Bull stories #1: The meeting of the hot wife


Bull stories #1: The meeting of the hot wife
In the feeld-app I noticed her. “Just looking for some fun”.
It said she was single and looking for an FWB. I assumed she meant Friends with Benefits.

That’s great, I’m not looking for anything else but a woman to enjoy myself with once in a while.
She started the chat before I could.

– What would you do to me?

A lot went through my head. Oh the things I would like to do.
I replied: depends on what you are into!

– Anything and everything

She might regret saying that, I thought.
“Well, I’d put you on your knees first”
It looks like this was what she’s into

– Okay, let’s meet. You book the hotelroom.

I understood she wanted to meet on neutral terrain for the first time.
That’s fine by me, I respect that.

I booked a nice hotel in the city center and told her the details.
Later that evening I check in into the hotel and texted her the room number.

I took a shower and laid down on bed naked. I wasn’t planning on waiting around. I wanted to fuck!
Good thing she didn’t took too long. I heard someone knock on the door.

Without any clothes on I went to the door and opened. There she stoot. A hot woman looking for a good fucking.
She wasn’t too short, about 1m78, wasn’t overweight but not too skinny either. A nice waistline, long legs, and a beautiful balcony.

Her tits popped into your eyes immediately. Mainly because she had such a nice cleavage in her dress.
– Mind if I enter?

“Only if you don’t mind me entering either” I winked at her.

She smiled and walked past me into the room.

I went in for a quick kiss and pressed her down.
“Lets not waste time” I commanded.

Instantly she took my still soft cock in her mouth and started sucking on it.
Oh wow, she has bahis siteleri canlı a good mouth!

I looked down, straight into her dress. She saw me looking at her tits.
Without taking my now rockhard cock out of her mouth, she took her tits out.

Her dress hanging below her breast.
“Oh fuck I moaned”

With both my hands I started to pull her head deeper into my cock.
Gently at first, but soon taking up the pace and roughness.

She seemed to enjoy it.

Shall I cum? I asked her.

With my cock deep in her mouth she obviously couldn’t answer, but her reply did seem positive. So a couple more strokes into her warm mouth and throat and I released. I wanted to find out if she swallows.

As the last string of cum shot out of my dick straight into her warm mouth, I pulled out. She sat there on her knees, not a bit fazed about it all. I looked at her as she looked back straight into my eyes and swallowed every drop of cum.

– My turn

She pushed me onto the bed and climbed over me. She didn’t want to ride my dick. Not yet at least. She climbed higher and went to sit on my face. Her dress still around her waist with her tits exposed.

Only, she didn’t wear any panties under her dress. Making it easy for me to lick and taste her nice slit.

Looks like she wasn’t so unfazed after all. Or at least, taste like she wasn’t. Her pussy was sopping wet. My licking only seemed to make it worse.

I reached out and grabbed one of her tits bouncing above me. She instantly grabbed my hand on her tit and made sure I wouldn’t let go. Then she started to ride my face. Going up and down while I licked her clit and slit.

– Fuuuuuck: she moaned

With her free hand she grabbed my head and started to really ride me. canlı bahis It didn’t take long before she started to cum too. I had my first taste of her, and I loved it!

She demounted me, undressed herself completely and laid next to me.

– Hi, I am Vanessa by the way.

“Hi Vanessa, my name is Luke.” I replied.

– Looks like we are going to have a lot of fun together.

“Is that so?”

– Well, we both came already. And that was only oral. Imagine when you discover my pussy and ass!

“I can’t lie, I am looking forward to have a go at those too”.

– Let’s make that happen then!

She stood up above me. I was lying in bed, and she stood over me.
I noticed she still had her heels on.

“Don’t remove those please, I love a woman in heels!”

She started to put on a bit of a show for me. Dancing around on the bed, smacking her ass once in a while, and grabbing and rubbing her tits.

It was a beautiful sight. And see really enjoyed the way I looked at her.

After some turns and some more smacks, she started to slide her hands down.
She started to finger herself. Standing high above me and looking down at me.

It was an amazing sight. Her just standing there and enjoying herself.

I noticed she really started to get wet again. I couldn’t but notice, she was dripping on me!

She noticed I was getting hard from the sight. So she started to squat down, lower and lower.

Until suddenly, she sat on my rock hard dick. She rubbed the head with her lips first, and then in one swift motion:
She sank all the way down. I felt her pussy lips pressing down on the base of my cock.

“Shit, your amazing!”
– You’re not too bad either

Once the shock of her going all the way done at once was gone, she started to move her hips around.

I bahis siteleri wasn’t doing anything at all! She was straight up fucking me! It was amazing! With every thrust in her pussy she seemed to get wetter and wetter.

My entire legs and belly were wet with her. It didn’t stop her at all. She kept on going. My hand went from her butt to her tits, back to her butt.

I was holding her ass in my hands and helping her fuck me.

– I want to feel you cum in me

“Oh shit, we forgot a condom!”

– I didn’t forget it you naughty boy. I want to feel you cum.

“Oh fuck, keep talking like that and you’ll soon feel it!

– Oh you like that huh.

“I love it”

– Your cock feels so good in my pussy! I love how you penetrate me so hard and deep!

“Keep going.”

– I need you to cum inside me. So deep!

“Fuck, almost”

– I want it deep inside, so it won’t start to drip out until I am back home with my husband again.

“Fuck you’re married?”

Although I was surprised by the news, it didn’t stop me from fucking her hard.

– You never fucked married pussy before?

“No, but I think I might like it!

– Show it to me you like it by cumming deep inside me!

That was it, it sent me right over the edge and for the second time that night I filled her with cum.

She fell down next to me.

– You really didn’t know?
“I didn’t”
– Do you mind?
“Nop, does he?”
– No really
– He usually prefers to be there and watch
“So why didn’t he?”
– Because he doesn’t know yet.
“How so?”
– Well sometimes I just like to fuck someone new. Without the hassle of explaining my cucky husband and our hot wife thing.
“I see. Well I’m all for it! Can’t wait to fuck you again.”
– Me neither

She stood up, bent over, and showed her cum dripping pussy to me.
She smiled, put on her dress again and walked to the door.

– I’ll be seeing you again soon!

But before I could reply she had the door open and walked out.
Before the door closed again, I am sure a bit of cum dripped out on her leg.

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