Christina’s a great shot


Christina’s a great shotIt had been a long night of driving, but for many the night was still young. I was ready to get out for a few minutes, stretch, enjoy the cool air outside. I pulled up to the destination for my current passenger: a bar that was a common drinking hole for the locals.I turned off my rideshare apps and got out to walk a bit. I peered into the open door of the bar and I had to rub my eyes, thinking my vision was affected by too much driving.Sure enough, what I saw is exactly what I had thought: it was Christina. I knew that she lived nearby, but I just didn’t expect to see her out by herself. She has the trappings of many suburban women: husband, three k**s, busy with family life. Christina, though, was a different gal when the husband and the k**s were out of the picture.I had chatted with her online a bit but was never able to arrange something that worked for the both of us. The inability to get something hammered out only made me desire her more. She was flat-out gorgeous: late thirties, shoulder length reddish hair, beautiful pert breasts and the most perfectly grabbable bubble butt I have ever seen. The wedges she wore tonight made her even taller than my six foot frame, and showed off her slim, toned legs.I was torn…should I approach her? Was her “inability” to meet up from our online chats just because she wasn’t interested, or because she really couldn’t break free? I figured this would be the only chance I had to find out.I walked into the bar and ordered a craft beer on tap at the bar. Christina was playing pool over in the back of the bar, and of course I was not the only guy paying attention to her. Did they know her situation? If I had walked in not knowing her background, I would have sworn her only goal for the night was to get taken home.Knowing at this point I had nothing to lose, I walked over and began watching the pool game unfold. Some typical country hick of a guy took a guzzle of his Coors Light and began lining up the break for a game of nine ball. Billy Bob (generic hick name) leaned over and pounded the cue ball with everything he had. Whether he had consumed one or five too many, his break was all sound and fury signifying nothing. Most of the balls moved, but it wasn’t the massive explosion you hope to see when you break.I walked over to the table and placed a ten dollar bill down. “I’m going to wager that this fine woman here beats you, bub.” I figured he would be missing shots all night, and I was willing to invest ten dollars to be a more active participant.Billy Bob smirks and puts a ten down next to mine. Christina looks over at me and smiles. “You don’t even know what you just did.”She didn’t recognize me because I had never shared my photo with her, so she had no idea what satisfaction that smile and the attention of those green eyes gave to me. I had wanted to see that glance in person for a long time, just maybe not under these circumstances…I figured that kuşadası escort bayan even if she managed to be worse than him, he would walk away with an extra ten dollars and I would continue my conversation with her. Win, win in my book. So I said, “Don’t worry Christina, if you lose I’m still gonna have fun watching.”The first reaction I got was one of confusion, obviously processing that this stranger just called her by her name. It was immediately followed by one of pleasure…something appealed to her that she didn’t know me, but I knew her. The last look was one I was not expecting: her face went blank.She was putting her game face on.She chalked up her cue and began owning the table. I have never been more turned on watching pool since I saw Jeanette Lee (the Black Widow) smoke everyone in nine ball on television. She effortlessly pocketed the one ball into the side pocket and then comboed off the two to sink the five ball in the corner. She came over to my side of the table and leaned over to line up her next shot. She tossed her shoulder length hair over to the side as she looked back at me and flashed me a lustful grin. She knew what she was doing in so many ways.As I stared at her red dress hiking up and exposing the tops of her thighs, I heard Billy Bob say “No way.” Yeah, buddy, tell me about it…what a view…But then I realized he was commenting on the game. Christina had fired the two ball into the nine ball and sunk it. Game over. It only took three shots to teach old Billy Bob that women are good at things other than c***d rearing and cooking meat and potatoes, and to simultaneously get me rock hard.I reached over for the $20 and as I grabbed it Christina placed her hand on mine. “How do you know me?” she whispered to me.”Let’s just say that if you need to get a ride home I’m your guy.” She knew then who I was from the conversations we have had off and on for several months.”Chris, right?” She remembered my name…it’s her husband’s name also.”Nice to meet you in person,” I replied. Trust me beautiful, the pleasure is all mine.Christina held my hand down. “You know I won you that money, right?””Well yeah, of course…if it had been me playing I would be broke as a joke.””You owe me.” I took the money and started to give it to her.”You know that’s not what I want,” she whispered.It’s true, I did know what she wanted. And man, did I pick a great night to end up on her side of town. I followed her tall frame as she swayed through to the back of the bar. On the way, she leaned over and whispered to another guy, grabbed his hand and led him in the same direction.I try to determine what exactly is happening here. About half an hour ago I was on the roads driving drunk people home (or to continue their drinking), and now here I am with a woman I have fantasized about, going to an unknown destination with a third guy I’ve never met in my life.We all come out of the bar through the back door. escort kuşadası Christina grabs the other guy and starts unzipping his pants. She tosses a look back my way, and gives me an