed, her gorgeous little tits showing through her nighty tipobet giriş and her pussy now bare I was ready to spurt at any moment.”Is it gonna…is it gonna squirt out Uncle Matt?” She asked. Oh, it was gonna squirt out all right! I pushed the pretty redhead onto her back which totally opened up her vagina for my viewing pleasure. She had maybe 20 hairs on her pussy. Her vaginal lips were tightly closed and showed as a simple vertical line surrounded by rosy pink pussy flesh! It was just too much. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it once or twice and it began to erupt. “Spread it open Cindy…quick!” I ordered my newfound lover. “Open your pussy!”Cindy seemed momentarily confused but followed my order and, taking her pussylips in her hands, she slowly opened her sex to me…a target I wasn’t likely to miss. Streams of hot cum began to spit all over her lewdly exposed pussy as she cooed and moaned as she watched it happen. My pleasure was increased by the sight of my nearly naked young lover, enjoying the orgasm she’d helped to produce.I used my towel to clean Cindy up and then I climbed into bed next to her. I kissed my little niece and gathered her into my arms, sliding my hands down to cup her ass cheeks.”Oh Uncle Matt!” She gasped, “I…I haven’t got any panties on!”To be continued…

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