“Buy Me”

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-Welcome to the third short story in my “* Me” series! I can’t thank you enough for the feedback you’ve sent my way. Keep it coming! I want to hear what you’d like to read next. Enjoy! ~SWE


Emily ran to the fitting room, zipping up her turquoise uniform vest as she went. She was running late as usual. She reached up to put her water bottle on the shelf behind the desk when a strong musky masculine scent overcame her. Cologne. Emily was so focused on getting ready for the start of her shift, that she didn’t even notice the young man behind the desk. He was gorgeous! Curly brown hair, green eyes, a smile to die for, and a body that…well…

“Okay, you’re not Betty, and you’re definitely not Pam. What are you doing here?” His smile alone made her tingle between her legs. The extreme reaction threw her for a loop.

“I’m usually over in sporting goods, but they needed someone to cover the phones.” He stuck out his hand. “I’m Kurt, by the way.”

She smiled and placed her hand in his. The grasp lingered a bit longer than was probably appropriate. “I’m so sorry, Kurt,” she teased. “About the phones, I mean.” Covering the phones was a thankless job. Customers could be total assholes sometimes. Her face flushed beneath his gaze. “I’m Emily.” Fuck, he smelled incredible. She just stood there a few moments, drinking in the scent of him. “Shit! I mean crap,” she corrected herself hastily. “I forgot to clock in!”

Kurt knew exactly where she needed to go to clock in, but he was determined not to move. Emily squeezed between him and the wall to scan her badge at the computer. Her breasts brushed against his muscular arm, quickening her heartbeat. He smiled to himself, enjoying the contact as well.

Emily stepped back and cleared her throat nervously. “Sooo…at the risk of sounding totally creepy…you smell really good!”


Oh my god, he had dimples! How had she not noticed that before? She stepped back to increase the distance between them, knocking a few hangers off the rack behind her in the process. She bent down to pick them up. As she stood, her eyes came in direct contact with the sizable bulge between his legs. She said a silent thank you to management for once again allowing jeans in the workplace, and then placed the hangers back on the rack next to her. Emily felt like the temperature had gone up twenty degrees in the last minute. She pulled the white scrunchie off of her wrist, and pulled her thick blond hair back into a ponytail.

“What’s the name of the cologne?” she asked, wanting to ease the awkwardness, but realizing the question probably only made it worse.

“It’s called—” The phone rang, putting an abrupt end to their conversation.

As Kurt answered the call, Emily busied herself with returning clothes that had been tried on to the salesfloor. The swimsuit section was a disaster. Bikini tops and bottoms were scattered all over the floor. She picked up a handful along with their hangers, and went back to the cart by the fitting room desk so she could chat with Kurt as she worked.

He watched her closely as she handled the sexy string bikinis. She could feel his eyes on her, and would periodically look up so they could lock eyes. Every once in a while, the intoxicating scent of his cologne would tease her nostrils. Emily had read countless romance novels that spoke of highly charged sexual encounters, but she could never relate. Until now. She had never been so turned on. Usually it took a guy with an over the top personality to catch her attention. Not this time. Her attraction to Kurt almost defied description.

Emily glanced down at the pile of swimwear in front of her, and picked up a lacy blue two-piece that was surprisingly skimpy for NelMart. She held it up by her face. “What do you think, Kurt? Do you think it’d bring out the blue in my eyes?” She batted her eyelashes seductively.

“I guess…”

She examined the price tag. Damn, it was already on clearance. “Okay, this may need to happen!” She rounded the desk, pulled out the fitting room keys from the top drawer, and unlocked one of the doors.

“What are you—”

“Shh!” Emily looked around to make sure none of the managers were in sight. “Cover for me, ‘kay?”

Within two minutes, she reappeared, wearing nothing but the tiny string bikini. Kurt’s breath caught as he took in the view of her sexy curves. She filled out the top nicely, he noted. She spun around so she could check out her ass in the mirror of the open fitting room. Sensing Kurt’s gaze, Emily wiggled a bit, as if testing out the comfort of the garment. He swallowed hard. The lump in his throat wasn’t the only thing that was hard…

“I’ll take it,” she grinned. Satisfied with the fit, Emily stepped back into the fitting room. “Hey, Kurt?” she called out.


“Can you please come and untie me?”

