Caught by my sister and her date


Caught by my sister and her dateI blame myself for what happened. Although, considering what went down, I don’t know that blame is the right word. Maybe “thank” would be more appropriate.My 26 year old sister Megan had come back unexpectedly early from her night out. We share the house our late parents left us, with me living on the main floor and she living in the finished basement. I was in the basement when she got home. I was in her bedroom, actually. And because she came in the back door, which leads right to the stairway which in turn leads right into her room, there was no way for me to sneak out–especially since I was naked, spread out on her bed, masturbating into a pair of her dirty red, silk panties.Megan wasn’t alone. I heard a deep male voice under the chorus of her giggling. She sounded a little buzzed, he a little less, but neither seemed at all drunk, and they made their way down the stairs with minimal stumbling.I jumped off the bed and tried to find a place to hide. There was no time to come up with an escape plan. Getting out of the room would come later. Right now I just needed to get out of sight. Fuck. I had been so bold and too foolish. If I’d had my clothes on, I could have just pretended to be looking for a missing sock or something. The words “I think some of our laundry got mixed up” could have saved me and I wouldn’t have broken a sweat. But no. I had to have the genius idea of stripping down before coming into her room. Fucking Megan’s panties wasn’t enough. I had to do it on her bed, too.They entered the bedroom just as I found my hiding spot. Yeah, some hiding spot. It was dark in the room, especially with the lack of windows, this being a basement and all. There was a little night light in the adjoining bathroom, but it didn’t get far enough to reveal where I hid, frozen. I don’t even know why I keep using the word “hid”. I wasn’t hiding. I was sitting in the chair at her fucking desk. If Megan turned her lights on, I would be more obvious, and probably just as shocking, as if there was–excuse the cliché–an 800 pound gorilla in her room.They collapsed onto the bed without reaching for a light, which gave me a lot of hope. They were mauling each other so passionately that I could speed past them, out the door, and creep up the steps without likely being noticed. But right now they were only half on the bed. Their legs were in my path, and while I could’ve stepped over them, if they moved suddenly during my escape attempt, they could touch me and I’d be caught. I waited for them to get fully on the bed.That didn’t happen.The guy was on top, sucking at her neck, moving down her chest as he unbuttoned her shirt. I watched as the faint light spilled over the smooth tops of her fat breasts, sitting snuggly in their D-cups. Despite my fear and jealousy, my dick jumped when I saw the guy lick them. Megan moaned. I was excruciatingly hard.The guy moved further down, which brought him further into my escape path. Megan was on the edge of her bed, and he crouched there before her, between her legs, kissing her flat tummy just below her navel as his fingers fumbled at the button of her jeans. She raised her hips when he finally undid them, helping him pull the jeans down her long, silken legs. He tossed the jeans away, which landed at my feet, and then he pulled her socks off. My sister helped him by pushing down her panties until he took over and removed them the rest of the way. Her cunt was smooth and bare except for a small tuft of hair above her clit. I grabbed my dick, surprised that Megan’s panties were still wrapped around it. I stroked myself with her underwear as I watched the guy move his head toward my sister’s naked crotch. He grabbed her left calf with one hand and took her bare right foot with his other, guiding her right leg up and over as he pushed his hungry lips against her hungrier pussy. She moaned and gasped. So did he.It was difficult to see all the details in the dark, but I could hear the sounds of the guy’s tongue and the engorged folds of my sister’s pussy slapping and sliding wetly together. I could just make out the muscles in the guy’s biceps tighten when Megan pushed her foot against his hand as she tried stretching and extending her body in response to the ultimate pleasure. She reached outward across the bed with her arms, clutching handfuls of the comforter and squeezing tight as if she were hanging on for her life. She tossed her head from side to side, her hair whipping back and forth before spilling over her face and even into her wide open mouth. She ignored the feelings of her hair on her own tongue and just kept her face contorted that way, doing her best to breathe even as her breaths repeatedly caught in her throat. Things got really hot when Megan lifted her ass to push her mound harder against the guy’s face. They moaned together, but the guy did something else, too. He slid the hand that had been on her calf up her leg and underneath her ass. I could just barely make out in the light