Celeste Pt. 02

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AN: This is a continuation and assumes you have already read part one. All of the character descriptions and explanations are in that part. It would help if you were to read it first, however, if you do not wish to be advised that this story contains incest and a cuntboy (a man with a penis and vagina).

Celeste walked on wobbly legs towards the large bathroom closest to the human’s room. He was soaked, his face, hair and skin all coated in cum. Mostly the stuff that had gushed from his pussy but also his brothers and his brother’s human lover.

He stepped around the corner with a grin. Never would he have imagined his brothers would be so kinky. So open to doing something so taboo as, not only incest, but a foursome as well. He chuckled, the succubus in him giddy with joy. He hadn’t lied, he just had to do that again. He didn’t care if it was all of them at once as this time had been or one at a time. He licked his lips, tasting all four of them as he opened the thick wooden door to the bathroom.

This bathroom wasn’t the largest in the mansion but it was still lavish with bright white marble all around and a grand walk in shower enclosed with glass beside a claw foot golden tub. Celeste went right to the shower, negligee and all, and spoke his name once he had closed the glass door. Water that had been pre-programed to his desired temperature poured out from overhead. He let out a sigh as he let the steamy water cascade over his skin and clothing. Lifting his head he closed his eyes and let the shower wash all the cum away.

Celeste heard the wooden door open, but he ignored it. He ran his hands through his hair and opened his mouth to take a sip of the warm water. There was movement, then the loud click of the door being locked. He lowered his head wondering who had chosen to join him here. The glass door to the shower was opened and Celeste felt his body began to buzz in anticipation. Being a god he wasn’t worried about his safety and while he hasn’t slept with many gods it was well known that, being the god of lust, he rarely pushed anyone away. He’d been approached and fucked randomly on a few occasions and he loved it every time and he was still keyed up from this last session that he’d allow himself to be taken no matter who it was.

He continued to run his fingers though his long hair, he would wait to see what the intruder would do. He smiled slightly as a hard naked male body pressed up against him briefly before stepping away just long enough to remove his lingerie before coming back and wrapping his arms around him.

The mystery man’s cock was already hard, pressed upward between the globes of his ass. Celeste let out a sigh as one of the man’s hands slid down until it reached his cock. He briefly thought about changing his body back to his natural state, but he also was curious if anyone else would find it as fascinating as his brothers and the human did. The fingers danced along the length of his awakening erection before slipping around it to cup him between his legs.

“Oh good,” the man breathed into his ear, “you haven’t gotten rid of it yet.”

Celeste opened his eyes slowly, “Lawrence…”

“I can’t get enough of you now. Of this,” Lawrence ran the tip of his middle finger over Celeste’s still hard clit, “it’s so large. I love it,” he kissed Celeste’s ear, “I want more of it.”

Celeste sighed, “I won’t tell you no brother,” he closed his eyes and lay his head back against Lawrence’s shoulder.

They stood like that for some time, Lawrence gently caressing Celeste’s clit while he listened to his brother’s soft moans. Lawrence would adjust his ministrations, sometimes stroking up the length, other times flicking the tip or squeezing it gently. He dropped his other hand and used those fingers to draw back the hood and when Celeste shuddered he began to whisper sweet nothings to him as his other hand toyed with the bud unceasingly. All of his movements were slow, sensual and deliberate. Celeste found himself widening his stance just a bit to give his brother hakkari escort bayan more room to explore.

Lawrence pinched the thick clit softly then whispered, “Are you leaking yet?”

“Yes,” was Celeste’s breathy answer.

“Then touch yourself. Reach down, pull yourself open and put two fingers inside.”

Celeste let out a needy sound as he did as he was told. Pulling his lips apart caused liquid to pour out of the opening. It hit the shower floor with a sound that was akin to pissing and it made the god blush in embarrassment. He whimpered and turned his head away in shame. He felt his brother’s fingers tighten on his clit and began to stroke it.

Lawrence groaned and turned his head to kiss the side of Celeste’s neck, “No no,” he whispered encouragingly, “I love how wet you get. How unabashedly sloppy your hole is,” he nuzzled his nose against his brother’s dark hair, “I’m going to fuck it one day.”

Celeste let out a long moan, reassured and aroused by Lawrence, and pushed his two fingers inside of himself. He gasped and begged, “Do it now,” he turned his head just enough to open his eyes partly to look at his brother.

Lawrence looked back, his jade eyes darkened in lust, “No, Bartholomew wants to have you first and I am a patient god,” he continued to touch his brother, “look at that, I can stroke you off like it’s a little cock,” he licked the side of Celeste’s lips.

