Caught Part 1


Caught Part 1Mark walked through the door after a heavy shift in A&E, it had been a long and tiring day and all he wanted was to fall face first into bed and sleep the rest of the night away. He was so tired that as he walked up the stairs and into his room he didn’t hear the giggles and moans of two younger people emit from his room. Anger seethes through him at the scene in front of him; Mark gripped the door handle tightly as he saw his little sixteen year old daughter lying on his bed, with some snot nosed brat on top of her. Her school skirt was pushed up to her hips and her school blouse was loose round her chest, with the lads hand up feeling her.“Joeyy? Sweetheart…” Mark spoke in a deadly calm voice, though his anger, at seeing his daughter playing around on his bed, channeled through his eyes, “What are you doing?”“Oh!” Joeyy jumped as she heard her father’s voice and knew she was in deep trouble. She pushed the boy away and tried pulling his hand from out of her blouse. She put on her best baby voice and spoke to him. “Oh, hi daddy! Back so soon?”“Joeyy, who the fuck is this? Why is he here?”Her father asked, and then he turned to the boy and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him off Joeyy. “You know what…forget that! Get the fuck out now!”The boy sat on the floor, staring up at the huge man before proceeding to kneel. The boy tried to apologize and explain things, yet Mark paid no attention it was until a certain phrase that he paid any attention to the boy. It wasn’t my fault that whore…Mark had heard enough and once again pulled the boy up, his feet barely touching the floor as Mark push the little prick against the wall.“What did you fucking say?!” Mark watched as the guy struggled to answer before throwing him to the ground. “Get the fuck out NOW!”Mark stared at the wall, and Joeyy sat on the bed as the boy ran down the stairs and out the house. Joeyy carefully glanced over at her father as she heard the front door slam shut; and after seeing how angry he was she quickly looked back down at the bed.“It’s not what you think, daddy…you’re overreacting!”“Well pray tell Joeyy…” Mark growled, turning to his daughter. “…just what were you doing, half naked in my bed? And with that piece of shits hand up your top?”“I’m not half naked daddy!” Joeyy swung her log, bare legs over the edge of the bed and stood. “I’ve got all my clothes on! They’re just abit…loose! Just calm down! It’s no big deal!”“No big deal?” Mark strode over to Joeyy’ glaring down at his daughter as he towered over her, forcing her to sit back down without even touching her.“Joeyy, I did not ask you to explain your clothing, I asked what the FUCK you were doing?!”“What does it matter? I bet you did stuff when you were younger!”“I hardly see how that is relevant! Now,” Mark crouched down in front of her, placing his hands on her knees, “I want you to look me in the eye and tell me exactly what you and that scumbag were doing? What did you have planned for that loser?”“Nothing daddy, we were just….getting to know each other.” She answered in a cheeky voice.Upon hearing her cheeky tone, Mark gave her smooth cheek a short, sharp slap. It wasn’t hard, but in was firm enough to put her in her place. Mark had to fight back the smirk, as he watched the shocked look spread over the girls face.“Cheek me again Josephine, go on!” Mark paused for a few seconds, “Nothing? Well I’ll ask you again. What were you doing?”Sniffling a little, Joeyy played the water works as she kneeled on the as her father stood in front of her.“We weren’t doing anything daddy! You’re blowing this out of proportion! Just calm down!”“One last chance sweetheart, I’ll stay calm as long as you answer me.”“Kissing! We were kissing Dad! That is all, what’s the problem?!”Joeyy moved, unaware that as she did she gave Mark a rather pleasant view down her shirt; He hadn’t known she was into anything so lacy. “That’s all I swear! It’s not my fault he put his hand up my top!”“Alright, alright, Josephine, I understand you’re growing up and these things….will be happening …a lot. But sweet heart, not my bed please! This is my space. Who is he anyway?”“Just a guy dad, a friend. I’m sorry! Nothing will happen in your bed…it’s just that my bed is so small but I’m sorry!” Joeyy straightened up, and hugged her father around his shoulders.