his middle finger then sticking up, no doubt finding her rosebud. I knew the exact moment of contact, because my sister growled in amazement and she pushed back down, taking his finger inside of her ass. She screamed and sat up halfway, putting a hand on the back of the guy’s head to make sure he didn’t stop eating her. But this also put her in a better position to not only receive his finger, but to actively fuck herself against it.When Megan began grinding and fucking his finger, the guy let her other leg go and placed it on the small of her back, probably to brace her and keep her a little better controlled so she didn’t get carried away and break his finger. She was very into this, and soon had steadied herself on the bed with both hands firmly on the mattress while wrapping her legs around the guy’s head and locking her ankles together behind him. With her legs she held his face tightly against her cunt, which was so wet that the guy wasn’t just licking but loudly slurping away.Below, while I couldn’t see his finger going in and out of her ass, I could see his arm moving up down, and judging from these movements I could tell this guy was fingering my sister’s ass very good, hard, and deep. Each time his arm went up, she gave a loud, abrupt cry, then she moaned with both satisfaction and need as he slowly pulled his finger out again. I could tell from her loud, rapid breathing that Megan wasn’t going to last much longer.”Oh God!” she said suddenly, throwing her hands back onto the guy’s head so now all four of her limps were clutching him to her. “Don’t stop. Suck my clit! Suck my clit!”The guy must have obliged immediately, because all of the sudden Megan just lost it, and I watched with wide eyes, a dropped jaw, and a throbbing erection as my sister was overtaken by orgasm. I could hear the guy’s fevered slurping and I could see him fucking her ass with his finger as fast as ever while she went wild. Her body was loose and tense all at once, but mostly it was shaking with the uncontrollable rapidity of a full blown seizure. She grasped the guy’s head with her hands so tight I was afraid she might either suffocate him with her cunt or possibly squeeze him until he passed out from the pressure on his brain, but this guy was a trooper and took everything she threw at him. She screamed and screamed, but nothing distracted him from his expert work between her legs.When Megan’s orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed back onto the bed, her body mostly limp, but not before grabbing the guy gently by his ears and guiding him up to her. As she laid back, she pulled him on top of her, pulling his still clothed crotch up against her naked, wet pussy and wrapping her legs around his waist. She also pulled him in for a kiss, not just planting her lips against his but licking his face first, hungry to taste herself. When they did kiss, she sucked at his tongue and devoured his mouth with the eagerness he no doubt exercised on her when he’d been eating her out.She was still mauling him that way when Megan reached down and began unfastening his pants and tugging them off. The guy was out of breath, so he turned his head for a moment to get some air as Megan sucked and licked at his cheek, still streaked with her juices. The problem with this was that when he turned his face, he was also turning right toward me. While I was in complete darkness, he was likely more adjusted to it by now, and I swear I could see the exact moment in his eyes when he registered that I was present, and I’m sure he saw me come to that realization.”What the fuck!” he said, but Megan was in a frenzy and not listening. She pulled at his face with her lips and snuck her tongue in his mouth as he spoke, slurring his last couple words. She had enough kuşadası escort control over him that he didn’t bolt upright and start freaking out–he was too deep under her spell, and yet I, of course, couldn’t be ignored.”Who is that? Is there someone else here?”Megan kissed him , swirling her tongue in his mouth as, below, she finally untangled his rock-hard cock from his boxers and pulled him free, grasping his fat shaft with both hands.Still, hot as she was, Megan couldn’t just ignore what this guy had said. She stopped kissing and licking him so she could look my way and see me.”Oh shit, what is this?” the guy shouted as I watched my sister’s eyes look me over. “There’s a fucking naked guy! He’s fucking naked! Who are you? What are you doing?” Seeing me naked, and probably noticing I was hard as fuck, had pushed this guy to his breaking point. Even the magic Megan could work wasn’t going to make him forget a nude stranger was jerking off just feet away. I was too scared to move or respond, but I knew I had to get out of there. The only thing keeping me from bolting for it right then was that I knew I needed to have some kind of explanation. Admitting who I was out of the question, but if I said nothing, the guy might think I was a burglar or pervert (yes, I see the irony in that) or something and try to kick my