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camping cuckoldThe whole time I have been married to my wife I have shared her body with any one she wishes . This pasted summer we had a weekend with nothing to do so we loaded up our camper and headed to the lake. Just before we left the house my wife had me put on my CB3000 and she said that if there wasn’t any fuckable guys at the lake that she would remove it so I could have sex with her. We found a nice spot and set up camp. My wife was wearing a bikini top and a pair of very short cut off blue jean shorts. I’d be willing to bet there wasn’t anything under them shorts either. I took the scooter off the rear of the camper so she could ride it to the country store to pick up a pack of cigs. I started it for her and she got on I was standing at the handlebars when she swung her leg over the seat and sat down. I noticed she had a major cameltoe going on and told her about it. She looked down and laughted , she said I need to fix that then she pulled the legs ( what little there where) of the shorts up and her pussy lips all but showed on eather side . I asked doesnt that hurt ? She rubbed her slit through the crotch and said no it feels sexy. Then she headed off illegal bahis siteleri to the store , it’s near the entrance of the park and I thought she’d be gone for only a few minutes. I grabbed a beer and sat down at the picknic table and started watching the water skiers on the lake. I was on my fourth beer when I heard the scooter coming down the road. I stood up and walked around the side of the camper to greet her. She got off and said soory I was so late I met three young guys at the store and they where trying to buy beer . She said the store owner carded them and they where to young. I said so what happened? She said she told them if they promised to not act stupid that she’d but them a case of beer. One of the well tanned guys told my wife lady I’ll eat your pussy till you cum if you do that for us. His buddies punched him in the arm and gave him Hell for saying that. My wife looked him in the eyes and said OK it’s a deal. All the guys laughted and started hooping and yelling. She came out with the beer and carried it over to their pickup. The wise guy that offered to eat her said he’d ride the scooter back to their camp and my wife could youwin giriş ride in the cab of the truck. They where in a four wheel drive and she needded help getting in it because her shorts where to tight . One guy grabbed her ass and shoved her up into the truck. She said all the guys where hard tight flat bellied and well tanned. Once at their camp ( two tents) she said they iced the beer down and that one guy told her to pull her shorts diown so he could pay her of the favor. She said the picnic table was in aspot where no one could she her so she leaned her ass on it and spread her legs , she said well get busy. He got on his knees and grabbed ahold of her hips and burried his face in her smooth shaven cunt. She said he wasn’t real good at eatting pussy but that it was good enough to make her hot enough to want to fuck. She said she pushed his head away and asked if his cock was hard. He jurked down his short and out sprank a rock hard cock , she said stick that thing in me now. She pulled her feet up onto the table and he stood up and his cock was just high enough to slide right into her wet pussy she said. He hammered her for about five canlı bahis minutes before to blew he pulled and and she asked whos next? The guys had been watching and they all dropped their shorts. She was able to finish off all four guys in just over twenty minutes. While she was telling me this story she had sat on the end of our picnic table and was rubbing the soaked crotch of her shorts. I asked if I needed to clean that up for her. She said yes you had better and she dropped the soggy jeans. I cleaned her up and when I was finished my cock was about the break the chastity device. I told her if she would unlock me that I’d love to fuck her wet pussy. She said well thats a problem , I left the ket at home. Then she said she had told the boys about her cuckolding me ( they had never heard of it ) and if they wanted to come by our camp that she’d let them have sex with her again if they would allow me to watch. I was almost like a k** when I heard that. Well the camped rocked all night , between the four of them someone’s cock was always hard and my wife got her garden plowed all night , the sun was breaking when the awning on the side of the camped stopped moving. All the guys where commenting on what they had done as they where leaving our camp site and the couple camping next to us over heard them while enjoying a cup of coffee… I just smiled and waved at them then went inside to feast on some very used up womanhood.

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