Christmas Carol part 2 the conference


Christmas Carol part 2 the conference
As stated at the end of my previous story, I agreed to meet Carol at a medical conference in Chicago.

I was starting to have second thoughts as I was packing for the trip. I had never cheated on my wife in 30+ years of marriage and really didn’t want to. I love my wife dearly, she just doesn’t have any interest in sex anymore.

I decided I’d let fate decide whether or not I’d see Carol.

My wife was in the kitchen fixing lunch for us before I left. She never went with me to conferences, she doesn’t care to shop and would just sit in the hotel room bored out of her mind. I figured I’d make one last attempt to have sex with her before leaving.

I stripped out of my clothes and crept down the stairs. I could hear her working at the sink, so I knew her back would be to me. I walked up behind her and patted her on the ass. She didn’t say anything, just kept rinsing the lettuce she’d be making into a salad, so I reached around her and slid my hands up her shirt and cupped her tits. She just sighed and continued rinsing. I decided to go for broke. I let go of her tits and pulled down her sweatpants. She usually doesn’t wear panties if we’re not leaving the house, and today was no different. Before she could protest I stuck my stiff dick between her legs. Unfortunately I couldn’t hit her pussy from this position, but she got the idea of what I was after.

What I got for my troubles was an elbow in the gut and a ten minute lecture about how we were too old for this and I should shop acting like some hyper-hormonal teenager.

I told her I was NOT too old to fuck her brains out as long as I could still get it up. She informed me I could stick it up my ass, because I sure as hell wasn’t sticking it in her.

I finished packing and left without eating. I guess Carol was going to have some company after all.

I drove to Chicago, since it only took 6 hours. I like to drive anyway and it gave me some time to think and calm down.

The conference was in one of those huge hotels downtown. Damn place was over 40 floors. My room was on the 32nd floor with a nice view of LSD (Lakeshore Drive) and Lake Michigan.

I went downstairs to get something to eat (since lunch was a bust).

I was lost in my dinner when my phone chirped.

I figured it was the wife texting to give me hell for not letting her know I got here OK.

Nope. It was Carol.

She wanted to know if I was in town yet and if I wanted some company.

I texted her that I was indeed in town and I would very much like to see her. I wasn’t making any promises, but a friendly face would be welcome. I told her where I was staying and gave her my room number.

I finished my dinner and went back to my room. I figured a quick shower was in order after the crappy day I’d had. It turned out to be a long, hot, relaxing shower. After about 45 minutes, I felt much better, so I got out, dried off and walked out to the bed to get some clothes.

It was about now I wished I’d kept my towel because Carol was sitting on my couch and I was stark naked.

She laughed when she saw my embarrassment.

I ducked back into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and went to get some clothes. I dressed quickly in the bathroom and came back out.

“How the hell did you get in here” I inquired?

Carol, ever the minx, said “I knocked on the door and didn’t get an answer so I pretended to be your wife.” “I knew your name and room number and told the guy at the desk I’d left my keycard in the room and was now locked out.” ” He said I was the sixth or seventh wife who’d done that today.”

She always was resourceful.

Now that the initial shock had worn off, I got a chance to look her over. The years had been kind. More than kind, really. She didn’t look a day over 40. She’d put on a few pounds, but I like my women curvy. She still had the devilish twinkle in her eyes and the angelic smile I’d fallen for all those years ago.

I asked how her family was doing and her expression changed and not for the better.

She said her dad had died about 10 years ago, heart attack, and her mom was not doing well. The sibs were all well except for Marilyn. She was killed in a car crash 7 months ago. She said that was what finally drove her to leave her husband. Marilyn had always told her life was too short to be stuck in a bad marriage, and after she died, Carol finally knew she was right.

I told her I was sorry and didn’t mean to upset her.

“Can’t fault you for being curious, still hurts though.”

“That about Robin?” I queried cautiously.

Again, the devilish smile.

“I wondered when you’d get around to her.” she said. “She’s a physical ther****t at a hospital in Iowa, married with 2 k**s, husband is an engineer, you know, living the dream.” She laughed. “She sends her love.”

“Just so you know, she told me everything you two did when you stayed at the house over Christmas all those years ago.”

“Lets change the subject,” I said, rather embarrassed. “What have you been up to since we last saw each other?”

“I’m a junior high English teacher,” she says. “I like working with the k**s, since I never had any of my own.” “The dickless wonder had a low sperm count.” “He was a CPA, good money, boring as hell.” “We used to travel when we were first married, but as time went on, he never wanted to go anywhere and spent all his time watching sports on TV.” “I kicked him to the curb a week after Marilyn’s wake and now I’m sitting on your couch.”

With that, she gave me the biggest grin I’d seen in awhile.

“Enough about me, how ’bout you?” she asked.

