Cheap deal all the way.


Cheap deal all the way.It was just a cheap weekend break to another city for a change of scenery. Anna and Dave had arrived early in the day and had managed to pick somewhere for dinner on their walk through the city. It would be late enough as it was the second sitting. Anna had chosen a new outfit a nice blue sleeveless top with a plunging neckline, it was tight fitting accentuating her curves. Anna also wore some fitted trousers which covered some blue platform heels she had also taken a like to. The waiters were very attentive as were a few roaming eyes from other tables when Anna had had to venture to the bathroom.The wine was flowing and Anna was getting more playful and teasing Dave as the meal progressed. Adjusting her top and suggesting she should bring home the waiters while Dave stayed to do the washing up. They decided to have a nightcap before settling the bill and were now the only customers left, with some of the staff already having left aswell. The time came to leave with Anna asking for the bill as she went to the bathroom for one last time. Just as the waiter arrived with the bill, Anna retunred from the bathroom.Now all she was wearing was her half balıkesir escort cup bra, sheer knickers and her new platform heels. As the waiter turned to look at her Anna asked if this was what him and the other waiters had wanted to see. Taking his hands Anna moved them over her body. Anna unzipped his trousers to reveal his cock running her hands over it’s thickening length. Dave now stood up with his cockout for Anna aswell. She was soon sucking on their throbbing bell ends like lollypops. Soon enough there was an audience with another waiter they had seen before and some kitchen staff.There was now a table in the middle of the room and Anna was stripped and moved so that while she was on her back her head was over the end of the table with a new cock for her to suck on. The first waiter was now sliding his wet cock into Anna’s wet and ready pussy. She loved sucking cock and soon had a cock in each hand licking and sucking on them deep so she would gag as she moaned with lust. Anna moaned that she wanted their cum on her tits, the first waiter quicy popped his cock from her pussy and wanked furously over Anna’s tits delivering the first big load escort balıkesir for her. The two men she had been blowing then unloaded their wads to join the first load.Anna sat up slightly before looking around and slipping a couple of fingers into her pussy. There was just one man left who had his cock out. Anna looked at his throbbing black cock and said they had saved the biggest for last. She sucked his cock and heavy balls before telling him to force his cock into her pussy all the way on the first stroke and to fuck her hard. She screamed as he did as he was asked with Anna screams of yes, yes, yes resounding through the dining room. As Anna’s voice quietened she asked him to sit on one of the benches, stradlng him she mounted his cock again grinding it inch by inch into her ass, saying to everone in the room she needed their hands on her body, on her tits, fingering her pussy everywhere. Anna rubbed her own tits first gathering the cum and licking it from her fingers, she repeated this for a second time before there were truly hands all over her body. Anna now had a big black cock in her ass, two sets of fingers probing at her loose pussy and a balıkesir escort bayan pair of hands mauling and pulling at her tits as she reached orgasm she lifted herself up a little so her ass could get fucked rapidly by that big cock sending ripples through her body for what seemed too long to her before she the warmth of his cum deep inside her.As Anna got up from her mauling Dave moved over to her forcing her over the edge of a table and began to fuck her ass again. He could feel her repeated tremors as he now delivered his load into her ass aswell. As Anna stood up she was infront of a mirror and looking at herself she thought that it would be wonderful if she could walk home like she was now, so everyone knew what she had been upto and might want to come back with her to the hotel. On the way home even though she was dressed the same as before, the looks she got made her wet again. As soon as they were back in the hotel Anna couldn’t wait to get out of her clothes again and spread in a winged chair fingered her as and pussy infront of Dave, her pussy was red and swollen as Dave watch Anna pleasuring herself he undressed, playing with his cock right infront of her. Anna told Dave that she wanted him to cum for her again. Dave grabbed at one of Anna’s breasts as he vigorously pulled at his throbbing cock. This sent Ann over the edge as she begged Dave to fuck her pussy, with Dave giving up his cum almost immediately.

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