Carl, Me and boy – Part 1


Carl, Me and boy – Part 1This was last year. I have been working for Carl for 3 years and we were still fucking quite often even though I moved into my own place with a girlfriend some time ago we still found time to play and fuck in his garage or wherever else we could. It was Summer and he had just celebrate his 40 years birthday and I was 23. He had boy come to site to work. He was young lad was in college and looking work for summer and experience of building. I know Carl like young men like me still only 23 and i can see this boy is very good looking and nice toned body. He is quite short at maybe 5”5. It is hard work on site in summer, It is hot and easy to get horny with half naked men sweaty. There is 5 of us including new ‘apprentice’ as Carl calls him, Adam. And then there’s Ricky and Pearse who live near to each other and travel to/from work every day together, Carl picks up me and Adam. Sometimes on our way to work I can suck Carls dick in van. If we have time he will pull over on qiuiet road and open side door and sit in back of van with his trousers around his ankles as I work his hard, hairy cock in my mouth. It is just a quickie though and Carl and I will wank my own cock. I cum always straight after Carl. It turns me on when I fell his cock throb in my mouth or bahis şirketleri wen he wanks his head against my tongue and onto my cheek or the ground beside. He always shoots a nice load even if its a quick blowjob and tasty too. Anyway back to story. It is obvious to me that Carl likes Adam and i think he probably picked him because he was young and good looking and I know Carl want to fuck him because he is more horny than usual when we are alone. He does not say anything but I know it true. One Saturday Carl tells that we have work in Cardiff to do for his friend and we start Monday. It is not big job so he will only take me and Adam with him while other 2 stay and finish in Liverpool. We will stay in hostel for the week and hopefully be done by Friday. We arrive Monday afternoon in Cardiff and start work straight away and go find hostel at 8. We are tired from travel and work. The room is small with 2 bunk beds and bathroom. As usual Carl is first to get naked and washing. He likes to expose himself and leaves door open. It turns him on to be naked in front of me and Adam I know. I shower too as Carl takes his time drying himself in room. He is standing close to Adams bed which his bottom bunk with me on top. Carl is on other bottom bed. I can see from bathroom Carl drying güvenilir bahis himself in front of Adam, tugging on his hardening cock with the towel. He looks over at me and we both know our secret. Adam is lying on his bed when I come out and Carl is getting dressed. I see that he does look at Carl and me, sneaky peeks but that is normal for young man to compare I think. Carl tells him to get washed and changed and we can go out to pub for drink and food. Adam says he is too young to drink but Carl tells him he’ll sort it no problem. He goes to bathroom and showers with door closed but shortly after Carl open sit to use sink and brush teeth. I know this is an excuse but Adam doesn’t seem to mind as we stand at sink as he is in shower. It is steamy but we can have a good look..He has perfect arse. Round and smooth ‘bubble butt’ and looks lovely. Nice flat tummy and lean muscular frame. He is smooth all over and shaved head short too with blonde hair. He gets out to dress and I catch a glimpse of his cock as he pulls his boixers up over his thighs and drops his towel. He had a nice tuft of light public hair on a smallish cock. Maybe 2 inches because it was soft and flaccid and jus out of shower. We go out and come back late. Carl is horny he says and canlı bahis has drank a bit. We all have. We wait for Adam to fall asleep and go to bathroom. Carl has me sit on the toilet as he unbuttons his jeans and releases his plump 8 inch cock. I get to sucking immediately and the relief is very good. To have that cock in my mouth again after a horned day. Carl strips naked as I lick his cock and balls. It is not long before I am standing with my hands on the sick with Carl working his cock up and down my arse crack with a couple of spits on the head he pushes himself into my hole and groans under his breath. He is try to be quiet as he fucks me hard and rough. I only have my arse exposed as Carl grinds his entire naked body against me . It is fast and passionate and turns me on so much as he grabs my shoulder under my tshirt and covers my mouth with his other hand. He is only fuck me for 2 minutes when i feel him tense and lean back as he empties his balls into my full hole. I feel him cum inside me for what is first time in weeks. He pulls out even before he is done cumming and i feel more of his sticky mess on my arse cheek. He uses the back of my tshirt to wipe his cock and helmet while he gets his breath. He tells me it was ‘fucking hot’ and stumbles to his bed I have not came so I stay in bathroom and wank myself using Carls boxers to help and clean up. It is very horny for me to do this and I don’t mind that Carl didn’t help me cum because I know he is drunk and horny and I don’t care as long as Carl gets what he needs .

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