“Well, I was pre-med when we broke up.” ” Went on to med school, internships, specialization, private practice, etc.., you know the grind.” “Got married my last year of med school.” “Two boys, both grown ,married and gone.” “No grandk**s yet, I’m beginning to wonder if either one of them knows what to do with a pussy.” “As for family, mom died 9 years ago from thyroid cancer, dad’s remarried to a wonderful gal who treats him well, and he adores her.” “Other that that, not much to report.”

“What about your wife, tell me about her?”

I don’t know why, but that hit me wrong, here we were planning to fuck the living daylights out of each other, and she wants to take about the woman I’ll be cheating on.

“What do you want to know?” I said somewhat gruffly.

“Well, if you are here, things must not be great.” Her eyes showed concern.

“To be honest, I really love her, we have a lot in common and she’s a great wife and mother, she just wants nothing to do with sex anymore.” “She never was able to keep up with me, but after menopause, she gave up completely.”

“I’m so sorry.” Carol whispered. “I know what you’re capable of, so if you have stayed with her despite this you must really love her.” “I guess that brings me to the big question.” “Do you really want to do this?” “I don’t want to be a homewrecker and I don’t want you to do anything you’ll regret.”

“Let’s go down to the bar and have a couple drinks while I think about it.” I offered.

I’d already made my decision on the drive up, but I wasn’t ready to tell Carol yet.

We made our way down to the bar just off the lobby. It was full of doctors and their spouses killing off brain cells and wrecking their livers. (Never underestimate the power of an open bar.) I ordered 7 and 7 which elicited a giggle from Carol.

“Some things never change.” she laughed.

“Yeah, well I bet you’re about to order a gin and tonic.” I shot back.

“Touche.” “Guess you still know me pretty well.”

“Don’t know about that, but I remember you fondly.” I said. With that I gave her a wink and a grin.

We nursed our drinks for awhile and made small talk the whole time looking into each others eyes.

Finally, I’d decided show my hand. “You want to go back to the room, or am I gonna fuck you on this table in front of all these people?” Given her kinky streak back in the day, I wasn’t sure how she’d answer.

Her mouth dropped open, but her eyes lit up.

“Honestly, I’d prefer the second, since you know I like showing off, but I also don’t want to get arrested, so let’s get out of here.” With that, she grabbed my hand and we headed for the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed, she put her arms around my neck, pulled my face down to hers and stuck her tongue down my throat.

Damn, the girl was still a great kisser.

The elevator stopped and another couple got on. I already knew where this was going. Carol loved an audience and now was her chance. While we were kissing I snuck a look at the other couple. The wife was PISSED, but the husband was trying to watch without getting caught. We still had over 20 floors to go, so Carol decided to escalate things.

Without breaking our kiss, she unzipped my fly and started fishing out my rapidly hardening cock. I heard the other woman gasp an Carol dropped to her knees and stuck my 7-1/2 inches down her throat.

Oh GOD she’s still very good at that.

She was really going at it, and the other couple was getting quite a show.

I looked at the other guy and said “Sorry, she’s really hungry, she missed dinner.”

The wife nearly fainted when her husband said “Wish we’d missed dinner.”

The elevator dinged, the doors opened and the other couple got out. As they left I overheard the wife say “Unless you can suck that thing yourself, your outta luck buster.”

Carol chuckled around my dick and kept sucking.

Our floor was coming up so I pulled her off my cock and told her I had plans for that load so pulled her to her feet, kissed her some more and waited for the doors to open.

I didn’t even try to stuff my hard-on back in my pants, we just walked down the hall hand in hand, grinning like idiots. Once through the door, I started peeling her out of her clothes and had her down to bra and panties very quickly.
With equal enthusiasm, she was relieving me of my clothes except my undies.

At that point, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her out on her back and drank in the scene. She was still just as beautiful as I remembered, maybe more since she’d gotten softer and curvier. I reached down and removed her bra freeing her ample tits. She reached up, cupping them in her hands.

“Remember these.” she asked grinning.

“Oh yeah.” I said as I dove on her left nipple.

I sucked on her tits causing her to squeal with delight. After a few minutes, I pulled off and started to remove her panties. I longed to see a pussy that was as happy to see me as I was to see it. I was not disappointed. Her panties were already so wet I swear you could have wrung juice out of them. Carol had trimmed her pussy, but only a light landscaping. I don’t really understand women who shave their pussies, makes me feel like p*******e just looking at them. That was new, but then again, everybody went full bush in the early eighties.

“You just going to look at my pussy.” Carol’s voice brought me back to the present.

“Yep, güvenilir bahis şirketleri just from really close.” and with that, I stuck my tongue in her dripping slit.

