Cali Diaries: Kink Experimentation

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Author’s Note: This is my sequel of the story that was inspired and collaborated on by the wonderful and talented writer Skye_sub. I hope you enjoy this as much as the first one. Her sequel will come out sometime soon so be on the lookout. My writing is not near the level of hers but if you like lesbian filth, this is the story for you. I love you KYT, my soulmate.

March 2, 2012

Dear Diary,

It has been a couple days since Kristie and I reconciled at a Billy Fredrickson’s party. It was the best sex of my life and I have fallen even deeper in love with her. Who would have figured that best friends since we were ten years old would fall in love with each other now as 18 year old seniors in high school? I hate that we have to sneak around behind our boyfriends’ backs and because of my parents but it is well worth it. I would not trade her for anything.

Tonight I wanted to turn a mundane Monday evening into something special for her. I told Brad that I wasn’t feeling well and coaxed him to leave my house early. He is a decent boyfriend but the sex is just OK and I don’t have much of an emotional connection with him. Furthermore, in order to get myself off, I have to fantasize about Kristie. I texted her to also get rid of her boyfriend Josh and sneak over but come through the open sided basement door. I wanted to take her to the guest room down there where I knew my mom and dad would not interrupt us. She had done this many times before but those times were just as friends to chat or laugh. This time was so much more different.

My anticipation was high when she lightly tapped on the door. As Kristie entered, I was happy to see her pretty face. She whispered in her cute voice, “Hey babe.” At that point, I was excited for her to see what I had done but I kept my cool. After a quick peck on the lips, I took her hand and led her to the spare bedroom.

I paused at the door, took a deep breath and opened it. Inside we froze as she scanned the room to see what I had prepared. On the dresser, four scented candles burned while an additional six were positioned around the room creating a romantic flickering illumination. After noticing the single rose laying on the pillow, she turned to me and asked, “Is this for me?”

Taking both my hands and gently clutching her head just under both her jaws, I leaned in for a tender kiss. My head slightly tilted and when our lips touched, it was like two feathers meeting until our mouths formed a perfect seal. We were in harmony as we opened and closed them in rhythm, showing our passion for one another. Just taking in her minty breath was intoxicating and she slowly brought her arms around me.

We kissed as though we were trying to convey our love though our mouths. She would nibble my lower lip and I would lick just inside hers. My pussy was a swamp but I did not want to break away from this angel. Just when my tongue began to probe her mouth, she latched onto it like she was giving it a blowjob. When our kissing momentarily paused, I backed away, lifted her tank top and slid it over her head while she did the same to my shirt. Simultaneously we stripped off our shorts only to be standing in front of each other in our bra and panties. Just to visually take in her toned smooth body was accelerating my lust. Kristie has always had a great body and she looked amazing in her underwear.

Even though she is a few inches taller than me and with a thicker muscular frame, I wanted to lay her down like she was my queen. Saturday when we fucked at the party, I was in control and she was my submissive but tonight it was about total romantic equality. We were two girls about to make love to show each other our hearts. As I put my hand behind her head, I gently helped her to her back on the soft smooth sheets. I hovered above her face as my blonde hair dangled around her head like a tent.

My body rested on hers and we continued our kiss. Our bras were rubbing together and my thigh found its way between her legs. I softly grinded it on her panty covered slit and attempted to push the cotton inside her folds. Spreading her legs apart, she allowed me total access. I placed my hands around her body simultaneously to tenderly latching my lips to the side of her neck. Her smell was a perfect aphrodisiac and I gnawed on her smooth skin just under her ear.

Kristie’s deep breathing was a catalyst for my desire. Once she wrapped her arms around my back, we were lovers molded together as one. At first, I grinded very slowly just to stimulate both of us but our foreplay quickly transformed into vibrating pressure. I wanted to make her cum so I never relented my grinding or my sucking of her neck.

When her body seized up, she clutched my back with a bear grip. I softly bit her neck through the duration of her orgasm and could feel that electricity up my thigh and throughout my body. When her shaking had subsided, I kissed my way down her neck to her smooth throat crevice. I afyon escort squeezed her tits together and feasted on each one equally. Using all four fingers on each hand, I hooked the cup tops and pulled them down until her nipples popped out.