Celeste picked up a faster pace, not wanting to upset the serene atmosphere, but needing to feel just a little bit more.

“Let me taste it,” Lawrence sounded like he was pleading and it made Celeste shiver in delight.

Celeste removed his fingers and another stream of juice came out splashing lewdly onto the marble tile. His blush deepened, but he turned and leaned against the wall, facing his brother, his legs wide.

Lawrence took his time taking in the sight of the god of lust. His pale hairless skin, flushed now though from the warm shower and his arousal. The flat chest with nicely sized pink nipples, though the left one was covered by Celeste’s long raven black hair. The flat stomach and long, lean legs. Lawrence’s eyes settled over his brother’s hard erection, smaller than his in girth and length. His flared head was a darker pink than the rest and Lawrence found it delicate and lovely. Lower, just beneath the base started Celeste’s bold, large clit until it lead to thick outer lips then blush pink petal like inner lips then to the tantalizing opening. It was dripping now, drizzling out love juice down Celeste’s thighs the longer Lawrence looked at it. He would have to thank his lover Connor for suggesting that Celeste try morphing his body into producing a vagina underneath his cock. He didn’t know where Connor had come up with such a deliciously perverted idea, but he would forever be grateful for it.

Celeste’s entire body was flushed now, he was equal parts turned on and embarrassed being inspected like this. Lawrence apparently had stepped into the shower with his robe still on so he couldn’t even ogle him back. Though the water had effectively gotten the fabric to cling to his body, showing off some of his defined musculature.

“Lawrence?” He spoke softly.

“Yes brother?” His jade eyes flicked up to look upon his face.

“You’re staring.”

“Yes brother,” Lawrence smirked then dragged his eyes back downward to admire his brother’s body. He continued to look at the large clit, his mouth watering with the prospect of finally wrapping his lips around it. He didn’t know how long he stood there, looking at his brother’s naked body, but it was long enough that had it not been for the shower water and the drain there would have surely been a puddle of liquid between Celeste’s feet.

Celeste, now self conscious, began to bring his legs together, but stopped when Lawrence told him no gently. He squirmed, “I feel strange…” he frowned.

“You’re beautiful,” Lawrence smiled up at him. At seeing Celeste’s concerned face he explained, “I hakkari escort enjoy looking at you. I find your body most pleasing to the eye. Especially,” he reached forward and stroked his fingers along Celeste’s inner lips, “this silky, wet center of yours. I told you already I love how much it gushes and pours,” at Celeste’s deepening blush Lawrence cooed, “don’t despair, you’re lovely, this inviting space is lovely,” he pushed a finger inside, “You will coat my cock some day as I sink deep inside you, and when I pull out I will relish in watching you sully my bed,” he crooked his finger and found his brother’s sweet spot, “shall we practice now?” He stroked it and smiled when Celeste moaned, “Shall I make you cum? Make you coat my hand and the floor with your juices? Or should I use my mouth? Pull you open and lick inside until you spray on my face and down my throat?”

Celeste’s body shook and he slid down the wall slightly as he let out a deep moan of pleasure. Lawrence removed his finger and lowered himself to his knees, “No, not yet,” he gripped his brother’s outer lips with his thumbs and pulled them further apart, “not until I indulge this curiosity,” then he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around his brother’s clit.

He moaned, it felt larger in his mouth. He could feel it throbbing, pulsing with each beat of Celeste’s heart. It was hot, hard and just as arousing to suck as he imagined it would be. He took his time sucking him slowly, licking the sides and teasing the hood. With each new trick Celeste would jerk and gasp and Lawrence could hear a fresh torrent of liquid hit the floor between them. Lawrence couldn’t get enough of his brother’s huge clit, he could even bob his head a bit like he was sucking a tiny cock. He reveled in the sounds he could pull from his brother, his soft whimpers and pleas and sighs made his cock hard and ready. If he wasn’t wary of Bartholomew’s wrath he would have sheathed his cock to the hilt in his brother’s lovely channel and fucked him slowly until he filled him with his cum and felt his brother’s gush out around him. As it was though he didn’t want to deal with Bartholomew’s anger if he ever found out he wasn’t the first to claim Celeste, so he contented himself in the flavor of the marble sized clit he was sucking on.

He pulled away slowly, leaving a trial of warm saliva from his lips to the clit. He licked his lips and looked up at Celeste, lifting his hand to gently push his penis aside, “This is so pretty,” he praised, then leaned forward and, still looking at his brother, licked the swollen bundle of nerves. He was languid in his actions, taking his time to swirl his tongue all around the bud. He took the very tip between his lips and suckled a bit, watching as Celeste’s jewel blue eyes fluttered. He opened his mouth wide and dragged his tongue down over the inner lips, then pressed the tip inside and licked the wall. When he pulled away Celeste’s sweet juices predicatively rolled out and Lawrence made a show of swallowing the generous helping. Removing his hand from Celeste’s cock he used both hands and walked his fingers closer to the opening. Celeste reached down, practically panting and pulled his rock-hard member aside wanting to watch his brother work his body. Lawrence, now at Celeste’s dripping pussy, used four fingers to spread Celeste even wider.