ass. I’m no wimp, but I was also 18 years old, while this guy was closer to 30, and while not muscle-bound, he was solid and twice my size. Besides him, I also had to deal with my sister, who still stared at me with an expression not unlike that of a deer caught in the headlights. I’m sure she didn’t know what to do any better than I did, and she had the added burden of having to deal with the realization of what I was doing. I had abused her trust, broken an unspoken promise, and in doing so I had shamed us both. It was impossible to tell what she was thinking, but I suspected it was not only disappointment but great sadness; I knew she loved me, but I had just proven to her that I couldn’t help myself despite her warnings to stay away, and so our relationship as brother and sister–even as friends–had likely just come to a sudden and total end.When our eyes locked, and I mean really locked, as if we were trying to have a deep conversation that way, I wanted to just break down even more than I wanted to run away. My lust had ruined everything, and I could only blame myself–“It’s my boyfriend,” Megan said, and it took me a moment to realize she was talking to the guy. I suddenly stopped feeling bad for myself and looked at her with a curious eye. I saw her hands still moving below her, fumbling at the guy’s crotch. I saw her guide him between her legs, her body undulating as it responded to his insertion. She was so wet that when she sank against him, she was able to do so until he was all the way in. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and pushed her face into his neck, gasping.”Oh fuck,” she whispered.The plan worked, and the guy was so overcome with being very suddenly and very fully inside my sister’s warm, wet, tight pussy that he couldn’t even speak, and for a moment probably forgot I was even there. He remembered a few seconds later, but his alarm and anger seemed to have been left behind, because now he just sounded confused and curious.”Your boyfriend?” he said, beginning to take over the motions of fucking her. He spoke through clenched teeth and kept his thrusts slow and controlled, trying to make sense of all this while also trying to stay focused enough to keep fucking, but not too focused that he blew his load prematurely. “What the hell are you talking about?””He’s always wanted to watch me fuck,” she said, the words probably the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard in my life. “Is that okay? Can he watch you fuck me?” She thrust against him as she put in the request, promising him great pleasure that he’d never be able to turn down.He responded first with a long, ragged groan. It took him a few seconds to find the concentration to form words. “Okay…oh fuck…yes,” he grunted. “Oh my God, you are so tight…””How’s this?” Megan said slyly. I guessed that she contracted her pussy walls around him, squeezing his cock harder, because there was no other movement from either of them that would have explained the way the guy began calling out and his body going fully rigid.”Oh God,” he shouted. “Oh, don’t do that again or I’m going to cum. Oh fuck…”He had stopped thrusting and began breathing hard, with long, drawn out breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth.”We better let you settle down,” Megan said, and she scooted up, letting him slip out of her. “Oh man,” the guy panted as he rolled onto his back on the bed. “You are one lucky son of a bitch.” When I realized he was talking to me, I looked to Megan to catch her expression. The boyfriend cover had been her idea, but that didn’t mean she liked it. It was very well the only thing she could say to keep me from either being killed or ridiculed for the rest of my life.But when I saw her, she wasn’t giving me a dirty look. Actually, it was a naughty look; on the bed on all fours, her big breasts still hugged against her in her bra, her hair a mess but her eyes focused on me with a sly grin on her lips. The arch of her back was deep, making her ass look all the more inviting, and her flat tummy moved in and out greatly from her deep, passionate breaths.”What should I do to let him settle down, baby?” she asked me.I wasn’t about to suggest fucking her myself. I wanted to badly, but I wouldn’t force her into that position after she’d just saved me. I think she knew what I was thinking by the look on my face, and so to either spare me from having to come up with something, or to keep me from suggesting something that would be impossible for her, she gave her own suggestion.”Should I suck his balls?” she asked me. “Do you want to watch me suck another man’s big nuts? Huh, sweet baby?””Yeah,” I said, surprised that it was the truth. I expected to be jealous, but I was actually immensely turned on to the idea of watching her with another guy. It had been hot so far. And the idea of getting to play her boyfriend, listening to her commands and requests as if we actually were a kinky couple, was definitely helping.”Oh, God, this is fucked up,” the guy moaned. Megan had only pulled his