“Mmmmm. These taste amazing,” I licked then moaned before latching on. Kristie has fantastic boobs and I gobbled them for several minutes. My sucking might have been tender but my desire was anything but. I would suck the nipple until it stiffened and protruded as far as it could and then I would encircle it with the tip of my tongue. Eventually, I reached around her back so I could unhook and remove the restrictive bra. Once it was discarded, I was able to suck those nipples unimpeded. I was so aroused, if I could have swallowed them, I would have.

Even though I could have spent hours on her boobs, it was time to move on. My mouth began to kiss and lick its way down her stomach until it reached her mound. I slid her panties down until I had them off. I hooked my arms under her thighs and pushed them back, causing her knees to raise enough to give me access to her delicious pussy. Dragging my tongue inside her meaty lips to collect her sweet nectar was euphoric. She tasted amazing and when she would squirm, it told me that I was touching all the right spots.

I was consumed with those thick folds. They were laying open and I licked and sucked every inch of them. I gently pulled the strands of goo out with my lips and at one point, I spread them with my thumbs so that I could bury my mouth as deep as it would go. Flicking and darting my tongue, trying to vary her pleasure sensations, I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. I licked upward until I was able to suck her clit. When I slid a couple of fingers inside her, she grasped my hair, releasing a stifled grunt. Her first orgasm was powerful, proven by the forceful contractions of her pussy around my fingers.

I needed more and also wanted to cum with Kristie so I shuffled my body until I was laying on top of her in a sixty-nine position. She didn’t mind my weight and I needed to get back to concentrating on her pussy. She removed my black lace panties and started in on mine. We were locked in and squirming around the bed. My primary focus was her clit while trying to stick my nose into her gooey opening and because she was on bottom, her focus was getting her tongue deep inside me.

Sounding like dogs lapping from a water bowl, we slurped and licked each other to see which one could make the other one cum first. Kristie was the victor when I erupted and gushed juice onto her face. I clenched my thighs, pinching her head like a nut cracker. I quivered recklessly and momentarily stopped eating her because my focus was on my pleasure. It was difficult to judge just how much squirt I released but the mattress was soaked all around her head. I knew that wasn’t going to stop us and we continued our sixty-nine love making.

When she orgasmed, that familiar oozing of thick white cum began to trail down her asshole and across her thigh. Between licks, I tried to keep up and slurped it before it could reach the sheets. It had a tangy flavor which I loved. For the next hour we licked and sucked each other until we had several orgasms apiece. It was raw and exhilarating.

When we paused to take a break, Kristie turned around to lay in my arms. Her head was nestled up on my shoulder and her cheek rested against my chin. We were content and just happy to be together. After chatting in deep conversation, we fell asleep, only to wake up an 90 minutes later so that she could get home. Before we kissed goodbye, sharing each other’s scent, she asked, “Josh and I are skipping school tomorrow and heading to Santa Monica for some beach time. Would you and Brad like to go with us?”

I responded, “I have to scheme a few things but I don’t think that will be a problem. Text me and let me know when you are leaving in the morning.”

After the kiss, she disappeared out the door. What a great night…Kisses.

March 3, 2012

Dear Diary,

This was another wonderful day with Kristie. Our relationship continues to grow and these experiences just solidify that more and more. I also believe our threesome at the party has made us more daring and wanting to experiment with kinky things that we have never tried. We are discovering how sexual we are and that has bonded us even more as lovers above friends.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone ringing. It was Kristie telling me that Josh and she would be at my house to pick us up in an hour. After tying my hair up, putting on my white two piece bikini with cutoff jeans and a shirt over it, I gathered my suntan oil, towels, and other supplies in my handbag just before Brad arrived. We discussed our lie in case we were caught ditching school when Kristie and Josh pulled in.

She got out of the front seat and sat in the back so afyon escort bayan that we girls could talk while the boys rode in the front. As soon as I sat down beside Kristie, she smiled widely, “Hey girl.” I thought she looked adorable dressed in her black bikini which I could easily see through her white tank top and grey shorts.

