Callela Holiday with Exhibitionist Wife


Callela Holiday with Exhibitionist WifeCallela Holiday (Exhibitionism). Part 1We booked Callela as a 10 day Holiday break during term time away from every thing and left the daughter with the mother in law, Paula had to have her womb removed after the birth and later changed when she had alcohol, she was a like nympho’ in bed.After about six months recovery we decided to take the break. We flew into Barcelona and after having a few drinks on the plane were in a great mood as we booked into the hotel which was adult only.The room was great with a balcony overlooking the pool and caught the sun most of the day.We unpacked and changed, Paula choosing one of her new bikinis and hit the pool area.The pool was busy with lots of couples and a few young guys playing with a plastic football in the pool, the only sunbeds were close to theirs.We set out the towels and I set off for drinks to the poolside bar for drinks and a snack.Paula was applying sun lotion and removed her bikini top as she always does when abroad to get a tan, attracting the attention of two of the guys who had returned from the pool.She pretended not to notice their stares but lingered with the sun lotion on her breasts, flicking her nipple with her fingers until they were sticking out about 20 cm.Paula has great breast 36C, she is 30, 5’ 4’’tall and has retained her figure after the birth, with blonde hair and a shaven pubic area which she needed with the size of her bikini bottoms, a fine G String with very little material covering her vagina.She spurts and gushes heavily when she cums and can be quite loud when she orgasms.I am ten years older reasonably fit, shaven head and a six inch cock with shaven pubes.It took a while for me to get served at the pool bar and I saw Paula being chatted up by the two boys who had sat on my sunbed, as I returned with the drinks Paula saw me and after saying something to the boys they glanced in my direction and moved back to the pool with their mates.Paula sat up as I returned and told me she had been admired when I was away, taking her rum and coke off me and said I must go to the bar more often as she giggled.I said she was after toy boys then and she smiled saying all attention was welcome at her age.I told her with her body and looks she could have any man here.We stayed by the pool for an hour with some of the boys coming back from the pool every time I got drinks from the bar, Paula was loving it until I said we needed to change for the evening meal.As we left the pool Paula waved bye to the boys and we took the lift to our room with Paula leaving her bikini top off and covering her breasts wit a towel.She took the towel off as we walked the corridor from the lift and untied the sides of her bikini bottom, slipping it off leaving her naked as we reached the door to our room.As I put the card in the lock the door opposite opened and a middle aged man stepped out, freezing to the spot as he took in Paula’s naked body.She smiled at him as I opened the door and we stepped inside.Once inside she ripped my shorts off and dragged me to the bed where she jumped on top of me guiding my cock into her soaking wet gash.I was then virtually ****d for the next ten minutes until she gushed and squirted in a massive orgasm.Nothing was spoken until I came deep inside her when I told her she must get chatted up more often. She explained that being on our own and the drinks had got her so horny she couldn’t stop herself and wanted to be seen naked by the boys.It was only because we were by the pool with others there that stopped her taking her bikini bottoms off.We showered and started to get ready for our early evening meal, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt while Paula dressed in a thin crop top with frills on a plunging neckline and a short white skirt.It was finished with white heeled sandals and it was only when she did a twirl that I realised she was braless, when I commented she illegal bahis said it was sore on her sunburn and as we were on holiday alone with no one knowing us why not.I told her it was very sexy and she lifted her top to show her breasts, we then headed for the restaurant and had our meal with a few drinks before heading for the sea front.It was dark when we left the hotel and instead of taking the underpass to the beach we decided to cross the road to the sea front.There were a few couples on the beach and a lot of Spanish fishermen with fishing rods.Paula wanted to go skinny dipping but I talked her out of it saying we would do it tomorrow if she still wanted to.We walked a little further, then heard music from a club across the road so we headed over, paid our entrance fee and walked down the stairs to the club dance area and bars.The place was busy with a lot of people dancing mostly girls dressed in bikinis, you could just make them out in the dimmed light, the only lights were in the bar areas.We ordered double vodka, red bulls and moved to the dance floor putting our drinks on a pole tableso we could dance, it was then we saw the boys from the pool at the bar playing a drinking game.As we were dancing they saw Paula and waved to her and as she waved back one of then waved us over to join them.I was not keen but Paula was so we joined them