pants and boxers down far enough so that he could fuck her, and so now he was removing his shoes, socks, and everything else.”But you don’t want to stop, do you?” Megan asked seductively. She crawled toward him as he kicked off his boxers.”Hell, no,” he said. “This is fucking awesome.” He pulled his shirt up over his head, and Megan took the chance to wrap her lips around one of his nipples and suck it. As she did, she put a hand in his crotch, sliding it down his shaft before cupping his balls.I had to strain to see this in the dark, and my newfound excitement at seeing my sister pleasing a stranger was making me bolder. I wanted to enjoy this. Megan might not have wanted me to see better, but she didn’t have to teasingly ask my permission to suck this guy, either. She had advanced her lie with that, and so I advanced it by getting up and reaching for the light switch. “I’m going to turn on some lights,” I said. Thankfully, Megan’s response was a small moan of approval as she continued sucking on the guy’s nipple.Megan had a dimmer switch in her room, so I turned it up about halfway–making it light enough to see, but dark enough to still lend some mystery to these events.Though still dim overall, there was enough light now for me to see quite clearly what was going on. Megan massaged the guy’s balls with her hand as she moved to suck his other nipple. Her other hand moved up to tease and pinch the nipple she’d just been sucking. Like mine, the guy’s entire crotch was closely trimmed. His dick didn’t look quite as long as mine, but he was a lot thicker, with a very fat cock head that almost didn’t look real. Right now it was puffed and red, and I could even see the tip glistening with pre-cum.I looked at the guy’s face and saw him glance at my dick, too. It made me aware that my sister’s panties were still tangled around it from when I’d been jerking myself with them. I was so turned on that I started rubbing my sisters dirty red silk panties up and down my cock again.Both of our attentions then went to Megan as she guided the guy to lay back and spread his legs. He stretched out in the middle of the bed, spread-eagled, his pole pointing north and his fat nuts hanging below. Megan crawled between his legs, sticking her ass in the air as she lowered her head to his crotch. She didn’t bother to start slow, but instead began licking him hungrily, though her concentration stayed on his testicles escort kuşadası and never strayed up his dick. She licked and sucked him, first one ball, then the other, then both, and he moaned the whole time, occasionally shuddering when she hit a good nerve.I expected this to only last a while–whenever I’d had a girl do this to me, it was usually just a pre-cursor to getting blown. But Megan was doing this so she could continue to give the guy pleasure, but without getting him so worked up that he’d cum right away when they moved on. Therefore, she tongue the guy’s balls for nearly twenty minutes, giving him unbeatable pleasure, yet actually allowing him to relax. It wasn’t halfway through this session that I grew tired of standing, and instead of going back to the desk chair, where I wouldn’t have a view of my sister’s tongue lapping at this guy’s sack, I sat on the side of the bed and looked on.I had almost fallen into a trance watching her do this for so long when Megan’s voice snapped me back to the moment. “I think he’s good and calm, now,” she said. “Should I let him see my tits, baby?”I was nodding before I could speak.”You like my big boobs, don’t you?” she said to me. “Tell him how great my tits are.””She’s got great tits,” I said, falling right into the role.”Oh, I know, man. I can already tell,” the guy said, seemingly more comfortable as the guest in this scenario.”She has really fat nipples, too. You’ve got to suck on them.””Not yet,” Megan said, rubbing her still bra-clad tits up and down the guy’s erection. “I think he should fuck them first. Ask him if he wants to fuck them.”I looked at him and even gave a smile. “I don’t have to ask, do I?” I said.”Hell no,” he responded. He nodded to my sister’s chest, then looked at me. “Take off the bra, man.”Wow, I thought. He was getting really comfortable with this. And when I looked to Megan for her thoughts, she nodded and smiled to me. With that, I crawled onto the bed, kneeled beside her, and unfastened the clasp. Megan moved her arms to help me remove the bra, and just like that her healthy Ds were hanging over the guy’s hard-on, slowly descending. Her fat nipples were fully erect, but they disappeared under the heavy flesh of her breasts when she sunk low enough to press them against the guy’s hips. His dick was now smothered in her cleavage, but instead of fucking right away she pressed down harder, squeezing herself around him as tight as she could. When she lifted back up, a string of pre-cum connected his big, wet cock head to the deep crevice between her tits.She looked down at this, knowing that wasn’t going to be enough lube, and so my sister spat on him, spread her saliva with her