Cinderella 6-7 October 2018


Cinderella 6-7 October 2018Cinderella 6-7 October 2018We celebrated that it was 10 years ago, we met my husband and I, so we booked a boat trip on Viking line Cinderella on Saturday 6 November. We thought, or rather, I thought that here I’ll pick up some guys who want to fuck. We went as usual to Stockholm and put our car in the car park at the port.Downloaded our tickets to our cabin, a suite of 30 square as we usually do. Came up to the cab bytes into my black see-through tank top with bra ‘n with chain on under my black pvc skirt and no panties black stayups and my white leather boots said to my husband that I go out for a while will soon he knew well enough what I thought.In the smoking room, it is a good looking young black guy I put me next to him asks about the fire. He looks up and smiles. Light my cigarette.-Oops, what makes a good looking woman like you on the boat at the time.And caresses my tail a bit.-Thought you might have a cabin we can go to.I said with a smile. He was silent a moment.-Of course I have to ggo now.Yes, I’m Gunnie if you wondering.-Alfred is my name I am 27 and you.-A little older now hurry up stub it now.He turned off and pulled me to the elevator we went down to his cabin below deck so no Windows. He fumbled with the card when he wanted to open the door but we came in he started kissing me hard almost ripped my clothes off he was as Randy as I was … Let me keep stayups on he just start sucking his big black beautiful cock when he turned me up on all fours put on a condom and ran into my wet Randy pussy hard God so beautiful his cock was filling me completely stumbling slow and soft long just flowed out of me since he turned on me and stumbling into my pussy again and now harder pumped hard I came several times as he pulled out his big cock pulled off its condom and sprayed over my pussy and stomach. Laid next to me and stroked me and gave me a kiss. I went up and dried me off a little and flushed a little water on your stomach and pussy. We got dressed up and went out of the cab.-Thank you Gunnie we might see you later.-Yes man don’t know Alfred.So he got a kiss and I returned to our cabin with a smile. Said no to Jonte but think he surmised what happened I was gone an hour. Now, we made ourselves prepared and went down to the buffet. After dinner we went to the dance floor and looked a bit put us and took each drink I wanted to smoke felt as Jonte don’t smoke so I went off to the smoking room alone it was filled with people I put me in a corner after a while comes a dark guy with right much hair on the head gaziemir escort standing next to me asking about the fire he seems to be around 25 years. Clearly I light his cigarette he’s standing next to me in the corner with so much people there know how his hand caress on my tail and that skirt is pulled up a little bit familiar hand fingers caress over the anus and later he feel how wet I am not that look when we are in the corner he whispers to me would you come to my cabin now.-Of course I would. Show the way.We butts and we go to the lift soon we go up, he pulls me into his cab with window and drag the curtain once we are inside, he throws himself over me taking me all put me down on the bed and takes since by itself. Caresses my breasts settles over me in 69 licking my wet pussy, his cock in my mouth sucking it licking tastes so good he has 3 fingers in me knows how it starts to flow again. He gets up, pull up my legs in the air and comes with his cock hard into my pussy so wet just sliding into the bottom feel all his dark cock so nice. He encounters wildly and harder and faster I get the fountain again and it just pours out of me he encounters even harder faster and soo he yells to and just shake the feeling how he squirts a nice Kit straight into my pussy. Mmm just as nice as with Alfred. Toilet visits again and on the clothes.-You my lovely lover I’m Gunnie.-I am David thank you for a wonderful surprise Gunnie.-It was as little as David now I have to go back to my husband.We walked out of his cab, he got a kiss then we took a lift down. My husband stayed at the table with a new drink I smiled at him and said there was a little problem as I had to go up to the cabin and sit on the toilet for a while. We danced a few dances until the clock was midnight then we went to the cabin as soon as we came in so I pulled down my man in bed I was still aroused I rode him long time ago la we us in 69an and he licked me until I came he swallowed it all then I sucked him hard as he squirted into my mouth. Tasted good felt satisfied over the evening.-Yes my beloved Gunnie what you have found on tonight felt the taste when I licked you.-Love with 2 different guys from smoking room it was exciting.-Hi Hi I thought there was such a thing. So now you take on your bra to bed in bed and pretend to sleep and let the BRA’s n be visible.