Chastity Cube


Chastity CubeF.X. Copeland came to the Deliosse’s front door, lugging the massive box, and pressed the doorbell. A moment later, Santiva Deliosse answered. “Oh, good, Cope, you’re here. That’s the Zero-Wave?”Cope nodded. “Yep, Miz Deliosse. Works like a microwave, but in reverse. It’s an innerustin’ invention of mine.” Cope lugged the box into the house. It was a big black steel thing, with a hole in the middle.”I am so thrilled!” Santiva said admiringly. “Fremont, you’ve got to get in here, honey. The Zero-Wave is here!” Fremont Deliosse came into the room, a bit hesitantly. He looked at the black box, and felt a little nervous.”Santiva, do you really think this is safe? What do we know about it?” Fremont shook his head. “It’s scary looking, and it could, you know—cut my balls off or something!”Cope shook his head. “Nossir, Mr. Deliosse. There is some fear you might get a little cold, from the effects of the Chastity Cube, but no one has got frostbite down there yet…and I’ve been improvin’ it.”Santiva smiled. “Well, I’ve heard so much about it from my friends at the PainCafe. You’re always complaining that your chastity belt irritates your skin, Fremont…this way I can leave the house for the weekend, and know you’re safe…until it melts! Now we talked about this honey, so take off your clothes.”When Santiva had heard about the Chastity Cube she’d been amazed. Santiva’s friend Trellis had initially been the one who assisted Santiva in getting Fremont to go into chastity in the first place, because it had worked so well for her husband and her sons, all of whom had poor self control.”Glover’s brother Glen also is in chastity, but he was a little shy of having his balls frozen, so instead, since he’s between relationships, I froze the keys to Glen’s chastity belt…so he has to wait til it melts to get the keys out to unlock himself!”But poor Glover’s testes were completely locked in ice several times a week…and he submitted to it!Santiva had been mildly surprised that Trellis could get Glover, who was a powerful financial type, to submit to chastity belt training, but it had been even more remarkable that she’d been able to talk her sons, once they turned 20, into becoming submissives.The boys knew they needed discipline to focus, although they’d never been spanked growing up and were rather spoiled. So their mother was happy lock up Glover Junior, called Buddy, and her other son Sean in belts as well…since they were both in college in other states!But then Trellis had gotten Copeland, the master craftsman of the PainCafe’s Dunngeonopolis Gift Shop, to use his Chastity Cube invention to lock an ice cube on Glover’s cock and balls.And then when her adult sons came home, they were arguing too much, so she’d locked Buddy and Sean’s penises and testicles TOGETHER in an adjoining cube…this had been an added advantage of the Chastity Cube invention. Cope was a genius.Probably part of the reason Buddy and Sean had been so resentful was that all their friends had gone to Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break.But they couldn’t wear swimming trunks, even Bermuda Shorts over their chastity belts without everyone seeing everything…and they didn’t want to be known as the Chastity Boys! So when they came home from their separate colleges, they couldn’t get mad at Mom, who swung a mean whip, so they fought with each other…So she co-joined them in ice!”This way the boys could spend time together during their Spring Break, getting to know each other instead of running around after girls and smoking marijuana and that sort of nonsense ” Trellis had told Santiva cheerfully.”And believe me; by the time their cube fully melted, at the end of Spring Break, the boys were quite docile.”Santiva had actually gone over to Trellis’s house and watched poor disconsolate Glover pulling his huge block of ice between his legs around the living room. Trellis had insisted that he keep a towel between the huge ice cube and her beautifully refinished hardwood floors…he looked so ridiculous naked, with his junk locked in ice!Then they’d gone out to the garage, and Trellis had shown Santiva the boys, who had a huge block of ice locked between them, so big that they had to lie on the floor of the garage.Buddy was trying to read “Crime and Punishment” for a paper due when he got back to school and Sean was busy with his Game-Boy.”Of course Cope had to use his Jumbo Zicro-wave box to create this block of ice, but it’s really kept the boys subdued and well behaved.”Sean