Caught In The Rain


Caught In The RainShe was a smart, hot, wonderful Italian twenty-something from the neighboring suburb. We met one morning while I was on my way to work and grabbing my usual latte from the neighborhood coffee shop. We exchanged numbers, chatted, texted and went out for a few friendly lunches. After a few kinda platonic/almost flirty dates, I now found myself in a movie theater on a Friday night not far from my condo, taking one for team testosterone and watching the latest chick flick starring Brad Pitt. Truthfully, all of the characters sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher when you’re sitting next to a goddess, as I was. Her slightly olive skin, glowing in the pale, flickering light of the big screen, and her sweet, natural scent were making my heart flutter and mind race. When the movie was over, we walked towards the subway train and into a torrential downpour. “I guess God wants another ocean” I joked. She chuckled a bit though the drops of rain falling down her face as we jogged to a nearby canopy. “Ummm…yeah. It’s pretty bad out here. Want to go back to my place until this crap dies down?” I offered. “Yeah, might as well.” She said. We jogged back to my place and onto the elevator. I gazed over at her wonderful, seductive eyes, peeking through strands of her wet hair. “I can throw those in the dryer while we’re waiting for the rain to settle…” Referring to her clothes. “You’re just trying to get me naked in your place, aren’t you?” She joked. “I have clothes you can put on, miss…” I offered sarcastically, trying to keep my eyes from admitting she was right. We reached my condo and I immediately went to my drawers and grabbed the first shirt and pair or shorts I could find. I gave her the clothes and she went to my bathroom, her shoes making that “too wet” squishy noise with every step. I couldn’t help but laugh. türkçe bahis “Oh, quiet!”, she said with a joking anger and she closed the bathroom door. “I’m just fuckin’ with ya…” I said. I could have sworn I heard her mumble, “not yet”, but I chalked it up to my imagination. She cracked the door and handed me her wet clothes. “Be right back” I said as I stepped out of the door and down to the laundry room.I heard the TV going as I fumbled with my keys and opened my door, to find the goddess on my couch in my clothes. What I didn’t expect was to see hints of her big, beautiful nipples through the light blue shirt I gave her. I guess she didn’t completely dry off. Lucky for me! The sweet, sassy look she gave me from my couch, as if to say “may I help you?” didn’t help my arousal levels either. “I’d better change” I manage to mumble as I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and retreat to my room, dry off and change into my White Sox shirt and pajama pants. I returned to the living room and sat next to her, uncontrollably staring at her lovely tits in my wet t-shirt, nipples now erect. “Cold in here, huh?” I quipped. “Maybe. What’s your excuse?” she responded, looking at my lap to the tent in my pajama pants. My initial reaction of embarrassment was quickly overtaken by pure audacity. “Maybe he wants a closer look at you”, I said, with slight arrogance. “A closer look at what? She said. ‘These?'” As she pulled her shirt up, revealing the most perfect set of brown nipples I’ve seen in my life sitting atop a set of D cups. I slid closer, “maybe”, I said as I slid my hands across her right breast, cradling her nipple between my fingers as she gave a deep sigh of approval. I took the tip of my tongue and gently grazed her other nipple. Feeling it get harder on my lips and tongue, coupled with her slight moans, almost güvenilir bahis siteleri sent me over edge. She cupped the back of my head and our lips finally met as she slid to her back, positioning me on top of her. My hard bulge was pressing against her glistening pussy lips through the (intentionally) thin shorts I gave her, causing her to rock back and forth as she passionately kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t take it! I had to taste her other set of lips. I just…HAD TO! My kisses slid down the side of her neck, back to her breasts, around both of her nipples, down her torso and finally to her inner right thigh. She took off the shorts and spread her legs ever so slightly, allowing my soft lips to kiss the area just outside of her labia, moving slowly up her pussy until I stuck my tongue out and rubbed it against her clit. “OH FUCK!” she deeply moaned. I wanted to tease her more, revel in her wonderful scent, but she was having none of that! She grabbed the back of my head and grinded her pussy against my tongue, fucking it and using my mouth as her personal sybian. My mouth was getting saturated in her juices! She got wet in a hurry and with authority! (I’ve always loved a women that gets really wet!) It didn’t take long before her thrusts on my mouth got slower and more firm, signaling her point of no return. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit! Suck my clit…” she demanded just before I gave her clit a gentle suck and a few tongue flicks. That was all it took! “I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’m cumm…OHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! she moaned as she came all over my mouth, holding my head in place as she rode out the rest of her orgasmic explosion, clutching the back of my couch for leverage. When she finished, I sat back to admire my handiwork as I usually like to do, but youwin she had other plans for me. She opened her eyes slightly, with a hint of impatience, mustered up what strength she had, got up and pushed me to the back of the couch where I was sitting upright. She slid my shorts off, grabbed my hard cock and slid herself down on it, letting out a deep moan as she did. She was so wet, it slid right in! I now had the perfect view of those big tits as she bounced on my raw cock. Her pussy felt so tight, my head started to spin with euphoric pleasure! I grabbed her ass and held on for the ride as she started to grind herself on my dick. “You like that pussy? Huh?” she asked, seeming almost possessed at this point, slowing down her grind and tightening herself up with every word, “DO…YOU…LIKE…THIS…FUCKIN’…PUSSY????” I couldn’t offer an audible answer. I just nodded my head “yes” between deep moans as I fell deeper under her sexual spell. She had me. She had me and she knew it. She grabbed the back of my head and gave me a passionate kiss as she tightened herself around my cock one last time. That was it! I let out as much of a scream as I could have with her lips wrapped around mine as I released wave after wave of hot cum into her. She seemed to revel in how much I was cumming. She pulsed her pussy around my swelling, cumming cock, as if to milk more cum out of me. We both calmed and caught our respective breaths. She was still on top of me and noticed I had a pleasantly exhausted look on my face. My ability to speak finally returned to me when I said, “I think I should check on your clothes”.”Fuck ’em…” she responded, getting up and grabbing my hand, leading me to my bedroom and turning my living room lights out. “Check on them tomorrow morning or something. Besides, I don’t really want to go home yet”, she said as she turned around and kissed me before climbing into bed, spooning with her bare ass against me cock. We both drifted off to sleep, but I had a sinking suspicion that this goddess would wake me up at some point for a second round, or I would wake her.

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