I licked from top to bottom a couple times, causing Carol to moan and wiggle her hips, the I really let her have it. You see, I can eat pussy for days. I’ve always considered it my specialty. I had Carol groaning and writhing within seconds, and made her cum so hard she nearly passed out in about 5 minutes. Damn, guess she hadn’t gotten any for awhile.

After she came, I stood up and took of my shorts. My cock, of course, was still rock hard and standing straight out.

“Jesus Christ, I swear that thing is twice the size it was back then.” she hissed.

“Nah, I just trim my pubes short.” “Back in the day I had so much pubic hair, I’m surprised you even saw it.”

The longer she stared at it, the bigger it got and the bigger it got the more she wanted it.

“Bring that thing down here and fuck me with it.” the lust in her voice was almost palpable. “I haven’t has a decent fuck in 30 years.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I hopped back in bed, spread her thighs and started to rub my cock up and down her slit.

She was moaning again in no time and kept raising her hips, trying to swallow my rod with her hungry cunt.

I wasn’t ready to let her off that easy so I stayed just out of reach. I started sucking her nipples again and lightly rubbing her clit. I wanted to get her so worked up she’d lose her mind. I remembered how much fun she could be when she lost it.

I teased her like this for about 15 minutes until she was babbling and moaning “Oh god please fuck me… why won’t you fuck me…my pussy is on fire it needs your cock… please fuck me…fuck me…”

With that, I put her legs over my shoulders and plunged my raging boner into her oozing twat. I immediately hit bottom and started pumping like my life depended on it. I was determined to pound out 10 years of sexual frustration and I was either going to kill her or fuck her brains out.

From the moment my cock hit her cervix, she started moaning and the longer I pounded her the louder she got (another new skill). Before long she was screaming and clawing at my back, begging me to make her cum again. And cum she did. She was working on her third orgasm when my dick swelled and burst in her pussy. She was howling like a banshee, I was grunting like a boar and the bed was shaking like an earthquake. I’m sure we woke the neighbors, possibly on several floors.

I pulled her legs off my shoulders and collapsed on her tits. I laid there sweating and panting for several minutes before I noticed a nipple just under my nose. I gave it a lick while she stroked my hair and tried to form sentences.

“Give it a rest lover, we’re not 20 anymore, I need a few minutes to recover.” she gasped.

“Me too, spirit is willing, but the flesh is flaccid and slimy.” I groaned.

“I can fix one of those.” Carol retorted and proceeded to clean the mixed cum off my member. “Wow, first time I’ve had your dick in my mouth when it hasn’t been hard, we must be getting old.”

“I may be getting older, but I still rang your chimes.” I teased.

“You always could, that’s the one thing we had that worked, we couldn’t talk to one another, but boy could we fuck.”

She snuggled up next to me and we kissed and fondled for awhile, then drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off at 8 AM, I had to be at my first session at 9. I rolled my ass out of bed and stretched.

Carol stirred groggily and looked up at me. “Now what?” she inquired.

“I’ve got to attend the conference til about 3 this afternoon.” “I was hoping you might stick around.”

“How long does this thing go on?” she asked.

“Three days total, This is day one.” I answered.

“Well, they already think I’m your wife, how about I stay the whole time?” “I’ve got a bag in my car.” she cooed.

“That’s my girl.”I imagine my grin was visible from space.

“I am extremely OK with that.” I said, trying not to sound too corny.

“I’ve got to get a shower or I’m gonna be late.” I said, and headed for the bathroom.

Of course Carol joined me. We behaved mostly, since time was limited, but we did wash every square inch of each other. It was nice to touch a willing female body, it has been too long.

After I got dressed, I kissed her goodbye and said I would text her when we were done, smacked her on the ass and headed out the door.

At the lunch break I checked my phone for messages. There were a couple from the office, and one from a pharmaceutical rep. Nothing that required immediate response. Then there was message #4. It was from Carol and it had attachments.

I opened the text, it read, “Can’t wait, thinking of you.” Then I opened the attached pictures.

The first one was a close up of one of Carol’s erect nipples. Needless to say it was breathtaking.

The next was a pic of the full rack. Again, nice.

Third was a pic of her bent over from the rear. Don’t know how she took it, but appreciated nonetheless.

Fourth was her stretched out on the bed posing provocatively.

Fifth and final was her in a deep purple lace teddy with garter belt and stockings.

I had forgotten how much of an exhibitionist she was. I shot her a quick text telling her it would now be impossible to concentrate and I’d be walking funny and if she continued to be bad, I’d have to spank her.

The rest of the day went by at the speed of continental drift, but did finally come to an end.

I entered the room carefully, with Carol, you never know what to expect. She wasn’t there. I was afraid she’d changed her mind and went home, then I saw the note on the bed.

