Caroline’s First Glory Hole


Caroline’s First Glory HoleMy husband David said he was taking me to a pub he had heard about that he thought I might like. It wasn’t what I expected but needless to say I did enjoy it. I’ll cut to the chase where David and I had entered the Mens room.David opened the door to a cubicle that was no more than about 7’ by 4’ in size and as he did so he ushered me in. As we entered the cubicale I noticed on the right side of the wall that a circular hole had been cut out no more than 5” in diameter. Being rather naive I thought this was a crude peep hole for guys to spy on willing parties. I guessed that David was going to fuck me and that someone was going to watch the event. David closed the door behind him and slid the flimsy looking bolt over to secure it in place.What now I asked quietly.We wait for a bit David said.Wait for what I asked.You’ll find out soon enough David replied.As we both stood in the cramped space David asked me to remove my top. Grabbing hold of the bottom of my t-shirt I lifted it over my head revealing my bra covered tits. There was a small ledge to the rear of the room where I placed my top and I then turned to face David. He reached out his hands and started to squeeze and fondle my breasts. I guessed this was the start of our sex show that we were going to perform albeit without an audience as far as I could tell. I extended my right hand towards David’s bulge in his jeans and started to rub up and down, I could feel his cock was quite stiff but not yet fully aroused. David took hold of my shoulders and turned me around so I had my back to him. He continued to play with my tits and I resumed my rubbing of his semi hard cock. After a minute or so David asked me to get his cock out, this I did by popping his button, pulling down his fly and then easing his cock out from his underpants. He was now quite stiff as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started a nice gentle wanking motion. We stayed in this position for what seemed like ages and so I had to ask, are we still waiting for something.Yes David said, we are.What are we waiting for, someone to start watching us through that hole I asked.You’ll see soon enough David replied.No more than about 30 seconds later I then discovered what the wait was for. I sensed movement the other side of the wall and presumed our peeping tom had arrived. Taking a sly look towards the hole I tried to determine if our guest was ready to be entertained. I was taken aback a little when through the hole came a very erect cock.Here we go honey said David. Looks like you have a cock that needs your attention.Crikey David I said, are you serious, who is that on the other side.Course I’m serious replied David and I have no idea who it is and does it really matter.The türkçe bahis slight shock of the situation that I was feeling past quickly as I looked at the proud erection on show. No I guess it doesn’t matter who it is I said, so what do you want me to do I asked.What you normally do when you have a stiff cock needing your attention replied David, you know how much I love watching you play with dick.This I did know about my husband because not long after we were married David persuaded me into having sex with his friends. It’s now turned into a regular thing on a weekend where one or two of his buddies will come over and I’d be expected to pleasure them. David watching and loving every minute of his young wife servicing cock as I suck and fuck them and then let them shoot cum wherever they like. David turned me towards the erect cock that was protruding through the hole. He then moved back as far as he could so he had the best view possible. I slowly moved a hand towards the erection on show and took hold of it quite firmly. I then started to wank the cock up and down not knowing how long it might take to get it to cum.David then asked me, do you like that cock honey?It’s very stiff and very hot in my hand I said.Just how you like them isn’t it David said.Yes, you know I like playing with stiff cocks I replied (which is quite true by the way).I think you should lick its head David said.You’d like to watch me suck it off would you I asked.I would David replied, lick and suck it until it shoots cum over you.I wasn’t surprised at this request either as David loved to see me getting covered in cum. I got onto my knees and faced the cock, I turned my head slightly towards David looking straight at him as I extended my tongue and started to lick the head of this strangers cock.You love watching me do this don’t you I said.David just nodded his head slightly and as he did I opened my mouth to take in the erection. Sliding it well into my mouth I made a hmmm noise in appreciation and then started to motion my head back and forth. Working the cock in my mouth and sucking away on it – it wasn’t long before I sensed it pulsing and quickly removed my mouth and started to wank it off as fast as I could. Seconds later a big shot of cum hit my face followed by another and another. I wanked the strangers cock until I had completely drained all the cum from it and then released my grip of it to which the stranger then retreated away.Staying on my knees I turned to David and said how was that, did you like it.Excellent honey he said, just excellent.Reaching inside his jacket pocket David produced some wipes and handed them to me.I think you need these he said.Thanks I said taking them from him as I then started to clean the youwin giriş cum from my face. The strangers cum had run down my face and onto my chest, some of