“I’ll show him,” Calla muttered under her breath in anger. It had only been a few hours since she ran from her family, and knowing her father, she knew not to expect anyone to look for her for a while. In fact, they all probably thought she was still pouting in her hut. She wasn’t the only one of her sisters who felt this rage at being sheltered their whole lives, but she was the most vocal about it.Suddenly, she heard the sound of running water and realized it had been ages since she had something to drink. Following the sound, she found a river basin and knelt down, ignoring the pain on her bare knees as she cupped her hand and gathered some water Ataşehir Escort to drink.A groan sounded from behind a bush, and she gasped as she heard the sound, fear trickling in. She had no way to protect herself, but she also knew better than to let the unknown scare her into submission. No, she was done with that now that she had run away.Slowly, she crept towards the sound, going to the bush quietly so as not to scare whatever it was. When she peeked through and saw a man laying on the floor, alive but seemingly unconscious.Looking at him made her body tingle with unknown emotion, especially as she stared at Ataşehir Escort Bayan the long appendage between his legs. She had seen her father and his wives in action enough to know that that was the man’s cock and it could make her feel good. Slowly, she crept closer to him, a plan in formation. She would learn all she needed to with this man. She knelt beside him and gently gripped his cock in both hands as it was far too wide to wrap around with one hand. Slowly, she began to move her hands up and down in the way she had seen her father’s wives do. The cock became more firm in her hands, but she wasn’t Escort Ataşehir done with it. Keeping her hands wrapped around the base, she lowered her mouth to take the tip in. He was too wide, but Calla was determined. She bobbed her head up and down, taking more and more of his cock in, feeling it get harder and harder with every stroke of her mouth. She peered up at the man to see if he had awoken, not letting go of his cock, and found him looking at her through hazy eyes. “Wh-what’s happening? Am I dead?” he groaned out.“Well I hope not,” Calla let go, pouting. “I don’t want to have sex with a corpse.”“Who are you? Where are my clothes?” The man asked nervously. “I’m Calla. I don’t know what clothes are. I just found you like this,” she explained.“That explains why you’re naked, I guess,” the man muttered, but Calla had had enough of him talking and went back to what she was doing. This time, she managed to take all of him into her mouth in one go.

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