I’m in the lounge, dress nicely and come find me.

I dressed in a jacket and slacks and headed for the lounge.

It was done in the style of a 20’s speakeasy. Dark and intimate with a live jazz trio playing from a small stage.

Carol was sitting in the back corner in a booth. She was wearing a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline. I was guessing it was short, but couldn’t see because of the table. She gave me a come hither look so I walked over and sat down.

“You look amazing.” I said, trying not to leer.

“Thought you might like it.” she purred.

“What’s on your dirty little mind lover girl.” I asked.

“Dinner, drinks, maybe some dancing, if I can get the trio to oblige, and then we’ll see where it goes.”

I could tell from the look in her eyes, I was in for a ride.

We had a nice dinner and more drinks than we probably should have and yes the trio came through. Carol snuggled up close while we were dancing. She was still as graceful as ever. Me, not so much. I never had much rhythm, but she didn’t mind.

Her dress was just as short as I figured and just barely covered her ass. The neckline accentuated her ample bosom and of course made it impossible to wear a bra. While we were dancing, I just had to grope her ass and was not surprised she was not wearing panties. She just looked up at me and smiled.

After dancing we returned to our table. The waiter came by and we ordered another round of drinks. While we waited, we started kissing and things quickly escalated. I slid my hand up her thigh and soon found her hot, wet pussy just waiting for some attention. As I was toying with her clit and plump labia, she was attacking my zipper, frantically trying to free my stiff cock.

Her efforts were rewarded when my dick popped free and stood straight up. With a sly grin she wrapped her lips around me, pulling me deep into her mouth.

With the high table height and long tablecloth, our activities were unnoticed by the other patrons of the lounge.

The waiter soon returned with our drinks. Setting the drinks on the table, he had not yet seen Carol’s head in my lap. Carol heard the waiter, sat up, grabbed her drink and took a long pull from it, smiled coyly and when back to giving me one of her signature blowjobs.

The waiter just smiled and walked away shaking his head and laughing.

Unknown to me, when Carol chugged from her drink, she sucked an ice cube into her mouth, so when she went back to blowing me I got an unexpected surprise.

I groaned loudly when she took me back into her mouth. The combination of her warm tongue and mouth and the cold ice was more than I could stand and my cock spasmed and shot my cum into her mouth.

As usual, she milked me dry and swallowed every drop.

We finished our drinks and started back to our room.

Carol saw our waiter standing near the exit. As we were walking by him, she dropped her clutch purse and she made sure to face away from him when she bent to retrieve it. I’m sure the view he got made his day.

Carol stood up, straightened her dress, winked at the waiter and we left.

Once back to the room, clothes came off and we fell into bed.

I knew she’d still be wet and willing after the events in the lounge, so I decided to play into her exhibitionist bent.
I called the front desk and said we need some fresh towels.
This would give up 10 minutes or so to get ready for our show.

The maid showed up just on cue, knocked on the door and slowly entered.

I had Carol on the bed on all fours and I was pounding her from a standing position. We had set the scene for maximum exposure and impact. We were not disappointed.

The maid had to round a corner to see us, so it took a few seconds before we came into view. I waited until I heard her gasp, then pulled out of Carol and turned towards her with my raging boner pointing straight at her. She was less than 5 feet from me, so I know she got a good look at me and at Carol’s gaping pussy.

I turned and plunged back into Carol’s twat and started fucking her again.

“Leave the towels on the table.” I told her, “watch if you want.”

She just stood there with her mouth hanging open, trying to process the scene.

Then I really started jackhammering Carol’s dripping cunt. She was wailing and clawing at the bed while slamming her ass back into me. I must admit it was pretty thrilling to have an audience.

After several minutes, the obviously flustered maid stammered a few unintelligible words and left.

“Thanks for the towels.” I called after her.

With the extra stimulation, I didn’t last much longer.
Within a minute or two, I blasted Carol full of cum and collapsed on the bed.

We were both laughing hysterically as we recounted the look on the maid’s face.

“Bet her husband is gonna get the ride of his life tonight.” Carol giggled.

I agreed.

Carol hadn’t orgasmed and was in obvious distress.

I asked her what I could do to help her out.

“Look in my suitcase.” she hissed, “hand me the pink one.”

In her bag I found a pink vibrator about 8 inches long, but with less girth than me.

“Not as good as the real thing, but it’ll work.” She said.

She cranked the vibe up and shoved it into her overheated pussy, causing her to start moaning and thrashing again.

I stood back and watched tipobet güvenilir mi the show. Seeing how she fucked herself gave me a good lesson in how to please her in the future. It was quite the educational event.

After 5 minutes or so, she stiffened, screamed and came. It was the hottest thing I’d seen in a long time.

“Toys, that’s new.” I stated.

