Buying Petrol

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Josie was driving home when she stopped for petrol. She stopped at the place she usually went, without especially thinking about it. It was petrol, just part of her everyday, boring routine, so she stopped when she saw the service station almost by habit.

She went to the middle of the row of pumps, because she thought the attendants were quicker to unlock the pumps there. Where they could see you properly, she supposed, and didn’t have to peer to make sure you weren’t someone on their list of drive-away petrol-thieves.

She stopped, and got out, and tore a strip of paper from the hand-wiping roll, then put that around her hand and used it to touch the pump. She waited until the pump clicked on, and began to whir, then stood there, watching her car fill, thinking about nothing particular.

Another car pulled up next to her. A small sporty car. A woman got out. Josie watched, because she had nothing much else to do, and because the woman had a short skirt, and Josie had caught a glimpse of slim legs as she got out. The woman turned around and leaned back inside the car, looking for something, so Josie kept looking, slightly embarrassed she was being so obvious, but looking anyway.

The woman was hunting through her bag, Josie decided. She rummaged for a moment, then looked up and suddenly grinned. She’d seen Josie in her car’s mirror, Josie realized. She’d seen Josie perving at her, and seemed to think it was funny.

She’d found what she was looking for, a wallet, Josie thought. She slid back out of her car. She stood up, and looked at Josie, and Josie didn’t know quite what to do. Josie wondered if she should apologise, but the woman didn’t look especially upset. Maybe it hadn’t been completely obvious she was staring. Or maybe it was, and she didn’t care.

The woman looked at Josie, and then Josie’s hand. “Oh,” she said. “Hey, that’s a good idea.”

Josie was confused for a moment, almost thinking she meant perving at strangers was a good idea. “Sorry…?” she said, puzzled.

“The paper towel. It’s a good idea.”

“Oh yeah,” Josie said. “It keeps your hand clean.”

“Obviously,” the woman said, and grinned, and got a sheet of paper herself. “It’s a good idea, that’s all.”

Josie nodded.

The woman started filling her car. “I think I’ve seen you here before,” she said.

It was around six in the evening, and the road beside them was filled with commuters going home. It wasn’t impossible she had, Josie thought. She nodded slowly. “Probably,” she said.

“Do you live around here?”

“Nearby, yeah.”

“I’m sure I’ve seen you before,” the woman said.

Josie nodded again. “You might have.”

Josie wondered why they were talking, and why the woman in the sports car didn’t mind being perved at. Maybe there was some kind of spark between them, Josie thought. She wondered if there was. She was never confident, never felt sure, not when she’d only just met someone, but right now, it seemed like there might be a spark.

Josie stood there, thinking, deciding there was. Deciding there was, and that she ought bedava bahis to do something about it.

Beside her, the petrol pump clicked off.

Josie looked at it, disappointed, wondering how the universe could be so unfair.

The woman saw her glare at the pump, and grinned again, almost as if she was thinking the same thing. A quick grin, before she turned away, as if she’d wondered about a spark too, and now was thinking, oh well.

Josie was annoyed. It was pretty terrible luck.

Of course it was, she thought, a little bitterly. Of course the pump had clicked off. She was never going to meet someone here, not on a petrol-stop during her commute. Nothing interesting was ever going to happen during her drive home from work, in a service station beside a main road in a boring suburb of Sydney.

She sighed, and hung the pump handle back up, and went inside to pay.

When she came out, the woman was still there, still filling her car. She smiled, slightly distantly, as Josie got into hers. Josie started the engine, and sat there for a moment, wondering if she should say something before she left. She decided not. Hitting on people at a service station seemed a little creepy, and the woman was probably tired, and on her way home, and Josie had probably misunderstood anyway. The woman had probably been oblivious to Josie’s stare, and had just been chatting while she filled her car, nothing more.

Josie put her car in gear. She was about to drive away, when someone tapped on her window. She jumped, and looked sideways.

The woman from the other car.

Of course it was her. It wouldn’t be anyone else. Josie wound down her window, surprised.

“Hi,” the woman said. “I’m Lily.”

“Josie. Hi.”

“Hi. So listen. I just wondered, do you want to follow me somewhere?”

Josie looked at her, confused. “I don’t…” Josie began, meaning she didn’t understand why.

Lily looked disappointed. She nodded, and half turned away. Then she stopped, and turned back. She suddenly seemed determined. She glanced around to make sure she wasn’t being overheard. “So listen,” she said. “I saw you looking. I saw you looking at me, and I know you were, so now I’m asking if you want to follow me somewhere.”

“Oh,” Josie said. “Oh fuck. Follow you somewhere for… Um.”

“Um, yeah, pretty much.”

“Oh shit,” Josie said. “Then yes, of course I do.”

“You’re sure?”


“You get what I mean? Just, quickly, for fun? Like nothing complicated…?”

Josie nodded.

Lily smiled. She had a nice smile. She looked at Josie, then took one step back. She lifted up her hand, and raised a single finger, and said, “Just one second. Please.”


“Don’t move. Don’t drive off. I’ll be right back.”

Josie nodded.

“Right back,” Lily said. “I mean it.”

Lily went inside. She walked quickly, and she kept glancing back at Josie as she stood in the queue. She seemed impatient, almost nervous. Josie sat there, watching her. Lily paid, and came back outside. She walked bedava bonus over to Josie’s open window, walking with a sway, like she knew she was being watched.

“Okay,” she said to Josie. “All done. So you’ll follow me?”

Josie nodded.