“That’s not a good kaçak casino enough excuse Joeyy.” Mark wrapped his arms around her small waist, hugging her body close to his. “Don’t do it again, I’m sorry for being so harsh!”“Right, well….I’ll leave you to YOUR space!” she said huffing and pulling out of the hug, realising she wasn’t getting out of it so easily.“Woah! Hold your horse’s missy!” Mark caught her by the wrist and pulled her down onto the bed next to him as he sat down. “Sit down.”“Why?” Joeyy asked, sitting down anyway. “I told you, I’m sorry! It won’t happen again…in YOUR room…”“That’s all I ask.” Mark chuckled, before pressing a kiss to her blonde head as she leaned against him. “I love you Joeyy. You know that right? You mean the world to me.”“Soppy Git!” She heard a low mumble from her father as she swung her legs over his, “Stop worrying so much! I’m a big girl now!”“I know! Can you forgive me for being so protective?”“Maybe…if you kick that guys arse for having his hand up my top!” She sat behind her father, leaning on his shoulders, her hair dr****g down his chest.“I said I was protective not stupid!” He chuckled and kissed her cheek, “It all looked pretty consensual to me!”“Oh yea, cause I could fight him off!”“Knee to the groin, sorted!” Mark turned to his daughter, their bodies close now. “Just play safe?”“Like I said, I wasn’t thinking!” She blushed. “But I didn’t expect you to understand…you’re well past the age!””Oi cheeky! You don’t know what you’re talking about. I have more experience that you’d know what to do with!””Doesn’t mean you could do anything now” She got off the bed and stand in front of him, smirking. “Doubt youd last very long old man!”Mark stood, towering over her.”I could do a great deal. More than you even know I’m quite sure.” He doesn’t know why he discussing his sexual bravado with his daughter but… it’s fun. He backed her up against the wall slowly. “Someone young as you hasn’t learned how to make someone like me finish quickly. You’ll meet someone someday who will show you the ropes but right now, you know nothing.” “I know more than you think old man!” She says stubbornly, “What’s the fun if you finish quickly? Besides when I meet some who will ‘show me the ropes’ let’s hope that he hasn’t been out of order for so long that only dust comes out his co-..” Joeyy cuts off as her father claims her mouth. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, why was he doing this? This was his little girl. He wasn’t sure whether it was head rush from his rage or because how tired he was…but he knew what was happening and he knew he wasn’t going to stop. He could feel himself harden as Joeyy moaned into the kiss. Mark blinked as he was pushed back, of course…now she fought back!“What the hell!?!”“I’m sorry Joeyy, I need a drink…”Mark turned to walk out of the room stopped by the quiet voice of Joeyy.“I didn’t say I didn’t like it…I was just shocked!”“What?”“I-I’d like to continue….”“Oh?” Mark feigned a confused look; he wanted to see just how far she wanted to go. “I don’t understand.”Joeyy carefully strode over to him; and as she reached him, stand on her tip toes. Her lips close to his and grazed them over his as she steadied herself by placing her hands on his shoulders before gently pressing her lips against his. He slowly closed his arms around her small waist and kissed her slowly at first, testing the waters, becoming more intense. She planted her feet on the ground, her height dropping slightly, secretly loving the feeling of feel so small compared to him. She ran her hands down his chest, playing with the buttons of his shirt. He tore himself away from her as he pushed her onto the bed. He could feel the blood pulsing as she sat on the edge of the bed, her large blue eyes looking up at him as her fingers played with his belt.“So…how much do you want to learn?”He chuckled as she cocked her head to the side, her eyes glazed. She wasn’t really listening…too caught up in the moment. He pulled her back up as she leaned up her lips still plump and swollen from their kiss. Taking advantage of her dazed state, Mark kissed her neck as he unbuttoned her shirt and pushed it off her shoulders. He took in her small breasts, clad in lacy red underwear. He took her skirt off too, and watched as it fell to the floor, she had a matching set. Where did she get casino oyna that from?