“Well, my ex only had a 4 inch dick, I had to do something.” She responded.

“Hope I don’t disappoint.” I said unsurely.

“Never.” She said. “That things still a monster, and you really know how to use it.”

“Thanks.” I beamed. “It’s nice to have someone appreciate it.”

We hit the shower then and I spent a lot of time making sure she was squeaky clean. Afterwards, we got back in bed. We kissed and fondled for a couple hours, the went to sleep.

Not a bad way to end the day!

Day 2 started very differently. Even though I had set my alarm, Carol got up before it went off. Somehow she managed to get out of bed and turn it off without waking me. I awoke to the feel of lips on my member. (the best way to start ANY day as far as I’m concerned) Once I was awake, she amped up her efforts, really getting me hot and hard. She then swung around and planted her pussy on my face. I was in heaven.

I started licking her slowly at first, then increasing the pace as her reactions changed. Before long we were both moaning and panting.

It didn’t take long before I shot down her throat, and she coated my face with her love honey.

“Best alarm clock ever.” I mused.

“Thought you might like it.” She cooed.

As much as I would have liked to stay in bed, I got dressed, kissed her mouth, tits and pussy and went to my meeting. Leaving her to her own devices.

Not unexpectedly, my phone chirped during the break and, of course, Carol had sent me a text.

“Missing you, thought I’d brighten your day.” She texted. There was an attached video.

I wandered off to a secluded location before I opened the file. Good thing too, as I was met with a closeup of Carol’s very wet pussy with a big dildo slamming in and out of it. I could hear her moaning in the background. She was obviously having a very good time. The video went on for a few minutes before she shrieked and came. Then the camera swing around to her sweaty face with a huge grin plastered on it. “See you soon lover.” she beamed, then the video ended.

Damn, that girl sure knows how to ruin my concentration.

I managed to get through the presentation, just barely, and raced back to the room when it was finally over. I entered, not knowing what to expect, but knowing it would be good.

Carol was sprawled on the bed in the purple teddy from the picture she sent me yesterday. It looked good in the pic, in person it was stunning!

“See anything you like.” She cooed.

“Absolutely.” I gasped.

“Here’s the deal.” She stated. “Do exactly as you’re told and I guarantee I’ll rock your world.”

I always loved it when she was dominate when we were dating.

“I’m yours to command.” I beamed.

“Clothes off, on your back on the bed.” She snapped.

I complied immediately.

I laid down on the bed, naked with my stiff dick pointing at the ceiling wondering what her perverted little mind was planning.

“God, that’s a helluva cock you’ve got.” She said. “I’ve never seen another one even close.” “I’ve always regretted letting it, and you, get away.”

“Well here it is, and it’s not going anywhere.” I said.

“Play with yourself.” She said. “I always wanted to see you do that, but never asked. “I want to watch you stroke that b**st and see the look on your face when you shoot your load everywhere.”

Not wanting to disappoint her, I grabbed the bottle of lotion from the nightstand, lubed up and slowly started stroking my erection. It didn’t take long to work up a good rhythm and soon I was panting and moaning.

“Very sexy.” She said, as she sat transfixed by the scene. She had one hand massaging on of her tits and the other was snaking down her belly heading for her slit. “It’s really hard to appreciate that cock of yours if I’m too close to it.”
“It’s magnificent, the way it jumps and pulses while you stroke it is enchanting.” “Let me know when you’re close, I want to see it when you cum.”

“I’m getting close.” I hissed, trying not to cum too soon, as I was enjoying her reaction.

With that, she got down on the bed with her face only inches away from my soon to explode cock. “Cum for me.” “Show me how much I excite you.”

Two or three strokes later, I erupted. Since she was so enamored with seeing me cum, I figured I’d give her something to see. As I started to spurt, I pointed my cock at her. My first spasm caught her just over her left eye and the next ones pretty much covered her face with my hot cum. It had been a long time since I came that much, but I had great motivation.

Carol, much to my surprise, didn’t even flinch when my cum hit her in the face. I think it was what she really wanted in the first place, but wasn’t sure I’d go for it.

She took great pleasure slowly cleaning the cum from her face with a finger and licking it off.

“That was amazing.” She finally said, finishing off the last of my cum.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cum on her tongue, but didn’t mind.

“While you recover.” She whispered while straddling my chest. “I have something for you.”

She slid down my chest and covered my mouth and face with her sopping wet cunt. She was really worked up and was so wet and slick I thought she might slide off so I grabbed her ass, stuck my tongue in her slit and started to nibble on her clit.

I’ve always loved eating pussy from this position. I like to look up and see her tits dangling in my face while I work her into a frenzy. I let go of her ass and grabbed her breasts, kneading the flesh and pinching her nipples. I could make her cum just tweaking her nipples back in the day and it was plain to see, I still could.