Simultaneously excited and terrified, he walked over to the doorway. He reached for the knot at the back of her neck and pulled it loose. The tiny top fell to the floor, exposing her creamy white breasts. Their gaze met in the mirror. canlı bahis şirketleri They both knew this was no accident. Kurt shoved her further into the tiny room, and shut the door before anyone could see her. It was a tossup which made his heart race more, the sight of her incredible body, or the fear that their bosses might catch them. He leaned into the counter, hoping the phone would ring to distract him, because heaven help him, he wanted nothing more than to grab one of those beautiful breasts and suck on it. He glanced at his watch, wondering when they’d send him back to sporting goods. He didn’t want to go, but he was afraid of what might happen if he and Emily had to work together for the duration of their shifts.

As Emily exited the fitting room, the voice of her department manager crackled over the radio, asking her to put up a clearance sign over the bras on the wall next to the fitting room.

“I’ll do it,” Kurt volunteered. He pulled a nearby bench over to the wall as Emily grabbed a sign from the shelf in back. He stepped up onto the bench as she handed him the sign, giving her an eye-level view of his tight, denim-clad ass.

Holy shit! She battled with herself about whether or not she should reach out and pinch that amazing ass of his. On one hand, it could be construed as sexual harassment. But on the other, she was a thousand percent certain that he was as drawn to her as she was to him. Before she could commit to pinching him, he jumped off the bench and started shoving it back into place. “Nice ass,” she winked as she slapped his butt on his way past.

He shook his head and laughed as she picked up more garments to take back to the floor. He admired the gentle sway of her hips as she walked toward the intimates section. “Back atcha!” he called after her. She smiled, satisfied that she had indeed gotten to him.

They worked independently for another hour or so, Emily folding messy tables, and Kurt watching the phones. She always found an excuse to pass by the fitting room, and each time that cologne of his made her want to pull him into one of the fitting rooms and…

The sound of a loaded L-cart clattering down the aisle caught their attention. The department manager presented them with a cart full of freight to stock, mostly men’s socks and underwear. Emily and Kurt welcomed the team project. The first couple boxes stocked quickly; they were basic multi-packs of socks and briefs. The phones had been keeping Kurt close to the counter. Upon slitting open the next box, Emily spotted something metallic. She reached into the box and pulled out a pair of red, white, and blue metallic boxer briefs, complete with white stars on the waistband. She whistled softly, thinking it was surprisingly risqué for NelMart. “Whoa, Kurt, check these out!” she said, holding them up, and then flipping them over to show him the back as well.

His eyebrows lifted. “Are those for men?”

“Yes, sir!” She smiled over at him. “You need these in your life.” I need these, on you, in my life.

He blushed at the thought. His reaction gave Emily an idea. Still holding the boxer briefs, she ran over to the phone. She leaned in, her breasts coming to rest on his arm, as she hit the Night Service button. That would route any incoming calls to customer service while they took their 15-minute break.

“What are you—”

Emily grabbed his hand and pulled him into one of the small rooms. “You’re gonna try these on,” she ordered, handing him the underwear.

“I am, am I?” he teased, his gaze smoldering with desire.

“You are,” she insisted, her mouth suddenly parched.

“You realize it’s against policy to try on under—”

“Fuck policy! I’ll buy them! Now try the damn things on! Please!”

He chuckled as he unfastened his jeans. She seriously wanted to fuck him, he thought smugly. But why wasn’t she helping him with his pants? Emily leaned against the wall, pretending to be disinterested. Women. Kurt stepped out of his jeans, and then turned his back to her so he could pull off his boxers. He no sooner had the new briefs on when he felt a delicate hand on his ass.

“You fill those out nicely, Kurt,” she said as she pressed her warm soft body into his back. Her nipples tingled from the contact. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and put her mouth close to his ear. “Show me the front,” she commanded, her whisper making him shiver.

She backed up as he turned around. Oh my…he was even bigger than she imagined! She admired his sizable cock covered in metallic silver fabric. Emily smiled her approval.

“You like?”

“Me love,” she corrected, wondering if the comment made her sound desperate. She tilted her head. “How do they feel? They aren’t too tight, are they?” Emily ran a finger from the base of his cock up to the tip, as if trying to judge the tightness of the fabric. She ran her finger back and forth across the head, making his cock bob.

“Pleased with yourself?” Kurt asked, smiling down at her. She curled her hand around his shaft. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

She knelt down in front canlı kaçak iddaa of him, caressing his throbbing dick through the fabric. “That cologne of yours drives me wild, you know that?” she said, her hot breath teasing him all the more. She cupped his balls, and kissed him base to tip. He resisted the urge to whip himself out so he could fuck her mouth. Emily ran her finger lightly around the perimeter of his cock, reveling in his sharp intake of air. “You need these,” she said, suddenly standing up.