“You have grown up haven’t you?”He ran his hands over the cups of her bra, smirking as she shivered at the touch. He kissed her temple as she began to unbutton his shirt and leaned up kissing his neck, nipping it gently with her teeth. He smiled against her as she pushed his shirt off him, massaging her breasts; she then began to tug his trousers down, slipping her hand into his boxers. She kissed along his shoulders and chest and used one hand to push his trousers down to his ankles. Mark copied her movements, slipping his hand to her panties. She jumped slightly as she felt him cup her through her damp panties, his fingers tracing and teasing her hole through the flimsy material. She pumped her hand up and down his hard cock, moaning he slipped his hand into her panties, started his treatment on her again, this time he rolled his thumb around her clit. She gasped loudly, her head rolling back and her hand loosened around his cock.“Let me show you something,” he whispered to her.Mark looked down at her as she gazed up at him; he knew he was in complete control of what could happen. The lust in her eyes was clear, and he hid a smirk as he heard a protesting moan as he pulled her hand away from him and pulled his hand out of her panties. He pushed her panties off, watching as they slipped to the floor down her long legs and then pulled his boxers of; before taking her by the hand and leading her around the bed. Mark took this chance to unhook her bra and watched as that fell to the floor also. She had small breasts, but he couldn’t pull his eyes away. Mark lay on the bed and helped her position herself in the 69 position. He waited a few seconds before realising he would have to take the lead. Joeyy sat for a moment over him, flinching as she felt his tongue flick against her clit. She slowly lowered herself onto her forearms; she slowly took hold of his erection, pumping her hand up and down. Mark groaned loudly, hesitating for a moment as he thought about what he was doing. Shrugging he slipped a finger into her wet hole. Joeyy slipped the tip of his cock into her mouth and sucked on it softly as he reached down pushing her head down on his stiff cock as he added another finger to her tight pussy. He started pushing his fingers in knuckle deep and sucked firmly on her clit. Joeyy jumped slightly as she felt another finger added, causing her to grind against him and she gagged slightly on his cock. Mark quickly pulled away.“I’m sorry Joeyy!”“Huh?”“Fatherly instincts, I thought I was hurting you.”“Stop being so over protective!” she giggled.Joeyy slowly began to push her head back down his cock, further and further as she felt the tip of his cock reach down her throat. She gagged slightly and sent vibrations down his hard cock as she moaned into him. Groaning deeply, he spoke to her again.“Fuck….Joeyy! Maybe you do know a few things!”He pushed his tongue harder against his clit, caressing her G-spot with his finger tip. Mark roughly plunges three fingers into her as he feel her tongue lightly flick against his balls; and he pulls her head back onto his cock, face fucking her. Joeyy begins panting, she was so close. She began to grind against him. Joeyy sat up slightly, pulling her head out of his grasp and moaned loudly as her orgasm took over and she sprayed her father in warm juices. She quickly pulled away, sitting on the bed and looking at her slightly dazed father. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”“Wow! Your mother couldn’t even do that!” He pulled up, leaning on his elbows. “Did you know you could squirt Joeyy? You’ve nothing to apologise for, sweetheart. I’ve always wanted to play with a squirter….just never thought I’d find one so close to home!”“It’s not the first time…it makes such a mess…that was when I was playing….” She trailed off, blushing.“Sheets can be cleaned!”“…Yea but…”“It’s fine sweetheart!” He said, brushing his hand cross her cheek.Joeyy leaned down, smiling and blushing, and kissed him. Mark’s hand slid into her hair, gripping it slightly as he heard her moan into him as she tasted herself on his lips. He pulled her into a deep kiss, running his other hand down her sensitive body; he enjoyed the way she reacted to his touches. She would moan and shiver, lean into him…it all made his already canlı casino siteleri hard cock almost too painful to bear. “Have you been with a guy before Joeyy?”“Yes.” She blushed, biting her lip.“Tell me about it.” He pushed her onto her back and moved over her. “What did you do? Where?”