Jokingly I commented, “Are you sure you want to go? Just think…we could be sitting in English class right now.”

We both laughed before she responded, “You are right. Josh, turn this car around. Mrs. Jenson really needs that paper turned in.”

We were both excited to get out and enjoy some sun and water. Our conversation was light but the guys were cranking music in the front so we had to move closer together to hear each other. Of course we didn’t mind and at one point she leaned over and kissed me. I wanted to grab her and fuck right there in the back seat but I needed to show restraint in front of our boyfriends.

Instead, reaching into my bag, I pulled out my coconut tanning oil and asked, “Smell this. I love this flavor. See if you like it.”

She snapped open the lid and inhaled deeply, “Mmmmm. I love that scent. Do you mind if I use some?”

I giggled jokingly, “Oh hell no. You need to get your own.”

Just knowing her all these years, we both found the smell of tanning oil erotic. It might have been partly a dirty trick on my part just to get her going but I didn’t care. I was horny, day and night, just thinking of her. She smelled the opened oil once again and I quickly reached over and slid my hand down her shorts and into her bikini bottoms. Her mouth opened and I kept moving my head back and forth to not only watch her but to make sure none of the guys looked back.

Careful to not cause a suspicious change in the conversation, I began to talk about school while Josh and Brad remained oblivious and stayed into their own conversation. In between sentences I mouthed, “Keep smelling it. Think of rubbing this on my tits.”

I continued to make irrelevant comments about school while I finger banged her slippery pussy. Her eyes widened and her jaws clenched. Her nose never left the bottle cap opening and when my finger hiked upward to circle rub her clit, she lost it. Her eyes closed and her entire body spasmed, trying to not make any noises throughout her orgasm. When they reopened, I was silently chuckling but I never stopped rubbing. I would alternate between sliding my finger in and out and rubbing that clit. Her breathing was labored, and within a minute she locked up again in a full body climax. She grabbed my wrist and squeezed hard as she came. That time I shoved my finger back in her twat because I loved feeling the contractions around it. Not to press my luck, I pulled my finger out and licked it clean. Kristie’s goo was salty with a slight tang and I wished I could eat it all day long.

She gasped, Oh my god! That was amazing!”

Brad turned and asked, “What was?”

“That song. I love it!” We both snickered at her ruse.

Once we arrived at the beach, Kristie and I set up “camp” next to the water while the guys carried the cooler. At our age, we could not afford to be arrested for minor consumption so we naturally did what any teenager would do…we poured out our bottles of iced tea and filled them with beer. It was a pretty close match and our theory was as long as the guys did not do anything stupid, we should be alright.

Josh and Brad immediately went body surfing in the waves while Kristie and I decided to sunbathe lying on our towels. I rubbed the oil all over my front until it was glistening and laid back with my sunglasses protecting my eyes. When she finished slathering her front, she was also on her back. We talked about last night and how much we enjoyed it. With Kristie’s flowing hair and bikini clad body, I was having trouble restraining myself from jumping on her right there on the beach. I was sensing a pattern in my dirty thoughts.

The guys returned and dripped on us for a moment when we shooed them away. Brad informed us there was a beach volleyball game a half mile up the beach about to start and he and Josh wanted to participate. They grabbed a beer and headed that way while Kristie and I shifted to laying on our fronts. I reached to my back and untied my bikini top so not to have string tan lines. Kristie was not as flexible as me and asked me to do hers. Holding my top to my boobs for coverage, I untied her string with the other hand.

She needed tanning oil on her back so I performed my one handed squirt and rub. Her smooth skin absorbed the oil like a sponge. I think I moaned louder than Kristie when I caressed it around the top of her ass and the base of her back. Her bathing suit bottom was riding in her crack which gave me more access than I needed but I did not mind. Had the beach not been crowded with people, I’m not sure if I could have stopped. My dirty minded escort afyon pattern continued. She held her top over her nipples when she slathered the oil on my back. It was warm from the sun and felt like heaven.

While she caressed, I joked, “I think you will need to redo my front.”