Lily smiled again. “Good,” she said. “I’m glad you are.”

Lily got in her car, and drove away, and Josie followed as closely as she dared. They went to an empty suburban park a few blocks away, where everything was dim in the twilight. Josie parked beside Lily, and looked around. There was no-one about this late in the day, and when Josie switched off her engine, the evening was still. Magpies were singing in the distance.

Lily got out of her car and came over to Josie’s. Josie pushed the door open, and Lily caught it, then leaned on it, grinning.

“So,” she said.


“I think you’ve got more room in here,” Lily said. “Than in mine, I mean.”

Josie looked at her for a moment, then decided to be funny. Or cynical. Or something. “More room for what?” she said.

Lily looked at her, thinking, and then looked around. Then she reached up under her skirt, and pulled her underwear off. She grinned, and then just stood here for a moment.

“Oh,” Josie said. “For that. Yeah.”

“Any more silly questions?” Lily said.

“Um, not really.”

“So can I get in?”

“Yep,” Josie said.

Then, because Lily seemed quite impatient, Josie leaned over and kissed her. She kissed Lily, and pulled her into the car. There wasn’t much room. Lily was bumping against the steering wheel and she tried to get onto Josie’s lap. Josie reached down, and found the seat control lever, and tugged on it until the seat moved. She slid, pushing the seat right back, and then there was room. Lily climbed on top of her, over her, and sat on Josie, still kissing.

Josie couldn’t stand to wait. Lily’s skirt had slid upwards, and her legs were smooth and bare, and Lily was excited too, was breathing fast as she kissed, and they both knew what they were about to do. It was exciting, Josie thought, how unexpected and direct this was. How suddenly it had happened, and how they were both just doing this with each other, for each other, without it meaning anything more.

Josie reached up under Lily’s skirt, and slid her fingers over her, feeling wetness and heat, hearing Lily sigh. Josie liked this moment. She liked the first touch of someone new, stroking her and parting her and slipping her fingers inside. Lily sighed, as Josie did, and went still for a moment, apparently concentrating on Josie’s hand. Josie began to rub gently, and then Lily moved as well. She reached down between them, past Josie’s arm. She pulled Josie’s jeans open, and slid her hand inside. Josie felt fingers wet against herself, felt pleasure, and Lily’s touch. She closed her eyes, and leaned on Lily’s shoulder, and concentrated on what they were doing.

For a while they both rubbed each other, silently, a little desperately. Josie rubbed, but then decided she wanted more. She wanted to taste Lily too. It was deneme bonusu silly, she knew, but she wasn’t thinking about being sensible right now. She wanted Lily in her mouth, and she didn’t care why.

She moved her hands, putting then underneath Lily, trying to pull her upwards. “Lift up,” she said, but Lily didn’t seem to understand.

“Please?” Josie said. “Just lift up, if you can.”

Lily tried, but her head hit the roof, and the steering wheel got in the way. Josie gave up, and tipped Lily sideways, putting her across the seats, so the handbrake was in the middle of her back, and her head was against the door.

Josie bent, and licked, tasting Lily, excited by the taste of her, and a little by the idea of a stranger in her mouth. She’d done this before, even though shouldn’t, and then, too, she’d been more excited than she could stand. It wasn’t safe, but she needed it like this, a bare pussy on her bare mouth, the taste and smell and feeling of Lily, not of Lily wrapped in latex almost as if she wasn’t there.

Lily reached up and held onto the doorhandle above her head, and hooked her leg around Josie’s shoulders. She sighed, and gasped, and moaned a little too, and lifted her hips up against Josie’s mouth and hands, and after a moment she came. She lay there once she finished, breathing fast, seeming dazed, then she pulled Josie up herself, pulled her close, and whispered, “Fuck me,” into Josie’s ear. She pushed her leg between Josie’s, and slid Josie’s jeans down enough Josie was bare, and left her hand there too, against Josie, while she held Josie inside her other arm.

It was nice, Josie thought, being hugged, while they fucked. It was nice pressing all of herself against Lily as they did. It was nice still tasting Lily on her mouth, and feeling Lily’s kisses and Lily’s breath soft against her neck. It was nice as she moved, and sighed, and quickly made herself come.

When she had, when it was over, Josie sat up, still slightly breathless, suddenly a little unsure what to say. Lily sat up too, sliding over properly onto the passenger seat. She sat there for a moment, and pushed her skirt down.

“Sorry,” Josie said. “Maybe I should have asked first.”

Lily shrugged. “Probably. But you seemed to want to quite a lot…”

Josie grinned. “Yeah.”

“And it wasn’t like I cared.”

Josie was relieved. She sat there a moment, thinking.

“Um, sorry I didn’t,” Lily said. “It just seemed easier, with you in jeans.”

Josie nodded, wondering if it was really that, though or the idea of unprotected oral. It was probably the oral, but she didn’t really care.

“Is that okay?” Lily said. She seemed a little anxious. “That I didn’t?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

“Well, I owe you, I guess.”

Josie looked over.

“What?” Lily said. “You did, and I didn’t, so if I see you there again, I’ll owe you. So if there’s a next time, then that time I will.”

“Oh,” Josie said. “Okay.”

“If I see you,” Lily said, grinning. “And if there is. But now I should get going. So thank you, and that was good, and, um, yeah, bye.”

Lily leaned over and kissed Josie, and then opened the door, and got out. She went back to her car, and got in, and Josie waited, making sure she was safe. Then, when Lily drove away, Josie did too.

She could still taste Lily in her mouth.

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