hand, then enveloped him with her boobs once again. This time she started thrusting her chest, and he responded in kind with his hips, fucking her cleavage, the wet squishing sounds of their rubbing flesh filling the room.They seemed to have just begun to lose steam due to Megan’s saliva lubricant drying up when the guy began spewing greater amounts of pre-cum; enough to keep them both lubed and fucking. Megan would switch between fucking him hard by holding her great boobs together, and just letting her breasts slide back and forth over him loosely, teasing but no less erotic. Often the guy would take control by pushing her tits together himself, but his favorite move seemed to be grabbing the bottom of her hanging tits and holding them, feeling their weight and the hard nipples pressing in his palms.”Hey, man,” he said, looking to me for a brief instant before putting his eyes back on the wonderful sight of his cock tit-fucking my sister. “If you need to touch her while your jerking off with those panties, or, you know, do things…”It was music to my ears, because I was about to cum all over Megan’s panties and wanted to make this last. But I was certain Megan would consider that to be crossing the line, fine as it may now be. Still, I looked to her for approval, but she responded with a non-answer, drawing her boobs off of the guy’s dick and quickly taking him into her mouth. He bucked his hips at the unexpected pleasure, and Megan half-choked as his big head likely poked the back of her throat, but that only motivated her to suck him harder and faster. She actually tried taking him into her throat on a few subsequent thrusts, and though I don’t think she ever made it, I could tell the guy appreciated her attempts.As I watched, the guy’s invitation for me to touch Megan, or more, nagged at my thoughts. He wasn’t just okay with it–he’d suggested it, so apparently the two on one scenario excited him. And I was definitely up for playing with my sister no matter what was going on around me. All I was unsure about was whether Megan would accept it. I decided to test the waters. With Megan’s panties still in my hand I stood up. I decided instead of tossing them to the floor I would going to keep them with me but I wanted to have full use of my hands, so I slide my dick through the leg holes of my sisters panties for them to hang. I walked over to the bed and reached beneath her, moving slow so she could see me and have time to stop me if she wanted to, and gently took one of her soft, bobbing breasts in my hand. No sooner had my fingers grasped her there she swung her hand over to my panty covered cock, grabbing and twisting them around her hand. My cock was being straggled by my sister’s silky panties, and the adrenaline shooting through me at that moment almost triggered an instant orgasm! I stiffened, closed my eyes and tried to will the cum back.”Oh man,” the guy said, seeing my face. “He’s going to cum! Your guy is going to cum! If you want to take care of that,” he said to Megan, “I’m cool with it.”I didn’t even know the guy’s name, he had come here to fuck my sister, the very girl I’d been lusting after for months, and yet at that moment I wanted so much to shake his hand and tell him thanks. Now aware of my situation and apparently not appalled by it–driven hot by it, actually–my sister pulled the stranger’s dick out of her mouth, turned to me and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock head while jerking my shaft rapidly with her panties. She did this for ten seconds, maybe twenty. I wasn’t going to cum. My bewilderment over this guy’s acceptance of my presence had staved off my cumming, but I was still on edge. Realizing this, Megan sunk my cock deeper into her mouth and began bobbing on me; my sister was actually sucking my cock, and jerking me off with my favorite panties at the same time. I fucking exploded!!! She moaned loudly as a massive, boiling load of cum filled her mouth. Jerking me with her lips and her panty covered hand, I shouted and thrashed and bucked into her face as I emptied what felt like half my bodyweight of sperm onto my sister’s mouth, while some escaped only to soak her red silk panties. I could hear her gulping madly. And then there was something else. A sniffle. I looked at her face more closely and saw tears flooding in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. I thought, ‘oh no’, but as soon as I saw this, Megan jumped up, taking her lips from my cock directly to my mouth and kissed me deeply. My cum not only coated her lips, tongue, and the entire inside of her mouth, but there was still some loose sperm in there that she hadn’t made the time to swallow yet, and so I very clearly tasted myself on her, and yet I had never been so aroused by a kiss. With her lips and tongue, my sister gave herself to me fully, hugging me with her arms and clawing at me with her fingers, though I couldn’t help but be distracted by her tears.But it was explained when she broke the kiss for a quick breath. In a desperate, whispered voice, she