at the bar, then they introduced themselves to us all six were here on holiday and tomorrow was their last full day before heading home to restart university, James was the most forward of them together with Mike who were the two chatting at the pool with Paula.They were talking mainly with Paula and plying her with the vodka they were drinking from bottles, soon she was slurring her words and dancing on the edge of the dance floor with me and the other boys.Soon they were commenting on her jiggling breast and begging her to show them as she danced saying they had all seen them at the pool today.Paula reasoned that they had seen them and lifted her top to show them as she danced with James who took the chance to suck on her nipples making them rise hard and erect.I must admit it was very erotic seeing my normally conservative wife showing her breasts in a night club.Others by us were cheering and asking for more chanting “strip strip strip”, she removed her top and waved her breasts then unclipped her skirt waving it in the air leaving just a thin G string on.That’s when two Spaniards moved over and tried removing her G string so I moved in and pulled Paula back to the bar and dressed her.The boys tried to get her to carry on dancing for them but I told them we were going as we were tired,She apologised and we left the club with the boys still asking us to stay and have a drink telling us it wont happen again but I was aware how drunk Paula was so we left for the hotel, where Paula passed out as soon as she hit the bed.The next morning she woke with no after effects of the night before and very few memories of the events and still naked she opened the balcony doors and walked onto the balcony in full view of those already by the pool or on their balconies.I told her I was off for the first shower and she could follow, she glance back and agreed.She had no concerns over her nudity, a totally different person to the conservative wife and mum I know back home.After a late breakfast we returned to the room and changed for the beach, Paula wearing a red skinny bikini again with ties on the sides of the bottoms and string ties to the back on the top all the panels could be expanded or reduced in size by sliding them on the strings, The beach was quite busy so we moved down by the underpass and set our towels down to catch the sun.Paula soon had her top off and had me apply sun lotion all over her body which was drawing the attention of the men in close proximity with her nipples rising up with the massaging as I tweaked and played illegal bahis siteleri with them.She lay on her belly and after about twenty minutes lay on her back adjusting the patch of red material so it showed her vaginal lips and slid into her slit.A young black lad in his late teens was walking out from the underpass and making his way towards us, I did nothing but watch from behind my mirror shades.He walked slowly towards us taking in her perfect body and nipples which were hard and I am sure she knew he was watching her as she opened her legs showing all her lips as the material slid up inside.He slowed checking her out and walked on to the bar on the beach about 50 metres away speaking to another black boy that was working there.Her inner labia was swollen and her vagina clearly open and soaking wet as she pretended to be asleep.I had to roll on my stomach to hide the hard on in my shorts and as I did she run her fingers to her clit’ and started rubbing.Then as I looked over to the beach bar and saw the black boy swap over behind the bar and the other heading in our direction.Paula was unaware of this so I told her I was going for some drinks and walked off to the bar passing the other guy about half way.I stopped before reaching the bar and looked back to see the guy reaching Paula and stopping to watch her, she was still lying practically naked.He just stood there watching her nudity and was clearly rubbing his cock through his shorts.I moved to the bar and ordered two vodka red bulls off the other black boy who recognised me and told me how lucky I was to have a beautiful lady in a very broken English voice, I thanked him and lied telling him she liked to sunbathe naked.He smiled back and asked if we will be coming back later, I told him we may later and he told me to go a little further down the beach to the water overflow where the beach sloped and we could bathe nude. I thanked him and made my way back as the other guy saw me he moved away.As I reached Paula she had untied the string on the bikini bottom and exposed her soaking wet vagina which was now slightly purple and wide open with her inner vulva protruding like three cockerels cones.