-Oh why my darling.Well, for now I’m going to go out and if there are any young guy who wants to fondle your breasts when you sleep.I did as he said took on a black bra and lay into bed and gaziemir escort bayan closed my eyes with the blanket up to my breasts. Jonte went out it took not more than 3 minutes so he was to back heard how he whispered to someone since I felt two hands on my breasts fondled squeezed knew how bh ‘n gunned down and hands around my breasts tongue on my nipples sucked on them felt how I was getting Randy but dared not open my eyes yet. Sucked hard and pinched my nipples. Felt a hand start to caress around my pussy and finger into me blanket went off and I turned on my stomach I feel a hard Dick against my tail as hard and determined comes into my pussy wide and rough just pours out of me he run hard in my pussy encounter harder and harder and so shake all over his cock and squirts fills my pussy again the blanket is thrown over me and he slips out of me hear how he dresses and hear how jonte and he whispers so opened the door and he goes. Turn and it says jonte with a big smile.-Are you happy baby with your evening.-Well more than satisfied who it was where you find Darling.-My secret now we sleep.Cinderella 7 okt 2018 daytimeWe go to sleep and I wake up at 8 o’clock jonte sleeping it wont he do to 10 at least. I dress myself is craving for a cigarett my black see-through tank top as usual, change to White Leather skirt and my white leather boots no panties as usual on the boat. Take the elevator down to the smoke room quiet where only 2 young guys standing there asking me in the corner so I get it easy but it was not the guys coming up to me and stand near the dom looks a bit full out still.-Hey Lady what are you doing up there now, we thought we’d go to bed but then such a sexy woman in here so we are wondering if you would mind come to our cabin we take care of you. Looking at them closely, they look and be around 30 both, but very good looking I must admit a blond haired and a black-haired tingles a little bit in me right away so I am thinking clearly I can. -Should only smoke clear then I follow with your boys.Cigarette butts and then bring them to me in the arms of each side and against the elevator going up to the cabin with double bed for me and gets me while they themselves take of themselves. We attach ourselves in bed at each side kissing my breasts caressing my body going over everything. I turned up at the belly up on all four runs out of me is already one guy with blond hair takes with his hand in my pussy and lubricates my anus and insert the fingers. Says to his friend think she wants my cock escort gaziemir in the bat he drives carefully into his cock glides in easily with pussywet knows how he stands pushes out my blonde completely takes me hard and I will come flowing out of me so nice he takes me and so he shakes and spurting my doggy full steps of the dom turns me on back guy with black hair running up his cock hard into my pussy encounter wild game he’s so Randy comes next at once shaking to and sprays a huge Kit know how it pours out of me. He slips out of the folds next to me and the guy is hard throws him self over me and start fucking me again fills me with his big beautiful cock keeps for a long time I start jacking the other guy cock because he’s hard again jerking off hard quickly, so he comes across my hand and at the same time running his cock into me hard and wild and so he shakes to and fills me again God what gorgeous guys dom slides down beside me, kissing my chest and so they both fall asleep almost immediately. Take me out of bed looking at cell phone watch is 10 oops think I best have to dress on and awaken jonte. Come to our cabin and he sleeps yet. Ho ho time to wake baby so we get coffee and sandwich has been and smoked so now you go up. We have coffee and then go shopping at duty-free and Jonte for a little whiskey I go to games machines and put in some money. And lucky it clatters to win 100 dollars a black guy in 25 years of age standing next to help me collect the money looking at him wow what guy’s really good looking black guy ask him do you want to help me with the money up to the cab gets a huge smile from him.-Of course I will follow you into the cab and helps and wearing lady.He follows me to the cab, I shut the door and starts to kiss him he caresses my tail my breasts we dress of each other I shoves him down in the bed, straddles his cock and rides him rapidly up and down look down on my nice guy wow rides his cock then we turn on the bed and he penetrates into my pussy is so wet and Randy just pours out of me Rapids bed dripping wet he encounters harder and faster feeling how he comes soon so he shakes to squirt my pussy full again forgot how many times it has become now.-Mmm thank you gorgeous guy but now you get dressed and go before my husband comes.He quickly dressed and out the door. It takes a minute before I hear how the door opens again.-Hey honey get you was here saw you not in the smoking room or at the slot machines.-Yes, I needed to rest for a while sweetie.Now he had acted so now we went out on deck for a little air and get to smoke again and wait for us to come into port. Very successful trip for my part may well show my husband the story when I post it on xhamster. Smiling inwardly 2 cumshot in mouth 1 cumshot in batch and 6 in the pussy. Best trip ever I think successful 10 year anniversary.Gunnie Xhamster

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