“I don’t remember much…it was at a party with a guy I dated. It was drunk…we both were and it happened. It wasn’t anything special!”“Well, that’s a shame isn’t it?” he said, kissing down her neck and nudging her legs apart with his.“It hurt…”“It was your first time…was that the only time?” He leaned some of his weight on her now, his cock just below her pussy.“Apart from these.” She giggled as she wiggled her fingers and then placed her arms under his and onto his back.“Where did he finish?” He asked, one hand on his cock, slipping it up and down her wet pussy, rubbing it against her clit. “What about the k** I just kicked out?”“Wh…What? It’s nothing serious…just some kissing!”“Where did he cum?” He pushed his tip to her entrance.“On me; he pulled out and done it on my stomach. Are you going to cum in me?”“I’ll decide that later.” He said in a husky voice as he pushed inside her.Joeyy gasped as she felt her father sheath his entire length inside her hot, tight pussy. As if on instinct, Joeyy rocked her hips to his and moaned as she did. Mark smirked and licked at her pink nipples which stood as he pumped into her. His eyes on her face, watching as her eyes rolled back and her lips parted and wispy breathes came out. He began to grind back and forth, slowly and deeply. Joeyy’s head rolled as she felt his tongue flick against her nipple and his hand took hold of her other breast, squeezing it gently. She could feel him smirk into her skin, her long finger griped his hair and pulled him up and she caught him in a fierce kiss which took him slightly by surprise. She had been fairly submissive so far, so when she began to fight for dominance…well he just had to put her in her place. He pulled out almost entirely out of her before slamming back into her fast and hard, this time he didn’t wait for her to adjust and kept his fast pace up, she was almost whimpering into him. He felt as she wound her legs round his waist and pulled out of the kiss, gasping for air; he bit down on her shoulder.“Daddy…Dad….please….”“Does daddy’s little girl like having his big fat cock inside her?” He moaned roughly in her ear.He pumped into her faster and harder still. Going and a wild pace and reaching down to rub her clit, biting her neck as she was lost again in a daze. She moaned loudly, and he again claimed her breasts with his mouth. Swirling his tongue around her nipple and flicking it lightly. He nipped it with teeth and used his spare hand to squeeze the other. Joeyy screamed, and looked as Mark moved into another position so he was looking down at her. He was kneeling, and Joeyy wasn’t sure if he was moving her up and down on his cock or if he was moving. He loved watched her, and the bliss look on her face tightened his balls. He kept one hand on her pussy, rubbing her clit fast and placed the other on her leg. He groaned as he watched her move a hand to her breast and began to massage it the way he had done. He pumped faster, grinding himself into her tight hole. He smiled as he felt her legs shake, she was Cumming again. “Relax Joeyy…let it happen.” He purred at her.“…But…I’ll make a….m-mess…again!”“Be a good girl,” He moved his hand close to her bum, rubbing it. “Cum for your daddy. Let it out.”“Not until you do!” She whimpered, he could feel her try to calm down and he responded to it by fucking her rougher.“I said I could last.” He said gruffly, spanking her hard.He pulled her onto to him, so she was sitting on him. He could feel her hot, wet breath on his neck. She was in pure ecstasy as she could feel his entire length and more impale her, she whimpered as he rubbed her clit harder, longing for her squirt again.“Don’t do…I’ll squirt…”“I know.” He said, spanking her again.He kept at her clit rubbing it fast and he kept spanking her hard, loving the feeling. Each time he spanked her, her pussy walls clamped around his dick. She began whimpering and could feel herself Cumming her hips acted on their own as she grinded against him. “Cum for me baby. Cum now. I want to feel my sweet little girl gush over my cock.”Joeyy screamed into his neck as she felt herself let go. He held her tight to him as she climaxed again. He smirked in to her hair as he felt her squirt all over his cock, her juices running down his thighs and onto the bed.==========

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