Wait, what? He wasn’t sure what to say, but he was certain that “hey, I thought you were gonna give me a blowjob” wasn’t it. Overcome with the desire to touch her, he pinned her against the wall and reached up to cup her breast. She sighed her consent. “I hope you plan to finish what you started,” he whispered in her ear. A tiny moan escaped her lips as she nodded. She reached down and freed his cock as he captured her mouth, kissing her tentatively at first. Her tongue fell into rhythm with his. She jerked him off to the speed of their kiss, heightening his arousal. Their breaths grew ragged as she worked him to climax.

“Emily? Kurt?” It was Erika, the department manager. Fuck.

“Hey, sorry, Erika,” Emily called out through the door, pulling at the hem of her shirt to smooth out the wrinkles. “I had to take a call from my doctor, and wanted a little privacy.” Kurt dressed in record time as Emily slipped out the door, leaving him inside.

Erika waved off her concern. “No worries. You were due for your 15 anyway.” She looked over at the half empty cart. “Nice job with the freight, by the way. Has Kurt been able to help you much, or have the phones been pretty obnoxious this morning?”

Emily cringed at the thought of talking about her hot co-worker. “Oh, he’s been great!” He sure was, her inner voice chided.

“Good. Management and I thought he’d fit in well over here.’ She picked up a tiny piece of paper from the floor and tossed it into the trash can next to the counter. “Where is he, anyway?”

Emily shrugged. “Not sure. Bathroom, maybe? Why? Do they need him back in sporting goods?” Please say ‘no’, please say ‘no’…

“Not that I know of. I was just going to ask if you two could tackle the rack of clearance intimates after you knock out the rest of the freight. It looks like a bomb went off over there,” she laughed. “It should be close enough that Kurt can help you between calls, too.”

Great. Standing beside sexy smelling Kurt while rehanging bras and lacy thongs could either be really hot, or really torturous. Emily couldn’t quite decide which. “Sure, we can do that.”

“Awesome, thanks!” Erika waved and headed toward the backroom.

Emily walked over to the door of the fitting room where Kurt was still hiding. “Are you decent?” she giggled.

“I’m not decent, but I’m dressed,” he joked. “Is it safe to come out?”

She giggled like a twelve-year-old at his use of the word ‘come’.

“That’s C-O-M-E, not C-U-M,” he spelled out.

“Aw, that’s a shame,” she consoled in her best sultry phone sex voice. “You’re good,” she said, opening the door. “Coast is clear.” He took his spot by the phone, which was uncharacteristically quiet. “What did you do with the underwear?” His blank stare said it all. “Holy shit!” she mouthed, eyes wide. “You’re still wearing them?!?” His lips curved into an evil grin. Her face flushed at the thought of his magnificent cock covered in tight metallic fabric. “Okay… So, I’m gonna go freshen up, now. And splash some cold water on my face.”

The phone rang just as she disappeared from sight. Kurt was happy to have the distraction, because all he could think about was how to get her alone again, and what he’d do to her when he did.

“You realize that’s shoplifting, right?”

Emily’s voice yanked him out of his erotic daydream. “Huh? What?” He shook his head to clear the fog.

“Those,” she said, pointing to his crotch. “You didn’t pay for them!”

“But you said you were paying for them,” he reminded her. She shook her head, and he rolled his eyes. “Well I’d ask you to come help me take them off, but I think we both know how that’d end!”

You say that like it’s a bad thing… She fanned herself. Kurt was making her hot in every possible way. “Just give me the fuckin’ tag,” she ordered under her breath. He stood still like a statue. “Did you leave it in there?” He nodded. “Seriously?” She entered the fitting room to grab the tag, but when she turned around to leave, Kurt’s muscular body blocked her. The contact was electrifying. The description sounded cliché, but she couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

“Do you have any idea what I’d like to do to you right now?” His voice was low, almost a growl.

Emily stared deep into his eyes. “If I had to guess, it’s probably very similar to what I’d like to do to you right now.” They stood toe-to-toe, silent for several seconds. She cleared her throat, breaking the trance. “Now move! I’m gonna go pay for this before we both get fired!”



“I hope you plan to canlı kaçak bahis use self-checkout, ’cause if you don’t, you’re gonna have some serious ‘splainin’ to do when you show up in line without the underwear!” She rolled her eyes as she pushed her way past him. “Hurry back!” he whispered in her ear.

