Christening the New House II (Bathroom)


Christening the New House II (Bathroom)Christening the New House II (The Bathroom)When I woke up Sunday morning, I heard the shower running. I knew Don was in there. Instantly, I was horny. I could feel his dried cum on my nuts and thighs. I could not get enough of this man!My intentions were to go to the kitchen for a drink, but as I walked past the bathroom, the door was open. I could see Don’s distorted figure through the wavy glass of the shower door. I could make out his form and see how his dark hair covered his body.“Hey,” I called. “Need me to wash your back.” And I chuckled, but, truly, I wanted to get in that shower with him.Don rolled the door open and swept his hand across the opening. He accepted my offer.I quickly kicked off my shorts and jumped in the tub shower. I immediately took the soap from Don’s hands and started lathering him up. He was so hairy that the soap foamed like shampoo. My hands slid all over his naked body. I paid special attention to his nipples, ass cheeks, balls, and cock–that thick uncut cock. I peeled the foreskin back to wash the head.“Mmmm,” Don groaned. “You’ve got all day to stop that.”After thoroughly washing his cock and foreskin, I made sure he was rinsed well. I knelt in the shower and sucked his cock into my mouth. His cock was still flaccid, and felt so good in my mouth. I played with his nuts as I inhaled his cock. I pulled his nuts to my mouth and licked them as his cock filled my mouth.“Mmm,” he moaned. “Nice.”He placed one hand on the shower wall and the other on the top of my head. He held my head in place and started rocking his hips back and forth. As he fucked my face, his cock grew and hardened. Soon, he was pushing into my throat. I felt his foreskin retract each time he fucked his cock deep into my throat. The first couple of times, he held it there quite a while, causing me to gag. He quickly backed out, allowing me to breathe.I took a deep breath, grabbed his hairy ass cheeks, and pulled him to my face. I pulled his cock into my throat and held it there. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, then, flicked my tongue on his balls.“Oh…Oh, yeah,’ he moaned.I kept his cock buried in my throat as I licked his nuts as long as I could. I felt my lungs struggling to breathe, almost ready to gag. I pulled my face back just enough to allow me to catch my breath. After several deep gulps of air, I pulled him back into my throat and did it again.“That’s türkçe bahis so good, Mike,” he panted.His hand left my head and began to explore my shoulders, back, and chest. The stream from the shower let his hand slide over me with very little resistance.As his fingers glided over my nipples, I shivered. They jumped to attention, poking out from my body like two tiny, hard cocks. I instantly used his ass cheeks to pull his cock back into my throat.He ran his hands and fingers over my rigid nipples. He squeezed by pecs. He thumped my chest with his open palm. His hands were all over my chest. His finger and thumb found my nipple, and he pinched.Again, I shuddered. Again, I used his ass cheeks to pull his cock into my throat.“Yeeeeaaah,” he groaned. He continued to play with my nipples, from squeezing them gently to pinching them hard.The rougher he got, the hornier I got. I would pull his cock into my throat each time he pinched my nipples hard. I would hold his cock in my throat until he released my nipples.He grabbed my nipples roughly and pinched them with a vengeance. Again, I pulled him into my throat, holding him there. This time, he kept pressure on my nipple. He won this round: I kept his cock in my throat as long as I possibly could, but had to come up for air before he released my tit. As his cock left my throat, he gave my nipple a quick, hard squeeze before he released it. “Umph,” I groaned around his cock.He pulled his cock from my mouth, placed a hand in each of my armpits, and lifted me to standing. He pulled me against him. He tilted his head to my chest and sucked my tit into his mouth.I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight. I raised my leg and wrapped it around his waist. I slid one arm from his back to his head and pulled him harder onto my tit.“Oh, gawd,” I panted. “Oh my gawd.”He slid one of his hands down my back to my butt. He caressed my cheeks, and then ran his fingers up and down my crack, brushing across my hole. He grabbed the soap and lathered my cheeks, crack, and hole. His soapy hand roamed over my butt. He traced a finger down my crack to my hole. He poked a finger into my ass.“OH FUCK,” I yelped. I pulled away from his finger.“You OK,” he asked, almost panicked.“It burns,” I panted. “Find something else.”He opened the shower door and reached into his kit. His hand returned with a can of Edge shave gel. He squirted the green gel into his hand, youwin giriş and rubbed it on my hole.The gel felt cool and soothing on my stinging ass.He slipped his finger into my ass again.