But Will It Fit?! Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“I hardly saw anything,” I say to Zoey, a plate standing before me full to the brim with random odds and ends of food.

The Chinese place was all you can eat. It was small and simple and had very out of place eighties rock playing in the background. The food was very filling, not good by any means, but very filling. Zoey had grabbed double the amount that I had. Her plate was smothered in stuff which she quickly pecked at with her fork.

She wore a black top covered in red little dots and a well fitting skirt to match. She had on some of the most expensive earrings she could afford that were a daring blue in colour. Her lips were covered in dark purple lipstick and yes, she looked far to dressed up for a place like this, but it was here way. She would never under dress for anything. We really did look like the ultimate odd couple. I still had on my Texas Chainsaw shirt.

“Well at least David didn’t mind to much. He sure did leave fast though,” she said, focusing on the meal.

To me, David seemed like any other of the thousands of men I saw. I only ever found women to be eye catching, and Zoey was the only one I found to be oh so snugglelicious. David was a big man, brown beard on his face, wide back, looked like he cut down trees for a living. He was just as tall as Zoey, but far more muscular. I once saw him lift her up off the floor no problem. He could lift her like she was a feather. I knew Zoey could really like that strength in a man, so I didn’t, couldn’t, fully understand the appeal of David, but he seemed to work well for her. At least a lot better then Kenneth. No love poetry as of yet, thank God.

“You tend to always knock. Did something through you off today?” Zoey asked.

Of course I couldn’t respond that I was distracted by being horny as Hell and was trying to hide a dildo from her. This night was embarrassing enough. I didn’t need to add that to the pile.

“Work just had some really crazy customers today,” I say back.

That was of course a lie. It was one of the slowest days we ever had. Lucky for me she did not ask fallow up questions. Unlucky for me though the silence starts to creep in and I start to get nervous. My mind starts to try to come up with ideas of things to talk about, ways to try and get out of this feeling of awkwardness before us.

Some of the sporadic ideas are as fallows.

‘So, there is that new series coming out on Netflix where they are remaking….’

‘What’s happening so far in Judgment Day From Above Part 9?’

‘That kid Jerry at school, is he still acting out in class?’

‘You will not believe the size of this fucking toy I want to jam inside of me! It’s HUGE!’

“This will sure make for a funny story to tell at our wedding,” I said.

It was a far better idea of a subject to talk about then all the rest, but I had not prepared at all for it and once I registered what I actually had said I felt like a deer in the headlights.

“Is that, is that actually, is this bahis firmaları you proposing?” Zoey asked.

The deer stood there waiting for death.

“Proposing to me with a meal that I’m paying for?”

The car came speeding towards it.

“Well that’s one way to change the subject, I do by the way.”

And the beast jumps out of the way in the nick of time. She will live to see another day.

“You, you do?” I ask nervously.

Zoey and I had never talked seriously about marriage before. I know that seems odd, us being together for so long, but it just never came up. I for sure never thought in my most wild of dreams that this was how I would pop the question.

“Of course I do. Just as long as we elope,” Zoey responded.


“Ya, of course. You dislike your family even more then I dislike mine. We don’t want them showing up and making a scene, and trust me, they would make a scene.”

“But, that’s not right. I want a big wedding, and I know you would give anything for an excuse to wear a big old wedding dress.”

“Oh sure, that would be a dream, but it wouldn’t be worth it.”

“But, if we hide it then our families are still dictating our actions. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that.”

“Well they can and they do.”

“David is like hellastrong and my boss at work, I think he has a belt of some kind of colour in some kind of martial arts. They can act like bouncers.”

At that Zoey laughed, lightly, playfully, wonderfully.

“You want David, my,’ couth, ‘activity partner to come?” Zoey responded.

“Of course. I want to marry all of you. I’m not going to marry a part of you.”

At that Zoey leaned in and kissed my nose.

“Your childhood innocence is ten times sweater then the wine here, you know that,” she then stated.

“I try my best.”

“Fine, we will have a known wedding, for now. But at any time and for ANY reason I can change it if needed.”

“Of course, of course.”

After that we became two childhood schoolgirls planning out the wedding day of our dreams. It was quickly decided to make whoever we invited on the limited side and that we would shear the stagette party and make that even more limited. To many people and doing it separate may result in someone suggesting a pole dancing class, or something equally horrible, and ya, that would not be fun for anyone. Our talk went long and we ate until we both felt like we could burst. My hope was that the night would lead to Zoey being bone dead tired and needing a big, long, healthy rest.

I got my wish and Zoey rested like she was dead. I had the box for the Titan held tightly in my hands as I stood in the study, the farthest possible room in our house that I could be in from Zoey. Was this bad? Was me hiding this from her a bad idea? Was it wrong? She didn’t hide away the men she was with from me, but then again she didn’t tell me in detail about them either.

‘If this becomes an ongoing thing for me, like, kaçak iddaa if I keep needing to use this, then I’ll tell her. Really I will. But for all I know, this could just be a fluke. A one time thing that I end up really regretting. Ya, likely going to regret this a lot. I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ I think to myself.