She moaned and squirmed while I worked my magic on her clit, labia and tits. It didn’t take too long before she squealed and came, nearly crushing my head when she did.

“Holy fuck, you are still very good at that.” She panted.
“I hope you’re not done with me yet.”

“Not by a long shot.” I said, wiping her cum off my face. “In fact, I think I’m ready to go again.”

She turned around and smiled when she saw my dick at full attention.

“I know just what to do with this.” She gushed.

Sliding down my chest, she stopped just long enough to coat my cock with her juices and impaled herself on it.

I groaned in ecstasy as she wiggled her ass and bounced on my engorged cock. I especially enjoyed watching her tits heave and sway as she rode me.

I reached up and started groping her bouncing boobs and pinching her erect nipples causing her to moan loudly.

In almost no time at all, she stiffened, and orgasmed, then collapsed on my chest, panting and sweating.

Wasting no time, I flipped her onto her back, and started pounding her pussy for all I was worth. I hadn’t cum yet and was overcome by my need.

Carol’s lust reignited as soon as I started hammering her cunt. She was tossing her head from side to side and babbling about how good it felt. She was basically in the throes of a constant orgasm, and thrashed and flopped like she was being electrocuted.

“Cum for me.” She moaned. “Fill up my cunt.” “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Shortly after that, I exploded in her. I blasted half a dozen shots of thick, hot semen deep in her spasming cunt, all the while alternating between sucking her tits and deep throating her tongue. Then, spent, I rolled off of her, deeply satisfied.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m done for awhile.” I stated.

“M-me too.” She stammered, still riding the last waves of her slowly fading orgasm.

“Hungry?” I queried.

“Famished.” She answered. “What did you have in mind?”

“Room service.” I answered. “I don’t have the energy to get dressed and I suspect you don’t either.”

I rolled over and grabbed the phone and ordered us a nice dinner, complete with champagne.

“They’ll be here in about 15 minutes.” I told her.

“Maybe I’ll be able to move by then.” She said.

Soon enough, our food arrived. Carol jumped up when they knocked at the door, I assumed to grab her robe. How wrong I was. She shot me a devilish grin and headed for the door. Before I could even move, she threw open the door and ushered the waiter inside.

He stood there for a moment with his mouth hanging open.

“Never seen a naked woman before.” Carol giggled.

“I-I-I.” he stammered. “I have ma’am, just wasn’t expecting one as hot as you.”

“Well aren’t you sweet.” Carol cooed. “Bring in the cart and set the food on the table over there.” She pointed towards the small table by the window.

The waiter did as he was told, his eyes never leaving Carol’s body. He was obviously quite impressed with what he saw and the bulge in his pants confirmed that.

When he was done, he turned to leave.

Carol stopped him saying, “Hold on, I need to give you your tip.”

She walked over to him, dropped to her knees and unzipped his fly. She reached in and fished out his throbbing dick and shoved it in her mouth.

He shot me a deer-in-the-headlights look. I just shrugged and laughed.

She really started to work him over and in short order, he arched his back, grunted and came in her mouth. She stood up, gave him a passionate kiss, telling him, “That should just about cover it.”

“Yes ma’am.” He grinned. He shoved his deflated dick back in his pants and made a hasty retreat.

As soon as the door closed, we both laughed so hard we nearly pissed ourselves.

“Hope you’re not upset with me.” She said. “He was just so cute and awkward, I just had to.”

“I’m sure you’ve given him something to tell his buddies, though I don’t think they’ll believe him.” “Besides, I have no claim on you.” I stated. “This is just sex, no strings, no entanglements.”

“How true.” She grinned. “Lets eat before it gets cold.”

We ate like we’d never seen food before, then sated, settled back into bed.

We cuddled and talked for awhile, then had a long, hot shower and went to sleep, entwined in each others arms.

Day 3 started a bit slower, as we were both still a little drained from yesterday. I awoke to Carol fondling my slowly inflating erection. Still not a bad way to wake up.

“Hope you’re OK with a hand job, I’m just not up for much else.” She stated. “I think I’ll use your time away today to nap and recharge.”

“Nope, that’s fine.” I shot back. “But if I’m only getting a hand job, I want to cum on your tits.” “It’s a personal favorite of mine that I don’t get to indulge very often.”

With that, she rolled over on her back and beckoned me to straddle her. She grabbed my rod and started pumping it slowly. She built up speed as my excitement rose until she was really working me over.

It wasn’t long before I tensed and shot my load all over her tits.

“Hold tipobet giriş still, don’t move.” I commanded. “If it’s OK with you, I want to get a few pictures of this.” “I’ll make sure your face isn’t visible.” “This is just so hot I want a memento.”

