But I’m married. PT 1


But I’m married. PT 1But I’m married. PT 1I won a free massage at the church raffle. The coupon read “full body massage”I’ve never had a massage before so I wasn’t sure what to expect or even if I wanted to use it. The massage parlor is just around the corner from my house so I thought I’d think about it.I asked a few of my coworkers if they’ve ever had a massage before. They all told me their wonderful, very relaxing. It’s a great experience. Once you have one you’ll wonder how you’ve ever done without.I thought well it’s free I may as well use it.I called and made an appointment for Saturday @ 2. I was told John would be my masseuse. I hesitated and asked for a female masseuse. I was told with the “full body massage” you really should have a man they can do so much more for you. I reluctantly said OK, see you Saturday @ 2.“So much more?” What does that mean? Their stronger? They have more stamina to last an hour and a half?Saturday morning I told my husband I won a massage at the parlor around the corner from us.Mmm that’s nice.It’s @ 2 so I’ll be gone for a few hours this afternoon.Mmm that’s nice.I wondered if he heard a word I said, or if he ever hears a word I say. We’ve been married for only five years and he rarely pays attention to me.I arrived at the massage parlor a little before 2. It wasn’t fancy at all. I guess that’s why they were giving away free massages, to get the word out.I was greeted by a nice looking lady about my age in her 30’s.Hi welcome. She handed me a towel and a lock. The locker room and shower are over there. Here’s a lock for a locker to lock your purse. Enjoy.I just put this towel on and then what do I do?Oh sorry just go down the hall to room 7 John will be waiting.I entered the locker room and the first thing I saw was a lady sitting there on a bench nude. She looked like a slippery limp noodle all covered in oil. I’m not into women so I tried not to look however her state of being made me curious.Are you OK I asked her?Oh yes fine, I just had the most wonderful massage.They’re that good?Oh yes, I got the full body massage.Wow that’s what I’m going to get.Oh you’ll love it, James was very giving.I’ve got John. Do you know anything about him?No, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.I changed in front of the lady sitting on the bench trying to keep my back to her, put my clothes and belongings in a locker, wrapped a rather skimpy towel around me. It barley cover my boobs and was very high on my thighs. Well low budget I thought. I smiled at the lady still just sitting on the bench and headed down the hall to room 7. On one hand it was a lot strange for me to be walking down the hall in a semi public place with such a skimpy towel on. On the other it was a lot risque for me, kind of exciting. I heard various moans as I passed a few rooms. How odd I thought people moaning during their massage.I saw a naked lady come out of one of the other rooms. She too was cover in oil and looked exhausted. I smiled, she smiled back and said enjoy.I entered room 7 and sat in a chair. John immediately entered.Hi, I’m John. Hi, Anita.You’re a very lovely looking woman Anita, take your towel off and lay face down on the table and we’ll get started.John watched me as I took my skimpy towel off. Only my husband has seen me naked. I was somewhat embarrassed but tried to tell myself it’s like a Dr’s office. He sees a lot of naked ladies.I took my towel off and laid down on the massage table.How did you hear about us?I won a full body massage at a church raffle.Great. Are you religious?No, someone came to the door and I thought it’s for a good cause.Any particular areas troubling you Anita?No, nothing to complain about.Good, lets get started.John poured a lot of nice warm oil on my legs and began to massage the back of my legs. John worked the oil up and down my legs stopping just short of my pussy. I was a little concerned about how close he was massaging my legs to my pussy.You’ve got nice toned legs he told me and a nice full ass. Do you work out?I do, mostly running, some light weights and either yoga or palates.Good for you! I’ll bet your husband enjoys how well toned you keep your body for him.Umm he does. I said thinking I don’t think my husband notices me anymore.John poured nice warm oil on my ass and began to massage my ass.Nice tight ass too he said as he worked the oil into my ass massaging it thoroughly. It felt really good. I thought to myself I can’t remember the last time my husband even grabbed my ass let alone fucked me.It seemed like John spent at least ten minutes massaging my ass. Then he