“Enjoying the sun and the company you had” I asked as she reached for the drink, “come and fuck me quick” she said bending her knees and opening wide.I put both drinks down in the sand, dropped my shorts and thrust my hard cock in her gaping hole.Neither of us lasted long before cumming, soon after we finished our drinks and headed back to the hotel for lunch.We had more drinks with lunch and then did some shopping in the local shops, Paula just put a silk wrap around her waist.We picked up some presents for the family then looked in a clothes shop with bikinis showing a dare to wear line.The guy serving was a young Indian who spoke good English, he had noticed Paula as we entered the shop, noting her protruding nipples in the tight bikini.He was quickly over to us assistant asking to help, Paula picked up a string bikini which was yellow and very thin but when she put her hand behind the top it was virtually transparent.The assistant suggested she try it on and showed her to a curtained changing area behind the counter. It was side on to the shop so when he closed the curtain you had a limited view from the shop.As Paula entered he switched a bright light on in the room and stood looking at the curtain, I knew why when I stood to the side and looked at his view, Paula was in complete view as she stripped, He had a great view of her as she stood naked and put the top on, then the bottoms eventually coming out to show me, as she did he turned the light off so the room was slightly darker and the bikini not so transparent.It looked good on her even though her nipples were standing proud and her pubic mound shape was visible, she was clearly pleased with it and asked to try the black one.The assistant was quickly canlı bahis siteleri back with it and a wrap in similar material that he said she could have free if she bout the two bikinis.He showed her to the changing area and switched the light on again, then pretended to be making a phone call but was actually taking photos of her naked body.She bought the two and after changing back into her original bikini we continued shopping and called for a few drinks in a sea front bar before returning to the hotel with the shopping and pick up the towels and sun lotion.I told her of the area of beach where you could sunbath naked that the bar boy had told me about and she was keen to try it.The area was good as it was sloping and you could face the sun while being below the breeze, what there was of it.Paula was stripped naked before I had the towels laid out and was putting lotion on her breasts and vagina, doubling up on the vaginal area as her inner vulva started to poke out, stripped and sun lotioned my front especially my cock and balls. We were the only ones in the area as it seemed others did not know of it.After a while she asked for a drink so I pulled on my shorts and headed for the beach bar where the two black boys were serving, they both recognised me and asked where my wife was.I told them we had taken their advice and were sunbathing in the gully, they both smiled and told me it was very private area on the beach.They told me their names were TJ (the first guy we met) and Baz was the second before they poured the drinks they told me that the drinks were doubles for single prices at the hotel pool bar, so as it was only across the road, thanked them and headed for the other bar.As I reached the road I looked back and saw TJ heading for the gulley area where Paula was.I took my time getting the drinks and as I slowly returned I wondered what Paula was doing.My question was soon answered as I reached her and saw TJ rubbing sun lotion on her tits, he saw me and quickly stopped and stood up showing a tent in his shorts.Paula smiled at me as I put the drinks down and thanked TJ for telling me about the cheap drinks.He mumbled something and started to leave but Paula asked him to stay with her until I brought her new wrap from the room. I was a little surprised but agreed to get it and left them.As I made my way to the room I wondered how far Paula would go as I was her only partner in bed.After reaching the room and heading back I decided to use the underpass and approach from the other side of the gulley, as I did peeped over the sand bank and saw TJ naked and Paula sucking his black cock which was about an inch longer than mine but thinner, I kept low and realized I had a hard on.He had fingers in her cunt and was working her tit with the other, that’s when she pulled his cock from her mouth, pushed him on my towel and mounted him taking every inch straight inside her.She threw her head back and rode his cock reaching back with her hands to stroke his small balls.He was arching his skinny body to meet her thrusts when he climaxed deep in her but Paula hadn’t cum so she kept thrusting but he was spent and pushed her off., his cock starting to shrivel and flopping to his belly.Paula lay back exhausted and disappointed as he dressed and walked away, she then walked naked to the sea to wash his cum out, two old men fishing on the beach just stared at her naked beauty.She noticed them looking and played with her nipples then her cunt opening her vagina to clear the cum.Then she calmly walked back to the towels and lay back as I walked over the sand bank and asked where TJ had gone.She said he had left soon after I had gone to the room, I didn’t question this and as she was wet asked if she had been for a dip.She didn’t reply, she just pulled my shorts off and mounted me as she had with TJ, my cock gripped in her vaginal muscles, I didn’t notice the older couple who had lay their towels a bit away from us and were clearly enjoying the view.The exhibitionism seemed to spur Paula on as she exploded down my shaft which made me cum.We just stayed with me inside her for while then both walked naked into the sea to clean up.

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