which was on my bra.I think you should take your bra off David said.Oh it’ll be ok I said as I dabbed away at the cum on it.No, take it off David said in a slightly stronger tone, you’re not done yet.I looked at him and said oh there’s another one coming is there.Yes replied David, but this time get your tits cum covered.Ok I said, if that’s what you’d like me to do. Am I to suck on the next one as well I asked. Yes you are David said. You’re to lick the shaft, lick the head and I’d like to see your lips sliding back and forth over its head as well.Again I said ok and no sooner than I did I could hear movement from behind the wall.I looked at David as he smiled back at me and then I looked to the hole just as another almost fully erect cock come through. I quickly undid the clasp of my bra and removed it exposing my firm 32c breasts.This cock was equally as big as the last, a good seven inches and fat too, my small hands not quite enveloping its girth.I started stroking this new cock with my right hand and with my left I played with its head. The attention I was giving it had it stiffening up in no time. Once fully erect this new cock was nicely curved and its head was swollen and shiny. I started to do as I was asked, releasing my grip on it I extended my tongue licking up and down the firm shaft. As I was doing this I was looking at David who was stroking his own fully erect cock whilst enjoying the show I was putting on for him. The head of the strangers cock was fully exposed as I worked up and down its length. Then I started to lick the head itself, my hands were on my thighs and as I licked the head, every now and again the cock jumped and quivered. Sensing that there was some frustration from the guy on the other side of the wall I soon opened my mouth and took it in. I turned my head slightly to look at David which had the effect of making the cock in my mouth push out my cheek. The guy on the other side started to slowly move his cock back and forth in my mouth, my cheek being pushed out and a back again. David said, play with your tits honey.I raised my hands upwards to my breasts and cupped them and then started to massage them making my nipples stiffen. All the time the strangers cock was slowly moving back and forth in my mouth.Slap your face with that cock honey David said.With my right hand I released the hold I had on my breast and pull my mouth back from the stiff cock in my mouth. I took a firm grip at the base of the shaft and proceeded to slap the side of my face with the hard heavy erection I was holding.Whilst doing youwin güvenilir mi this I asked David, do you like what you’re seeing.David just nodded his head but I could tell he was enjoying it due mainly because he had a massive hard on.David then spoke again, keep sucking it honey and slap it against your tits as well he said.Dutifully I did as I was asked. I once again opened my mouth and slid the strangers cock in. After a while I pulled away from the cock and again with a firm grip on it I slapped the heavy meat I was holding against my tits. I’d then suck on it some more before slapping it against my face, this I did over and over again.I could feel the stranger was getting close to shooting his load so I worked on his cock using my mouth with extra vigor. Being sure that the stranger was about to unload I pulled back and raised myself up in preparation of getting my tits shot over.I was wanking his cock as fast as I could which quickly had him shooting a huge jet of cum all over me. More and more squirts of cum followed covering my tits completly, it was one of the biggest loads I’d ever experianced. Eventually it subsided and as I released the strangers cock I said, oh my god that’s insane.It seemed like the top half of me was covered in cum, it had run down my chest over my belly and onto trousers, there was also lumps of cum on my trousers being soaked up by the fabric, I was a total mess. I just kept my position not wanting to move as I looked over at David and we both started laughing.Fucking hell babe David said through his laughter, that guy must have been saving up for ages.I had to agree, still staying motionless not knowing what to do next.David put his cock back in his trousers, bent down to retrieve my bra which he put in his jacket pocket then grabbed my top handing it to me.Put that back on he said, you’re walking out of here like a good cum covered slut.I can’t say I was totally happy about that but thought hardly anyone would notice so went along with it.David slid the bolt on the door to one side and opened it. Just as he did another cock appeared through the whole. I grabbed it, gave it a few strokes and then said sorry I’ve got to go. David took my hand as I walked behind him leaving the mens room, we walked through the pub that was now quite full my top having soaked up all the cum that was on me along with the cum that was over my trousers. There was a heavy musky smell from all this spunk that was on me and I did feel like a real slut. We were quickly in the car and heading back home. David told me that he was going to fuck me as soon as we got in and this he did. He stripped me naked in our hallway, pushed me down on all fours and fucked me ever so hard from behind. All the time calling me names like a cock sucking slut, a dirty bitch or a cock whore. Of course he was right, I am all those things but I don’t care because it’s what he wants me to be.Hope you liked our little story and let us know if we should keep on writing.Thanks.Caroline.

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