caught by daughter inlaw


caught by daughter inlaw4/22/2016 This was just a one time thing, it was a mistake it ever happened,I m not like that! I keep telling my self that but I m goingto see her tonight ! She now owns my ass and enjoys using me as her toy/petslave. Call it what ever you want I will do as she says or mylife will end when she shows the pic / vids of me .. It all started when I went over for a Forth of July party.It was a warm day and the beer was cold. Every one had fun and when it wasdark we went to watch the fire works. Things were good and I was feelinglittle pain! Had drank enough that I was feeling a little playful andhad made a few comments about the sexy ladies at the fire works show ! Whenwe got home I had to piss and ended up in master bath room . No bigdeal been there before , but not feeling like this . As I pissed I lookedaround and saw a bright red peace of cloth on the floor. It was by the hamperso when I finished pissing I reached down and to my surprise it wasa thong/ small very small ! I looked at it and could see a damp spot . I knewthis was wrong but just horny enough I wasn’t worried, who wouldknow ?? I held yozgat escort them to my face and I could smell her , then put them in my mouthand sucked on them ! She tasted so good I got hard fast just thinkingabout her!! She was a gymnast in high school and collage , Now ran marathonsand worked as a physical trainer. So ya she had a hot hard bodyand the looks to be a model ! had my eyes closed and rapped the thong aroundmy cock and started to jack off . I was close when I heard somethingthat made me stop. opening my eyes , there she stood , In the door wayholding her phone so she could record me. I was the deer in the headlights, mouth open eyes staring into space and brain off! She told me not tostop but first she had to send this video. I wanted to say something but couldn’t.She looked at me and said I was going to pay big for this. Every one willsee this and I will be just a peace of shit , no friends , job, house , family. I begged her not to send it I would give her what ever she wanted. She lookedat me and said strip, get it all off ! I did as she said and stood before my daughter inlaw nude.she asked if escort yozgat I liked the red thong .? I said I picked them up off the floorand just got carried away when I smelled them . She slapped my face andsaid she didn’t ask that, then do you like them? I said yes, Shethen told me to put them on . I stood looking at her and knew she meant it. I pulledthem up and my cock was sticking out the top by three inches. Shesaid , you’ve got a big dick and its not real hard, stroke it now. As I jackedoff she was telling me how sexy I looked and she was getting wet . It just fueledmy lust and I stroked it faster. Then she said stop now! I was so closeto cumming but stopped . She reached into the hamper and grabbed a bra.She said I needed to put it on . She helped me with it and squeezed myballs sayin how big they were and she bet I had a big load to shoot! She then said jack off and shoot my load up my chest ! I Couldn’ttake it any longer and blew a large load up my chest , then a second a third anda fourth!! I looked at her and she was smiling, holding her phone recordingit all. She then stepped closer to me scooped yozgat escort bayan up a bunch of my cumand held it up to my mouth saying open up and drink this. I said I never,but she said , do it now! I did as she said , licking her fingers clean. She said well bitch you better get dressed, leave the bra and pantieson and you can think about this latter! She turned and left. I wasn’tsure what to do but put my cloths on over the bra and panties. I didn’t stayat the party much longer saying I had to get up early. I got home and jumpedin the shower to get clean but as I washed I thought about what happenedand got turned on again and jacked off. The next morningI was checking my e mail and there was one from my daughter inlaw. She saidI was to open a account on XXXXXXX site and she would contact me .She did and sent me a copy of the video showing me in her panties and brajacking off and then licking her hand clean of my cum. She said I wouldbe her sex toy to use as she felt ! She said she has always wanted to try somekinky things but my son wasn’t into it much so I was now her bitch toenjoy. Its Friday, my son is gone for the week and she said to cum over, she hasplanes for me!! I’m really not this way, but the panties feel good onmy shaved ass and balls and the bra has stretched from my constant wearing . I hopethe but strapon isn’t to big I m not ready yet and——-

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