They made quick work of the remaining freight, and then shifted their attention to what had become known as ‘the rack from hell’. Dozens of clearance bras and panties were crammed onto a big circular rack. And because things were so tight, multiple garments hit the floor each time a shopper pulled something off the rack. Let the fun begin…

Emily and Kurt each bent down and scooped up an armload of bras and panties. Kurt pulled out a lacy turquoise bra and held it out in front of him. “Damn, that’s kind of racy for NelMart, isn’t it? It reminds me of that itty-bitty bikini top you tried on earlier.”

She snickered. “That underwear you’re wearing isn’t exactly modest,” she said, throwing in a flirtatious wink.

“Point taken.” He hung the sexy garment on a hanger and placed it on the rack with others like it.

“Well done,” Emily complimented.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked defensively.

“You heard me.” She lowered her voice so as not to be overheard by any nearby customers. “Bra hangers can be a real bitch to work with. I know people who’ve worked in apparel for years that can’t hang a bra as well as you just did.”

He smiled smugly. “Why thank you!” He whistled softly. “Would you look at this hot little number!” It was a bright red silky pushup bra. He ran his hand along the heavily padded cups. “I mean I’m just a guy, so I don’t know a lot about bras—”

“Except how to take them off,” Emily teased with a smirk.

Kurt cleared his throat. “As I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted, it looks like she’d provide great support.” He gave one of the cups a quick squeeze before hanging it up.

“You’re twelve, Kurt,” she grinned.

“You’d look amazing in this,” he said excitedly, as he held the bright yellow bra up to her chest. “Try it on for me?” He gave her sad puppy dog eyes.

“You wish,” she teased. Emily stopped what she was doing and turned to him. “Are you really going to offer up a personal review of everything you touch? Because if you are, we’re never gonna get this done.” She winced at how bitchy the comment sounded. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so—”

“No, no, it’s all good. You’re absolutely right.” He picked up the pace for several minutes before breaking the silence with, “What’s the deal with thongs, anyway? I just don’t get it.” He examined the lacy black undergarment closely, as if hoping to find the answer.

Emily laughed. “What did you say?”

“Thongs. I asked why the hell—”

“Kurt! Shh!” She looked around frantically to make sure there were no customers, especially little children, around.

He lowered his voice. “But I thought wedgies were a bad thing…”

She stifled a snort. “That may have been the least sexy comment I’ve heard come out of a guy’s mouth ever!”

“So, I guess this means I’m not getting laid?”

“Gimme that!” she demanded, yanking the panties out of his hands. “Go!” she ordered, pointing to the counter. “Over there! Phones!”

His face sunk as he slowly walked to the counter. Kurt spent the next hour processing returns while Emily finished cleaning up the clearance rack.

“Alrighty, it’s all done,” she said proudly. “I’m gonna head back to lunch. For some reason I’m really hungry today.”

He wasn’t sure if she meant she was hungry for him, or if he was just imagining things. “I am, too. Go ahead, I’ll catch up to you. I need to make sure customer service is on board with grabbing the phone.”

Once the arrangements were made, Kurt headed to the backroom. As he passed the door to the family bathroom, a hand reached out, grabbed him, and pulled him inside. “What the f—” It was Emily.

She backed him into the wall and kissed him. “I-.” Another kiss. “Have been wanting—” A bit of tongue with the kiss. “To suck you off,” she said, breathlessly. “Since I saw you in that sexy underwear.”

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Her hair smelled sweet. Fruity. Strawberries, maybe?

“I know it’s not the most glamourous place,” she said, snuggling into him, “but I didn’t want to wait another minute.” She sighed contentedly. “God, that cologne…” Emily leaned back so she could make eye contact. “I need you to know something, Kurt. This is not who I am…”

“You mean you don’t suck off every guy you meet in a NelMart bathroom?” He was going for levity, but was heartbroken to see the look of mortification on her face. He pulled the scrunchie out of her hair, sending a cascade of thick, blond curls down her back. He gently pushed the hair away from her face. “I know, Em,” he said, kissing the top of her head. “And you should know that I don’t usually pursue a woman so relentlessly. You bring out the kid in me.” He paused, not liking the way that sounded. “I don’t mean that in a creepy way; I mean it in a you make me feel so happy and carefree way.” A single tear rolled down her cheek. He brushed it away with his thumb. “Hey…hey, look at me,” he said, tilting her chin up so he could look into her eyes. “What’s going on?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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