samsun escort was blushing hotly, having his mom’s attractive friend watching him lie naked on the garage floor with his penis and balls all frozen was just too much. But Buddy was more self-assured and tried to hold a conversation with Santiva.”Yes, ma’am, it’s not too pleasant, but I have to admit, Mom was right about one thing—I am not thinking about sex at all. I can’t speak for Sean, but it’s almost like I don’t have any genitals…having them frozen like this. I was obsessed with this girl all semester, it didn’t help that I was in chastity…and now I am not thinking of her at all…she was hot, but I am cold!”Santiva had to laugh at this. She began seeing that Fremont really might benefit from the Chastity Cube at that point, although she’d been afraid it might not be good for his health.But Trellis laughed. “Men are durable creatures, and the most durable thing about them is their genitalia” she said with a laugh. “This invention of Copeland’s could really change society…get men productive again. The chastity devices have their place, but the cubes are amazing. The only down side of course, is you can’t go to work as the cube is too big and too wet to shove into your pants!”Now, being told to disrobe, poor Fremont looked very depressed. He looked at Cope, and at the black steel box, huge thing that it was. It looked like a safe, really…but it couldn’t be that heavy or Cope wouldn’t have been able to lug it in.But Santiva was tapping her foot, and looking impatient. She was going away with her boyfriend for the weekend, and Fremont had to be looked after. Certainly she wasn’t going to put up with any of his bullshit.Fremont had tried to put his foot down about this, but Santiva had thrashed his bare buttocks with her blacksnake whip until he’d nearly bledYes, and then ****d him with her vibrating strap-on phallus (another Copeland invention) until Fremont DID bleed.And he knew she had no respect for his privacy, and would begin whipping him right now, right in front of Copeland, and he didn’t want that. So he took off his clothes, and soon was standing naked, except for the hated chastity belt.Santiva took the key from where it sat on a necklace hanging between her boobs….it really enhanced a beautiful cleavage, Fremont thought, and she knelt down and unlocked him. His 69 day denied dick poked out, stiff and hard, and Santiva laughed, and Cope smiled.”There it is, Cope. His big doingie…he’s been lonely for over two months now.” Santiva rolled the L’s in “lonely” and it was very sexy, but of course Fremont felt like he wanted to die of embarrassment.”Now all you got to do there’ Mist’ D, is squat your legs over this here box, and stick your equipment right in there.” Cope said, and Santiva looked warningly at Fremont, who hustled over to the Box and sat on it, as Copeland had directed.Then Cope closed the hole right above Fremont’s scrotum, and locked it. After this, Cope pressed some buttons and flicked a dial and there was a whirring, and yes, Fremont felt the intense cold. But it wasn’t so intense that he would faint, thank God.In thirty seconds the whirring stopped, and Cope pressed a button on the side again, and the hole opened and Fremont noticed that Cope was tapping his arm.”Now you’ going to pull yourself out of the Box, Mist’ D, and it’s going to be heavy, but you’ll get used to it. Just lift up there.”Fremont pulled and shoved and finally got out of the box…and there it was. His cock and balls were covered in a huge block of ice, weighing easily ten pounds.”Now how will I pee again?” Fremont asked acidly.”That is a legitimate question. I can’t exactly go to the bathroom.” An economist with the Buttermilk City Institute, Fremont didn’t have a lot of respect for these blue-collar types. It was hard to be civil to Cope…especially now that his genitals were locked in a cube of ice!”Well, that’s your good news.” Cope said. “There’s a little bit of a hole in there, and you keep peein’ and th’ heat from the pee helps to melt the ice cube. ‘Course if it takes too long you might get you a little rash, as your dick is stuck in the ice with th’ urine, but still, it helps…”But just in case” Santiva said helpfully, “It might be best if you stayed in the areas of the house that don’t have carpet, honey. Actually, I’m going to put you in the basement for the weekend.””The basement? Of my own house?” Fremont was incredulous. “Is that why you had me put escort samsun six sub sandwiches and a case of soda in the little dorm refrigerator?”The basement. All