Chocolatey Nuts

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I was sitting at my pc doing some wisdom thinking when he walks into the room and pulls a chair next to me. I couldn’t help but to notice his huge cock. I slowly reached over and took a feel for myself as he reaches on over and grabs my cock through my long black silk robe while whispering in my ear “Feel good?” as I’m purring softly.

“You are distracting me. You know that I have to get this pc formatted by this evening for a client.”

He replied in a micheivious, but erotic way when he says,”I need to have some fun if you know what I mean.”

“Why don’t you move to the bed?” as I reach over and unzip his pants.

“Why not here?” as he rips my robe completely off my rock hard body.

So I got down on my knees and grab his 7 and half inch thick cock and begin to stroke it slowly while I suck on his nipples. He reaches over and grabs a handful of my hair and moves my mouth down to his rock hard cock. As he is moving my head down, I open my mouth wide and place his cock on my tongue. I slowly move my tongue up the bottom side of his cock starting at his balls sac and begin to suck as I slowly inch his cock in my mouth. As I engulf more and more of casino şirketleri his cock, I start sucking harder which at that point he grabs my hair with both hands and takes control of things.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and break out the toys.” he says.

We get up and go to the bedroom. As I got there, I noticed that there was already some toys laid out along with some refridgerated items.

“You knew this was going to happen didn’t you?” I asked.

“Well, yes.” as he looks at me with an innocent look. “I thought maybe if you did me a favor that I would in turn fullfil one of your fantasies for you.”

“I suppose.”

He lays down on the bed in a spread eagle position. As I am looking at my options and trying to figure out which toy to use first, he leans up and starts kissing my neck which gets my mind to racing with many ideas. So I tell him to lay back down as I reach for the chocolate syrup. I ooze the syrup onto his cock and balls. Then I begin to suck and lick it off slowly starting with the balls. He loves it when I do this to him especially when i suck on his balls one at a time. He is however impressed with the fact that i can do both casino firmaları balls at the same time, but it last longer and turns him on even more when I take my time. As I get done with the balls, I slowly move my tongue towards the topside of his cock and continue to suck the chocolate off. Five minutes later, I put his cock in my mouth again. While I am giving him a blowjob, I reach over to my side of the bed, grab the cuffs and cuff him to the headboard. Then my hands move to his nipples where I start to softly rub and roughly tug on them. The more I tugged the harder he got and the faster my lips went up and down.

Then I pause long enough to put some chopped nuts in my mouth. While keeping the nuts in my mouth, I resume where I left off. Within five minutes of the chopped nuts continuosly rubbing against his cock, he blows his wad and I swallow nuts and all. He felt so much better that he had a grin from ear to ear and looked up at me and said, “Your turn.” While uncuffing him, I tell him of my fantasy that i want to fullfil.

We go down into the basement where he chains me up in the standing spread eagle position and starts to inflict pain upon me güvenilir casino by whipping me first with a set of catnines. The harder he hit the more aroused I became and kept crying out for more. Then he pulls out a blue 3 foot dildo and spanks my ass with it. Afterwords, he gently dickwhips my face.

When he feels enough pain has been inflicted, he unchains me and we go back to the bedroom where he continues to fullfil my fantasy. I lay down down on my back and he mounts me like a cowboy would his horse. Then he takes his cock and starts rubbing it all over my rock hard body. He gets up off me and erotically dresses in drag and gives me his sexy strip show. While he is stripping, I begin to stroke my cock slowly. Once he is naked again, he makes a smiley face on my chest with my nipples being the eyes and my cock as the tongue sticking out. He slowly licks and sucks the chocolate off me. Once he has licked me clean, he flips me over like a pancake and pours syrup and nuts all over my ass. He gently licks it off and sucks the chocolate off the chopped nuts. With the nuts pushed to one side, he spreads my cheeks and runs his tongue up the crack.

So I flip back over to my back and he lightly squeezes my cock as he slowly puts it in his mouth. Once it is in his mouth, he spreads the nuts around and goes up and down until I blow my wad. Afterwords, we spend the night in each other’s arms feeling satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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