She quipped, “Show me those tits and I will. Oh wait…we aren’t in Brazil are we?”

Even though I was tempted, we giggled and laid back down, turned on the Bluetooth and listened to our Indie music. We were silent for about twenty minutes and I almost fell asleep. When turning my head to the side just to check on Kristie, she was staring at my side boob exposed by my untied top.

I smiled, “What are you looking at?”

“You know what I’m looking at. I want to pounce on them right now,” she replied as she titled her head wryly.

I had a naughty idea so I retied my bikini top and reached over to tie up Kristie’s. I had seen a new shower house built down the beach, opposite the direction of the volleyball match when we drove in. I asked her, “Would you like to go for a walk on the beach?” I did not disclose my ultimate plan.

Kristie the hockey player and very active otherwise, agreed that suggestion was perfect for her. We slipped our shorts back on over our bottom and stayed in our bikini tops. Grabbing our phones, we began to walk down the beach. It was a nice stroll and we would occasionally pick up shells or rocks and toss them into the water. The sand was warm between our toes, so we moved into the wet sand and ankle deep waves rushing in periodically. With the wind blowing, the ocean sounds, and the moment, it all seemed perfect so acting upon our first public affection, I reached over and took Kristie by the hand. We interlocked our fingers and that moment was another validation that she was the one…not Brad.

When we arrived at the shower house, I suggested we take a dip in the ocean first. After dropping our shorts onto the sand, we splashed out into the salty water and tried our own body surfing. We were having so much fun just being together, swimming and flirting. She would lift me and toss me in the water. We would stand on our heads under the water and anything else we could think of.

Spending at least 30 minutes in the Pacific, I suggested, “We probably should head back. Let’s take advantage of that shower house and wash this salt out of our hair.”

She chuckled, “That’s a good idea. I don’t want to walk back with an afro and scare everyone.”

The shower house was recently built and very nice. On the women’s side, there was a section with several shower heads in one large area and a section with several individual showers containing walls on each side including a sliding curtain for privacy. We are not fans of the huge public showers so we continued on our way to find an open private one. There were several women using both. With female nakedness all around, I couldn’t help but get more aroused.

The first few individual stalls were taken and it took some looking until we found one available. However, next to the unused shower, there was a gorgeous fit lady showering with her curtain open. She looked to be in her mid-thirties with auburn hair and huge natural boobs. Both Kristie and I stopped for a moment to watch her soap herself. It took will power to stop ogling and proceed into our own shower.

We yanked our curtain closed. Trying to keep my voice down, I whispered while holding back a giggle, “Did you see her? Wow! She was hot! Those boobs are huge.”

Kristie was replicating my demeanor trying to hold back an overzealous reaction, “I know. Oh my god…she was built. I bet she is a fitness instructor. You’re right, those tits were huge. No wonder she comes to the ocean, those flotation devices would not be allowed in public pools” We both snickered.

As I untied my bikini top and allowed my own boobs to pop out, I winked, “Speaking of tits. Do you want to show mine some attention? I won’t mind.”

As soon as my bottoms hit the tile, Kristie latched onto my nipple like a vacuum to a car floor mat. I pressed her head into it and she held onto both sides of my tit like she was afraid it was going to leave. Her mouth felt amazing and she released a loud pop before switching nipples. My knees went weak and I had to lean against the shower wall to keep from falling. Lost in our own pleasure, we didn’t realize that her slurping and my moaning could be heard outside our shower stall. In hindsight, we probably should have turned on the water before we started.

Startling us both, the beautiful lady zipped our curtain open and stepped in with us. Closing it behind her, she softly spoke, “Hi girls. I hope you don’t think I’m too forward but I couldn’t help but overhear you two in here and I must say…it sounded pretty hot. Maybe you can let an older gal like me join in? By the way, I’m Allison.”

Kristie had stopped sucking my tits and whipped her head around to listen. We both stared at Allison in silence which probably was pretty rude but we were stunned that she was brash enough to enter our shower. I think we also were mesmerized by her beauty. She stood about 5’8″ which put her in between our heights and those eyes were as green as a St. Patrick’s shamrock.

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