weekend. This was outrageous. On the other hand, if he could melt the ice, Fremont could jerk off! And that would be fantastic.But Santiva laughed as she read his mind. “There’s almost no chance you’ll melt that thing…and if you try to break it, you’ll end up castrating yourself!”After Copeland left, and Santiva had also disembarked on her vacation with her young lover, poor Fremont was depressed.He was locked in the basement, and so he wouldn’t be idle, Santiva had assigned him to copy A-C from Merriam-Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language.She made Fremont do it one letter in pencil, one in ink, which slowed him down considerably, although he’d mastered how to hold the pen and pencil in one hand…but it was tough! No television or radio, and he had to sit on the goddamned cube until it melted.And he’d peed already, and he could feel the urine congealing around his poor penis. Goddamn that Copeland. Stupid redneck. Fremont wished he could have the guy killed, as did many of the men in his ChasteBois support group that met in the Turquoise Ballroom of the PainCafe’s hotel.Fremont saw the value of chastity, although he’d not been in favor of it in the beginning. He loved Santiva to distraction, and wanted to prove his devotion to her as often as he could.She was a shapely woman with a short raven bob, and they’d been married for five happy years.Santiva had divined Fremont’s interest in BDSM early, and he’d taken her to the PainCafe, but he should’ve been smarter and not introduced her to anyone. That would have made more sense.He loved it when she tied him up and ran her long pink nails up and down his suffering cock, and she was so damn sexy. And then sometimes Santiva would rub her body all over him, while he was bound and locked down and could do nothing about it…she’d do a virtual lap dance on him while he lay there.But after Santiva had gotten pregnant the first time, she’d not had the energy to constantly tease Fremont, and she didn’t want him jacking off to pornography…and locking him in one of Copeland’s infernal chastity devices kept him quite sedate…Their adult daughter, Kaitlyn, was wonderful, and she was spending her third summer in Europe with Santiva’s parents…And so Fremont had hoped that there now would be more time for he and Santiva to get to know each other as a couple…but Santiva had begun dating some handyman, and she preferred to keep Fremont in chastity.It was quite lonely, watching her put on makeup and painting her nails, and getting all dressed up for a night of dining and dancing with this young asshole, Dirk, was his name. They spent hours together, and went picnicking, and poor Fremont was left at home to do the housework.He often complained to Santiva that this was not why he’d gotten married, but she would just laugh, or if she was in a bad mood or on the rag, she’d strip him and tie him to an eye bolt in the garage and let him hang there…Sometimes she’d whip him with her kangaroo hide tawse and make him dance for a bit, and then leave with Dirk, and he’d just hang from the garage ceiling, crying, in his chastity belt.The worst times were when she’d bring Dirk in to laugh at him…to laugh at poor Fremont’s predicament. What could he do? He loved her so much.And then on the rare occasions she did have time for him, she was just wonderful. She’d unlock the belt, and let him make love to her, or if she didn’t feel like letting him, she’d tease his cock while he was bound up, and then finally let him jerk off with his left hand, which she found incredibly amusing.But lately the chastity lengths had been longer and longer. Dirk was more interesting and more virile than poor Fremont, and Santiva just didn’t have much interest in spending time with him, and hence, he was stuck here in this ridiculous garage.Fremont tried to sit on the cube, but the frosty ice bit into his asscheeks. It was interesting because his cock and balls were utterly numb, but his legs and ass were still suffering from the utter indignity of being pushed against the cube.It was July, and if Fremont had gone outside, he probably could’ve melted the damn thing off, but being stark naked didn’t help. They lived in a very conservative neighborhood, and all he needed was some report to the Buttermilk Falls District Commission from the Garden samsun escort bayan Club that some nudist weirdo was sitting in a backyard with an ice cube between his legs!Fremont picked up the cube and lugged it to the desk to begin working on his dictionary