poured illegal bahis warm oil onto my back. John spent another ten minutes on my back and shoulders.OK Anita turn over for me.I was a little hesitant because I’ve really only been with my husband unless you count my co(u)sin who fucked me a several times when I was fi(f)teen.I turned over and cover my boobs with my hands.Anita there’s no need for that, I do this for a living. You’ve got a rocking little body. There’s nothing for you to be ashamed of.He moved my hands to my side. I kept telling myself he’s like a Dr. he sees naked women all the time.I see you’ve got perfect tits standing proud and nice nipples to match. Are they a 34B?Yes they are.John poured the warm oil on my legs and started to work it in.You’ve got a beautifully shaved pussy too with nice meaty suckable lips. I bet your husband makes a meal out of your pussy licking and sucking on your pussy.Hmm.John was massaging my legs nearing my pussy and his thumbs went up the crease of my legs. I have to admit it was turning me on. I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples becoming erect.I turned my head and I could see through his scrubs John had a hardon. In a way I was flattered but reminded myself “I’m married.”John asked again, does your husband make a meal out of eating your pussy out?I umm well not really.Why shave?I like the clean feeling of my bald pussy.Good, I think most ladies do.John dripped some warm oil on my pussy, hitting my clit and it rolled down over my lips. This must have been a different type of oil, it was warm yet made a tingling sensation on my pussy. I let out a little gasp.Good Anita don’t be afraid, enjoy.But I’m married.That’s OK you’re fine.John moved up to my hips and massaged my hip bones. Very nice thin body, I can see the outline of your rib cage. Perfect he said. Your husband should be fucking you everyday twice a day.I wish I thought.John poured some warm oil over my tits. I didn’t think my nipples could get anymore erect until John started massaging my tits lightly rolling and pulling on my nipples. My pulse quickened and my breathing became labored.Shit I thought to myself, I’ll masturbate in the shower here or go home and spend some alone time.All of the sudden I could feel Johns hard dick press against my hip. Must me an accident I thought. I looked and I could see the oil from my body had stained his scrubs and I could clearly see the outline of his hard dick. I also noticed he was unbuttoned. Was this an accident? Was he buttoned before? He knows I’m married.John poured a few drops of warm oil on my nipples. It must have been the same oil he dripped on my pussy, warm yet gave a tingling sensation. I never felt my nipples so erect.I can see your enjoying your massage. That’s good I’m doing my job as John rolled my erect nipples between his fingers.John then dripped some more warm oil over my clit.Ohh shit I cried out.Good enjoy he said as he started to rub my clit lightly.John I’m married I told him again and pushed his hand away.It’s a full body massage Anita, your beautiful pussy is part of your body. It’s very relaxing for you to have your pussy massaged. Don’t you masturbate?I didn’t answer.Anita do you masturbate?Yes.How often?Almost daily.Too bad your husband isn’t doing his job. Let me help you relax.John proceeded to rub my clit and my pussy lips together. I gave into lust and the wonderful feeling of the oils and his skillful fingers rubbing my pussy.Oh fuck, shit that feels so good.Cum for me Anita.I raised my hips up and down off the massage table crying out oh fuuccck I’m cumming, your making me cum. Oh mother fucker that was good. Thanks John. You’re welcome Anita and then John inserted his finger in my pussy and started finger fucking me.I parted my legs for him. He was as good at that as he was rubbing my clit and pussy lips wiggling his finger on my g-spot.I closed my eyes and let him finger fuck me. Oh fuck John right there, that’s it you’re going to make me cum again. Oh fuck John, holy fuucck, mother fucker right there.I opened my eyes and noticed I didn’t just part my legs they were wide open hanging off both sides of the massage table giving John easy access to my wide open pussy as he finger fucked me. I noticed Johns dick was out of the barn door of his scrubs pointing right at me. His dick was a little bigger then my husbands and a thicker too. The though of a bigger dick fucking me made me cum again.Oh John I can’t I’m married.Surely you’ve given your pussy up to more then your husband?Well not really unless you count my illegal bahis siteleri co(u)sin when I was fi(f)teen.Tell me about that John asked.Not much to tell he