“Go ahead.” She said. “You know I’m not shy and I’m glad you think I’m still hot at my age.”

“Hot girl, you’re on fire.” “Anybody who thinks you’re not needs to have his dick removed, he doesn’t deserve one.”

Carol truly and deeply blushed, something I hadn’t seen since we were dating.

“It’s been a long time since anyone told me I was desirable.” She said and started to cry. “My ex always made me feel like some kind of deviant because of my sexual tastes.” “He never understood or supported me.”

“He was an idiot.” I told her. “You deserve better, and I know you’ll find it.”

“Thanks.” She said, “But at my age, I’m not too hopeful.”

“Nonsense, age ain’t nuthin but a number darlin.” I drawled.

“I keep forgetting you’re a hillbilly.” She laughed.

“Guess I’d better get moving.” I said and swatted her on the ass.

“See you later.” She purred.

I kissed her and fondled her tits one last time and headed out the door.

I attended the last day of the conference without interruption, leading me to believe Carol when she said she was going to rest.

I started back to the room wondering what Carol had planned for our last night together. I was excited at the prospect and equally sad that it was coming to an end.
This time with her had really given me the emotional recharge I needed, but I know, long term, we’re still a train wreck. I intended to enjoy the time we had left and leave it at that.

Pushing the negative thoughts out of my mind, I opened the door and walked in. I could hear the shower running, so went to investigate. Carol was in the shower with her back to me. It gave me a chance to enjoy her sexy ass jiggling and swaying while she washed herself. It was a glass shower, so I had a really great view. After she rinsed off, she grabbed something from the floor and stuck it to the wall I was looking through. It was a dildo with a suction cup on it. She saw me standing there, gave me a smile and backed into the dildo. It slid readily into her greedy cunt causing her to gasp. She started slapping her ass cheeks into the glass wall with such force, I was afraid she’d break it.

I knelt outside the shower in order to get a better view of the show. And what a show it was!

She was fucking herself with the dildo and fondling her tits. Before long, one hand made it’s way to her slit, where it sought out her erect clit and started playing.

She began to moan and writhe as her passion rose and before long, she shuddered, shrieked and came. Almost immediately, her legs buckled and as she slipped to the floor of the shower, the dildo pulled out of her cunt with an audible slurp.

“Couldn’t wait or putting on a show?” I asked.

“Started out as the first, but ended up as the second.” She grinned slyly.

I’d had all I could take at that point. I opened the shower door, and shut off the water. I picked her up off the floor and carried her to the bed. Using the large soft towels, I slowly dried her off, all the while kissing and sucking every inch of her soft, inviting body.

“Before we get too far, I wanted to thank you for what you’ve done for me.” Carol said demurely. “You’ve really made me feel sexy and desirable.” “I hadn’t realized just how much my ex made me feel old and ugly.”

“You’ve done a lot for me as well.” I said. “I feel 20 years younger right now.” “As for your ex, well he’s an idiot.” “Any man would consider himself lucky to have a woman as talented and willing as you.” “You are a rare and precious thing to be cherished.”

She seemed really thrilled by that, but also unsure what to say.

We just remained quiet for a bit and enjoyed the feelings.

Carol finally broke the silence. “I have a request fo this last night together.”

“What’s that?” I inquired.

“All we’ve done so far is fuck, and don’t get me wrong, it’s been fantastic, but I want to make love to you.” She said.
“There is a difference.”

“I’d like that.” I smiled, “but I have a confession first.” “You know you were my first real love and my first real heartbreak.”

“No I didn’t know.” She admitted.

“Well, now you do.” “And deep inside me, that 22 year old part of me still loves you and always will.”

“I don’t know what to say.” She looked stunned.

“Nothing to say.” “Just stating a fact.” I said.

“I just thought you should know that I still care for you after all this time.” I said. “I’m not planning on dumping my wife and asking you to run off with me, I know that the reasons we split haven’t changed, but I can’t love someone as much as I did you and not be forever changed by it.”

“Well, if we’re being honest.” She offered. “I never really got over you either.” “I’ve always regretted hurting you and hoped you would forgive me.”

“ I have.” I assured her. “I knew it was for the best, but it hurt then.” “I’ve come to terms with it and always hoped you found happiness.” “I’m sorry you didn’t.”

“Getting back to your request.” I said, trying to break up the darkness of the mood. “I’d be honored.”

Carol kissed me softly and wrapped herself around me. She was so warm and tender that I very soon lost myself in the moment.

She started with light touches that progressed to sensual massage of my arms, legs and back. She was especially attentive to my ass. (she always loved my ass)

Some time later, she had me roll over on my back and started again with the massage. Starting with my feet and slowly working her way up.