transcription. This was a lot of work.But oh, he couldn’t focus. What was she doing with Dirk? Such an evil wife he had!What broke Fremont’s heart about Santiva was that he knew she had an insatiable sexual heat about her, and during the early years she’d fucked him twenty times a day with abandon. This couldn’t have changed.She used to bite his neck, rake his back with her nails, and scream out loud…sometimes she’d beg him to give it to her doggy-style, or even sodomize her! But after she’d realized what an utter submissive he was, she’d locked him up…And then the pleasure of fucking her had become a PRIVILEGE that was rarely bestowed. She’d give him extensive chore lists, and gift suggestions…Fremont would go out of his mind trying to find ways to make her happy.She also had him spend hours between her legs, licking every inch of her body until she screamed with passion, and there his poor cock and balls were, trapped in the chastity device!And she also liked giving poor Fremont “tolerance” lessons—she’d tie him up on the bed and try out various canes, whips, floggers and paddles…and see if he was “man” enough not to cry out.Now Fremont jumped up, because his butt was burning again from the ice. That was weird, how his skin felt burns from ice, not fire. He peed again, and realized his dick was starting to marinate in the urine trapped in the ice cube.Now last weekend had been bad—Dirk and Santiva had gone to Niagra Falls and they’d hung Fremont by his nipples to the garage door…Glover’s wife had come by and fed him from a baby food jar twice a day, and laughed in his face!He wished he could strangle that damned Trellis. She was such a troublemaker! Still, it was true that he was far more devoted to Santiva now that he was in chastity than he had been before chastity.He wondered if Santiva had taken her little periwinkle negligee with her…the one he’d bought her for their third anniversary. He bet that Dirk would like that one! The little bastard.Of course things could be worse, Fremont considered. Glover, for instance had to find his wife lovers, and often had to bring home young men who he supervised in the office. And then Trellis would turn the young men against Glover, so in addition to being cuckolded, the young guys, often common actuaries or administrative assistants would be taught to tie Glover up and whip him!And as Glover had told Fremont bitterly, this made the young men less efficient in the office.”Theoretically” Glover recounted “The guys should forget what happened at home and respect me for being the expert bond salesman I am, but somehow it’s hard to bring a man coffee when you have just been whipping his bare ass with a saucepan and sodomizing his wife.”Trellis had now been locking Glover in the Zicro-Wave and putting Chastity Cubes on his cock and balls for several months, and somehow he never got serious frostbite.Fremont knew that there was some horrible repercussion to having your balls and cock locked into a goddamned iceberg.Fremont couldn’t sit on the cube any more, but it was impossible to hold the damn thing up by standing up…it was much too much pressure on the skin that supported his frozen cock and balls!Fremont decided to lie down, and he found a sofa pillow for his head and then pulled the cube over and lay on the floor. He knew that Santiva was going to make him miserable over not having completed the sentences, but having the damn ice cube on was much too distracting.Fremont knew also that Santiva was hoping that he would stop complaining about getting rashes from the chastity device—Santiva’s logic probably was—if this ice cube thing is horrible enough, Fremont won’t complain anymore.The phone rang, but Fremont was too far away, he tried getting up, but of course it took about thirty seconds to get the huge block of ice back right sides up. By the time he dragged it over to the phone, whoever it had been had hung up.Then Fremont saw rolled up electric blanket. He looked at the blanket, and at the very, very slowly melting block of ice between his legs, and wondered. He might get to jerk off after all.About five hours later, Santiva and Dirk finally got their emergency flight back to Buttermilk Falls, where they rushed to the hospital.The doctor met them. “Your husband is all right, ma’am, he’ll be bandaged on his privates for a few days, but the fire marshal wants a few words with you. What kind of a man plugs an electric blanket in and puts it on a block of ice?”

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