sobbed. “I’ve wanted this so much, Gavin!” And then she cried openly, even as she moved back to kissing me hard and deep, making me taste the remnants of the seed I’d just fed her before stealing it back with her tongue. She embraced me as though she might never see me again; as if she never intended to let me go. I was so overwhelmed with what she had just revealed to me that I didn’t even notice her raise her hips; but I did notice, and with great, unparalleled pleasure, when she lowered her wet pussy onto my panty and cum covered hard cock. On top and demanding control, Megan rode me with expert precision, kissing me and stroking my face all the while. I hugged her back, rubbing her naked back to soothe her as her crying turned back into grunts of absolute pleasure. When she came, she didn’t go into an all out frenzy like she had when the guy had eaten her out. Instead, she just melted into me, fucking and gripping me hard, grinding against me, holding her breath until she almost passed out, and yelling out excitedly for a full kuşadası escort bayan minute once she found the air.We kept kissing and fucking long after her orgasm, our pace gradually slowing, though no less pleasurable. It was awesome and magical. I had honestly even forgotten about the guy laying naked beside us until Megan broke our kiss and turned to him.”I’m sorry,” she said. “But I just–“”No, no,” the guy waved her off. “I get it. That was actually really hot. You two are an awesome couple. I’ve never seen two people more into each other.”I still couldn’t believe this guy. His laid back acceptance and approval made him seem like the second coming of Owen Wilson. I could tell my sister was just as surprised, and I felt that we both thought he deserved to be rewarded with what he had come for. Now that I knew how my sister felt about me, it was somehow as easy as ever to let her go to another guy. I helped her slip off of me.”What should I do to him, sweet baby?” Megan asked in her sexiest voice. “Or what should I let him do to me?””I think you should finish his blow job,” I said, which was honestly something I wanted to see. “And I think you should let him fuck your face…and then let him cum on it.” A quick look to the guy told me that I had read his mind. Then, to her: “Does that sound okay?””Only if he fucks me good and cums a lot,” Megan replied just before giving his half-erect penis a long, wet lick.The guy was hard again instantly, and Megan had him all lubed up with her saliva and had a good stroke going not long after. She bobbed on him fast and deep, and soon he was bucking his hips against her face. I couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t taking him all the way, though, likely because she would need to take that big cock head of his into her throat to do so.Reading my mind, Megan pulled off him, pre-cum and spit leaving stringy trails from her lips to his cock. She was panting from her efforts as she spoke. “Help me deep throat him. Push my head.”The guy and I exchanged surprised glances, but even as we did I was moving into position beside her. I was about to grab her head when a better thought occurred to me, and I moved again, getting behind her. Though her blow job had made me cum, the subsequent fucking had started my engines all over again, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to concentrate my urges. Megan didn’t protest as I entered her sopping cunt from behind, steadying myself with one hand on her ass while I grabbed her long, blonde hair at the back of her head with my other hand.And then, slowly, I began to push her head down and pull it up again, guiding her to face fuck the guy’s cock. She controlled most of these movements, and I was just hanging on for the ride, except for when she went down, which was when she needed my help to push her deep, forcing the fat cock head into her throat. With each of these strokes, we tried going a little deeper, thereby staying down a little longer, and all the guy could do was moan and groan from our efforts. Meanwhile, I was having a blast fucking my sister from behind. Though our careful movements with the deep-throating restricted how wild I could go on her, my sister’s pussy was second to none.Soon we had a good rhythm going, and Megan was taking the guy down her throat with each stroke. It eventually became so easy for her that she didn’t need my help anymore, and so I concentrated on fucking her, both hands on her perfect ass and pulling her against my panty wrapped cock, driving myself in to the hilt with every thrust (feeling her panties smacking my balls and her belly with every movement). The sex seemed to spur her on, and she throated him faster and faster, moaning as she did, until finally she took him as far possible and held him there, not breathing, clenching his heavy cock with her throat muscles.”Cumming!” the guy called out. “Oh shit, I’m cumming!”We all moved into action immediately, because we all knew the plan. Megan’s desperate cries of “My face! Do it on my face!” only emphasized the importance