“Look at how far you stretch,” he puckered his lips and sucked out the cunt cream continuously flowing from the opening. He pulled away with a groan and smacked his lips, shiny with his brother’s nectar. Thicker than the shower water the liquid stayed on his tongue and chin even as he rapidly thrust the muscle in and out of his brother. He tasted sweet, it reminded Lawrence almost of the flavor of a juicy pear. Celeste gave a soft shout and Lawrence felt the pussy clench around his tongue briefly before a squirt landed on his nose. Celeste squeaked and covered his mouth with his other hand, mortified, but Lawrence just lifted his head and wrapped his lips around his brother’s throbbing escort hakan clit again.

Celeste’s body felt weak, he was a bit lightheaded and he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, but he couldn’t stop watching his brother taste his body. Lawrence seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. The god of lust’s cock was leaking and twitching with each pull of his brother’s lips on his clit.

Celeste was trembling now, his body overheated and slowly building to what would surely be a mind-numbing orgasm. He closed his eyes and dropped his head back against the shower wall as the water fell gently over them. He couldn’t believe his brother was pleasuring him with such reverence. He felt like the most beautiful man alive with the way Lawrence lapped, playfully nibbled and sucked on his clit. He liked the way he felt in this new body he had made and in the arousal his brother stoked within him. He reached down and touched the sides of his brother’s head and panted out, “I’m going to come.”

Lawrence didn’t answer, but he did reach up and began to languidly stroke his brother’s erection. He rubbed the cockhead and played with the tip, smearing precum on their skin, all the while still enjoying the flavor and feel of the thick clit in his mouth.

“Lawrence,” Celeste said his name on a moan and his knees buckled a bit as his climax hit him. He felt his inner walls clench as they released stream after stream of his pussy juices. The jets were strong, making lewd splashing noises between them.

The clit in Lawrence’s mouth began to pulsate faster so he reached up with the hand not wrapped around Celeste’s cock and pulled back just enough to lift the hood covering the rest of the clit. Now with more exposed he went back to sucking it. The extra sensation had the desired effect and now his brother’s cock was shooting long spurts of cum up into the air. He felt them land in his hair and on his hand, but he didn’t stop stroking or sucking until his brother gasped out that he couldn’t take anymore. He pulled off the clit, but gave it one last lick to the tip that made Celeste whimper before he stood and smiled.

“That was,” Celeste’s was breathing hard as he ran his hands over his face. He tried again, “you’re amazing at that.”

“Thank you,” Lawrence chuckled then reached down, gripped himself and in four quick pumps was ejaculating into his robe.

Celeste looked distraught, “Oh I would have handled that for you!”

Lawrence shook his head, “I don’t want you to miss your window of opportunity. I have been selfish enough. Get cleaned, go out and get your life force. If you wish, when you come back you can touch me all you want.”

“Are you sure Connor won’t mind?”

Lawrence made a face with a chuckle, “Connor started this. So, the real question is: do you mind us having our way with you when we’re in the mood? Now that we all know just how…enjoyable you can be…we will all desperately want to play with you. And knowing Bartholomew it won’t always be with dignity. He’ll use you like a toy and have no remorse.”

Celeste chuckled, “I am the god of lust! All of this has been so much fun! I do not object to being an object,” he laughed at his own joke, “I like how different you all are. Though I do hope we can all get together again. That was so hot, being fondled and manipulated between all of you,” unknowingly he had started to pluck at a nipple, “if I knew it would be this easy to seduce my handsome brothers I would have done this eons ago!”

Lawrence rolled his eyes, “Very well, I will tell the others you are accepting of our hunger for you,” he watched Celeste blush at that and it pleased him, “now I must take my leave thus I lose all reason and play with that sexy clit of yours again,” he gave a smirk, reached down and tweaked the swollen, well sucked bud. Celeste gasped and the face of pure pleasure he made let Lawrence know he hadn’t lied and he needed to leave now. Another squeeze then he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

Celeste ran his hands over his body then closed his eyes and returned his body to the way it was. He felt his sac flop down and his flaccid cock lay softly against it. He shook out his hair then reached for the soap, trying, in vain, not to fantasize about the three men whom he had become a willing sex toy for.

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