I open up the box and slip the thing out. It looks somehow even bigger now, even more intimidating. I look through the box and it did indeed come with batteries. I hadn’t even bothered to check before. I really hadn’t planned this out, at all.

I slap the batteries inside and turn it on. The toy starts lightly shaking in my hand and making a light buzzing sound. I have it at its lowest setting.

I snap it off and slip off the bottoms of my pajamas. My hand gently touches my privates.

‘Oh wow, I’m drenched!’

I move the toy down and start to slowly put the tip up into myself. It’s already starting to stretch me out, and I’m already starting to rethink this. Then it touches something.

“My hymen!” I say and then quickly cover my mouth.

This was a bad idea. This was going to hurt, a lot. I had planned things out so poorly I hadn’t even gotten any lube. What was I thinking? That I could produce a waterfall from myself and be able to handle anything? I felt so silly, what was I even doing here?

But, I already had the batteries in the thing. I already had my pajama bottoms on the floor by me. I, I still wanted it in me.

I then take the Titan out of me and turn it on, lowest setting, I place it gently against the lips of my privates and move it up to cover them completely. I drag it up until it’s over my clit too. I then change it so it’s on the second lowest setting.

My body starts to shake and quiver and I walk back and jam myself up against the wall and then slowly slide down. The third lowest setting is then what I put it to and then things really get intense.

It’s buzzing, very loudly, or at least it feels very loud. What if she heard this? What if she caught me? Do I like that idea, do I find it exciting? In reality clearly not, but a part of me is into being caught. Not by Zoey specifically, but by anyone. Who they were wouldn’t matter, and if someone really did find me in the act I wouldn’t like it, but I get wetter thinking about it.

“I think I might be cu…”

My body is shaking, my form convulsing, as I sit there on the floor with my legs opened wide. I grind the Titan into myself, pressing it hard against my slit. My eyes start to roll up into the back of my head.

“I’m, I’mmm, cum,”

My head goes blank and I squirt out onto the floor. I grown in pure pleasure as I do. This thing was well worth the cost even if I couldn’t fully use it, yet.

I get on my hands and knees, ready to pull myself back up, off the floor. I put the Titan down beside me. But before I do I realize that I’m standing like a dog in heat. I’m, I’m not done with myself yet. I pick back up the toy, it’s massive weight kaçak bahis making it hard to lift. I press the tip of it into my ass.

‘Am I an ass girl? Seriously? I’m a virgin, sex repulsed ace girl that wants a dildo jammed up her ass? This is some kind of twisted joke, right?’

I let go of the toy and it is sticking out of me. I push back on the floor and move myself closer to the wall. The Titan jams against the wall and is forced by it deeper into myself. It starts to spread out my ass, fully and completely to the point where it starts to hurt. It’s not even close to one fourth inside of me, but that’s deep enough. It’s still buzzing, still throbbing inside of me, inside of my butt.

I move my hand up behind me and do the unthinkable. I set the Titan to nine, the highest setting it has.

“Shit, shit, shit! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

It was moving wildly now, literally fucking my brains out. My hand grabs onto the thing and I start to drag it slowly out, just to start to jam it tightly back in. It stretched out my cheeks to the extreme. It hurts, a bit to much, but it’s good all the same. I wanted it deeper inside, but I knew I was going to have to work up to it. I was going to have to work on stretching myself out so I could, one day, have it fully inside of me.

With that thought I came a second time. My fluids spilled out onto the floor under me and I collapsed into a quivering heap.

It took me quite awhile to lift myself up and pry the Titan out of me. I knew I was going to be sore for several days, but it was worth it. Next time I would have lube and I would use something smaller on myself. I did have an entire sex shop at my disposal after all, I should be able to find something I’m comfortable with. And given time, and dedication I was going to work on stretching out both my vagina and my butt more and more, until I really could handle the Titan in full.

It was to say the least an odd goal for me to have, but I was now officially dedicated.

Once I at last got myself back up and put back together I slipped back into my pajama bottoms. I went about washing off the Titan thoroughly in the bathroom and then had to go through the process of trying to hide it. Where could I put it that Zoey wouldn’t ever think of looking? Our house wasn’t exactly the biggest and there wasn’t a lot of places to pick from. I actually couldn’t think of any and had to get really creative.

I at last decided to put in the extra work and clean out the trunk of my car. I lifted the inner cover of it where the spare tires were supposed to rest. We should have gotten new ones a long time ago, but I knew we never would. I stuck the toy in there, under the cover. I would have to remove it if the car ever needed a fix up, and it was for sure not the most closest place for it, but I honestly could not think of anywhere better.

When I was at last all done I went back to Zoey and my bedroom. She was still sleeping soundly like the dead. I tried to do the same, but my mind was still overly excited. What all would I get myself tomorrow at Midnight’s Dungeon? My mind scrambled over the many ideas. Whatever it was, it was going to be hard to top what I had just done to myself, but God knew I would try.

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