was nineteen I was curious, he was a horny teen and he’d fuck me whenever we got together for fa(m)ily get togethers. Sometimes he’d fuck me twice, before we ate and after. He didn’t care if it was that time of the month for me or not. He always wanted to fuck my ass. Since he wasn’t very giving except to give me his cum I wouldn’t let him fuck my ass although the thought of it intrigued me. Then why did you let him fuck you?I wanted to be a dirty girl. The other girls at school would always talk about sex and fucking wondering how it feels. They all wondered about a guys cum. I knew how it felt, knew what hot sticky cum was like but wouldn’t tell them. I didn’t want to be the school whore. What I wanted was to grow up and be a good slut wife for my husband. John was stroking his dick as I was telling my story. Did you?Did I what?Get to be that slut wife for your husband?Ha, we met in collage and he wanted a virgin bride so I let him think I was.That’s exciting Anita.Not really my husband was a virgin. Let’s just say he hasn’t progressed much past that.That’s too bad John said. If you were my wife I’d love the fact that you want to be my fuck toy. I wouldn’t keep my hands off of you. Fuck you in every room of the house. I’d cum on your face, your tits in your hair. As I said earlier I’d make a meal out of your pussy licking and sucking on your pussy.I wouldn’t let you wear panties, I’d pull your short dress up in the parking lot before we went to dinner and fuck you, let my cum drip down your thighs as we went into the restaurant.Most ladies may have found John talking like this repulsive. I didn’t, he was turning me on. Just the thought of John wanting to fuck me like a fuck toy and him wanting to eat my pussy out was making me sooo horny. I wanted to be the slut wife he was describing. I came three times already but looking at his thick dick was overcoming me with lust.What do you think Anita? John asked as he stood in front of me with no pants on. He was completely shaved. His big thick dick pointing right at me.I’m married John.Yes but your husband isn’t giving you the pussy pounding you need and want. Not only that you still have your legs spread wide open. That means you like it. You’re not repulsed by another man wanting to fuck you. I want to eat out your pussy. Destroy your pussy with my dick.John then pulled me by my legs to the end of the massage table wiped some precum from his dick and rubbed it on my lips. Get on all fours for me Anita. I want you.Lust took over and I obeyed John and got on all fours. I was expecting him to fuck me but instead he buried his face in my ass and began to lick my asshole. It both ticked and felt good.Bend over more John told me. Press your tits into the table.I obeyed like a good little slut.I felt the head of his dick at the opening of my wet willing pussy.What do you want Anita?John I married. I shouldn’tI asked what do you want Ainita?I’d like to be fucked, fucked good and hard but I’m married.Your husband isn’t doing his job. Tell me you want it, you need it.Oh I do so badly need it. Fuck me John, fuck me good and hard. Fuck my married pussy, give it to me, don’t make me beg for your dick.With that John slowly slid his thick cock into my pussy.Fuck your pussy is so tight.Oh shit, your bigger then my husband. John let his dick sit in my pussy as it welcomed a new dick and a new feeling of being stretched like never before.Fuck me Anita. I want you to fuck me.I again obeyed and started moving back and forth on Johns thick cock.That’s it John said fuck me.John grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He took over and started pounding me hard. Shit, shit, shit, oh fuck John. John pounded my pussy so hard and for so long not like my husband.Oh just like that, give me your cum.Where do you want me to cum Anita? Your face?No my pussy, fill my pussy up with your cum.John unmercifully kept pounding me. Faster and harder pulling my hair.Are you ready for my cum Anita?I’m your bitch John. Your fucking bitch. Give me your cum.You bitch, get ready for a load of my cum in your pussy.Johns pace slowed, aggg, oh, ahhh, fuck. I could feel his dick exploding burst after burst of his hot cum in my pussy. John reached around and gently squeezed my tits. Still slowly pumping my pussy. With each thrust of his dick I could feel his hot cum being forced out of my pussy and down my thighs. John let go of my hair. canlı bahis siteleri He left his dick in my pussy. I could feel it going soft.Oh fuck Anita, you are hot. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before. You completely drained my balls.Good I said, that makes me feel good. I know I’ve never felt that much cum in my pussy it’s so hot. I could feel every shot of your cum.I climbed off the table and licked Johns dick and balls clean. As I was tasting his cum and my pussy juices a bell rang.Shit Anita I’m so sorry times up. I don’t want you to think this is a fuck and run.I put my finger to his lips. Shhh John I understand.I’m so sorry. I’ve got to get the room cleaned for the next masseuse and his client.I understand. It’s OK. I squeezed his balls and thanked him.I took my towel opened the door and just held it in front of me as I walked down the hall to the locker room. I could feel Johns cum slippery on my thighs. My hair matted with massage oil.Now I understood why the lady I first saw in the locker room looked like a slippery limp noodle all covered in oil.I opened the door to the locker room and saw a thicker oiled lady laying on a bench. Another well oiled lady was eating her out. I hesitated for a second and thought well…. the lady getting her pussy eaten out said come in don’t mind us. My friend is licking all my masseuses tasty cum from me.I kind of watched for a few seconds. Unbelievably my pussy started to tingle. What’s the matter with me I thought, I’m married and just fucked my masseuse now this?I watched the lady on the bench getting her pussy eaten out. Holy fuck she has THE biggest tits I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were huge. They covered the whole front of her tits.I didn’t realize I was staring. If you like what you see come on over. Umm…. I…. umm… sorry.Don’t be sorry just come over.I umm don’t think so.Why? Your not going to wash all that yummy cum from your pussy down the shower drain are you?I was going to shower.Please don’t. Come over here and let me suck the cum out of you, don’t waste it.I’m sorry I’m not into women.I love cum. Let me just suck it out of your pussy.I don’t know why I walked over there. I did, I just did. I couldn’t take my eyes of of her tits and those huge nipples.She stuck out her tongue and wiggled it around. I decided what the hell I’m a naughty girl and lowered myself onto her face the whole time looking at those huge nipples.We were both so oiled from our massages I slipped forward and grabbed her big tits. They were pretty firm. I could clearly see her huge nipples outside the palms of my hands.Her tongue was so far up my fuck hole licking all of Johns cum from my pussy I could feel the tip of her tongue licking my cervix. Feeling her soft tongue on my freshly fucked pussy, looking at her huge nipples protruding outside of my hands and seeing the other lady on the floor eating her out I felt like I was going to cum again. Holy shit this is going to be my forth or fifth time this afternoon.Suddenly the locker room door flung open. It was a petite blonde about five foot tall in her early twenties. As soon as she had one foot in the door she pulled her dress up over her head. Tiny tits and a thin line of pubic hair at her pussy.Oh sorry ladies I’m so anxious for my massage. I haven’t been fucked in two weeks. My pussy is on fire she said as she rubbed her pussy. Only a big load of hot sticky cum in my pussy can put out this fire. She walked over to me and pinched my nipples hard and bit me lightly on my tit. You ladies have the right idea recycle all that yummy cum. She grabbed a towel and practically skipped out of the room.The lady that was eating out the one on the bench who was eating me out stood up. What a body this lady had. A tall lady also big tits a tiny little waist and a TAT above her pussy reading CUM HERE. I started to stand but the lady pulled me back down. I slid off of her onto the floor.I’m OK.Lets hit the showers the lady with the TAT said.That was pretty uneventful. I did notice my tit was already starting to bruise where the petite girl bit it. That may be hard to explain to your husband the tall lady said. I smiled. My husband won’t even notice.I did have a hard time taking my eyes off the huge nipples of the one lady. She wasn’t shy about letting me stare but then again she did just eat me out.I felt great on my walk home. It wasn’t until I got to the front door of my house when I felt guilty.What have I done? I just fucked the masseuse and let a lady eat me out.Hi honey I’m home.Mmm that’s nice.What an ass I thought.My massage went well.Mmm that’s nice.With that all the guilt I felt quickly disappeared. When should I make my next appointment? Two weeks I thought. I too want my pussy to be on fire like the petite girl who bit me on my tit.SHOULD I WRITE PART TWO?

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