for us to succeed. I pulled Megan back and on top of me, then slid out to get alongside her so that my dick was still in her, but I was holding her from the side. She lifted her thigh to allow me to fit there, and I hugged it, still fucking her, as the guy jumped on top. He straddled Megan’s face, reaching it just in time. His cum squirted a thick, unbroken line of white from her chin, across her lips, over her nose and even past her eye to the middle of her forehead. The next blast spilled into her open, hungry mouth, splashing off her tongue. Further spurts showered her chin and cheeks, coloring her with sperm so white it seemed to glow in the dim bedroom glow.Seeing her take the facial so excitedly, along with how she clenched my dick with her cunt, caused me to reach orgasm as the guy was finishing with his. He rubbed his fat, softening dick into the mess he’d just made on Megan’s face as I began grunting and pumping, humping her leg and then shooting a spine-tingling load of jizz deep into my sister’s body. Her pussy tightened as I filled her, as if she was eating it up like some greedy a****l. I kept thrusting into her well after I’d spent my load, but she kept herself busy by sucking the guy’s dick clean, and getting him hard again in mere seconds. Once fully erect again, he forcefully but not harmfully shoved his dick in my sister’s cum-covered face, stroking himself against her cheeks, forehead, nose and lips while she licked and kissed at him. He ground his balls into her nose and she licked them, her tongue reaching so far that she teased his perineum. That was the trigger for this guy, and suddenly he was moving down, shoving his cock into her pussy just seconds after I had finally pulled out. No sooner had he entered her did the guy shoot his second load, which triggered my sister’s third major orgasm. I shuffled out of the way as the two of them fucked through their climaxes, grunting and roaring, swearing and begging.Though I was well spent, I couldn’t help but jerk my softening dick as I watched my sister get fucked; her long, smooth legs wrapped around him, her big breasts rolling against her chest, the nipples hard and proud.When we had all caught our breath, the guy seemed to have lost his understanding touch, because he didn’t get that I expected him to leave now. It had been fun sharing my sister with him, but he’d gotten what he came for, and now I was looking forward to some alone time with Megan, if not to play, than to at least talk about the future. But the guy was making no effort to leave. He slumped into her bed, no doubt satisfied, thanking both of us for a night he said he’d never forget. I had just started thinking of things to say to get him moving when he spoke up for me.”I guess I should get going.”My heart was lifting, but then I saw Megan shaking her head. “No, tonight is your night. I’m not done with you yet,” she said, curling up next to him and slowly stroking his soft penis. His cum still glistened on her face when she looked up at me.”That was the plan, right baby?” she asked. “You were going to watch me fuck him, then leave us alone for the rest of the night, right?”I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Was she changing her mind about us again?”Go home and finish playing with my dirty panties,” she told me politely. “I need to suck some more cum out of this guy,” she grinned, already moving her head back down toward his slowly hardening dick. “And I need that tongue back in me. How about a sixty-nine?” She was no longer asking me. She was asking him.I couldn’t believe it. She had just confessed how much she wanted me, and now she was throwing me away. As if that wasn’t enough, she told me to go home. I was home! And to keep with her story, I’d have to leave the house and pretend to go somewhere. I was naked, it was the middle of the fucking night, and I all I had was a pair of panties hanging from my cock! What was I supposed to do?Not finding the words to voice my dismay, I moved to leave the bedroom, deciding to just open the back door and close it, making it sound like I had left when I was really just going to sneak into my own room. I was already dreading having to hear the sounds that would no doubt make their way from down here to where I would be sleeping.”Name’s Owen,” the guy said as I neared the door, and while I did catch the irony, I didn’t feel like laughing. I didn’t give him my name, either.”I don’t mind if he stays,” Owen told my sister, who avoided looking at me by burying her face his testicles. “He is your boyfriend, after all.”Right, I thought. And we just broke up.But then, a light brightened at the end of the tunnel.”Yeah,” she said between slurps on his testicles. “But he can fuck me anytime.”That statement didn’t just give me hope–it gave me a hard-on, as well as the ability to jerk off from the potent sounds of sex I heard all night while I lay in my bed upstairs with Megan’s panties, fantasizing about all the things I could do to her “anytime”.

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