“Oooo, that’s better.”“Pretty slick, too,” he said.He continued to fuck my ass with his finger as he sucked on my tits. As his fucking became more rapid, the assault on my nipples became more aggressive. He started using his teeth. He nibbled mostly, but every now and then he would bite it. Not enough to hurt, just enough to make me squirm.“I want you in me; I need you in me, Don,” I gulped. “Fuck me.”“I need you, too,” he whispered as he looked up from my nipple.He pulled his finger from my ass and turned me around. He filled his hand with the gel again and rubbed it over my hole and onto his cock. He placed his cock at my ass; he applied just enough pressure to keep it there, but not enough to enter. One hand found my nipple; the other wrapped around my waist. He pinched my tit firmly and pushed his cock into me.I had braced my hands on the wall. When he pinched and pushed into me, both hands flew from the wall to his hairy ass. I pulled him to me as much as I pulled myself to him. The cool shave gel contrasted with the heat of his hot cock.My feet slid on the slick floor. I quickly braced against the wall with one hand and lifted one foot to the edge of the tub. I bent my knee slightly, making my ass more parallel to his cock. Another inch or so slid into me. I caressed his ass, relishing the feel of his hard buttocks and the heavy covering of fur.Don held his cock deep in my ass, still kneading my nipples and pecs. He began to slowly slide his cock in and out of my ass. As he slid out, he would release my nipples; as he slid in, he would squeeze them. His strokes became quicker; his fingers squeezed tighter.“Oh, yeah, Don,” I panted, “pinch my tits; fuck my ass.”“You like that, huh?”“Hell, yes. Oh, hell, yes!”Don’s pace quickened and his grip on my nipples became more firm. His cock was slamming into me, his groin slapping against my ass. The noises echoed and reverberated in the small shower. He bite into my shoulder and clamped down on my tits.“I’m getting’ close, Mike,” he hissed into my ear.“Give it to me,” I groaned. “Give me all you got.”His teeth bit into the back of my neck; his fingers pinched and twisted my nipples; his cock slammed deep into my hole; his hips jerked in youwin güvenilir mi small, rapid thrusts; his cock swelled. The first couple of volleys were strong; I felt them hit my insides. Then his cock spasmed a few more times, and he was still. His cock was still buried in my ass as his fingers released my nipples.I kept one hand on his ass, holding his cock in my hole. I lowered my other hand from the wall and stroked my cock.He moved one hand across my stomach towards my crotch. Without touching my cock, he wrapped his fingers around my wrist, the wrist that was stroking my cock. His other hand, again, found my nipple.I kept my grip on my cock, but I relaxed my arm. I let him take over. Although it was still my hand, it was like Don was finally jacking me off. I rolled my head back to his shoulder. I could feel his breath hot against my cheek and over my lips. I could taste his toothpaste.“Oh, gawd, Don,” I croaked, “Keep goin’; you’re gonna make me cum.”“Mmm, yeah, Mike. Show me. Show me what I do to ya.”“Umph! Umph! Umph!” I grunted. I shot three healthy spurts onto the wall and floor of the tub.He continued to furiously pump my dick. His thumb and fingers formed a vise on my nipple.I shot three or four more volleys into the running water. With each spurt, my sphincter seemed to pull his cock deeper into me. I braced against the wall and pushed my ass to him.My orgasm subsided, but I held onto his ass, keeping his cock in me. I did not want it to end.Within a few seconds, he released my wrist at the same time he released my nipple. He turned his head slightly to mine. His lips moved against my cheek.“We need to get outta here, baby; we used all the hot water.”Reluctantly, I released my cock and my hold on his ass. I wanted to just turn off the water and stay where we were.He pulled his cock from my ass. He got out of the shower and grabbed a towel.I quickly washed up in the luke warm water. I got out of the shower and dried off.“What else do ya wanna do today,” I asked.“We’ve still got to initiate the kitchen, living room, and laundry room,” he chided. “And they’ll be back this afternoon.”My ass twitched and my cock began to harden.“Seriously?” I asked excitedly.“That’s what ya do in a new place, right?” He ran his open hand from my forehead to my chin, over my throat, onto my chest. He found my nipple and squeezed. “But we got time for breakfast first.”“I’ll just have sausage,” I said playfully and grabbed his cock.“I need a few minutes,” he chastised. “Remember, I’m almost twice your age.” His other hand slapped my ass as he turned toward the kitchen.A smile spread across my face. I watched his hairy ass flex as he walked toward the kitchen.

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