inviting glance.To be clear, MMF threesomes are certainly not my thing, but I can’t pass this opportunity up to experience this amazing woman. Words from a good friend come back into my memory: “eyes on the woman.” Indeed…I come up behind her, lift her dress up to expose her perfect ass in a pair of thongs. My hands caress and grab them as she finishes undoing the other guy’s pants. She yanks his boxers down and his rather large cock pops out. As she begins to kneel down, I grab her dress and pull it over her head; a black tube top, her panties and her wedges are all that remain.She wrapped her hand around his stiffening member, giving several long licks up his shaft before surrounding the head with her lips and moving downward. She continued to pop the first couple of inches of his cock in and out of her mouth while she used her hands to alternately pump his shaft and fondle his balls.Of course, I’m trying not to focus too much on that action, so I continue to rub her ass and her legs. I reach inside her top and cup her perky breasts with my hands. They fit perfectly in my palms as I massage them and tweak her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. I press into her so her back pushes against me with every bob on his cock.My own growing cock is straining in my pants, and all I want to do right now is to grab her hips and plunge inside of her. I take my hand and slide it between her legs, feeling up and around until my fingers touch the front of her soaking wet panties. I push the material over and begin swirling my fingers in her slit, across her labia, and begin rubbing against her hood to stimulate her clit. She squats down into my hand, and in one thrust a finger slides right inside of her.I hear her moan as I begin to explore, finding room to swish around. I reach around and reenter, this time she has expanded to be able to fit two fingers inside and I have the right angle to rub her G-spot.As I begin intensifying my motion, she begins taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and sucking away. I wrap my thumb around and clamp my hand down, digging my thumb into her clit and forming an anchor on her pubic bone. Her hips rock to encourage the penetration, but she’s ready for more.She releases her mouth’s grasp on his cock and leads us over to a car parked in the back. He sits on the hood of the car and she leans over, takes his balls into his mouth and gives them a quick suck before taking his member into her mouth again. She shakes that beautiful butt to invite me back in.I pull down her thong so that there is no more obstruction to the pathway of joy in front of me. Her shapely legs and awaiting entrance are a sight to behold; one that will be seared into my brain as a reference for years to come.I pull kuşadası escort bayan my pants down, grab those hips I have wanted to have in my hands for months, and ease my cock into her soaking wet pussy. As she continues to give this gentleman the best surprise blow job he’s ever had, I increase my thrusts. Being out in a public parking lot where anyone can catch us in the act at any time, this is not the time to see who can last the longest.Her mastery at her craft is having its way with this lucky guy on the hood, and he begins lifting his hips up to push his length fully into her mouth. Meanwhile, I am pounding her doggy style; my huge droopy balls slam into her clit to add an extra jolt to her senses. I gently slap her on the ass as she pulls her head up for air…”harder, Chris…all of it…harder…”I waste no time to slap her other cheek harder, and she resumes her action on him. The other guy starts the chain reaction that was sure to happen: as I am pounding her as hard as I can from behind, she removes him from her mouth and begins pumping his shaft lightning fast. As she senses his impending load, she continues pumping and places the tip of his cock on her tongue. The head of his cock slides up and down her tongue as she jerks back and forth from my pounding, and he begins to unleash his load all inside of her mouth and onto her lips and her chin.Soon her cunt begins to tighten around my shaft and she begins yelling. (I’m sure that won’t attract a crowd, I think to myself…) Her pussy begins clenching my penis, coaxing its load out and, sure enough, my ball sack tightens and my cum shoots hard and far into her.As we slow down, she continues to lick and suck off the remaining juice from his cock, and I slide myself out of her and rub my soaked cock on her clit. We all begin to collect ourselves and wonder how we managed to get ourselves outside on someone else’s car announcing to all of the locals through our grunts, moans and screams that we were having ourselves a grand old time.The guy on the car slides down and quickly shoves his girth back into his pants and zips them up. “I bet my girlfriend is going to kill me, I’m sure she’s out of the bathroom by now…”Christina gathers herself and begins heading to her car. I follow her, curious to know what she thought about the experience.”Hey,” I say maybe a bit too loudly, “glad I bumped into you.””Did you follow me here?” she asked. She knew that I had done my research during our many conversations and knew where she lived.”No, I swear, I just dropped a passenger off and saw you inside. I had to test my luck considering I got this far.””Well, Chris…you’re not a stranger anymore. Friends get much more attention…”My heart jumped, knowing this would not be the last time. “Christina, I’ll start sending you notes on what I think we should do next.””We’ll have to figure something out. You felt so good inside of me, fucked me so good that I’ll have to find a way to get out, to see you again.”What I always wanted…to give her so much pleasure that she would beg for more. “See you online,” I said as I walked back to my car. Just in time for closing time, too…plenty of passengers pouring out of bars and clubs to get home safely…

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