She paused at my cock briefly, just long enough to get me hard, but not long enough to get me worked up. She then straddled my hips and massaged my arms and chest, lightly tweaking my nipples.

I was really enjoying watching her tits sway as she moved.

As she moved, my hard cock rubbed lightly up and down her warm slit. No penetration, she was just massaging my cock with her labia. The feeling was incredible!

She then slid off of me and started kissing my fingers and toes and slowly working her way in. Arms and legs were next, followed by my neck and chest. She sucked my nipples for awhile, the headed south.

She kissed her way down my stomach, then tongued my navel playfully, before nuzzling my stiff dick.

She ran her cheeks over my cock slowly, tenderly rubbing herself on me.

After what seems like an eternity, she started kissing my penis. First the head, then the shaft. She then kissed and fondled my balls.

Finally, she took me into her mouth, inch by inch, slowly, deliberately. She took her time, working me up little by little. By the time I exploded into her loving mouth, I’d lost all track of time. The release so complete, I nearly passed out.

Carol snuggled up next to me and cooed in my ear. “How was that lover?”

Words failed me, all I could do was hug her and lamely nod my head.

We kissed passionately while exploring each others bodies. All the while keeping the pace slow and intimate.

I was running my fingers through her slit, keeping her excited, but not getting her off. She, in turn, was rubbing my cock, trying to bring it back to life.

Soon, I started to show some hardness, prompting Carol to straddle me and slowly rub me with her pussy.

As I got harder, she started to work me into her wet, willing cunt. After I was completely engulfed by her, she started moving. She slid up and down on my now stiff dick. She took her time, moving deliberately, not rushing. We savored the sensations and enjoyed pleasuring each other.

Finally, she sighed and came, laying on my chest as the sensation overtook her.

When she stopped shaking, I tenderly rolled her over and started slowly fucking her. I wrapped her up in my arms and held her, kissing her softly. My passion was building and she was starting to moan softly.

I looked into her eyes and said. “Cum with me.”

I was going from full penetration to almost complete withdrawal and back, but not increasing my speed. It was driving her crazy!

Sensing I was getting close, she slid a hand down her stomach and started working her clit and caressing my cock as it slid in and out of her snatch.

Still locked in eye contact, we came together, wrapped up in each others arms. Not the usual grunting, screaming orgasms we had been experiencing, but a much more intimate orgasm. Shared, like a fine wine, savored, not hurried.

We were both totally spent at that point, and still entwined, we fell asleep.

I awoke several hours later with Carol still in my arms. I listened to her breathing while she slept and thought about the last few days. I felt better than I had in quite a long time. She really recharged my batteries. I hope I did the same for her.

I dozed off for awhile longer, but unfortunately, has to get up and start getting ready to go home. I reluctantly untangled myself and headed for the bathroom. I wanted to get a shower before leaving.

It wasn’t too long before I felt a familiar pair of hands on my back.

“You started without me.” She pouted.

“Didn’t want to wake you.” I said. “You looked so comfortable.”

We showered, washing each other. I was enjoying the view of her wet naked body as she lathered herself and me. Finishing, we got out, dried off and got dressed.

As we packed, we talked. Nothing serious, just relaxed banter.

“Feel like some breakfast before we go?” I asked.

“Sounds good.” She responded.

We went downstairs and hit the buffet. While we ate I had one final thing to ask her.

“Carol, I have another conference in June.” “It’s a 7 day one in Vegas.” “It’s really more of a tax deductible vacation, since there’s not much required content.” “Would you like to go?” I asked.

“I want you to think about it for awhile. I don’t want an answer now.” I said. “I also want you to know there are no expectations on my part.” “These last few days have been incredible and I will always remember them, but if this is all there is, I’m good with that.” “Please don’t feel obligated.”

Carol smiled at me, I couldn’t really read her thoughts, “I’ll give you my answer in a few days.” She said. “It’s a lot to think about.”

We finished eating and when to find our cars. I helped carry her bags, and loaded them in her trunk.

When I turned back, she had opened her car door, leaned in and hiked her skirt, revealing her naked ass.

“One for the road.” She purred, wiggling her ass at me.

“Don’t mind if I do.” I said, while fishing out my rapidly hardening cock.

It was only 19 degrees outside, and while the garage was covered, it was not heated, so we didn’t waste any time. I pounded her pussy like a jackhammer, holding her hips so she didn’t fall down.

I grunted and filled her with my cum, just as she squealed and came. God, this woman is something.

After she regained her composure, she stood up, kissed me and got in her car.

“Be careful driving home.” She chided. “Think about driving, not fucking.”

“I’ll try.” I said, grinning. “But you don’t make it easy.”

I watched her drive away, then got in my car and started for home.

I hadn’t even made it to Indianapolis, when my phone buzzed.

“c u in June.” was all it said.

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